February 15, 2021

February 15, 2021

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, The Senate impeachment trial was unconstitutional and now Republicans can impeach VP Kamala Harris based on this precedent when they regain the House, however, they won’t. Mitch McConnell’s comments after Trump’s acquittal are a disgraceful disaster. His goal has always been to take down conservatives which is why he promotes establishment candidates. Yet, Harris gets a pass for providing aid and comfort to the rioters in the form of a bail fund. Then, Republicans will not take the Senate until they remove McConnell or We The People won’t give them the majority. McConnell is the Anthony Fauci of the Republican Senate. Later, Fauci has received a million-dollar prize for defending science. Interestingly, the virus is no longer front and center on the cable news screens once President Biden was elected. This is the same Fauci that said Andrew Cuomo’s pandemic response was exemplary. Cuomo is defending himself saying only certain nursing homes prioritized the admittance of COVID-19 positive patients. Cuomo further patronized the public with his Marxist approach to governing and shifted the blame even further saying that medical professionals in New York did their best.


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Rough transcript for Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

I’m not even going to tell you what’s going on here. I assume you can hear me on the air. Look, I’ve been chomping at the bit to come on this program to talk to you since the farce that took place in the Senate ended and let there be no. No confusion about this whatsoever. Despite the senators and the media and despite other commentators telling you. About the Senate, what the Senate did, what the Senate did was unconstitutional. It was utterly and completely lawless. It has created a horrific precedent, as we’ve discussed now for two weeks. And yes, Lindsey Graham’s right, no doubt a listener to the program that they can if they get a majority in the House. Bring up with Kamala Harris, said an impeach her, will the Republicans do that now? You know they won’t do that, can they, now? Yes. And they can do it without hearings, without evidence, without anything else. Just a two hour floor debate. A 50 page document. And then decide when they want to send it to the Senate. That’s a fact they have destroyed the impeachment clause, they have destroyed separation of powers, future Republican presidents. Now that this president has been set, just Republican presidents will find that their hands are tied and that they will be threatened constantly with impeachment trial, potential removal and banning from office if they can do it to a private citizen. Now, they can certainly do it over and over again to other private citizens who served in high office. This is a disaster. It’s a disgrace. But it took place. Seven Republicans. Seven Republicans voted to convict a private citizen. A private citizen. Five of them had voted. Excuse me, six of them had voted that the process was unconstitutional. Meanwhile, Burr of North Carolina, who’s announced he’s not running, so I guess he thinks he can be an idiot, but he was anyway. He votes on conviction, even though he voted earlier that it was unconstitutional. That man either needs a lobotomy or had a lobotomy. But it’s worse than that. The matter’s over and Mitch McConnell goes to the floor of the United States Senate. And urges prosecutors to go after the former president of the United States, even though there’s absolutely no basis as a matter of criminal law to go after the former president of the United States, he encourages them to do that. He encourages people to look for reasons to sue the former president on civil grounds. He encourages his colleagues to look at possible censure of the 14th Amendment. That’s what he meant. It’s exactly what he meant. And then he announces the other day and we’ll get full circle back to this. I’m just summing up, he announces the other day to Politico, which is a left wing outlet. To which he leaks information constantly, you will not find negative articles about Mitch McConnell in the left wing site called Politico, what you will find are attacks on people with whom he disagrees because he and his surrogates and his staff leaked to Politico. And what does he say to Politico? He says he is going to do whatever is necessary to make sure only those people who can win are nominated. Now, ladies and gentlemen, we have been here before and before and before. This is McConnell, the Gerald Ford Republican who opposed Ronald Reagan in 1976. This is McConnell. The Republican establishment candidate and leader who opposed the Tea Party. This is McConnell who oppose Trump and the Trump movement. This is a man of the Chamber of Commerce. This is a man who’s always looking for deals. This is a corporatist, this is a man without a single principle in his damn body, none except his own empowerment. By a long shot, this man has been the longest serving Republican leader in the Senate. By two or three years already. By two or three years already, and they just re-elected him, the leader, why? Are things going well in our country when the Republicans control the Senate? I know they get judges. We can really thank Harry Reid more than anybody