April 1, 2021

April 1, 2021

On Thursday’s The Mark Levin Show, Joe Biden has been a race baiter his entire political career, and he’s doing it again now lying about the Georgia voting bill, calling it Jim Crow on steroids and un-American. Biden and Jen Psaki keep lying about how it restricts voting, despite expanding early voter access and making it easier to vote. Even the CEOs of Delta and Coca Cola are calling for boycotts to Georgian businesses. Woke-ism and the left is trying to make an example out of Georgia in order to stop other Republican state legislatures from daring to constitutionally take back their voting system. Also, the Biden administration is doing gymnastics to explain how the infrastructure bill barely contains actual infrastructure. Jen Psaki has to sell the bill as a once in a lifetime investment, taking a page out of the FDR progressive playbook. The infrastructure bill is just another way to empower centralized government and politicians. Later, the rampant inhumanity of small children being thrown over the border wall is disgusting, but President Biden and the media would rather continue to ignore this crisis. Biden’s reckless border policy is hurting Latinos on both sides of the border.


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You know, it’s amazing you watch these. Sister’s a three year old and a five year old dropped over a 14 foot drop over the wall. By cartel individual. And if that doesn’t pull at your heartstrings, really, there’s not much that will. And it’s incredible to me. How disconnected from reality and what’s taking place in this country and on that border, Joe Biden, Psaki and all the rest of them really are. They’re plowing ahead like nothing’s going on down there, they’re plowing ahead. With an agenda that is not a popular agenda, it’s agenda that’s being forced down the throats of the American people, were all of our representatives are not participating in this process. They were massive fundamental. Change in this country, a country that doesn’t need massive fundamental change. They continue to lie. Five percent of this two and a half trillion dollar spending monstrosity that Biden talked about yesterday, five percent actually goes to roads and bridges and tunnels, five percent. More goes to electric cars. An electric charging stations. Then goes to roads, bridges and tunnels, and yet they’re all traveling all over the country and their propaganda is pushing out, they’re going on and on about how we need new roads and bridges and tunnels. OK, well, then spend the five percent. No. They’ve got child care in there, they’ve got elder care, and they’re they’ve got all kinds of stuff in here. More on electric vehicles and highways, bridges and roads. It’s the new green deal wrapped up and more acceptable language. That’s exactly what it is. They’re deceiving. They are lying. They are dishonest, and they’re going to break us financially. Things going on in the border there, the inhumanity, the little kids that are being abused and Joe Biden just keeps marching along utterly unaffected, this is what you need to understand, folks. Kamala Harris marching along, not totally unaffected. She was put in charge of it, the czar, and she washed their hands of it. She didn’t want anything to do with it. I’ve never seen anything like this. Nine crazy examples of unrelated waste and partisan spending of Biden’s two trillion dollars, two and a half trillion so-called infrastructure proposal, it’s not infrastructure. It’s a massive expansion of the welfare state. That’s what it is. Again, five percent. Of the two and a half trillion and we talked about this last night, five percent of the two and a half trillion goes to roads and highways and bridges. That’s it. And one of the things it seeks to do is eliminate right to work laws in the 27 states that have them red states that allow people to work, who are not necessarily members of a union. He’s a power hungry, petty, nasty old man. He doesn’t care about what’s going on in the border. He doesn’t care about those kids, he doesn’t even talk about it. They pretend it’s not a crisis. What may not be a crisis for Biden and his family, but it sure is a crisis for the people in the border. And the media, you can see their inhumanity, MSNBC and CNN, Scarborough. They don’t care about those little kids, not a not a wet. Not a quick. Lemon Cuomo, they could care less about these little kids, not in the least. Nine crazy examples. Of unrelated waste and partisan spending abideth two trillion dollar infrastructure proposal. This is from Feedbag, a wonderful site, Brad Palombo. Yes, I give credit where credit’s due. One of the few. Ten billion dollars to create a civilian Climate Corps, the Biden administration proposes spending 10 billion dollars to create a civilian climate corps. The White House claims this 10 billion investment. We’ll put a new diverse generation of Americans to work on serving