April 8, 2021

April 8, 2021

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, Democrats sit on their hands as VP Harris does nothing while children are being sexually assaulted in federal facilities. They criticized President Trump for his bold action at the border, but never before have we seen a President like Biden who puts the sovereignty of the country in jeopardy because of his weak stance on national security. Biden won’t call the border a crisis but he’ll say we have a “gun crisis.” Then, John Lott, President of the Crime Prevention Research Center, calls in to discuss the absurdity of Biden’s comments on gun control. Lott added that crime is increasing due to “progressive’ policies that have let criminals out of prison and back on the street as well as Democrat politicians defunding police departments across the country. Gun control won’t stop criminals who don’t obey the law. Later, Stanley Kurtz calls in to discuss Biden’s plan to end suburban single-family zoning. Afterward, Biden has all but agreed to end sanctions on Iran. Congressional Republicans put a hold on $75 million of the newly reinstated US aid to the Palestinians. Republicans argue that funding Palestinians violates anti-terror laws.


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The border remains a disaster. In fact, it’s even a bigger disaster. The Democrats sit on their hands and their mouths. Joe Biden doesn’t comment on it, has no intention of visiting the border. The vice president, whom he originally put in charge of fixing the situation, bowed out. She’s nowhere near the border. And now there are. Situations in which children are being sexually abused in federal facilities. All the talk about what took place under Donald Trump, all the talk about cages and children and so forth under Donald Trump. And he took charge and he addressed it immediately and he went down to the border more than once and he tried to secure the border with a war even though is blocked by Joe Biden and his party. He insisted that people want to come into this country, have to stay outside this country and then apply for refugee status, not come in the country by the hundreds of thousands, even millions, and be released prior to a decision being made. This is common sense. Common sense, what’s happening on the border today is unprecedented, it’s unparalleled in American history. Never before has a president willingly kept the security of this nation, the sovereignty of this nation, open to anybody who walks through the border and then declares he will not deport them. And the people coming through the border. Are coming into the United States, into the interior of the United States, never to be found again, and then we’ll hear the same lines, the same propaganda. People can’t live in the shadows. People are paying Social Security taxes. They should be treated like citizens, wave after wave of amnesty. That’s what’s going to happen. And you and I have no say in it whatsoever, none. Joe Biden has his name right now on your guns. On your gun. Guns, as you’ll learn soon, he has a name now on the suburbs. He’s going right down the Marxist list, one issue after another. First. He says this about guns, one go, but also today we’re taking steps to confront not just the gun crisis, but the gun crisis, not a border crisis, a gun crisis. We don’t have a gun crisis. We have a crisis of criminals killing each other. We have a crisis in our inner cities. We have a crisis where the vast majority of murders. Involve black kids in killed by other black kids, they’re the crises, but he doesn’t talk about any real crisis. Guns are a crisis. Go ahead. Public health crisis. So now it’s a public health crisis and we all know what that means. Your liberties are to be abandoned. They’re suspended. It’s a public health crisis, like a virus. A public health crisis. Go ahead. Nothing, nothing I’m about to recommend in any way impinges on the Second Amendment, their phony arguments suggesting that these are Second Amendment rights at stake for what we’re talking. He hasn’t even engaged in any arguments. He hasn’t even engaged in any debate. He’s just decided that he will impose his will. Power he does not have under the Constitution, the framers of the Constitution will be disgusted by this man. Go ahead. But no amendment, no amendment to the Constitution is absolute. You can’t yell fire in a crowded movie theater because of freedom of speech. Well, really? And you can’t take your gun and shoot people in a movie theater either and call it the Second Amendment. What are you talking about, you idiot? The point you’re making is nothing to do. What the rights of individuals, the