May 14, 2021

May 14, 2021

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, The debate over America’s history with slavery should not be conflated with the current push for critical race theory. It should also be abundantly clear that the Democrat Party started the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow and fought against the Civil rights act. Karl Marx despised socialists because they gave cover to the capitalists. Marx felt that capitalism must be destroyed and started anew. This is why the Democrats pretend to fix things that can’t be fixed. Critical Theory gets applied to all areas of American life, not just race. This type of collectivist thinking damages the psyche of all races through the victim/oppressor dynamic that Marxism thrives on. Then, in a strategic military maneuver, the IDF faked a ground surge and 160 Israeli fighter jets dropped 450 bombs on Hamas terrorists that were hiding in a series of underground tunnels beneath Gaza City. This triggered Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave a passionately naive speech on the floor of the House condemning Israel for defending itself. Later, Why is Stacy Abrams important? Liz Cheney is more important than she’s ever been because she’s been stirring the pot against Donald Trump. Abrams hasn’t won an election but she’s a perpetual thorn in the side of Republicans which helps Democrats so the media will embrace her. In her interview with Anderson Cooper, she disparaged the Arizona vote audit, yet she never conceded her own electoral defeat because she felt her race for governor of Georgia was stolen from me. Afterward, prosecutors are pressuring the current CFO of the Trump Organization, Allen Weisselberg, by going after his grandson’s school donations to find any ‘dirt’ they can on Trump. Neither Trump nor Weisselberg has done any wrongdoing; this is simply a fishing expedition in search of anything they can make look like a crime (because they don’t have one). Until Republicans treat Democrats reciprocally, this injustice will not end.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

Happy Friday, we keep our foot down on the gas pedal, could be Tuesday for all we care, we just keep plowing ahead. We pointed out yesterday that the Biden announcement, which we played for you, in part following the CDC announcement that you can take off your mask if you’ve been vaccinated was preposterous. That we’d all been taking off our masks, we had a discussion about vaccinations, I think it was three weeks ago or so, sort of you’re vaccinated, live your life. That means you’re not going to get the virus and you can’t give the virus. Now, I understand I haven’t been in the federal government 50 years heading the infectious disease unit of the NIH, and so for I understand I’m not qualified to be the head of the CDC, but I have a lot more brain power than Joe Biden. That’s a fact. It’s when Biden and Harris show up behind that microphone, I said at the time this was a ridiculous stunt. Will they take their Macs off and they say all of a sudden today we can take our master and it was all intended to divert attention from the gas lines, the increased price of everything, inflation going through the roof. What’s going on in the Middle East and other parts of the world? All intended to be a shiny object because they think you’re stupid. They think you’re stupid, like the Democrat Party base, which is stupid. But you’re not. And so this. This administration, this Biden administration and Biden himself have used this vaccination in this vaccine, these vaccines. For political exploitive purposes, it’s the only thing that’s keeping his numbers positive because he’s he’s stealing the success from the prior administration, the prior president. The distribution plan that was developed by the prior administration, the prior president. And then he gives these propaganda events and of course, the media slobber all over him, except for Peter Doocy. Now, that kid is a reporter. He’s a serious journalist. All the rest of them are there, their tongues hanging out from beneath their masks. With the spittle dripping on their loafers. So it’s obvious, it’s obvious from the beginning. We weren’t getting on a science, it’s been politicized, of course, this was a dire event, don’t get me wrong, but what some of these governors did to destroy their cities and destroy the states. And destroy an entire year of education for our children. They need to be held to account. This is outrageous and now the same Democrats driving inflation through the sky, subsidizing people to stay home where people can’t, can’t hire, can’t find people to work in their businesses. What is that? Bernie Sanders, a smile, of course, yes, he’s an old redis, an old Marxist. But that’s not what I wanted to focus on. I was minding my own business, preparing my show, as I always do, spending a lot of time doing it. And I want to talk about the Middle East and other things in a moment, but stick with me. And Juan Williams, this isn’t even a criticism of Juan Williams, Juan Williams was going on about critical race theory and the fact that, look, kids need to be taught about lynchings. They need to be taught about slavery. They need to understand that the civil war was about slavery. And so somebody opposed to that. Who’s opposed to that? We actually have it. Good job, Mr. Producer, because I asked him at the last minute, let’s go ahead and play this rich. Go ahead. I think talking about race makes lots of people uncomfortable. I think some people think it invites charges of guilt, embarrassment. There’s