else for that. But what is the man accomplished anything to secure our borders? He cuts deals with Obama that undermines our military. He votes for virtually every damn spending bill that’s out there. He’s in power, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which he controls, that’s his fiefdom, so he can pour money into states and get involved in primaries. He’s the senator from Kentucky. He thinks he’s the senator in charge of the whole country. His days are over. He can’t communicate, he can’t speak. Most of the American people don’t even know who he is, and he’s been around forever. You can’t tell me five great accomplishments that he’s made judges mark, judges, Mark, like I said, if it wasn’t for Harry Reid, it wouldn’t be judges Mark if it wasn’t for Donald Trump nominating one after another and winning the presidency. We wouldn’t be making progress on that front. His advice is bad, his political instincts are even worse. He rules with an iron fist up there, we need new blood, we need fresh voices, we need smart people, we need statesmen, we need strategists. He’s none of those things. He’s power hungry. And now he works with the Democrats. To try and destroy Donald Trump, who many of us revere. And then he says. He he is going to make sure that we only nominate people who can win, listen to the idiocy, the insanity, listen to the arrogance of that statement. Like who? Like McCain, like Romney. He goes to the Senate floor and talks about our president this way, he’s never gone to the Senate floor and trashed Joe Biden for sitting on his mouth throughout the summer, not like this. He never said Kamala Harris gave aid and comfort to the riders when she spoke on Stephen Colbert like she did in August. Unbelievable. The Senate doesn’t exist for Mitch McConnell. McConnell said by telephone. He says he just needs one Senate seat to become majority leader again, though he’s facing perhaps even bigger political headaches than in the Tea Party area. See that that Democrats. Support their base, redistribute wealth to their base. Change laws to protect their base. What information and support from their base? The Republicans attacked their base. They smear it, they degrade. He’s giving an interview to Politico. Not to The Washington Times. He’s giving an interview to Politico, not to The Washington Examiner. How often does he show up on Fox if it’s not a hoax? I used to work in the Bush administration, Mr. Producer. Never. He’s not even comfortable around conservatives, he’s not even comfortable being with conservatives, you know, he was razor thin lead a razor thin behind his opponent. This time around. And he Donald Trump does a commercial form of video, asks him to do it, asks him to support him, appoints his wife, transportation secretary. He listened to McConnell and McConnell said, go first with Cavener, hold back. I’m barren, me, rather. And he was wrong. McConnell made clear in a Saturday evening interview that he will not hesitate to wade into future primary races if a Trump backed candidate like, say, Kelly Ward in Arizona or the former president’s daughter in law, Laura, in North Carolina, threatens his bid to retake the majority Republican. He totally going to support Republicans who can win. Some of them may be people the former president likes. Some of them may not be. The only thing I care about is electability. I’m not predicting the president would support people who couldn’t win. But I do think electability, not who supports who is the critical point. So under Mitch McConnell, we never, ever would have had Ronald Reagan. Because they didn’t think he could win, they said it over and over again, he can’t win. He’s too conservative. Under Mitch McConnell, we never, ever would have had a president, Donald Trump. Under Mitch McConnell, we never would have had a president, Abraham Lincoln. He won with a majority of the votes, a plurality, but a minority. Who is this egomaniacal narcissist think he is? But now he’s thrown down the gauntlet, ladies and gentlemen, to the Reaganites, to the Trumpites, to the Tea Party, to the conservatives, he’s thrown down the gauntlet. It’s now Mitch McConnell, establishment RINO Republican, who’s been around forever long in the tooth and capable of communicating a strategic moron. Vs. us. They like to say McConnell and his National Republican Senatorial Committee, that Donald Trump cost us those two Senate races in Georgia. No, he didn’t. Those candidates were awful. Lefler was awful. She was picked by the RINO governor. And supported that take by McConnell. Pigou is awful, with all due respect, he was awful, they didn’t have a pulse that was McConnells guy. McSally in Arizona, it was McConnell who asked the governor of Arizona to pick McSally, she only lost twice now. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