legitimate rights of individuals under the Constitution. They talk about the constitution and the amendments. Where does it say that a president has that kind of power that Biden seeks to exercise? Where does it say that in the Constitution? Nowhere. And if that amendment isn’t pure and if an amendment is an absolute, then the way you address it is through another amendment. To another amendment, not some self-appointed king who’s decided what types of guns, what aspects of guns, what people can have guns. My God, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Go ahead. From the very beginning, you couldn’t own any weapon you wanted to own. From the very beginning of the Second Amendment existed, certain people weren’t allowed to have weapons. So the idea is just bizarre to suggest that some of the things we’re recommending are contrary to the bizarre. Phony. Just dismiss it, absolutely dismissive. And there’s a big. A big distance between a purity argument about an amendment, a purity argument about an amendment. And where Joe Biden and the rest of the gun grabbers want to take us. A big distance. I want you to keep a few things in mind when you listen to Joe Biden. People hate when I bring this up and they should hate the subject, there’s no question. Tell me, are there any limits on abortion? How come he is a purity stance on abortion? How come he calls it a right to choose when it involves another human being, how come he wants to force people who don’t believe in abortion as a matter of morality and faith? To force them to pay into taxes that would go to subsidizing abortions. Why does he have such a purity mentality when it comes to that? Because he’s a sick old man, that’s why. Now, let’s go through a few of these points that he raises because he makes these diatribes unchallenged. He’s in the Rose Garden today and he wants to eliminate gun manufacturers from immunity cuts. Excuse me, cut six go. Even law enforcement officials have told me and told other champions of this legislation they sometimes feel outgunned by assault weapons and large capacity magazines. There’s no reason someone needs a weapon of war with 100 rounds, 100. But you’re not allowed to have a weapon of war unless the Treasury Department approves it after months and months and months and months of review. Let me be abundantly clear, because he’s a liar, he lies about everything, he’s a serial liar. He was a liar from the moment he was born. You’re not allowed to have a weapon of war bazookas. Thanks. Nuclear weapons and so forth, and to the extent you can have some kind of weapon that’s used in war. Which is very, very rare. You got to get approval from the federal government, in this case the Biden administration, and yelling over there at the Treasury Department. So don’t let this a liar confuse you in any way, go ahead. That can be fired from that weapon. Nobody needs that. Nobody needs that. What weapon can you shoot 100 rounds from, Mr. Producer? Are people running around with Gatling guns? I’m just curious. While a machine gun are you can’t own a machine gun without approval from the Treasury Department and very few people do. Those are called automatic weapons, not semi-automatic automatic weapons. Tell me how many people have been killed with weapons or were bazookas with tanks, with nuclear weapons in the hands of private citizens? How many people have been killed with Gatling guns or weapons that can shoot 100 rounds at one clip? How many? None. Zero. Go ahead. We got that done when I was a United States senator, one easy going up against the gun lobby. Wow, you’re quite the hero. He’s charging hills all the time, this guy. Wasn’t easy, but he took care of it, go ahead, lives. And we should also eliminate gun manufacturers from the immunity they receive from the Congress. This is what I wanted to address. Gun manufacturers and immunity we’re going to have at the bottom of the hour the foremost expert on this entire subject matter, and that’ll be John Lott. But before I bring John on himself. He made the point in a piece. About six months ago. Just about six months ago. And what he’s saying is. Gun manufacturers don’t have immunity if their weapons. Malfunction. And so forth, they they are subject to the same kind of lawsuits as any other company is subject to. What Biden wants to do. Is to allow any. Of the thousands and thousands of people. Were killed at the hands of a gun that is at the hands of a criminal or who commit suicide. To bring lawsuits against gun manufacturers, even though the gun manufacturers have absolutely nothing to do with it, it would be as if you were to bring lawsuits against the automobile