March 30, 2021

March 30, 2021

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, President Biden and VP Harris and absent from view and responsibility regarding the disaster at the southern border. The current crisis is a thousand times worse than anything that occurred under the Trump administration. Then, is it possible for former officer Derek Chauvin to receive due process? Even if jurors are sequestered, the general public is not and CNN and other media outlets have re-played the video incessantly. Witnesses testified in open court that they saw their loved ones in place of George Floyd while recalling the incident. Irrespective of Floyd’s toxicology report, what Chauvin did here was abominable. Later, Americans have a right to know what our government is doing and the Neo-Marxist Democrats are doing whatever they want behind the scenes. They are trying to conquer the individual, free will, and our voting system by way of their government power. Afterward, a teacher is caught on tape coercing a student to say he sees race in a picture after the student simply said all he saw was two people. This flies in the face of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream of people being judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

Where are Joe Biden and Kamala Harris today, where are they? We have a disaster on the southern border, a disaster for children on the southern border, a disaster for our country on the southern border, and it’s only getting worse. And it’s not just the southern border with Texas. Arizona, California, people are coming in from all over the world now. It looks like Kamala Harris, in the end, didn’t want the responsibility to be in charge of such a daunting task, it looks like the policies that they revoked. And the policies they replaced the Trump policies with have been an absolute disaster. And Joe Biden and Kamala Harris don’t seem all that concerned about it. They don’t seem that worked up about it. The spokes idiot Psaki. She doesn’t either. And I’ll return to that a little bit later. But I’m going to ask a question. And I asked this question not because I don’t want my own opinions of what happened to George Floyd. Because I thought what had happened to George Floyd was outrageous. But I’m going to ask a different question. Is it really possible? For Derek Chauvin. They have a fair trial. I don’t want calls on this. I’m not interested in that. But I do want to raise the question because it’s been. It’s been kind of swirling around and nobody really wants to address this, people are too afraid to talk about it. Is it possible? For this officer to get due process. The case remains. In Minneapolis. Even though jurors have said the ones that have been chosen, that, yes, they can be objective, can they be objective? Is there another case? And the. Resulting consequences of what took place any bigger than this. Maybe the O.J. case. But that didn’t result in what took place all through the summer, the riots and so forth. Can a jury actually do its job knowing that? If decides in a way. That in the end. Finds Derek Chauvin, the the police officer, ex police officer, not guilty or guilty of some lesser offense. Can the jury actually function as a real jury? I look at the defense lawyer. In this case. What it must be to be him, what it must be like, it’s got to be enormously difficult. You know, he’s not getting fan mail. And don’t get me wrong, I want justice done in this case. But we do have a justice system. CNN and MSNBC have been on this constantly. The initial video, which we all saw in terrible horror and it was horror. Is being played over and over again. Even while this trial’s taking place. And even if the jurors are sequestered. The people are not sequestered, we the people, obviously. The CNN piece goes like this, a series of bystanders. Who witnessed former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin kneel on a handcuffed George Floyd testify in court Tuesday about the horror and fear they felt watching Floyd slowly die. And it truly was grotesque. They included a nine year old girl, three high school students, a mixed martial arts fighter, and in Minneapolis firefighter, several said they had gone to the Cup Foods Corner Store in Minneapolis for a snack or other small item on May 25 last year, only to witness Floyd’s last breath. I was sad and kind of mad, the nine year old testified Tuesday. Because it felt like he was stopping his breathing and it was kind of like hurting him. The MMA fighter, Donald Wynne Williams, the second testified he was so disturbed by what he saw that he called 911 to report it. I called the police on the police. He said, I believe I witnessed a murder. Minneapolis firefighter Genevieve Hanson, who was out for a walk on her day off, testified she wanted to render aid to Floyd and repeatedly asked police to check for a pulse. But the officers refused. I tried calm reasoning, I tried to be assertive, I pled and was just desperate. She testified I was desperate. To give help. To the high school students took cell phone videos of the arrest which were played in court for the jury. The teenager was a who took the most widely known bystander video. DeMello Frazier testified she saw her own black father, brothers, cousins and friends in Floyd. I look at that and I look at how that could have been one of them. Now, I will just say