June 23, 2021

June 23, 2021

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Anyone listening to this program for the last 3 months knows that a movement of the silent majority is afoot, a new tea party movement. A movement that requires hard work and commitment. When a County Sherriff’s deputies arrest a parent for peacefully speaking out against racism in their public school curriculum, it is a disgrace. America has witnessed BLM and ANTIFA burn and loot, but here a concerned citizen is nearly tackled and arrested. The left cannot continue to abuse red-blooded American patriots of all races. They will exercise their rights to free speech. Parents must be careful of hucksters that will stand on their shoulders to raise funds. Afterward, law professor Kimberle Crenshaw, a so-called pioneer of critical race theory and intersectionality, refused to answer whether or not critical race theory is Marxism. Later, John Lott, President of the Crime Prevention Research Center, calls in to explain how the anti-gun lobby now wants to go after the gun dealers and manufacturers for shooting liability. Yet there is no accountability for George Soros and the likes of similar activist donors electing passive district attorneys that are soft on crime and hard on gun owners and dealers.


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Written and edited by Richard Sementa

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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

Hello, America, hello, Patriots. Hello, Lavinia. Welcome to the program. It’s always a pleasure. Our number is 877 three eight one three eight one one eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one if you ever. Watched the show even on Fox or listen to radio, even conservative radio, and I’ve heard that somewhere before, an educational Tea Party. A bottom up movement among parents, a bottom up movement among small businesses, a bottom up movement. That the silent majority will be silent no longer. That I feel a movement developing in this country. I just heard this on Fox, like a light bulb just went off and one of my colleagues. Wow. Folks, we’ve been talking about this now for three months, three months in the lead up to the release of American Marxism. This is your influence, this is the influence of this program now, you will never get any credit. I don’t see credit, but these people who think they’re coming up with these novel ideas and these novel statements, they’re not coming up with anything. They’re actually not even doing anything. But patting themselves on the back, I saw this in the Reagan revolution, I saw this in the Tea Party revolution. You know, people in Washington, people in media thanking themselves for something they have nothing to do with. Nothing, zero. The great thing about talk radio is. The bond in my case on this program that I have with you and you with me. The sense we have for what’s going on in our communities. This format particular in this program, it doesn’t get any closer to neighborhoods and streets and communities than this. As much as we all love television. Television cannot duplicate this. So after three months, when somebody says, I sense there’s an educational Tea Party taking place, you go you have to scratch your head when you read Politico and they go to Steve Bannon, he says the Tea Party to the tenth power. That’s what’s happening. Steve Bannon is not in the communities. I’m in this community. I live in Loudoun County, Virginia. No offense. And this this movement will not take hold and will not grow. By people in media simply talking about it or regurgitating what somebody else says, this is hard work. Take serious mind, serious strategies and tactics. I think that’s why most of you, millions and millions of you come to this program. I’m not a BSR. I don’t even know how to be a PSA. People want to be patted on the head, you were first, you were second, I don’t care. I want to say something about my county, Loudoun County, Virginia. I have always had a very close relationship. With the sheriff’s office, the elected sheriff is in this county, many of them are my friends and they have been my friends. But what took place yesterday was a disgrace. You have a school board that’s been taken over by the left. In the last election. Like everywhere else, the left takes anything over, they are in a hurry to enshrine their policies as fast as they can. Then they lie about what they’re doing. This is in critical race theory, yes, it is the call it whatever you want, call it a cucumber. Called a cumquat. They are teaching racism, they are promoting racism and sowing, so they’re promoting violence and what else they’re doing is promoting Marxism. Now you hear more and more people actually saying, wow, how gutsy and all of us are going to do this, I hope. But I watched all available video at least available to the public. In the first instance, I watched a man after the school board abruptly voted to cut off all commentators, even people who were already in line. And had already been told that they could speak for 60 seconds in their