our public lands and waters, bolstering community resilience and advancing environmental justice through a new civilian Climate Corps, quote, unquote. So now we’re paying to brainwash our kids and we’re paying activists. An incredible. Twenty billion dollars to advance racial equity and environmental justice, the proposal sets aside a whopping twenty billion dollars more than the latest covid package spent on vaccines, more than the latest covid package spent on vaccines. For, quote, a new program that will reconnect neighborhoods cut off by historic investments and ensure new projects, increase opportunity, advance racial equality and environmental justice, and promote affordable access since all this neo Marxist crap. That’s what it is. Hundred and seventy five billion in subsidies for electric vehicles. The technological novelty so good it won’t catch on without hundreds of billions in subsidies, at least that’s apparently what the Bush administration thinks. And its infrastructure proposal earmarks 175 billion dollars to win the electric vehicle market. And the spending will take the form of manufacturing subsidies and consumer tax credits, which historically have benefited wealthy families, most for comparison. The proposal carves out more for green energy goodies than it does on the toll of 115 billion. At a 2.5 trillion to modernize bridges, highways, roads and main streets. Better and most critical need of repair, quote unquote. So when you you know, we need money for our roads, it’s not what it’s going for. 213 billion to build and retrofit two million houses and build. This is all out of the Green New Deal. This is this Marxist crap. Well, most people here, infrastructure, they think roads, bridges, tunnels and so forth, but the Biden administration’s definition of the term is Olympian gymnastics level flexible. Apparently, the president considers it infrastructure spending to allocate 213 billion to build or retrofit two million sustainable houses and building. They also slip 40 billion for public housing, stating this will disproportionately benefit women, people of color and people with disabilities. Massive. Redistribution of wealth. 100 dollars billion for new public schools and making school lunches greener. I don’t know what any of that means, but it’s another sop to the teachers union. You might remember the last covid legislation had 128 point five billion dollars in taxpayer dollars for public schools. A lot of the money will be spent years after the pandemic. There was no requirement the schools actually open yet. This was evidently just the beginning. The Biden so-called infrastructure plan includes another 100 billion to upgrade and build new public schools. Funds will be provided, I’m calling to improve our school kitchens so they can be used to better prepare nutritious meals for our students and go green by reducing or eliminating the use of paper plates or other disposable materials. 12 billion for community colleges infrastructure. Slips in 12 billion for states to spend on community colleges, billions to eliminate racial and gender inequities in STEM. The proposal includes several billion dollars allocated to reduce supposed racial and gender inequities in science, technology, engineering and math, the STEM research and development areas. What this has to do with infrastructure? Nothing. 100 billion to expand broadband Internet. Wow, they ought to do that. Here’s the problem. The government will control it. Loosely lumped under the broad term digital infrastructure. The plan allocates 100 billion to bring affordable, reliable, high speed broadband to every American, quote unquote. Interestingly, the proposal openly states that it wishes to promote government and NGO control of broadband and push out private sector providers. It, quote, prioritizes support for broadband networks owned, operated by or affiliated with local governments, nonprofits and cooperatives. All of the left. Providers with less pressure to turn profits. So that’s a backdoor way they want to take over the Internet. And then in this so-called infrastructure bill, 25 billion for government child care programs. To, quote, help upgrade child care facilities and increase the supply of child care in areas that need it most, unquote, according to the White House, funding would be provided through a child care growth and innovation fund for states to build and supply a supply of infant and toddler care in high need areas. And this is just scratching the surface. They lie, they cheat. They push and push and push, this is a radical agenda like we’ve never seen in this country ever. Ever. This guy, Biden, is all in. He doesn’t have to be a Marxist ideologue to support Marxist ideologically driven agendas because he’s into his legacy. That’s what’s motivating him. So substantively, what’s between us here is of no consequence. It’s his legacy that he can understand. That’s why he’s there. He