July 15, 2021

July 15, 2021

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, What senior Biden White House officials said was a game-changer for Donald Trump’s Big Tech lawsuit. The best witness for his lawsuit is Jen Psaki who admitted today that the federal government is telling Facebook and other social media platforms which posts to censor on social media. The Big Tech companies can no longer say that they are independent when they are doing the work of the government. The first amendment does not speak of misinformation, it speaks of free speech. This assault on free speech by individuals wrapped in pseudo-righteousness will kill the competition of ideas including those of scientists. Then, “Patriotic Commerce” is the way to address the woke radicalization of corporations. For that, we look to a thought from Ayn Rand, which is expanded upon in “American Marxism.” Indeed President Biden has hired numerous corporatists from social media oligopolies to further blur the lines and increase the virtue-signaling as they enrich themselves and China. Later, social movement theory, collective identity, and other collectivist ideas diminish the individual, and the Marxist needs censorship in order to promote this ideology. Teaching students to be combat-ready activists is done by teaching oppositional protest theory. All of which is rooted in disdain for America and its founding.


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Hour 1 Segment 1

You don’t think this government under Biden in this party, is it repressive? You don’t think they borrow from Marxist party throughout the world? I’m going to play you this. I’m sure many people have, but I’m going to give you a fresh new take on this. As a constitutional lawyer. And as you listen to this, pretend you’re a constitutional lawyer. And say what in this? What is it that Jen Psaki said or Vivek Murthy, the general, the surgeon general, what is it that they said? That now has changed the legal ballgame. Let’s start cutting Jen Psaki at the White House press briefing today, go first, we are in regular touch with these social media platforms and those engagements typically happen through members of our senior staff, but also members of our covid-19 team given, as Dr. Murthy conveyed, this is a big issue of misinformation, specifically on the pandemic in terms of actions, Alex, that we have taken or we’re working to take, I should say, from the federal government. We’ve increased disinformation, research and tracking within the surgeon general’s office. We’re flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation. We’re working with doctors and medical professionals to connect to connected medical experts with popular with people who are popular with their audiences, with accurate information and boost trusted content. So we’re helping get trusted content out there. All right. Let’s stop there. What did she and what are they what did they just do? They just. They just. May the Trump lawsuit. Against the social media platforms, to me, a slam dunk. I can’t predict what out of control rogue judges and justices will do. But she just stated, and I hope the Trump lawyers are listening to me and they get a transcript of this. That they are working with Facebook and other social media platforms. And telling them what they want them to do. They can call it disinformation, they can call it whatever they want. That’s quite beside the point. Jen Psaki just made the case for the Trump lawsuit that these are not independent private platforms, these are not independent businesses, these are not independent actors, the Biden administration. At multiple levels, senior staff. Among others are working with Facebook. In other social media platforms to identify misinformation. And thereby to sanction the misinformation, to censor the social media posts and to spread information. It can no longer be said. That it is an independent business conducting its own business. Without any taint. Of government activity. It is doing the work of the government, it is doing the work specifically of the Biden administration and the Democrat Party. So the First Amendment, in fact, does apply and there are Supreme Court cases that have said it applies in cases that are weaker than this one. Jen Psaki. Is the best witness. For the Trump lawsuit. I hope they’re listening to me. Write down what she said, transcribe what she said. Amend your lawsuit and include it. Because, again, she just openly stated to the entire world, let’s repeat it again, caudate, Mr. Producer, go first. We are in regular touch with these social media platforms, and those engagements typically happen through members of our senior staff, but also members of our covid-19 team, given, as Dr. Murthy conveyed, this is a big issue of misinformation, specifically on the pandemic in terms of actions, Alex, that we have taken or we’re working to take, I should say, from the federal government. We’ve increased disinformation, research and tracking within the surgeon general’s office. So they’re tracking you. If they don’t agree with you, they collecting information. If they don’t agree with you, they have adapted and they are out front now that they are using police state tactics against freedom of speech and speech generally. And that should cause everybody in the media concerned, but they don’t give a damn. They only believe they should