this. That may well be true. I have no question about it. But that kind of testimony, if anything. In my view, should he be in a courtroom? That’s just not. OnPoint. You’re trying to determine the truth and veracity of the allegations against that is the charges against the defendant. It’s been nights I’ve stayed up apologizing to George Floyd, she was identified. Let’s see. Apologizing to George. Hope this didn’t cut off, she was identified in court only by her first name, but she’s been internationally recognized for her decision to record and share the video. The third high school student said she saw Officer Chauvin dig his knee into Floyd’s neck. She said at one point Chauvin got out his mace and started shaking it at bystanders, caught on officers to get unflawed who called on officers to get off Floyd. I was scared of Chauvin, she said. The testimony in Chauvin’s trial comes 10 months after Floyds death launched a summer protest. Unrest, societal reckoning. They write the officer, the officer, I should say more accurately. Chauvin, 45, has pleaded not guilty to charges of second degree unintentional murder, third degree murder and second degree manslaughter. In opening statements Monday, prosecuting attorney Jerry Blackwall said Chauvin used excessive and unreasonable force. When he knelt on Floyd for nine minutes and 29 seconds, a number that differs from the 846 timing that has become a symbol of police brutality, Chauvin’s defense accepted the new timing as accurate. Blackwall offer jurors a clear and simple case against Chauvin, largely centered on video evidence. You can believe your eyes that it’s a homicide, he said. You can believe your eyes. In response, Nelson argued that the case was more complicated than just that video. He said Chauvin was following his police use of force training and argued Floyd’s cause of death was a combination of drug use and pre-existing health issues. He said the use of force is not attractive, but it is a necessary component. And it goes on. There’s not much more to the article, but that’ll suffice. Feel free to to look at the media being covered widely, which is what you would expect and want, right. But I’m raising a question, at least in my own mind. Can this ex officer get a fair trial? Now, look, I’m not a juror, I’m not a judge in this case. I’m observing this from afar. And unlike. Some people I think what this officer did was abominable. And there’s nobody who’s more pro cop than I am on the radio or on TV period, and I’ve had many cops in my family who worked for the Philadelphia police force in the past. So this isn’t about program takeup, this is about this particular ex cop, and I don’t think we do law enforcement any good to pretend that. Well, you know, he’s just doing his job, no. He could have used common sense and he didn’t. But that’s my opinion, I’m not a juror, I’m not involved in the justice system here. I’m observing it like the rest of you. But there is an objective question and the objective question is, is it possible? Under these circumstances. To get a truly objective jury, every single juror. On that jury. And. To have a. A trial has compelled under our Constitution and I assume the state constitution in Minnesota. It is something that enters my mind and I wonder that doesn’t mean if he’s found guilty shouldn’t be found guilty. The evidence seems quite overwhelming to me, regardless of whether George Floyd had been using drugs or had issues. That’s almost beside the point. So that’s my question. There is no answer. I just thought I would pose with you because it’s been something I’ve been wondering about for a couple of days now. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

I feel like we’re living in some kind of a manufactured environment here. We have this disaster on the southern border that’s going to affect this country for a generation. It’s going to empower the Democrat Party further down the road, and that’s what they want. Nobody is in charge of it. Not the president, the United States, not the vice president, the United States. Not the secretary of homeland security, nobody. The speaker of the House, the Democrat majority leader in the Senate. They say nothing. Not a word. They were upset, they said these cages that Trump left little kids in as he tore them from their parents. Of course it was a lie, but if they were concerned about this, this is a thousand times. It’s worth. And all the abuses. And sexual stuff and all the rest of it that’s going on down there from the. From the coyotes, from the cartels, and it’s as if it’s not even happening. Really the only. Serious coverage of this is occurring on the Fox News Channel and Newsmax and conservative talk radio, the other media outlets will touch on it, but they’re not. They’re not even passionate about. They seem utterly unconcerned. It’s the same thing when you look at the spending. They use these terms like infrastructure, were you? Well, not you, but the general public is supposed to believe, all right, they want to fix fences and bridges and streets and. When this is a tiny fraction of what they planned to do, they want to institute massive parts of the Green New Deal. That’s what they want to do. They have massive tax increases coming, they want you to believe it won’t affect you. Well, of course, it’s going to affect you when capital gains taxes are increased massively. And