said as much to the historians who were there. This is absolutely shocking. And then on the taxing side, we’re seeing massive taxes and you’re going to be affected by massive taxes, one of the things they want to do. There’s something called capital gains tax, a death with one million dollar exemption. One million dollar exemption now many of you live in homes, right? You’re not millionaires, but maybe your home over time is worth over a million dollars. You pass away, your spouse passes away, whatever, and this is passed on to your children. The Democrats want to eliminate. What they call a tax loophole, anything they want to eliminate, they call a loophole. It’s called a step up in basis. It’s been a long standing part of the tax code, it allows many assets to be passed on to heirs without capital gains tax on the appreciation of the value under existing law. That’s been there a long time. When heirs inherit an asset, like a farm, like a house, like a small business that is appreciated in value, they get a step up in basis, meaning they receive the holding. At its current market value. Let’s say your parents bought a home and it was 450,000, they’ve had that home for 30 years and now it’s valued at one point seven million doesn’t mean you have that liquid cash. It just means that’s the value of the property. So if you inherit it. You inherited at the value of. The current market value, one point seven million. And so you can sell that house and you pay capital gains based on if there are capital gains, the difference between the one point seven million and let’s say you sell it for one point nine million. Right. The Democrats are saying, no, we want to change that. The stepped up basis loophole, that’s what they call is one of the biggest tax breaks on the books, providing an unfair advantage to the wealthy heirs every year over a million dollars. You’re not a wealthy heir. Ladies and gentlemen, are you? It will eliminate the so-called loophole, they say, once and for all it’s time to stop subsidizing massive inheritances. Over a million dollars has had a massive inheritance to small business people, to farmers, to you, depending on what you inherit from your family. No, it’s not. And so what that means is they want you to pay a tax. Should you sell that asset? Based on what your parents. Paid for it, so let’s say your parents paid the 450,000 and what you sell it for, let’s say you sell it for one point nine. They want the capital gains tax to apply that difference rather than what if you inherited it at one point seven and you sell it for one point nine? You’re going to be left with nothing, zero. Oh, and on top of that, they want to increase the capital gains tax rate, but only for the rich. So don’t you worry, you’re all going to get smacked, all of us. We’re all on the Titanic together. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

I want to undo some of the stuff on this Georgia voting law, because here’s another area where people are being lied to. You would think with all the old media we have and all the new media we have and the 24/7 TV and the 24/7 news that you would actually be getting more information. More facts. To increase your knowledge base, but you’re not, you get more propaganda, more lies. And that can occur by omission and censorship to. Now, Joe Biden keeps saying and his spokesman city keeps saying, Psaki, that. Georgia is shutting voting down at 5:00 p.m., though they’re not. They’re not shutting anything down at 5:00 p.m.. Even the unreliable Washington Post, the liberal Washington Post. Some guy over there hands out Pinocchio noses, get the clown’s name, but nonetheless gave Biden four, Pinocchio said, no, they’re not closing at five and no people can get water. Just depends where they get water from. And I’m going to get into this a little bit after the bottom of the hour. There’s nothing that’s been done here that targets minorities or minority communities, there’s nothing been done here that is untoward, they’re trying to bring security and reliability back to the voting system. Now, let’s look at it the other way. All these so-called changes were made, were made, they said, because of the pandemic. That’s why all the mail in voting, that’s why mailing out ballots to everybody. That’s why Dropbox’s that was never the rule in Georgia. Most of these other states, they said, because of the pandemic. So the pandemic is winding down and now they want to make permanent all these changes, don’t they? Isn’t that funny? I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