resentment, there’s disagreement, all of that’s there. But I don’t think that healing on what is a major problem in American society, I don’t think healing can begin unless we have the conversation. And if all of you are saying that, you know, schoolchildren are such snowflakes, you can’t tell them about American history. You can’t tell them about slavery. You can’t tell them about the rise of the Klan. You can’t tell them about black people are being lynched. That’s you. And that’s why we need to have that conversation with the Americans. That’s what I’m trying to say. All of those things, that little one, then all over time. Sorry, but you still have. Hang on a second, Martha, because that’s not true. We still have states in this country where they banned textbooks that talk about slavery as the cause for the civil war, where they don’t want to hear about ongoing racism in this society. All right. So you get the drift. And I know of no state that has banned textbooks that talk about slavery. I know of none, not one. If one knows a one, he should present it, but again, I want to discuss this, this is not a criticism of him, although there’s many reasons which I could do that. He does not understand what critical race theory is. Nobody says we shouldn’t discuss slavery. And the causes of the Civil War and the Klan and so forth, fact, I think we should discuss it more and make it abundantly clear that the Democrat Party was aligned with the Klan. The Democrat Party supported segregation after the end of the civil war. And the Democrat Party was the party of Jim Crow. I have no problem teaching all those things, I think one would. But this is a complete misunderstanding of critical race theory. This has nothing to do with critical race theory. This has nothing to do with people are objecting to. Critical race theory is a matter of fact, its proponents, its leading so-called scholars. Believe that Brown versus Board of Education, which Juan Williams has written about. As a big fan of Justice Marshall, Thurgood Marshall, he’s written about Thurgood Marshall, Brown vs. Board of Education in the other civil rights decisions coming out of the Supreme Court and the 1964 and 65 civil rights acts, as well as other statutes addressing issues of racism. Critical race theory scholars in our law schools and colleges argue. That this is of no merit. That the entire civil rights movement and those Supreme Court decisions. We’re nothing more than a Band-Aid placed on top of a white, systemically racist, dominant society and that those who support. The civil rights movement, those who support and use those decisions from the Supreme Court are nothing more than patsies. That they have done nothing but contribute. To the white dominant. Systemically racist society. By allowing whites to get away with the original sin. And so it’s not enough to have a civil rights movement. It’s not enough to have these marches in the 1960s and 70s and 50s. It’s not enough to have these laws. It’s not enough enough to have the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments. These are all a ruse. Collectively, they’re a ruse. Are no consequence. Because we still have a white dominated society. We start a white dominated society, so one woman doesn’t understand what critical race theory is. But he’s not alone, which is one of the reasons I’ve written this book, people talk about critical race theory. They’re teaching this. They’re teaching that. Who’s teaching what? What is it? What does it all mean? You know, funny thing about Karl Marx, Karl Marx despised socialist. He despised them. Because he said. That they were giving cover. To the capitalist. Because they were trying to make capitalism better. And Mark said there is no making something better, we must destroy it, we must rip it up. And start new. That’s why the critical race theory adherence. Say that the civil rights movement and all those decisions by the Supreme Court are of no consequence. They’re pretending to fix something that can’t be fixed. And that’s because the critical race theory movement is a communist movement, it’s a Marxist movement. And by the way, it’s not just critical race theory, it’s called critical theory, and it has applications across our society. That’s the purpose of it. That’s why they, quote unquote, invented it. That’s why I called American Marxism. That’s just one piece of it. So you will understand this in Chapter four of American Marxism, that’s called racism, gender ism and Marxism. So this isn’t about teaching actual American history. This is about destroying America. This is about brainwashing our children. And by the way, this is not just about damaging the psyche. A white kids. But black kids to. Just like marks, they don’t treat children as individuals. You’re in a group, you have to be in a group, otherwise we can’t have the oppressor and the oppressed model, can we? You’re in a group. You’re black, you’re in that group, you’re white, you’re in that group. And that’s the way it is, you got to have class warfare. You got to have a victim and an oppressor. And that’s what’s going on in these classrooms. Something I want to talk about much more deeply when the book comes out, but that’s what’s going on in these classrooms, not teaching about slavery and and the civil war. We want that taught the good, the bad and the ugly. The truth shall set you free. But this isn’t the truth. This is Marxist indoctrination. They want you to believe the nation started in 1619, the nation had started 1619. The slaves that were brought to our shores. Nobody asked. The ship