industry for the millions of people who’ve died on the road, having nothing to do with the automobile itself. And this is no secret what they’re trying to do. They want all their slip and fall trial lawyer friends who are overwhelmingly Democrat and contribute enormous sums of money to the Democrat Party, they want to set them loose on gun manufacturers. So just by suing these gun manufacturers with tens of thousands of lawsuits, obviously they’ll put them out of business, which means you will not be able to purchase guns or ammunition. That’s as simple as it is. That’s what they want to do. So when they talk about immunity for manufacturers, what was happening is they slip and fall. Democrat lawyers were starting to sue these manufacturers. These manufacturers who are innocent, had no role whatsoever in a suicide, in a murder or anything. Because they see deep pockets and others are politically motivated and Congress said, no, no, you can’t do that. So they don’t get immunity if there’s direct causation between the manufacturer in some event. They’re protected from the trial lawyers. And leftists. Who are seeking deep pockets will bring frivolous lawsuits and try and drag these manufacturers in his parties as defendants. Even though they have absolutely nothing to do with what took place, that’s what they’re trying to do. And if you allow that. In the car industry, you would put every car manufacturer out of business. Every single one. Joe Biden thinks that’s a good idea. Now, notice, Joe Biden doesn’t speak ever about the immunity that big tickets, which truly is carved out of nothing. Which truly is carved out of nothing. Notice he doesn’t speak about the immunity that was concocted by the U.S. Supreme Court in New York Times vs. Sullivan, notice that. That kind of immunity he supports because they back him. But when it comes to gun manufacturers. Somehow, gun manufacturers, because they manufacture guns, are to be held responsible and financially accountable. For the activities of criminals or if somebody commits suicide. Of course, Congress said no and Congress should say no. Because otherwise, the Second Amendment will be dead through the back door. We’re on to these people. We’re not stupid. We know exactly what they’re doing. How many of you own weapons that allow you to shoot 100 rounds? I’m not talking about replacing Clip’s. I’m talking about 100 rounds at a time. I don’t know of anybody who owns such a weapon, so Joe Biden is doing what Marxists and propagandists and demagogues do. He’s creating a straw man, he wants you to hate them, he’s going to come to the rescue, he’s going to fix the situation. Any time there’s a murder or a series of murders, he will step up and say, see if they would only pass my law, even though it has nothing to do with anything. Nothing to do with anything. Says, I want to get rid of these stabilizing braces for pistols that make them like mini rifles. How many people have been killed as a result of stabilizing braces? Stabilizing braces don’t do anything other than allow you to hold the pistol steady on your shoulder. What does that have to do with anything? I will tell you what it has to do with. He. And the activists, lawyers at the Department of Justice under this phony attorney general. They want to do anything they can to link pistols to gun control, all the talk about weapons of war, all the talking about semiautomatic or automatic weapons, all the talk about rifles they want to pull and pistols because they know that’s the real game. That’s the real game, get the Pistols under control. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

Stabilizing braces and any of these murders lately, have you ever heard of anybody using a stabilizing grace? I don’t have a stabilizing grace, but I’m just curious. Joe Biden says, cut three, go. We want to treat pistils modified with stabilizing braces, with the seriousness they deserve. That’s not what he wants to do. Ladies and gentlemen, they’re not going to be satisfied with, quote unquote, military style rifles, because I went to great lengths last week and I explained that rifles are responsible for the murder of relatively few people. One person is enough, don’t get me wrong. But in the big scheme of things, when you look at the statistics, people are really not being murdered. In significant way with rifles, in matter of fact, not even with pistols, with knives and bare hands and hammers and hatchets. Those were the big numbers are. But that said that said, they are not going to be satisfied with rifles. We know how the left works. It’s going to be guns, period. When we come back, the great John Lott see in a minute.