And it’s not just McConnell, ladies and gentlemen, it’s his goon squad, and he does have a goon squad, that big tall guy that stands behind him and kind of look stupid really doesn’t say very much and really hasn’t done very much during his long tenure in the House and in the Senate. His name is John Thune. He’s the Republican from South Dakota. Unlike their fantastic governor, he’s basically a place filler, he wants to be the next Republican leader. Now, ladies and gentlemen. If we allow McConnell and Thune. And those individuals to run the Republican Party, we cannot win, they literally stand for nothing. They literally stand for it, but they have control of the levers of lawmaking and they have control of a lot of money through the National Republican Senatorial Committee. And now listen to this guy Thune quote, to the degree there’s a titular leader for the party. It’s McConnell, said GOP whip Senator John Thune. Trump has threatened Thune with a primary challenge, making the South Dakota one of several in McConnell’s conference who could face Trump inspired challenges and deep red states. I don’t think these people understand, let alone Politico. It’s not just Trump. It’s the Reagan conservatives, that’s the Goldwater conservatives, it’s the Tea Party conservatives, it’s the Trump supporters. We’re not going to stand by and watch this happen. We’re not going to stand by. It’s an amazing thing here, ladies and gentlemen, Mitch McConnell is focused on his power, his control over the Republican Party, his ability to raise money and decide who’s going to serve in the United States Senate. Talk about fascistic. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is destroying the country right before our eyes and they’re destroying it so fast and so overwhelmingly, we can’t even keep up. Ninety eight percent of the public has no idea what’s taking place because they’re signing executive orders, they’re overwhelming us with regulations. Nothing’s being done as a matter of legislation. They’re just it is a massive attack on our system, a massive attack on our liberty or our private property or our families. On morality, I might add. And this is what McConnells focused on. This isn’t a leader. This guy’s not even a follower. I don’t know what he is. He has managed to figure out how to control the Republican Party, how to control the Senate with the Republicans in it. But that’s all he’s managed to do it now and now he’s saying he’s going to decide who the Republican nominees are in the States. Republican governors, Republican legislators in these states should be furious. He represents Kentucky, that’s it. He doesn’t represent Arizona or Pennsylvania or anything else. Or anything else. He has a hard enough job of doing what he’s supposed to be doing. Chuck Schumer runs circles around this guy and this guy, Susan. Soon, really. Notice, no conservatives, no concern, was even thought of his possible leadership in the Senate. And so the issue is this we’re going to put up with this forever, no, we’re not. No, we’re not. McConnell, Liz Cheney, Thune and the rest. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

You know, folks, there was a excellent piece, as usual at the Federalist. And this one was written, I just want you to understand I want you to understand Mitch McConnell has now declared political war on all of you, tens of millions of you. My audience, me. And stands for exactly nothing. Christopher Bedford, senior editor at the Federalist Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s got a load off his chest with a speech closing out Friday second failed impeachment attempt against former President Donald Trump. Fortunately, however, he also put a load on the back of Republicans that speech you will see in 2022 campaigns. Who’s responsible for that quote? It might surprise some of you wasn’t Donald Trump or Matt Gates? Was Lindsey Graham moderate, hawkish Republican, not up for re-election in six years? Graham said it would imagine if you’re a Republican running in Arizona, Georgia or New Hampshire, where we have a chance to take back the Senate, they may be playing Senator McConnell’s speech and asking about it as a candidate, Graham said on Fox News Sunday. And imagine if you’re an incumbent Republican, people will be asking if you’ll support Mitch McConnell in the future. Now, conservatives, Reaganites. Tea Party activists. Trumpers. All of you and many of you are all the same, you now have a litmus test. You now have a litmus test. To ask Republican candidates who wish to run for president or any other office. If they stand with Mitch McConnell. That’s the new litmus test. Do you stand with a long in the tooth bloated good-for-nothing Washington Republicans who have been there decade after decade screwing up this country, screwing up this country? Can you stand with Mitch McConnell and John Thune and their ilk? The gang can’t shoot straight politically. McConnell is a man used to public rebukes from the corporate wing of his party, but after the past months antics, they are rightly deserved. Friday’s floor speech was no quick tantrum. It was the last stupid moments of the minority leader’s plan to purge the GOP of Donald Trump, a plan that began to unravel nearly immediately after its poorly conceived January 12 rollout. In the pages of The New York Times. They go to The New York Times, they go to Politico. They should tell you everything you need to know. They are praised by CNN and MSNBC. Courageous, don’t you know? So what’s behind all this? He asks, After four years of yelling, MAGA while pushing his own classic corporate Republican policies, McConnell had hoped to rid himself in his conference of the conservative populist nationalism the former president had championed and go back to the way things were. And by the way, the way things were weren’t