own school building that they pay for. But the problem was. People were not mostly peaceful, were 100 percent completely peaceful. But the school board was getting remount and by the way, either school board members or the teachers union or somebody bussed in, bussed in dozens of individuals to try and challenge the parents and the taxpayers, because that’s what the Marxist thugs do. And I’m sure The Washington Post, the the closest major newspaper to Loudoun County, Virginia, will dig into that. No, they won’t. They’ll attack the parents and the taxpayers. They’ll lie about critical race that they already are lying about it, they’re lying about it on MSNBC and Joy Reid. Obama’s lying about it. Of course they are. It’s appalling. I would warn. The parents and the taxpayers. It’s I will warn others during the course of this summer. As we talk about American Marxism. Be very careful about hucksters who want to stand on your shoulders, not just to take credit, but to raise funds. Reject them and ignore them. Keep it local. We need a national movement of local individuals. That’s what we need. Everything I say will be regurgitated by night time and tomorrow. I don’t care. Politicos trying to make this like this is all about politics, all about Trump World, all about the GOP. Interesting. That’s exactly what they’re doing over there at Melasti and the Constipated News Network. They all sing from the same hymnal. And they lie. There’s no political or national movement driving this anymore than there was a political or national movement driving the Tea Party. Period. People are trying to defend their children. And when everybody was home, watching the computer screens, watching what was going on in the classrooms, parents saw it with their own two eyes and saw, whoa, what the hell is this? What do they teach my kid? What are they teaching my kid? Which is why I now support. Video cameras in the classroom. An idea, an American thinker. Where one individual first thought about body cams for teachers. No, I think video cameras in the in the classroom. Because there’s no more Internet to view what the teacher is teaching the kids. So scoreboards like the one allowed in county can indoctrinate your kids and then lie about it and what took place in Loudoun County? Was a disgraced. Those school board members could have sat there two, three, four or five hours, I’ve done it as a school board member when I was 19, 20, 21 years old. They could have sat there and let the people talk, but no, they cut them off because that people were saying things they didn’t want to hear. And what was done to a couple of those citizen patriots was a disgrace, was a disgrace by the sheriff’s department. A disgrace, and I watched it and that video. Where gentlemen having virtually empty auditorium at that point. You’re saying I have a First Amendment right, I wanted to speak and they did this and you guys are you guys are helping them and doing this, and that one deputy was very common, was saying, let’s talk outside. Well, let’s just let the guy talk. He wasn’t hitting anyone. He wasn’t threatening anybody, didn’t do anything. Just relax. But they couldn’t. So a bigger, obviously more senior officer comes up and he says to him, I think we have this on audio later, don’t we, Mr. Producer? You’re not are you going to leave? No. All right, you’re under arrest for trespass. What? What? There was no schoolyard scuffle, there was no fighting. Until the deputies decided to take out one guy and then another. Nobody was armed, nobody hit anybody else, this wasn’t a mostly peaceful protest, it was a completely peaceful event which was cut off before people got to speak. About 250 people had signed up and were permitted to speak a minute each and they cut it off at about no 50 or 60. Because every now and then the crowd would not have an outburst of clapping or cheering can have that. You sit there and shut your mouth. We, the people. This man should never have been detained, arrested, whatever you want to call it doesn’t matter to me. Here in the state of Virginia, one of the great birthplaces of liberty. Those deputies should never have followed this man, however, they should have let him finish. So what? Now, don’t give me that crap. Here’s the parents name is John. Cut eight go, it’s not just upset you guys are infringing on people’s right to put your name, John, I’m bringing it to you just like I can talk to you right here in front of everything else here. These guys would love to talk. Let’s see how you guys justify taking people who came here with high frequency so they could stand right here and press their First Amendment rights. I’m talking about how I’m was to stand right here and saw 200 other people. Now, keep something in mind. There’s not even that many citizens in there. There’s almost more cops and there are citizens and there’s four or five of them around John. He’s not threatening anybody, he didn’t threaten a single person, he didn’t touch a single person, he didn’t say he touched a single person, he’s furious that the school board cut off 200 people. These folks showed