speak go ahead post for Facebook that spreads this information. We’re working with doctors and medical professionals to connect to connected medical experts with popular with popular, who are popular with their audiences with accurate information and boost trusted content. So we’re helping get trusted content out there. Now, that’s called propaganda. We do not need the Biden administration. To take on the responsibility of providing trusted medical information, you have your own doctors, you have doctors groups, you have scientists, you have professors, we’re very vibrant country with a lot of really, really smart people. Government interference here, government control of the debate, government control of speech, government censorship. That is what she just attested to. She just attested to it. Facebook is not an independent actor. Facebook is doing what they were asked to do. Censor. Now, I bet I haven’t heard a single talk show host today, I bet not a single one of them is connected that because this is what I do. Now, there’s even more evidence, I don’t know how the gentleman pronounces his first name, Vivek Murthy, the new surgeon general. Cotinine go today, I issued a surgeon general’s advisory on the dangers of health misinformation. Now, this is amazing. So we have a top government official issuing an advisory on misinformation. Rather than just talking about misinformation and talking about what he believes, he’s now issuing a government. Advisory. On misinformation. Now, keep in mind, Biden and Harris and their ilk oppose the vaccines early on, they dismiss them. They said they were politicized. Remember? I remember. Remember how many people in the media and big tech rejected the idea that the virus may have been leaked from the lab in Wuhan, and so we did the interview of a former New York Times editor of their science page since retired, who wrote a long piece after a year of investigation and suggested, well, the evidence is more likely that it did and it didn’t, which changed the entire nature of this debate. You saw him on Life, Liberty and Levin. Can you imagine? You don’t have to imagine. We’ve had great minds, great scientists in the past. Who challenged flat earth? Who challenged many of the so-called given scientific realities and evidence out there, which were nothing of the kind. The whole point of free speech is to allow for competition of ideas and to try and figure things out. And now we have censorship. By the Biden administration, working with big tech, specifically Facebook. To censor, quote, unquote, disinformation. Politicians and government. Working with liberal Democrats who control these massive platforms, censoring misinformation. Isn’t that amazing? The same ones that promoted Russia collusion, the same ones that silence The New York Post when it came to Hunter Biden. Now they’re the font of all knowledge and all truth, the federal government, federal medical people know they’re not. Go ahead. Surgeon general advisories are reserved for urgent public health threats, and while those threats have often been so free speech and the competition of ideas is an urgent public health threat. The First Amendment talks about freedom of speech. It doesn’t say a word about disinformation or misinformation. We get that from Biden and his cronies all the time. It’s freedom of speech. Go ahead, drink and smoke. Today, we live in a world where misinformation poses an imminent and insidious threat to our nation’s health, health misinformation is false, inaccurate or misleading. Information about this is unbelievable, these very vague, platitudinous terms and sentence. And this is unbelievable and friggin believable. I don’t know of another time, certainly in my lifetime that this has occurred. And they wrapped themselves in self-righteousness. Unbelievable, the assault on free speech and the First Amendment in this country is shocking from our elementary schools with critical race theory to this crap. Go ahead, bring to the best evidence at the time, and while it often appears the best evidence at the time, the reason he has to say at the time is because the best evidence isn’t always the best evidence, even if people say it’s the best evidence. This is this is stunning to me. Stunning, this is an effort. To kill. The competition of ideas, even the competition of scientists who come up with different ideas and potentially different solutions and have different arguments. There’s no official position when it comes to science. The government may have a position, but it’s not an official position that everybody has to digest and regurgitate. So many of the great inventions we have today, so many of the great discoveries we have today would not have occurred. If the Biden administration in this quack quack. And a surgeon general’s uniform. What is that all about? Well, they dress up like they’re in the Air Force or something, but in any event. Can you imagine? But I want to repeat what I said at the opening. The Trump lawsuit now is stronger than ever before the idea. That Facebook and these other social media. Oligarchs aren’t using their platform. Aren’t intertwining their activities with official government positions under a Democrat administration is no longer a supposition. It’s no longer a long bridge. It’s right here. She said it. He said it, they said it. And now I pointed it out. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