conservative of any ilk of any kind. He wants to return to promising to tackle illegal immigration before winking at corporate America that nothing will change. He wants to raise money on fighting the abortion of our infants while comfortably lifting nary a finger. He wants to shrug and change the subject. When asked about men dominating women, sports are using women’s bathrooms. He wants fewer taxes and more wars. Hell, he wants some of the blame for the Republican losses in the Georgia special election. And with them, the loss of his seat at the head of the Senate. Instead, his push to impeach ended with a rebuke from his own conference. Angry and embarrassed, he blamed his own colleagues, as well as the former president, performing a 20 minute attack ad for the left to use the Republicans for the next election cycle and beyond. Some strategists, ladies and gentlemen, he’s an idiot. Observers might call this selfless statesmanship, but a true statesman distinguishes himself from the operative idealogue, even philosopher, by mediating between the real and the ideal, prudently seeking out the possible without regard to his own interests. After five years, our Russian and Ukrainian conspiracy theories and loudly cheered mob violence against Americans, Washington Democrats sought to smear the president and his supporter supporters as the sole culprits of our division. They’ve been hurling these accusations for years. And the terrible mob attack on the capital, combined with Trump’s refusal to accept a finished it deeply flawed election, he writes, gave them the sword to make one last unconstitutional try of it. And McConnell tried to swing that sword. I think a speech is an outlier regarding how Republicans feel about this, Senator Graham said Sunday the process they used to impeach this president was an affront to the rule of law. The trial record was a complete joke, hearsay upon here, saying if you use this model, I don’t know how Vice President Kamala Harris doesn’t get impeached. If Republicans take back the House because she actually bailed out rioters and one of the rioters went back on the street and broke somebody’s head open. So we’ve opened Pandora’s box here and I’m sad for the country. Doesn’t it sound like Lindsey Graham is the Republican leader of the Senate, ladies and gentlemen? Yeah, it does. Far from over. As many in power would prefer, the lines of the populist conservative fight for the Republican Party in the country are more clearly a publicly drawn than ever before. When they eventually take back the Senate is the pendulum of voter anger inevitably swings back against the current Washington rulers. Senate Republicans would do well to remember the opening months of twenty twenty one and remember Mitch McConnell, because now Mitch McConnell is going to cost us seats because now conservatives of every stripe are going to ask every candidate whether they want to run for dogcatcher or president of the United States. Do you stand with us? How do you stand with McConnell? Do you stand with us or do you stand with soon you stand with us or do you stand with Cornin? And the list goes on. Do you stay with us or do you stay with Liz Cheney? Joe Biden is destroying our country at a record pace right in front of our eyes. And these damn fool establishment Washington, D.C., Republicans. Are distracting us, are dividing us or undermining us. They could be unifying us right now, but they’re not capable of it. They like Biden more than they ever like Trump. And they figure we’ll put up with a couple of years of this that will grab our power back, you’re grabbing nothing back. Nothing. Because unlike the Democrats who part party first and apparently unlike some of these Washington Republicans who put party first, where country first people. Country first. Now, poor Mr. Bush is trying to put together all ten minutes, it’s actually longer than that. A McConnell statement. And I read it, I listened to it and I’ve decided. We’re not going to play it. Most of you heard what he said, at least in part or most of you have read what he said, at least in part. He wants Donald Trump in prison. Do you understand what I’m saying? He wants the spectacle of the former president prosecuted. He’s such a moron, he doesn’t understand there’s no criminal basis for charging the former president. But he doesn’t care. He wants the former president in prison. Because Nancy Pelosi wants him in prison, because Chuck Schumer wants him in prison, because there’s not a dime’s worth of difference. We would hand in the Senate and that check would still be in charge. I say this. The Republicans, you’re not going to take the Senate until you remove Mitch McConnell. Because we’re not going to give it to you. If you do not remove Mitch McConnell. As the Republican leader. The longest serving Republican leader, if you can believe that America, the law in the history, the Republican Party, the longest serving Republican leader. Because he’s figured out how to claw his way to the top and had to hold on. He’s kind of the fallacy of the Senate, if you will. Until the Republican establishment, until the Republican senators remove this. Be. As the leader of their party in the Senate, they’re not going to be in the majority. Because nobody’s going to rally to the argument or to the slogan, elect me to the Senate so I