Hour 1 Segment 3

Mr. Producer, one of the execs in our company said earlier today, what is the name of your image, man? I said, What image, man? It’s our voice guy, and we don’t even use him that often, even though he’s a wonderful man. I don’t have an image guy. It’s like what? Well, it’s a pleasure to have John Lott, president, Crime Prevention Research Center, at a time like this. John Lott, welcome. You’ve had to deal with Joe Biden and his lies about guns for decades and decades, haven’t you? It’s amazing, I mean, the media just refuses to fact check even the most obvious things, but I’m glad you’re there. Let’s look at some of the most obvious things. What in the world does a stabilizing brace for pistils have to do with gun violence in this country? That not really anything that I can tell. You know, people don’t realize that stabilizing braces were developed originally for veterans who were wounded, who may have lost part of their hand or may have their arm crippled in some way. So it’s basically a strap that is attached to the gun and is goes around the person’s arm. So it makes it easier for the person who’s disabled to be able to go and hold the gun and still do practice shooting or use a gun in self-defense. But do we have a wave of people using stabilizing braces in order to murder people in this country? No, we don’t. I mean, really, where do they come up with this stuff? Right, well, there was one case, and that was this recent Colorado shooting that we had in Boulder, Colorado, where the person used it, but it’s not obvious how that assisted him in any way. Nobody’s really making an argument that somehow it made a difference in his ability to go and shoot people. It’s just that he was using it. And so, you know, he seemed perfectly capable, not crippled in any of his arms or anything. So, you know, who knows? It’s often what happens with gun control. They see a case involving some particular item and they assume that they should ban it. But, you know, you need to have some type of cost benefit calculation here. There’s lots of disabled people who this brace makes it possible for them to be able to go and use a gun defensively. You know, John Allen will go through a few of these other brilliant proposals here. But what amazes me, John, what is the information you provide is on your site. There’s a lot of statistical information out there. We pretty much know who’s doing what, and it is utterly ignored. It’s like the voting rights change in Georgia. It’s there. It’s in a statute. It’s in black and white. And rather than read it, people want to debate the issue, not the facts. Have you noticed that? Right. I mean, some of the stuff that he did today was so absurd. I assume people don’t even need to see facts. You know, you look at something like him claiming that the surge in homicides that we had last year was due to changes in gun control. Really. I mean, you have prisoners being released from jails and prisons across the country. You have police being ordered to stand down and defunding police or prosecutors not prosecuting criminals. I mean, it doesn’t really take rocket science or somebody having a deep understanding, you know, that if you’re not catching criminals, if you’re not punishing them, guess what? You’re going to have a lot more crime that’s going to be occurring. And and not once during the entire discussion today did Biden mention any of those things as a way to go and solve crime. He mentions the horrible crime that’s being committed against blacks and Hispanics. Fine, I agree. But what he’s proposing won’t have anything to do to make them safer. In fact, in some cases may have the reverse effect. But the obvious thing about having more resources for police prosecuting criminals again never crosses his mind. And he the he and the left never want to address this this problem of black on black crime, do they? They have no answers. They have they don’t even want to engage, do they? No, I think gun control is a crutch for them, that rather than going and dealing directly with the issues head on, they want to go and blame something else. And so they go and say, well, it’s just, you know, if we only had more gun control, we wouldn’t have these problems. The thing is, a lot of the gun control that they push actually disarms the very people that they claim that they care about. You know, these background checks in Washington, D.C., it costs one hundred and twenty five dollars to do a background check and a private a gun. Who do they think they’re stopping? It’s not stopping you or I from legally buying a gun, but the very people that my research indicates who benefit the most from owning guns, the people who are most likely victims of violent crime and therefore need protection, are poor blacks who live in high crime urban areas, making them have to pay 125 dollars or, you know, in a place like Illinois, 450 dollars to go through the process to get a concealed carry permit. You know, who do they think they’re stopping if they just want wealthy whites who live in the suburbs to be able to go and own guns? You know, that’s what they’re going to accomplish with a lot of their gun control proposals that they want. When are ghost guns? Never heard of that phrase. Is that a new concoction? They’ve come up with something that’s perfectly legal. Yeah, well, it’s it’s basically something that’s been around for decades, many decades, it’s guns that don’t have a serial number on them. Yeah, well, let