Johnson and Johnson covid-19 vaccine, which I have, which has been great. Manufacturing error affects 15 million doses, Johnson and Johnson says it didn’t meet their quality control standards, so but they’ll still meet the requirements. So here’s a problem. So the question is, is that Joe Biden’s responsibility? So Joe Biden’s fault now? Of course not right now, I mean, takes credit for stuff that takes place. The Georgia voting law, what’s going on here and we’ve talked about this is an effort to make an example out of Georgia, thereby making an example to other Republican legislatures with Republican governors. That if you dare to actually constitutionally. Take back your voting system from the slip and fall Democrat Party and lawyers that ruined it. A couple of years ago, or your rogue judges or your rogue governors or your rogue secretaries of state, almost all of whom are Democrats in these cases except for Georgia. We will accuse you of the most vile racism and we will boycott your businesses. But I want you to know the facts, because the Democrat Party is a very evil and diabolical party and the media are corrupt, evil and diabolical. They’re filled with reprobates like Chuck Todd. George Stephanopoulos and Fredo Cuomo, I don’t know how he still has a job, quite frankly, he should be moving over to Russia TV, which is where they always go from CNN. But with our help from our friends at The Daily Caller, I thought this would be useful with all the lies that are being spread by the administration, the Democrats and the media. Georgia passed a series of new voting laws, Brianna Limón writes, aimed at curbing alleged voter fraud and myths about voter disenfranchisement and discrimination. And yet those allegations are running rampant. The Election Integrity Act of 2021 expands in-person early voting dates and hours for most counties. According to Georgia Public Broadcasting, the original drafts of the legislation would have scrapped all weekend voting aside from second Saturday. But changes are made now that allow most Saturdays of the early voting period to halt voting. It gives counties the option of holding voting on Sundays. The legislation also requires three weeks of early voting and expands the hours the polls are open, expands them. The changes were made in response to opposition from racial justice groups, who said the proposal targeted black voters who traditionally participate in souls to the polls voter drives that take place on Sundays, according to NPR. So they changed it to accommodate. One of the provisions bans volunteers from handing out food, water, other items to voters standing in line. Executive director of the ACLU of Georgia criticizes the law, including this specific provision. President Joe Biden also criticized the provision. You don’t need anything else to know that this is nothing but punitive, designed to keep people from voting, you can’t provide water for people about to vote. Give me a break. But fact voters will still have access to water, they’re not forbidden from bringing their own food items either. The law says no person shall solicit votes in any matter or by any means or method, nor shall any person distributer display any campaign material, nor shall any person give offer to give or participate in the giving of any money or gifts, including but not limited to food and drink to an elector. So they don’t want people showing up from campaigns saying, hey. You want a soda, you want some water? What can I do for you? Can we get your vote? They don’t want that happening in a line. You can bring your own stuff. And also what they’re talking about is close to the precinct. They’re not talking if you’re in a long line that goes on for hours, they’re not even talking about that. So Joe Biden seizes on this. Because it’s a very evil, stupid man. That’s why. Georgia’s secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, you know who he is, said in December that the state would crack down on line warming. They call it line warming, which includes giving voters gifts of any kind to inappropriately influence voters in the crucial final moments before they cast their ballots. But the law allows voters to have access to water despite claims to the contrary. This code section shall not be construed, the law says, to prohibit a police officer from distributing or from or from eight making available self-service water from an unattended receptacle to an electric waiting in line. So, of course, you can give out water to people online. But Joe Biden lives because that’s what he does. He’s a nasty old bastard. That’s right. I said it. Another provision Democrats a myth are criticizing is the provision requiring voters to show an ID to get an absentee ballot. Yet an op ed written by Terry Kornfield calls the new law Jim Crow canefields acknowledges the law expands voter access, but then says requiring voters to show an I.D. presents unnecessary hurdles. Biden also criticized the I.D. provision, saying that it was part of a rigid restriction. This is Jim Crow in the 21st century, Biden said in a statement, It must end. We have a moral and constitutional obligation to act now. Here’s a fact. Residents can receive a free ID card from the state at any county register’s office, where proper proof of residency and other