that brought those slaves to even bring the slaves. And the community they were brought to didn’t even have slaves. And as Professor Peter Wood explained last Sunday on my Fox show. They were treated for a period of time as indentured slaves and indentured servants and then released. Now, you may not like that, but they were 1619. But America didn’t start in 1619 and slavery didn’t start in 1619, slavery started with the. With the birth of human beings, actually. And slavery didn’t start in the Americas in 1619. There had been slavery well before 1619. Indian tribes enslaving defeated Indian tribes. All throughout the Americas. Same throughout Africa. All I’m saying is let’s teach the truth, let’s teach the history we want to teach history, let’s teach history, what went on in the United States? Fine. What went on in Africa? Fine. What went on in the Americas before there was a United States of America? That’s fine. Just don’t lie about it and just don’t preach racist indoctrination and then tell us you’re teaching us history. That the kids have to learn about lynchings. Of course they have to learn about lynchings and they should. And they ought to learn about some and they ought to learn about the civil rights movement, but. Critical race theory rejects that, that’s the point. It is a Marxist movement that a civil rights movement. They don’t give a crap. About what happened in Selma. They don’t give a damn about Brown vs. Board of Education, they reject them. As nothing more than an attempt to put makeup. On a society that cannot be fixed but must be destroyed. So people going on out there to a critical race theory, many of them have a very surface level understanding of what they’re talking about. And I’m just glad they’re talking about don’t get me wrong, but when you’re done reading American Marxism, you’re going to know all about this. And by the way, I’m not the only one to write about this. But I’m going to synthesize it in a way that it’s digestible. And then you’re going to see the as the left say, the intersectionality of these various spawned Marxist movements that have been Americanized, that have been adopted, our economic system adapted to our political system, adapted to our media system to undermine and devour all of them. I also want to thank you unbelievably. 70,000 preorders of the hardcover of American Marxism, 70,000 on our way, I hope to have 100,000. And I need your support tonight, Saturday and Sunday, I won’t be on the air Saturday and Sunday on radio, so if you can head over to Amazon or your favorite site and you’re going to order copies, please, please grab a few now if he can. We want to get to that Mark. I want to announce it and we want to make a big splash. I’ll be right back

Hour 1 Segment 2

You know, I was on with Brian Kilmeade yesterday at 7:00 p.m. Eastern on Fox, and we talked about a number of things. He also wanted to talk about Liz Cheney. And at the end, I said, I don’t care about Liz Cheney. But she’s going to be on Sunday shows, she’s being interviewed by The Washington Post, I’m sure The New York Times, in other words, all the newspapers and some of the TV shows that none of us watch and none of us read. So she’s reaching out to the Democrats, she’s reaching out to the liberals. They have warmly embraced her for now with their stilettos in their back pocket so they can eventually stabbed in the back. So this is not a woman who’s leading a movement. This is not a woman who has any chance of leading the Republican Party. This is a woman on a vendetta. It’s pure and simple. More when I return.

Hour 1 Segment 3

The Democrat Party in the media, one in the same. Have this. There’s massive antisemite problem among them. And of course, nobody talks about it. Everybody’s afraid to talk about. Even some of my fellow conservatives on TV and radio, they’re afraid to talk about it. They don’t think you’re going to want to hear about it. They don’t understand that in addition to Jews, we have righteous individuals, whether they are Christians or Muslims or atheists or whatever righteous individual. Who are concerned about this? To understand history. See, I have faith in you, my audience, this is why I tell you what I’m thinking. As if your family members at a dinner table. I don’t have to create narratives, position myself, you know what I think? I feel like I know what you think. Before I get to that. This is really quite remarkable. So the Israelis put out the word. That they were planning an invasion. Of the Gaza. That they were going to move the arc and they move their artillery up to the line. They were talking about an invasion. And so Hamas sent. Scores of their terrorists into their underground tunnels. Now, the Israelis knew they would send scores of their terrorists into the underground tunnels. So they did not invade. They did not move the tanks into the Gaza Strip. But they dropped 450 bombs. In 35 minutes. On these tunnels. And killed. Lord knows how many of these terrorists, but a whole damn bunch of them. The. They were talking about sending infantry, artillery, tanks that were moved towards the idea border, Hamas believe that Israel was about to begin a ground invasion. As a result, Hamas sent its fighters to its underground tunnel system beneath Gaza City. The IDF brought in 160 aircraft and dropped 450 bombs containing over 80 tons of explosives, hitting 150 terror targets in 35 minutes. Hamas’s underground city was hit with enormous force and the IDF collapsed the whole Tomasina system, the terror tunnel system on the heads of the terrorists hiding in the tunnels. Nobody