up, wouldn’t let them speak about their own school, their own children. About what’s going on in their classrooms. Why didn’t they just let them finish? Whether it’s five minutes or 10 minutes or a Half-Hour, let the guy talk, he wasn’t hurting anybody. It’s not BLM or for the rest. Go ahead. Why did you hear about this county and the morals that this county is actually going to support or not support and they walked out? That’s right. All these people were doing here was taking the time to be able to show and share, at least with their own people, why they’re here. They have every right to do that and to press their rights and their regrets in terms of what’s gone on in this county. And you guys are being a tool of that thing. All right. And as a result, you guys are actually supporting the suppression of people’s rights. Are you refusing to leave at this time? I see. He criticized the police there, and this guy walks over big guy, obviously. Are you refusing to leave the premises? Are you refusing to leave the premises? He said, go ahead. Assignment’s you two deputies please arrest this individual for trespassing. Deputies arrest this individual for trespassing. He didn’t do a damn thing trespassing on government owned property, are you kidding me? We paid for that damn property. All he was doing was expressing his free speech. There wasn’t even a board of school board members left there, they left. They offended the audience, they treated them like crap. The people were lined up to speak, didn’t get to speak, they didn’t want to hear what the public had to say because they disagreed with it. And as soon as this man criticized the deputies there, this guy steps in. I’d love to know his name. I’d love to know Mr. Tough Guy’s name, this guy steps in and you heard him, are you refusing to leave? Yes. Deputy’s arrest. This man, please. He’s trespassing. He’s trespassing. Trespassing, we, the American people, we sit here and watch Black Lives Matter and to burn the damn cities, brutalized police. Say the most horrific things about this country and here we are, patriots showing up and look how they’re treated. And I would just say this. If police officers want support from patriotic Americans, they’re going to have to treat them with a little bit more respect because what was done to this man in particular was outrageous to me. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

And to do what I can here, national level, multiple formats. To continue to advance the cause of liberty and to promote the heroes out there at the local level, not the political action committees, not oh so and so said, who cares? Parents at the Loudoun County School Board meeting yesterday after officials cut off public discussion to cut them off, cut six go. And then they did this cut seven go. So proudly have. It must all be Republicans because they’re actually patriotic. So why did the head of the school board say, after all this, this was a political Antec in August, we’re going to vote on transgenderism education in the schools? I told you, Marxists, I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

A December 19, 1776, as the Revolutionary War looked lost, the morale of George Washington’s army had reached bottom. Thomas Paine wrote The American Crisis. No one which opened with this, many of you have memorized this, but we’re going to go beyond the first paragraph. These are the times that try Menzel, the summer soldier and the Sunshine Patriot will, in this crisis shrink from the service of their country. But he that stands by it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tierney, like hell is not easily conquered. Here we have this consultation with us that the heart of the conflict, the more glorious the triumph, what we obtain to cheap, we esteem too lightly. It is Deerness only that gives everything its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods and it would be strange indeed if so, celestial and article as freedom. Freedom should not be highly rated. And Thomas Paine called for all Americans to join the battle against tyranny. He said, I call not upon a few, but upon all. Not on this state or that state, but on every state. Up and help us lay your shoulders to the wheel. Better have too much force than too little went so great. An object is at stake. Let it be told to the future world that in the depth of winter when nothing but hope and virtue could survive, that the city and country, alarmed at one common danger, came forth to meet and repulsed. Yes, this is the last chapter of American Marxism in the lead up to my various suggestions, which I’m not allowed to read yet. But listen, Fuad. And the night of December 25, 1776. George Washington ordered Payne’s words, read those exhausted troops before the Battle of Britain. Which, of course, they went on to win. Paine’s pamphlet not only energized Washington’s men, but quickly spread throughout the colonies, rousing and galvanizing the people. Our challenge today is just as crucial and urgent and in many ways more complicated, we did not ask for this confrontation, but it’s here and a