As an American Marxism on my hero, we just want to get the truth out here in shape people’s lives, there won’t be a single Democrat in Congress objecting to this that I can think of. There won’t be a single host for reporter at CNN or MSNBC. There won’t be a single news person, let alone editorial board, New York Times, Washington Post and the like, nothing. And yet we haven’t seen anything like this since Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt. Who are great opponents of the First Amendment. I want you to listen to this Surgeon General Murthy again, he made another comment. Cut and go now. Help misinformation didn’t start with covid-19. What’s different now, though, is the speed and scale at which health misinformation is spreading. I see in the lab was that health misinformation and the mask on the mask off the mask on the mask off. Was that health misinformation? Children should wear a mask when they go to elementary. Is that a health misinformation? And the only misinformation that I can think of is coming from them. Go ahead. Modern technology companies have enabled the misinformation to poison our information environment with little accountability to their users. They’ve allowed people to intentionally spread misinformation, what we call disinformation, to have extraordinary reach. They’ve designed product features, folks, folks, maybe they don’t comprehend what the First Amendment is about. You counter if you believe disinformation with information, you counter lies with facts you counter, hate with love, your counterviolence with peace. When it comes to free speech, you don’t get to as a government to say this is misinformation and actually it’s disinformation. And because the information can spread so quickly on social media, you know, we have to step in here and social media, this is what we want you to do. And social media says, yes, yes, whatever you need us to do. Besides, we support you. Now they’ve screwed up. Hello. Hello. Now they have screwed up. Now, the connection. Between government, in this case, the demands of the Biden administration and Facebook and other social media. That’s not speculation. That’s not in France, that is a fact. It’s not even disinformation, that is a fact. What next? Ladies and gentlemen, they’re going to take the broadcast license away from radio companies. They’re going to take the broadcast license away from network television. What are they going to do next to stop the spread of misinformation in this technologically advanced society? Because we want to save lives? Except when it comes to abortion, except when it comes to the board, except when it comes to the inner city. But yet here we want to save lives. This is not a slippery slope, we are on it, baby. Here it is, staring us in the face. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

I want to read something to you, by the way, you can see the sprouting up and the circle tightening, that’s just a fact, not disinformation. And can you imagine if this radio program were treated as as if we were part of Facebook? How many times this program would be shut down telling you the truth and giving you the facts? You do understand, right, that radio stations are licensed. And you do understand that. Television stations are licensed. What’s the top stop this kind of thinking? And activity in those areas, and so the Trump lawsuit is a seminal lawsuit and now they have much more ammunition, thanks to Psaki, thanks to the surgeon general and thanks to the facts of which we’re learning. This evening. But I want to read something else to you to show you how. How these people operate. How they use freedom of the press to destroy freedom of the press and how they use freedom of the press to lie to you. Somebody sent me this link, Forbes.com, somebody by the name of Allison Durkee. The Darkstar Fox News dominates book best sellers list as Jesse Waters helped by bulk buyers and Mark Levin top charts. That’s some title, isn’t it, Mr. Producer? Now, I don’t know what Fox News host has to do with this, it’s another trick the Media Matters place. I’m also a radio host. I’m also a a host of living TV. I hosted a lot of stuff. But in this case, I’m an author. It’s nothing to do with my being a host anywhere. Fox News host Jesse Waters and Mark Levin topped this week’s book Best Seller Lists as Levin’s book American Marxism spent its 11th consecutive week on Amazon’s bestseller chart even before its official release date, which is two days ago. While Waters became the latest in a string of conservative authors to be buoyed by the New York Times list by bulk orders. Now, I want to talk about this vocoders stuff. Every time I have a number one bestseller, they put a little cross on there and then you look at the bottom and it says. Bulk orders of indications of bulk orders, I have never been involved in bulk orders ever. When I sign at the Reagan Library, that’s not a bulk order. Those are individual sales, individual books. And when I signed books for you to make them available to you, and it is a minuscule percentage of the books I sell. I am not involved in the bulk box business. I’m not attached to the RNC or the this or the that or whatever. And so we will be watching next week to see if The New York Times pulls this. And you almost never see these little crosses next to liberal bucks, but this is also