that’s what they’re talking about on a level with income taxes. That affects your pension, you have an IRA, you have a 401k. Do you have some defined plan with some company? Well, guess what? You’re going to get whacked. And companies, public companies, what do you think they do, they give out stock, they sell stock. Companies are made up of stock, stock and bonds. And so if you’re going to massively increase the corporate income tax, massively increase the capital gains tax. Well, what do you think’s going to happen to the private sector, and I’m not just talking about the big companies. Where the billionaires are liberals, I’m talking about mid-sized companies, even small companies. And what are you going to do about the entrepreneurs out there who want to start companies? But they know. If they happen to make a certain amount and they want to, you know. Reinvested in their own business and so forth, they’re going to take a whack. They’re going to get hit. More questions, what do you think is going to happen to this money, don’t you think it’s going to go overseas with the investment? Climate is more attractive. That’s what happens and of course it will. All of you men and women that work at steel mills. All you men and women who work with your hands in the oil patch, all these places where you work on your hands, all you men and women who work on assembly lines, whatever you’re producing, automobiles and so forth. When your companies take a capital gains hit are when they take an income tax hit, it clearly affects you and what they’re capable of doing, they’re going to eventually shrink the economy. And this taxation has literally nothing to do with their spending. We couldn’t tax enough to keep up with the spending that’s going on here. It’s not possible. It’s simply not possible. So this is more gratuitous Marxism, class warfare, redistribution of wealth, punish the successful and on and on and on. To what end? To what end? And where’s Joe Biden? He’s not available to discuss any of this, where’s the vice president? She’s cackling all the way to God knows where. She’s not available. Nobody’s responsible for anything. You can’t hold their feet to the fire. He keeps going home to Wilmington, Delaware. Why? Well, I have my own thoughts on that. But you understand, we have an utterly unaccountable government right now. We don’t have access to our senators and state representatives. They’re plowing through the rules like there’s no tomorrow as well. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

I’m serious about this. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a right as American citizens. We have a right to hold our officials accountable. We have a right to know what’s going on day in and day out to our country, what’s going to affect our families, what’s going to affect our schools? Our health system, our jobs. Things are being done behind the scenes with the Democrat Party, I feel like they have this. There’s a neo Marxist Politburo where they hatch their ideas, where they push their ideas. I don’t know about you. I didn’t elect AOC, did you? I didn’t elect Nancy Pelosi. Did you? I sure as hell didn’t vote for Joe Biden, did you? Well, there’s 50 Republicans, the United States Senate, it’s split down the middle. Only 10 majority of Democrats in the House of Representatives. What about all of us? Do we get a say in what’s going on in this government? Do we get a say in what’s going on in this country? Apparently not. You’re going to rely on the media. You better forget that, too, there’s corrupt as hell. They helped insert Joe Biden into the Oval Office and they won’t tolerate anybody who objects, period. But this is supposed to be a republic, a representative republic, and I don’t feel very represented, do you? It’s not like the Democrats swept in and have a 55, 58, 60 vote number in the Senate and they took another 30 seats in the House, now they lost ground in the House. And they didn’t win many of the seats they were expected to win, quote unquote, in the Senate, they did very poorly. Which is why so many questions were raised about Biden. But they certainly don’t have a mandate to do what they’re doing. None whatsoever. And Joe Biden didn’t even run on this mandate. He tried to conceal it, even though they put out that document and I was waving it on Fox and waving it on the TV and reading from a day in and day out behind this microphone, but my reach is only as far as I can go. I’m well aware of that. And you have this propaganda trying to counter the facts that you hear day in and day out on MSNBC and CNN and the rest of the media, The New York Times, The Washington Post, unrelenting propaganda and deceit and demagoguery. But here we are, we have a man that held one press conference and what’s he going to do? Wait another four months to hold another one? As I said, he might as well based on how that press conference was conducted. That’s not a press conference, that’s ridiculous. Call on liberal. Predictable, sycophantic, lapdog media types who probably knew in advance that they were going to be called on his pictures of them because he doesn’t even know who the hell they are, the damn fool. That’s right. He wants to go big and he wants to go fast. And so here we are, I mean, our taxes are going to go up. We’re going to be regulated to death. People are going to lose their businesses, the stock market’s