knows the exact toll. Maybe somebody will maybe Hamas will contact what’s the guy’s name? Trey Yingst, maybe Hamas will say, hey, Trey, over here, we want to give you some information, maybe they’ll give some information to Trey Yingst. He seems to have a decent relationship with them, but according to estimates, a large number of terrorists were buried in the sands beneath Gaza. Well, then they got what they deserved, a sand sandwich, as we like to say. We’re going to have to take a little bit of time on this, ladies and gentlemen. Because the Democrat Party, as you know, is the party of slavery and segregation, and now it’s the party of anti-Semitism, and I don’t care how many of my fellow Jews or Democrats. There’s no accounting for stupidity. I don’t care how many liberals out there, regardless of their faith. So what’s he talking about? Talking about your party. Talking about Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, I’m waiting for the Hitti Defamation League and all the other Jewish organizations, apart from ZOA, of course, to condemn them, but I’m not hearing very much. Here she is on the floor of the House yesterday, missiles being fired into Israel. Israel defending itself and of course, she attacks Israel, cut one go, and the United States must acknowledge its role in the injustice and human rights violations of Palestinians. This is not about both sides. This is about an imbalance of power. Let’s stop there. So it’s been my theory, which I have shared with you. That the reason Israel is attacked by reprobates like this. In the pages of The New York Times, in the pages of The Washington Post and officials in the Biden ministration, on and off the record is because Israel now can defend itself and defend itself in a way that. It has the capacity to crush its enemies. It’s a real country with a real military. And so what reprobates, like Cortez and Talib and Pressley and the other antisemite Marxists do? As they say, look at the imbalance of power. Now, ladies and gentlemen, if people are shooting missiles into our cities, Mexico or Canada, it doesn’t matter that we have more power than they do. We’re not going to tolerate it. We’re not going to tolerate it. And if Israel wanted to blow off the face of the Earth. Everything that exists in the Gaza Strip. And in the Palestinian Authority areas, it would have been over in 72 hours. They just sent 160 fighter jets, dropped 450 bombs. Targeted like lasers on these tunnels, if they want to target citizens the way Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Palestinian Authority, Hezbollah and the rest of them target Israeli citizens, it would have a different effect now, wouldn’t it? Go ahead. When I first got here in twenty nineteen, the Israeli government refused to admit to members of the United States Congress, Rasheda, to leave and Representative Ohan Omar into the country. Of course they did. Because their representatives, Hamas and Hamas and Islamic Jihad, I’m being perfectly serious. They are in effect, not officially, of course, but in effect, they are the spokespeople in the United States Congress for Hamas and Islamic Jihad, if not Hezbollah in Iran. Let me repeat it. So Media Matters and media and all the other dumb bastards out there can hear exactly what I’m saying, excuse my French Talib Omar. And the other marks are Sainty smites. Are in effect, the spokespeople, in effect, the spokespeople for Hamas, a terrorist group, Islamic Jihad, a terrorist group, Abbas, a terrorist in the United States House of Representatives. They are proud members of the Democrat Party. They are proud members of the Democrat Party. So is Bernie Sanders, why did he say? I said so, as Bernie said, well, he’s Jewish. What do I care? She relevant. The New York Times, which had Jewish ownership when I was covering up the Holocaust, Susan, about whether they’re Jewish or whether it’s irrelevant. AOC Talib Omar. They’re not Jewish. Two of them are Muslim. But I’m going to call these people and I’m going to point them out, there’s not another host in America who will get behind a microphone and do what I’m doing. I’m not putting them down. I get it. It’s treacherous territory, but I don’t care. The truth shall set you free. They go to the floor of the House of Representatives and they mouth they mouth the propaganda of terrorist organizations. That’s what they do. Next up, Rashid, a Talib. Cut to go, our party leaders have spoken forcefully against BDS, calling its proponents anti-Semitic, despite the same tactics being critically critical to ending the South African apartheid mere decades ago. And you say this is what the Marxists do. Israel’s not South Africa, and yet the Palestinians started the BDS movement. They use the BDS movement against the Israelis. We have Israeli Arabs tell me, how many Palestinian Jews do we have? I’m just curious how many Hamas Jews exist, how many Libyan Jews are around, how many Iraqi Jews are around? I’m just curious, for that matter, how many Iraqi Christians are left? How many Egyptian Christians are left? We don’t need to hear this crap from this anti-Semite Marxist. Apartheid. I’ve been to Israel. She’d been to Israel again in cabs, virtually every cab I’ve ever gotten into. Has an Arab driver. There’s Arab communities in Israel, Arabs get the vote in Israel, they have representation in the Knesset, in Israel, they had the same due process rights. The Israeli courts, as you Jewish Israelis, what the hell is she talking about? But you know what, she’s actually right now that I think about this. She’s right about this, but. About this