documentation out of Georgia’s nearly 11 million population, apparently 200,000 lack a driver’s license or state ID, according to CNN. That’s less than two percent of the state’s population. And the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports 97 percent of registered Georgia voters have an official driver’s license or state I.D. Now for the some 200,000 residents who don’t have identification. Georgia residents can receive a Georgia ID card which has no age restriction. Applicants have to fill out the required forms to receive an I.D. so they know who you are. Applicants must also provide proof of residency, their Social Security number and proof of citizenship, utility bills, phone bills, birth certificates, some of the ways residents can prove they are Georgia residents. And voters are required to request a return, an absentee ballot with an I.D., be it a driver’s license or state ID number, voters can also verify their ballot with the last four digits of their Social Security number. Votes can be returned online through an online request portal so long as a voter has their driver’s license number or state ID number, according to the Georgia Public Broadcasting. Voter ID laws are not uncommon, at least 35 states require voters to show or present some form of ID when voting, whether it be by mail or in person. Georgia already has voter ID laws in place for in-person voting. Now they want it for not in person voting. Now, Biden claimed he was worried about how un-American this whole initiative is. It’s sick, it’s sick, he said, deciding that you’re going to end voting at five o’clock when working people are just getting off work, it’s sick. Biden reiterated a similar sentiment in a written statement the following day. He also said today his spoke said he had said it today. The Washington Post gave Biden’s claims a whopping four Pinocchio’s, in other words, you’re a damnable liar. One could understand a flub in a news conference, but then this same claim popped up in an official presidential statement, said The Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler. Not a single expert we consulted who has studied the law, understood why Biden made this claim as this was the section of the law that expanded voting for many Georgians expanded it. The new voting law still permits polling places to be open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. as long as you are in line by 7:00 p.m. when you can still vote. And the Post confirmed this, you can criticize the bill for many things they say, but I don’t think you can criticize it for reducing the hours you can vote. University of Georgia political scientist Charles Bullock, the third said Bolick suspected Biden was briefed on an early draft of the version and was not updated. No, Biden is a liar. He’s been updated since he’s been criticizing and he still repeated it today and so did his spokes idiot. Early voting access under this law would be expanded for most counties and would add an additional mandatory Saturday. Counties can also have early voting open as early as 7:00 a.m. and its latest 7:00 p.m.. There is nothing wrong with this law, ladies and gentlemen. And now, because of. What Gizem and the left? The CEO of Coca-Cola is very upset about this. The CEO of Delta condemned it. And the Republican legislature wisely said, you know what, you jackass, we’re going to take all those tax benefits we’ve given Delta, you know we’re going to withdraw them. Good idea. That’s the way to fight fire with fire. No, I drink a lot of Diet Coke. Actually, I drink a lot less than I ever did because my wife doesn’t want me to drink it. She actually wants me to live. Can you believe that, Mr. Producer? So I drink a lot less Diet Coke than I ever have, but I’m never drinking it again. If I need it, I’ll get a Diet Pepsi. I’ll get used to it. They’re talking about boycotting Georgia, I’m boycotting Georgia’s businesses, I want to ask the people of Georgia. Particularly the people in the minority areas of Georgia, especially in and around Atlanta, you want to be boycotted. You want Major League Baseball all star game to be removed from your state. Because that jackass buffoon who doesn’t understand what is going on around him. That would be Biden. It’s putting out lies, is trying to get you upset, is trying to divide America is a race baiter. He’s always been a race baiter. He was a race baiter when he was cuddling up. To Southern segregationists early in his career, this man uses race. To achieve his ends, that’s what he does. Several embrace critical race theory, so he wants the borders wide open. He doesn’t care. Do you the people of Georgia want the rest of the nation to boycott you? Overlies about your new voting law, which really is similar to your old voting law, but gives you more of an opportunity to vote, opens the polls even longer. Provides for earlier early voting. Yeah, I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

