Did this clown actually read my book?

This “review” from the “socialist” Jacobin site, proves that you don’t have to be intelligent to be a professor; indeed, you can be a tenured propagandist and full-throated Marxist, as so many are. In my view, this describes the plight of Benjamin Balthaser. His “review” seems unencumbered by what I have actually written in my book, AMERICAN MARXISM. Early on he burbs up the line about the “red scare,” and says the book is filled with inaccuracies. Yet, he points to one error (Frankfurt School, not Franklin School, which I corrected two-months ago), and is wrong about another. The book is over 85,000 in length words and he can point to nothing else. The reason is that the book not only cites and references the architects, scholars, and activists behind the various American Marxist movements, but quotes them. You see, most of them are not hiding their views, they’re teaching them and publicly promoting them. Balhaser further creates static when he resorts to arguments about Marxism in the context of the old order of things. As I explained, at length, what America faces today is Marxism tailored to the American governing and cultural systems. This is central to the tactics urged by a number of the Marxist intellectuals and others mentioned in the book. Reading comprehension does not appear to be among Balthaser’s strong points. Balthaser, a self-identified Marxist (surprise, surprise), then goes into a long, strange, and incoherent diatribe about Jews and Marxism, which has absolutely nothing to do with anything I’ve written. Did this clown actually read my book? I can only conclude that Balthaser is another university subsidized and tenured Marxist who is as repulsive and intellectually dishonest as so many of the rest.