when I want to bring to your attention. She says American Marxism, a book that likens left leaning concepts like progressivism to social activism, to Marxist ideology, she hasn’t read the book. She has no idea what I’ve written. It’s become a mainstay on Amazon’s best seller charts, despite only being officially released on Tuesday and its number one spot on the list is based on sales from before the book was publicly released. Now, wouldn’t you think, America, that she would comment on that? That this book has had several hundreds of thousands of preorders. Isn’t that the the story, Mr. Producer? But she doesn’t say a word about the story. Not a word about you. American Marxism earning a spot on the Amazon chart before its official release appears to be rare. The book is one of only two on the Amazon notification charts whose sales are based on preorders alone, along with Michael Pollan. This is your mind on plants. I don’t know what the hell that books about. Levin’s book won’t appear on The New York Times list or other book lists until next week, since, with the exception of Amazon preorders are typically reported as part of a book’s first week. Sales and books do not appear on the bestseller list until their official release. Fine. Here we go. But Waters and Levine’s books and their critical takes on the left. May soon be overtaken by books that instead look at the right with a critical eye. Michael Wolff’s landslide, the final days of the Trump presidency, and Carol Linnik and Phil Rucker’s, I alone can fix it. Donald Trump’s catastrophic final year, which featured politically damaging looks at the end of the Trump presidency, are now ranked by Watters Book and Amazon’s top 100 books ranking, which is updated hourly. As of Thursday afternoon, Lenegan Rucker’s book was ranked number one on Amazon’s list ahead of its official release on January 20, and Wolff’s book, which was released on Tuesday, was ranked number three. Levin’s book was now number two on the list, while Watters had dropped the number five. So I’m thinking to myself, well, they’re number one on Amazon for today or for a few hours, and I said, how did that happen? It’s being pushed on CNN, it’s being pushed by The Washington Post, these are two Washington Post lawyers. We know Philly, don’t we, Mr. Producer? We know a little filly. Is it Philip Rucker or Philip Bump? Everybody’s called Philip. Or Jeremy, it’s amazing thing. Where is our friend Jeremy Jeremy Bar, where are you? How come you’re not doing a follow up article on all my friends at Fox or are having me on TV? Jeremy. Jeremy. Pimple faced, pervert looking buffoon. I didn’t say he’s a parent, in fact, I would argue he’s not appropriate, Mr. Peters, and I don’t even know. I said, looking. Just mark my opinion, one man’s opinion. Put a raincoat on him, you never know. And so now, ladies and gentlemen, here’s what’s going on. First, the bulk buys. So whatever we do, you see. They will try and put a scarlet letter on it. We don’t care, but that’s a fact. Number two, they desperately one of these hate Trump books that trashier with all the gossip and the leaks, hey, you know that the military’s chief of staff compared Trump to Hitler and you’re supposed to chase down these anonymous quotes. And so these are reporters, of course, this is what they do. I hope those of you who are still on the sidelines will jump in now. We cannot allow them to steal the narrative of the moment. I just spent the first. Several segments of this program tell you what Biden’s doing, what Facebook’s doing. These are very, very serious issues and we are in very, very serious times, these comic books that are dressed up as real books by these phony reporters. They’re desperately trying to keep them number one on Amazon, number one on the New York Times list. Number one, it’s a psychological battle. That’s what it is. So those of you who have not jumped in yet, Amazon.com, 40 percent off, they’re available, Costco and Target and Wal-Mart and Books-A-Million everywhere. Now’s the time to jump in. Now’s the time to become part become part of this movement at the ground level. It is a fact, a spontaneous movement. And the the American Marxists, the either know about it and don’t know what to do about it or they don’t know about it, and we’ll have to figure out what to do about it. But I want to strongly encourage you, if you haven’t yet to jump in. You know, the other day I told you I went to Costco, I go there every couple of weeks because I love the hotdogs there. And apparently they’re never, ever going to increase the price of a hotdog on a fine by me, but it does draw me in their. And to their credit, they do have many books there, Barnes and Noble has many books, all the bookstores have many books, small and large, all the warehouse stores. BJ’s and. Samms. Wal-Mart has them, Target has up, you can’t miss it. But if you want to have it tomorrow morning at your doorstep, you can jump in right now. There’s no black book buying here, period. These are hundreds and thousands of you red blooded Americans of every color, every background, every corner of this country. Who have had enough. Every day that goes by, you’re losing a little bit of your liberty as one great senator from Nevada, Paul Laxalt, once told me. And we are. Late, this phony human infrastructure bill, how they changed the words in order to push their Marxist