Jen Psaki asked about the infrastructure bill by Peter Doocy, cut one, Mr. Bruce or go just repeated what the president was talking about yesterday. You want corporations to bear the brunt of the two point twenty five trillion dollars over eight years. But there are these calculations now that the corporate tax hike is not going to raise that much until 2036. So I’m curious where the rest of the money comes from. Well, as was outlined in detail in our plan, we’re talking about paying for an eight year investment over the course of 15 years. Now, let’s stop. You don’t have eight year investments over the course of 15 years. You have changes in administrations. You have changes in conditions. You have changes in political parties in Congress. This is all absolute bull crap. Just B.S.. Go ahead. Given that the the investments are short term investments, investments that are temporary, we actually would more than make up for the cost of these investments over time. And one of the most colorful examples that the president used yesterday, he asked if people remember the bridge going down, but only five percent of the spending in this package goes towards roads and bridges. And I’m curious why that number is so low and something that is being sold as an infrastructure package. We’re actually selling it as a once in a century or once in a generation investment and partly our infrastructure, but partly industries of the future. American workers and the word stop, stop. Notice how they’re selling it. She says they’re selling it. In other words, it’s propaganda. They learned a lot from Woodrow Wilson and they put propaganda that I hold up from time to time on my living TV and life, Liberty and Levent. They’re selling it as once in a century or once in a generation investment. And partly our interest, that’s five percent in the infrastructure. He went on, remember, about Dwight Eisenhower in the interstate highway system, and so this has nothing to do with an interstate highway system or anything of the kind. When Donald Trump is talking about infrastructure programs and I objected to a lot of it, many of you disagree with me, he was talking about one trillion and Schumer was talking about going big with one point five trillion for roads. Remember all that? They’re not even going to come close to one where one point five trillion for actual physical infrastructure, that’s five percent of the total. They’re going to this all about massive new entitlements, expanding entitlements, expanding the number of people who are on entitlements. We have never seen anything like this ever. Not the New Deal. Not the Great Society. Obama never. Go ahead. And there are areas like broadband’s, which maybe is not a physical bridge, but one third of the country doesn’t have. We don’t want them to touch broadband, whether it’s one third of the country or not, because they’ve already said the government and nonprofit organizations are going to control them. We can’t have the government controlling these sources, these channels of communication. And the nonprofit organizations will be their left wing friends. This is all another rogue operation. One Trojan horse after another. Go ahead, a band so that impacts workers, workers who have been working from home, kids who are trying to learn at home, parts of the country where they can’t have jobs, where they’re working. Listen to this woman and I say to myself, who are you? What do you really know other than to regurgitate? The Ghemawat demagoguery that is fed to you. What do you know, you don’t know anything about anything. Neither does your boss. Neither does his running mate either. Did this the speaker of the House needed a Schumer. Were they getting all this stuff from. This is all intended to. Power the central government and power our politicians, you know, so many Americans are schizophrenic, they hate Washington, they hate politicians, but they want to get Washington and politicians all this power over their lives. Let’s move the cut to Mr. Producer Alec and Garcia Cortez, aka go what we think is the actual investment that can create tens of millions of good union jobs. No, it’s a restaurant we really enjoy, and I’ve gone to it for years. And sometimes when I sing, I go there three times a week. And the bartenders are really smart people. Most of them are quite conservative. And in this particular restaurant, they’ve been there 10, 12 years. So they’re treated very well and they enjoy what they do. This woman, AOK, was a bartender. The people I’m talking about are smart, they’re conservative, they understand how the world works. She is an idiot. She’s an absolute idiot. She has no real world experience. She’s even lied about her background. Now she says she’s part Jewish. Did you hear that, Mr. Producer? Does she know Elizabeth Warren? Maybe they can get together and check out their DNA or whatever they check out. I’ll be right back.