truth like the early days of the Revolutionary War, we are losing. Unfortunately, most of the country has been caught flat footed and remains unengaged. What must be understood is that the various Marxist associated movements are constantly agitating, pressuring, threatening, overtaking and even riding to accomplish their ends. For which there is no effective or sustained counterpressure or agitation, that is pushback. That must change today. This is a cause and a call for action. The time to act is now. And I can’t go on I will go on when the book is released. Working on that book for six months, handed it in two and a half, three months ago. Talking about it for the last two and a half, three months. I don’t think the country. In the media, academia. Cable TV, any cable TV. Is ready for this push back non-violent. Red blooded American pushback. This country’s gravely threatened. By these these various movements spawned from Marxism. This isn’t the great Red Scare New York Times. This isn’t the great Red Scare Washington Post. Read what these people say. Listen to what these people say. They self identify. Read what they read. They tell us what they read. They tell us who they admire. And so now the tactic. Is to pretend that this is a political and a Republican and a big money stunt, that’s why an article like this in Politico, politicos trying to create a narrative and frankly, it’s all wrong, but people play right into it. The usual suspects, hey, I set up a PAC. Hey, this is bigger than the Tea Party. Hey, just shut the hell up and let the people do what the people need to do. The only people who organized the parents are the taxpayers of Loudoun County, Virginia, where the parents are taxpayers. Loudoun County, Virginia, they saw it with their own two eyes. They heard it with their own two ears. What was happening to their kids, what these teachers were teaching and who’s behind it? The Democrat Party. Passive Republicans. The educational bureaucracy, the National Education Association, the American Federation of Teachers. Radical authors’, radical professors, people who are making millions of dollars training people how to be racists. We’re not stupid, we say it, we know exactly what’s going on and what happened in that Loudoun County room last night when that gentleman was arrested, the way he was arrested was a disgrace, an absolute disgrace. He wasn’t bothering us. So there was one deputy there actually doing his job saying, let’s talk about this, let’s go outside. Then this big guy steps up because he doesn’t like the fact that they were criticized. Are you saying you will not leave? I will not leave, OK, deputies, arrest him. Oh, it’s not really an arrest, he said. Arrest him for trespass. How many black my fighters riders have been arrested for trespass? How many t four writers have been arrested for trespass? Trespass. They’re not even arrested for looting and arson and assault and battery. You do not treat patriotic, taxpaying parents and taxpayers like this, they did nothing wrong. They’re not sitting in church pews. A school board in front of them that are trying to destroy the classrooms in which they’re forced, forced to send their children. Which they’re forced to pay the teacher. Unbelievable. It’s an embarrassment, I’m embarrassed. I’m also saddened. Loudoun County is one of 15 or 17000 school districts. This is happening at almost all. So this won’t be enough. Happening throughout our government. We have some courageous governors who are standing up. Not many. And do you understand by my speaking like this and writing a book called American Markson’s, I’m now considered controversial. I’m controversial. Bernie Sanders is a controversial tuilaepa, not controversial, Aoki’s not controversial. Louis Farrakhan is not controversial. Al Sharpton is not God. No, I’m controversial. And I’m going to tell you something else, if we fight a war, it’s going to be amazing that we win. With that kinds of generals that are leading our military, there are generals and then there are generals. George Patton would be drummed out of the court, there’s no question he’d be drummed out of the army. We have the secretary of defense, Lloyd Austin. He’s no George Marshall. He and Mark Milley. The head of the Joint Chiefs, they’re a joke, the communist Chinese are laughing, she’s cracking up. Kelly on the phone right now talking to us, buddy Vlad, can you believe these idiots? They’re destroying the military for us. Pushing racism in the moment, we’re not pushing, you got the head of the Joint Chiefs defending teaching critical race theory today. And today, you have the secretary of defense saying we don’t teach critical race theory, well, which is it? They’re lying. There’s no is it? No, no, which is it? I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