agenda, human infrastructure. Ladies and gentlemen, you believe in. Human infrastructure, don’t you? You don’t think anybody should starve her, people should be able to work because they have children or everybody should get health care. What’s wrong with you? What are you, a white racist? Well, I’m not white. Well, that doesn’t matter. Your mind is if your body’s not. So let’s do this. Folks, there are many very thoughtful and kind reviews of the books now. The book now on Mark Levin Show dot com. You can go to Mark Levin Show dot com. Just fantastic, our body spirit on this road, a beautiful one, David Limbaugh, literally an hour ago, beautiful Craig Shirley. Joel Pollak, Jeffrey Lord. We have so many wonderful people in this radio business who have been. Talking with who invited me on their programs, so many wonderful friends on Fox have invited me on their programs will be on the 700 Club next week. We’re doing everything we can to get the word out there. Now we need you. And look at the comments on Amazon, and if you’ve read the book and you like the book, put your own comments on Amazon, share it. So far at least, that they’re not censoring. We’re five stars now. The liberals will jump in, they don’t know anything, this is what they do. All they know is how to burn down, not the build up. Forget about them. Look at the real comments you can tell the real from the fraud’s. And and read the reviews. And you’ve listen to this program. We’re going to talk about corporations next. You know, we talked about public schools, government schools, elementary middle high schools the other day. Yesterday, we talked about colleges and universities. And later in the second hour, we’re going to talk about, well, what about corporations? Just to give you a flavor of this, and it’s the last chapter. I’ve had friends who don’t read books, who’ve read this book and said, oh my God, my eyes are wide open. That’s important. As I’ve told you many times, these are not adversaries. These are not opponents now, they are enemies. That’s how they view you. And in order to understand how to claw our way out of the abyss and to deal with this, we need to use the right words, the right terms and understand exactly what we’re dealing with. That’s the nature of politics, that’s the nature of business, that’s the nature of military operations, whatever the operation, and that’s exactly what we need to do. And so that’s why I’ve written this book. And I pray and I hope. This has an enormous impact. For liberty. Public safety for the police, for our for our sovereignty. For our unity, even though we have diversity. I really hope it does. I hope it has the impact. Thomas Paine’s American Crisis and I know Thomas Paine, and this is no American crisis, but we’re in an American crisis. And I’m doing what I can, so please jump in, I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

It is the 21st largest podcast in the country, and what’s interesting about that is we take our radio program and we tighten it up and we put it on the podcast. So folks that can’t listen to terrestrial radio or in the occasions when we’re preempted or or delayed, pushed into the night, people are free to listen to the podcast. All the other podcasters that I’m aware of, two unique programs, an hour or two and so forth and so on, so it is quite a statement from you people. That we are the 21st biggest podcast in the nation. The 21st biggest in the nation, as I say, it’s not like I’m doing a new our new two hours, we’re taking this program, we’re tightening up, we’re streamlining it to make it available to people who cannot hear it in their cities. Because if I say sports preemptions or are foolishness about running the show late at night or whatever is done. And so you yourself can be your program director. And this is only growing our podcast, it’s actually quite remarkable. What’s taking place here, quite remarkable, and that, of course, is thanks to you, everything is thanks to you. There are none of this would be happening, would it? All right, Mr. Producer, by the way, we’ve made great strides, haven’t we, Rich, to get our systems up and running, to get the laptop up and running, to really fix all of this, haven’t we? And we’ve worked all day on it. We’re going to work on it again tomorrow and we’re going to get this right. So we can move from like a North Korean tech technology to, you know, like a Venezuelan technology maybe. And just kidding, we’re doing everything we can. All right, what can we do about these sporting leagues and these corporations that have obviously thrown in with the American Marxist? That is, they think they’re buying peace. They think they’re buying opportunity. You’ve seen this. Throughout much of the last century. When the corporate is through and with the fascists and they thrown with the communists, they’re not that bright in that regard because they’re not really capitalists. They don’t really believe in the free market. And so they try to suck up to this group or suck up to that group, and you can see big tech working very, very closely with big government. I wanted to tell you folks that no sooner did I explain that what Psaki said just empowered the Trump lawsuit and expose them. It was just regurgitated on our favorite cable show excuse me, favorite cable network, wasn’t it, Mr. Producer? I can’t help, but that’s what happens. I’ll be right back..