apart tideline, Mr. Producer. But it exists within the Palestinian world. You see, ladies and gentlemen, if you’re a Palestinian. And you want to live a legal life and you want to be left alone and you want to make a living. If you don’t bow down that the terrorist leaders of Hamas and the terrorist leaders of the Palestinian Authority, if you dare to sell your property to a Jew, if you dare to show any humanity whatsoever to people outside of that community, you’re going to be killed. Sarashina Htun Liebe as stupid as she is, actually hit a very important point that is within the Palestinian world there is apartheid. Within the Palestinian world, there is apartheid. Go ahead. What we are telling Palestinians fighting apartheid is the same thing being told to my black neighbors and Americans throughout that are fighting against police brutality here, there is no form of acceptable resistance to state violence. As long as the hell are you talking about? The hell are you talking about? So now our cops are what? Go ahead. Is that our military support for Israel is unconditional Netanyahu’s extremism, right wing government will continue to expand settlements. All right. You can’t even read what was written for Netanyahu thanked the good Lord Netanyahu stopped prime minister of Israel despite the stupidity of about a third of the Israeli people. Sorry, coma’s. I see him. Because he’s a warrior. He’s a warrior, and can you imagine Lapid and the left center and they had an Arab alliance, and then you have this backstabbing saboteur, Naftali Bennett, with minimal experience, and there they are arguing among each other why the country’s coming under attack. Netanyahu doesn’t take any of that crap. That’s why they hate Netanyahu. That’s why they hated Trump. That’s why they hated Reagan. These are strong men and they use their position not for Israel not to conquer, not to brutalize, but they will protect and defend. They will protect and defend. And let me tell you something, Rasheeda Talib. The Israeli government and Benjamin Netanyahu. Treat the Arabs and, yes, the Palestinians in Israel with far more compassion and humanity and respect than they’re treated by their own so-called leadership in Gaza City and by the Palestinian Authority. Where they can be summarily executed. Where many of them are purposely impoverished, where there is no free press to tell anybody what’s going on, much like America. So the fact of the matter is, Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli government treat Arabs and, yes, Palestinians in Israel far better than they’re treated by their own leaders. Who share their own ethnicity. You know, Jack. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

You want to live in a world where Rasheeda Torleif is in charge, her AOC in charge or whatever the hell, Presley’s first name, Ianna, whatever you’re alien Omar. Do you want to live in a world where Black Lives Matter and Antifa in charge? Well, that’s what these clowns are talking about. That’s what these clowns are talking about, folks. And that’s what they are. Well, we have Ayanna Pressley. On the floor yesterday. And here’s what she had to say, cut three, go as a black woman in America, I’m no stranger to police brutality and state sanctioned violence. We have been criminalized for the very way we show up in the world. Last summer, when Black Lives Matter protesters took to the streets to demand justice, they were met with force. They face tear gas, rubber bullets and a militarized police, just as our Palestinian brothers and sisters are facing in Jerusalem to shut up, you idiot. Your Palestinian brothers and sisters. When’s the last time you were Ramata? When’s the last time you were in Gaza City? You know, this clown posse says that her two sisters weren’t allowed in Israel. Well, why didn’t they go to Gaza City? Why don’t they go there now and see what’s going on? And Ayanna Pressley, the hell is she all about out of Massachusets? Militarized police, I told you, and I’m going to say for the third day in a row. People who hate America hate Israel, people who hate Israel, hate America, people who love America love Israel, people who love Israel love America. These marks say antisemite hate America. And they hate Israel. Can you imagine living in a world led by these people, can you imagine? Yes, they’re taking up the hunt, you know, for the anyway, what’s her name again, Pressly Presley’s another mouthpiece for Hamas, effectively an Islamic Jihad. What’s Islamic Jihad? What is Palestinian Islamic Jihad? It was created by the Iranian regime. What does Hamas it’s a wholly owned subsidiary of the Iranian regime. What’s Hezbollah? It was created by the Iranian regime, it destroyed the country of Lebanon, which was an ally, which was about half Christian, half Muslim, not so anymore. Beautifully run, beautiful country, but of course. It’s been destroyed. That’s what you get. Were the people. That is the leadership in particular that these stooges are defending and promoting. Are defending and promoting. Here, yet Israel really on the precipice, having a peace deal with Saudi Arabia has a peace deal with four other Arab countries. Arab and Muslim countries. And yet, Talib Omar Pressley, AOC, they know more about what’s going on over there than the leaders of those country. I despise these people, I despise their poison, I despise their anti-Semitism, I despise their anti-Americanism and the fact that they have seats and vote in the United States House of Representatives is a shocking weakness in our system. And they’re not alone. I’ll be right back.