me cut to the chase. This is where people build their own guns. Yeah, that’s basically it, but they’re not allowed to sell it if you build your own gun, you’re stuck with it. You’re at least legally, it’s already a crime. It’s a felony for you to build your own gun and then sell it to somebody else. Do we know are most of the murders or many of the murders occurring in this country from people who build their own guns? Well, we don’t really know, but it’s pretty trivial. No, I mean, it’s hard to believe it’s anything even significant at all. Hmm. What is the so-called gun show loophole? Right. Well, it’s I want to say I want to deal with every one of their allegations. Go ahead. Sure, well, you know, the issue is if you go to a licensed dealer and buy a gun, you have to go through a background check. And whether you buy it at his store or you buy it at a gun show, that licensed dealer is mandated to be able to have to go through a background check before he can sell you the gun. What, because that’s his business. Hanano that’s his business day in and day out. Right. Selling guns and selling ammo. Right, he’ll lose his license and he’ll go to jail if he doesn’t go and do the background check, no matter where he doesn’t. What they’re talking about are private transfers of guns. And you could have a private transfer between you and I. I mean, we can’t do this in Virginia anymore where you live. But you used to be able to go, you know, if I knew you and you want to sell me a gun or whatever, we could do that we wouldn’t have to go and do a background check. There are some states now that require background checks, even on private transfers of guns. But, you know, it’s the go to thing that they bring up after each of these mass public. All right. Let me let me ask a question. Let me ask a question. Real world question your neighbor. Is scared to death, and it’s a shame that her husband may kill her that night. Right, and she comes next door and she says, look, the police know what’s going on here, he hasn’t done anything yet, but I’m afraid he’s going to try something. May I borrow your gun for the next couple of nights, just in case I need to defend and protect myself and the kids? In some states, do you need to get a background check for that? That’s exactly right, that what they do is they have, you know, this they have a term meaning imminent danger, which means that the threat has to be right there in front of her at the time that you lend her the gun. And as soon as that threat disappears or moves away, she has to give you the gun back right at that time. So if she tells you that her ex is going to be showing up in an hour, you can’t lend her the gun right now because it’s not imminent. The person isn’t there yet. He’s not doing the threat. There are all sorts of things like that. I mean, even if you know this woman and know that she’s perfectly capable of having the gun and it’s late at night and there’s no gun store open right now, you would be committing a felony if you went to your gun. And so normal people just trying to go and help out other people who are in need would become criminals. It’s really quite. Quite unbelievable at the same time, John Lott, they undermine federal law enforcement, they’re defunding them, are slashing their budgets, that’s for sure. They’re making it more and more difficult starting in New York, but elsewhere. For law enforcement to do their jobs and the case in New York now, you can have these lawyers who will start suing police officers to put them out of business, to destroy them financially, even though they get insurance and our insurance will be prohibitive. And so you see this attack on the blue line, you see this attack on the Second Amendment, what is there what is their purpose here? John Locke, what is the left trying to do? Right. I mean, there’s a reason why people went out and bought guns last year because people like the police, they know how important the police are, but they see that the police weren’t able to go and do their jobs. And so we’re in a situation where we’re not going to let the police do their jobs. We’re not going to have prosecutors do their jobs. But then we’re not going to allow individuals who we’re going to make it prohibitively costly for many individuals then to defend themselves when the police aren’t allowed to protect them. When Joe Biden said today, you can go to a gun show and quote, you go to a gun show, you can buy whatever you want on no background check. He flat out lie, didn’t he? If you go to a licensed dealer and anybody who’s been to a gun show knows that the vast majority of people that are there, virtually all are going to be licensed dealers, you have to go and do a background check and you sit there until that background check comes back. It’s not like you take the gun and they and you don’t get the gun until the government’s done with their background check. Right, and so if the background check system is is broken down, which happens unfortunately too frequently, you’re stuck. You know, if it’s down for an hour or a day, they may tell you to come back at the gun show is over two days in the background check system down for that period of time. You know, there’s no sales. They’re going to be occurring for that for that dealer at their gun show. So when he says you can get at a gun show, what by whatever you want and no background check, that is a flat out lie. Let me ask you this as a matter of logic. Would be