can make McConnell the majority leader. Nobody is going to rally around that. People will rally against it. We need a charismatic strategic. Somebody individual who can speak, not mouth full of marbles. Somebody who can be relied on, somebody with integrity. Mitch McConnell will win the vote. The Wall Street Journal editorial page, he’ll win the vote of the writers at The New York Times. Oh, yes, he will. And a handful of columnists. By my count, that’s 30 votes. Donald Trump got almost 75 million votes. There’s putting aside Biden, there’s not another Republican in this election who could have gotten 75 million votes, not one. Not one. And this clown from Kentucky. This clown from Kentucky. Wants to see that man in prison, even though he knows damn well. Heated incite a riot. He knows damn well unless he was sitting there. During the Senate trial, such as it was with cotton in his ears. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

Now they want to set up a truth commission, ladies and gentlemen, like the 9/11 Commission to find out what happened on that day on the Capitol. And I have no problem with this. As long as Nancy Pelosi is put under oath, under penalty of perjury, as long as Mitch McConnell is put under oath, under penalty of perjury so he can know what exactly they knew. What exactly they were told and if they didn’t know anything and they weren’t told anything, they should resign on the spot. Resign on the spot. Because apparently everybody but them in Washington, D.C., knew the crowd was going to be large and there were some concerns. About possible misbehavior. And worse, obviously. So this commission. Truly, I mean, truly needs to be independent, but you can be assured if it’s appointed by Pelosi, you won’t be. She’ll be looking for other spies in our midst. Other Democrats have slept with spies to write, Mr. Producer. Oh, yeah, maybe she’ll put Maxine Waters on there. She’s so intelligent, levelheaded. Well, Adam Schiff, we want to have Adam Schiff on there, can have a whole conga line of miserable. You know what’s. Don’t get to the bottom of everything. Now, this guy, Bill Cassidy. He was on ABC’s This Week, nobody cared about Bill Cassidy, Louisiana, he’s a weirdo. Tituba. Another guy who. He could be walking down, you know, the airport, nobody knows who the hell he is because he had done anything. But now he’s a righteous man. He’s interviewed by George Stephanopoulos, who’s not a righteous man. He’s a short little punk. Who’s in Bill Clinton’s back pocket and Hillary Clinton’s back pocket? And so here’s the question and answer Bill Cassidy on ABC’s This Week cut to go, you probably saw that statement from president former President Trump yesterday. He said his political movement has only just begun. Do you think he can run a credible campaign for president again? Will he remain a force in the Republican Party? What does that mean for the Republican Party now? Why? Why do we care? What Bill Cassidy thinks about Donald Trump being a force in the party or the force in the party. How would how would know? He’s a political midget. How would he know what Trump’s going to do? And so for it now, Cassidys in the position of having to defend himself. Cassidys in a position much like SACE and Toomey and Romney now, now they’re the sort of the outcasts, the outsiders self-righteous, beating their own chests, patting themselves on the back and on their head, doing whatever they need to do to say, see, I’m better than them. I’m better than them, I’m waiting for him to call all of them white supremacists, I really am. Go ahead. It’s for Swain’s the Republican Party is more than just one person through the Republican Party is about ideas. We were the party that was founded. So what are the ideas you see in the Republican Party is about more than one person or about ideas? Nobody said the Republican Party is about one person except Mitch McConnell. It’s all about Mitch McConnell S. S idiot Thune, his sidekick. He’s the titular head, Mitch McConnell. How so? Who voted for him? Did you vote for him to be the titular head of the Republican Party, ladies and gentlemen? No, I’d rather have. Kevin McCarthy is the titular head of the Republican Party, not Mitch McConnell. But there is no titular head of the Republican Party, certainly not in Washington. If there is one, it’s Donald Trump. And that’s what’s driving them nuts. So he says, I think his force wanes Republican parties more than just one person, it’s about ideas, really. It’s about ideas. What ideas? What ideas are the Republican Party about, ladies and gentlemen? What ideas is Mitch McConnell about? Tell me, I don’t know, I know what ideas Donald Trump has and had. What a joke. Go ahead. Slavery, we were the party that preserved the union, we were the party that passed the first civil rights law. We were the party that. And I got it. And I agree. We were the party that opposed slavery and passed the first civil rights laws. Tell me, what have you done in the last two years? What have you done in the last two years, Kassidy, we know what happened with slavery and Lincoln, we know the battles on civil rights. You weren’t involved in any of this. So what have you done in the last two years? You’re the party of what you shmo. He told me it’s time to go, Mr. Producer. All right, I think that means I’ll be right back.