You can’t keep abusing the American people, you can’t keep calling the American people names, and by that I mean red blooded Americans, not just white people. You can’t keep doing this over and over and over again on television from the floor of the House, from the floor of the Senate and classroom to classroom. At some point, people have had enough. And so they use their not only God given right, but they’re constitutional given right to assemble, to protest, to speak. And then you bring the hammer down. As they’ve watched all summer long rampages. Rampages and the media are perfectly happy with it. Billions and billions of dollars in damage and there we have three, four, five, six hundred people gathered. Gathered at their school board meeting and tour rested. I don’t know what happened with the first guy, but the second guy absolutely unacceptable. What happened to him? Unacceptable. And I would love to know the name of that deputy who walked over there and caused that issue while another deputy was tamping it down. Then the sheriff’s office puts out a statement about how important it was and why they had to do it. They’re not to do anything. There’s no almost nobody left in the room. I mean, somebody gets up on a soapbox and they’re talking, you’re trespassing. What are you out of your mind? Dick Black is a former Virginia state senator and he showed up at this meeting, he retired. He wasn’t defeated. And this really took the board over the edge. This is what pushed them over the edge. Cut five go. I’m retired Senator Dick Black of Ashburn, Virginia. You retaliated against arenacross by yanking him from teaching for addressing a public hearing of this board. The judge ordered you to reinstate Mr. Cross because if his comments were not protected speech, then free speech does not exist at all. It’s absurd and immoral for teachers to call boys, girls and girls. Boys, you’re making teachers lie to students and even kids know that it’s wrong. This board has a dark history of suppressing free speech. They caught you red handed with an enemies list to punish opponents of critical race theory. You’re teaching children to hate others because of their skin color, and you’re forcing them to lie about other kids gender. I am disgusted by your bigotry and your depravity. They shouted Maiko. Don’t even get the courtesy of another 10 seconds, former state senator. Go ahead and arrest. And now this drives the board nuts, so here they go. Oh, Madam Chair, I move to end public comment. Second, there’s been a motion to end public comment, is there a second floor, I think a motion made by Miss Rieser and seconded by Miss King, is there any discussion all in favor? Please raise your hand and say I. I miss Kawauchi. Record your vote, please. I thank you. The motion carries nine zero public comment is now ended. We we’ll move to our next agenda. So they cut them off. We’re going to move on now because you dared to applaud the former state senator. You believe this, Rick? It is unbelievable. Unbelievable. Now, you know, if they were representing one of these Marxist movements, they wouldn’t cut them off. And the place would burn down. But these people were civil. And one gentleman at the end. Decides to truthfully state what’s going on. Condemns the officers for doing what they’ve done, touches nobody, threatens nobody. Then some big jerk shows up. We’re asking you to leave, are you prepared to leave? I know, all right. Deputies arrest this man for trespassing. For trespassing, it’s not pulling down monuments. There’s another Molotov cocktail. Doesn’t have a laser pantry’s pointing at the eyes of the cops. He’s dressed in a tie and jacket, he’s speaking his mind, and it’s true. What do you think Thomas Paine would say? What do you think Thomas Jefferson would say? What do you think any of the founders of this country would say about what the school board did? Shameful. All nine of them, I hear this one school board member comes on some of the local shows on webmail, my home station, a tremendous station, he kind of poses as the more moderate of the conservative among them. Apparently, he voted to, as best as I can tell. So not a damn one of them is any good. They should all be thrown out. In my humble opinion, when I was on a school board many, many decades ago. We had some very, very. Remarkable board meetings, I was at one board meeting that was held in the high school auditorium. And I was part of the Tea Party movement back then before there was a national Tea Party movement, I told you about this. 1979, 1980 and I formed a committee called the Committee for Tax Limitation. To assist for my election to the school board as a Republican, in fact, that committee continued, 1500 people showed up at their board meeting and I one of the sheriff’s department to hear me right here in Loudoun County. Fifteen hundred angry taxpayers, some of whom were losing their homes because of the tax increases. And the majority on the board voted to shut them off. I and another gentleman, Bob Sellick, a buddy of mine. We said, no, let them speak. While we shut them off and they rushed the table and they turned the table over, Mr. Bin is not one of them was arrested, not one of them was accused of trespassing. There was no, quote unquote violence. But when you treat law abiding, taxpaying American citizens with disrespect and disrepute, you get a reaction. I’ll be right back.