killers and criminals or gang members. Why would they go to a gun show and try to exploit the gun show loophole, quote unquote, when the person who sells it to them at that gun show will know who they sold it to? Isn’t it easier just to get weapons on the black market in the inner city and other places? Why would they even bother with a gun show? Well, you know, the federal government does a survey of criminals who are in jail asking them where they got their guns and you’re talking about something like a half of one percentage point of criminals say they got their guns from gun shows us maybe about three tenths of one percent say they got them at flea markets of some type. But but overall, for those types of things, you’re talking about less than one percent. And so, you know, this is this big boogeyman there and is if there aren’t other places anyway for the criminals to go in and get their guns. I mean, you’re exactly right. The criminals fill out background check materials and file them so that the federal government can do background checks on them. No, look, you know, one of the things and it fits in with one of the false claims that Harris made today is they say that three and a half million dangerous people that have been stopped from buying guns because of background checks, that’s simply false. What they should say is there have been three and a half million initial denials in something. Over 99 percent of those are mistakes. It’s one thing to stop a felon from buying a gun. It’s another thing to stop somebody simply because they have a name similar to a felon from buying a gun. So you’re saying the vast majority of those cases were errors? Right. And yet they repeat it and yet they say it over and over again. Well, it’s not as impressive to say that you’ve stopped 30,000, you know, versus three and a half million. And and incidentally, John Locke, you can stop 30,000. You can have people who are on some kind of, what is it, parole for offenses that aren’t even violent and they’re denied to get any weapons. Well, even when you look at the convictions, I’ll give you one case that I came across when I was just working in the Department of Justice. There’s a guy who is 62 years old. His wife had gotten threats at work. He wanted to go and buy a gun. He went in, tried to buy it. Apparently, 42 years earlier, he had gotten into a fistfight with his brother in their front yard. The police have been called. They were arrested. The guy pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor domestic violence. He says he didn’t realize that that was a cover defense. He was convicted, though, for perjury, because when you fill out the form, you know, they list things that are prohibited in the prosecutors said, look, you sign this form. It’s clearly one thing. And, you know, you go through and look at the few convictions. So in 2017, there were a hundred and twelve thousand people who were stopped from buying guns because of the background checks. They had 12 prosecutions. And you go through and the reason why there are only 12 is because they’re not real cases. And and you go through there, it’s like none of them are really hardened criminals. Right. Because because. Exactly. Say criminals may be stupid, but they’re not so stupid that they go to a place where they know a background check is going to be done to go and buy a gun. John, I wish we had a little bit more time because you’re you’re an encyclopedia when it comes to this. But people now have a taste of what’s going on very quickly. If people want to learn more, where do they go? Our website is Crime Research, Drug Crime Research Drug. All right, my friend, thank you for all you’re doing. We’ll be right back.

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By now, you should be used to the fact that Joe Biden is a serial liar. He’s a serial liar from the time he was in law school and cheated, plagiarized, stole language from Neil Kinnock, the former head of the Labour Party in Britain, stole language from the late Robert Kennedy. Joe Biden is a chameleon. He’ll be whatever he needs to be to grab power, to promote himself and to strengthen the Democrat Party. You see, allies lied about the voting changes in Georgia, and he continues to use the most vile language imaginable to upset people. You see how he’s lied about the Covid-19 bill that had almost nothing to do with Covid-19 trillions of dollars later. You see what he’s done on the southern border, which is a disaster. It is a human, horrific human event going on down there. Inhumane event. You see how he lies and lies and lies. And he has his entire life, his entire career. So when he gets up there and starts talking about guns, he’s doing exactly the same thing, exactly the same thing. We have in the Oval Office a very sick man, and I’m not just talking about dementia, a very sick, nasty, perverse mind, that’s what he has. And he always has had that mind, whether trashing Bork, whether trashing Clarence Thomas. He will let nothing get in the way. And he doesn’t put country first, he puts himself first and he puts his party second, a country is not even in the top tenth because he is the most divisive force in this nation. He is the biggest race based, if not better, if not the biggest racist in this nation. Going way back to the time he was a senator early on in his love affair with segregationists and the language that he used this man is not to be trusted about anything. I shall return.