going to get hammered. You can already see the price of fuel going up. The price of electricity is next. And this was before his government’s really even taken hold. If they do what they do in California and that’s what they want to do, that’s the prototype, you’re going to see brownouts and blackouts down the road. It’s going to happen. You’re going to see huge inflation down the road. The feds doing the best they can to control it. But there’s a point at which when they control it, they do more damage once they take the foot off the gas. That’s just the way you run a country, not our country. This is the way you run some two bit dictatorship in the Third World. And then they try to push that back excuse me, push through these. These these changes to our system, these changes to how we vote. The fundamentally and permanently alter this country, is that what was on the ballot, is that what was on the ballot? No, you had a doddering, nasty old man who pretended to be a moderate, you had these debates in which the debate moderators, for the most part, interrupted and protected him. This whole thing is a farce, his presidency is a farce, the Democrat Party is a farce. Fronting for this tyrannical agenda that they have, and that’s as obvious as it is, it’s Turana. You have a socialist president of Mexico who prefers Trump to Biden because he knows Trump is a man of his word. He knows Trump’s to secure his border. Mexico wants to secure its southern border, too. It doesn’t want Hondurans and Guatemalans and everybody else coming to Mexico. All this talk about Latinos and Hispanics, they have different ancestries, different backgrounds. They come from different countries. Just like white people come from different countries and have different backgrounds and so forth, but they stick us in these categories, they stereotype us like we all think alike. We all look alike. We all behave the same way. It’s just B.S.. The attack that’s taking place now is on the individual. Everything is government centric, everything they talk about involves more government, more spending, more debt, more regulation, more taxes, that’s all about empowering the Democrat Party through the government. It’s that simple. Your liberty is a problem. Your liberty demonstrates the failure of their ideology. If you’re successful, you have now demonstrated that you can make something of yourself without the government. They can’t have that. They can’t tolerate that. So on multiple levels, they’re trying to conquer us from within Congress, from within immigration or lack thereof, illegal immigration. The voting system. And economically. They’re trying to conquer the individual, they’re trying to conquer your free will. That’s what they’re doing. It’s that simple. Meanwhile, Biden’s popularity is over 50 percent now. Why is it over 50 percent? Because his handling of the covid virus. And the vaccine gets hugely high marks. Hugely high marks. Seventy two percent in the ABC News poll. 75 percent on distributing the coronavirus vaccine, specifically, as Matt Margolis writes in PJ Media. Notice I give credit to people because they deserve it. They dug it up. China is a whopping 75 percent approval for covid vaccine distribution. And he’s been lying about it, claiming the Trump administration hasn’t given them the vaccine distribution plan and saying they had to start from scratch. The lying, the propaganda, the repetition by the corrupt media has an effect. The truth. Is submerged in the lines. Operation, warp speed, all the things that were done by the prior administration, the production, development, production, distribution, it’s going as smoothly as they had intended. If Donald Trump were in the Oval Office, this exactly would be taking place. So he shows up. A man who can’t even hold a press conference. Without notes, without people telling him what to say, without the photos of the press person so he can make sure he’s calling on the right person. The development distribution. And provision of vaccines, this is a very, very complicated thing, very complicated. The idea that Joe Biden comes in within three weeks, it’s all cleaned up, you know, we didn’t have anything. There wasn’t a plan. Every expert who worked on the plan with Trump, the vast majority of whom don’t have a political bone in their body, say this is a lie except Falchi, who’s now working for Biden and now credits. And this guy needs to go. In my view, this guy is a real psycho case. He really is. So tyranny is swirling around our governmental systems under attack, our economic system is under attack. Your Enovid. Civil liberties under attack. And by the way, the fact that I say this, the liberal media one day will accuse me of inciting some nutjob Mr. Producer. It’s sick and it’s unfortunate, not them. Not their policies, not their propaganda, when you turn on CNN or MSNBC and you hear the low lives on their Scarbro and his disgusting guests. Our CNN and their disgusting guests. They don’t say anything, ladies and gentlemen. No, no, no, no, no, no, I speak the truth. I speak the truth about what’s going on in this country. I don’t expect our media. To agree. They hate me and they hate you. But this isn’t the way this government is supposed to function. Not in the least. It’s almost as if we’re observers, as if we’re not even citizens in our own country. Today, more and more ideas on how to control us, whether it’s the Second Amendment. Whether it’s vaccination, passports. Whether it’s a wealth tax. Whether it’s our health, they want to control our health care, are we out of our minds? I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

Twice as many children, twice as many children are in border patrol custody under Biden than Trump during the peak of 2019. Now, Biden lied about that last week, he said were 29 percent or something. That at effect, Trump is at 31 percent. He’s a liar, he can’t help, but he’s always been a liar and a grittily of The Washington Examiner reporting from McAllen, Texas, the number of migrant children being held in Border Patrol facilities is more than double the record that was set in June 2019. As of Sunday, 5,000 762 unaccompanied minors were being detained inside cells at Border Patrol facilities near the Mexican border, the U.S. Mexican border. Now, this is just border patrol facilities. We’re talking about upwards of 15,000 now in a period of a couple of weeks. In comparison, 2,600 children were documented in custody at the height of the 2019 border crisis, according to federal data exclusively obtained Monday evening by The Washington Examiner. The figures underscore the magnitude of the situation on the border, which President Biden and Democrats have refused to recognize as a crisis, the words going out throughout the White House to Democrats on Capitol Hill, to their surrogates and to the media not to use the word crisis. So they’re not. The number of children in Border Patrol facilities is also far higher than the number of children separated from their parents under President Trump zero tolerance initiative that mandated children be taken from their parents so that the adults could be prosecuted. That’s not exactly correct, but will go on. In other words, Biden is presiding over more unaccompanied children in government custody than when Trump intentionally separated migrant children from their families. President Trump separated migrant children from adults in order to determine if these adults were actually part of their family. That is a fact. I have talked to him about this. We’ve talked to Steven Miller about this. Why there’s some confusion about this, I will never know. And here’s the other thing. We know that what Biden is doing is worse than any president has done, period. Any president, no president has tolerate this kind of illegality, not even Obama. We don’t need to compare him to Trump, we don’t need to compare him to anybody. How about he stand up like a man? And confront serious journalists, not the frauds. They were asking them questions last week and what next? We have to beg him for another phony news conference two months from now. This is what I’m saying. We, the American people cannot tolerate this. The hell is this? And then we have to read about infrastructure plans and infrastructure bills and Green New Deal snuck in with the infrastructure and like you say, they’re going to abuse and violate really a budget rule in order to push it through. So the Republicans have no say massive tax increases. But don’t worry, ladies and gentlemen, none of that will affect you. How much you want to bet it will all affect you in one way or another? No, no, no. You don’t understand, Mark. Sock it to the rich. Sock it to the rich. If the stock market takes a hit, your sock it to a lot of people who pensions. You’re socking it to a lot of businesses that hire people. This is what the Democrats to remember, the Democrats don’t get stronger and stronger, their party doesn’t get stronger and stronger. The more liberty you have for the more freedom we have or the or the free our economy is. The Democrats are about government and that’s how they rule. That’s how they rule, and I want you to think about something. It seems simple and obvious, but it isn’t. Once I say it, it will. You’re getting a look at what the Democrats. And their ideologues will do to you and to us. If they ever do have unchecked power for the next 100 years, a century, which is what they’re seeking right now in the first 100 days of the Biden administration, I really want you to understand this. In the first 100 days, the Biden administration, they are trying to make changes. That will forever change the relationship between the federal government and the citizen. And will forever ensure that they are in power. Now, once that happens. You can already smell, feel, taste what they’re capable of. Attacking free speech. Attacking religious liberty. Attacking the Bill of Rights, including your right to bear arms and protect yourself. Attacking due process rights. Attacking private property. Attacking state sovereignty. Eliminating a separation of powers wherever they can. This is what they’re capable of. And this is just a little taste of it. If they are able to control the instrumentalities of the federal government. And if they are able to control those instrumentalities for a period of decades on time without any threat from a competing political party, well, that any chance of anybody challenging them democratically, you can only imagine what they’re capable of. They are capable of great tyranny. That’s what history tells us about the Democrat Party, great tyranny, whether during the slave era, whether during the segregation era or whether during the Jim Crow era and now that democratic socialism era.