November 12, 2020

November 12, 2020

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, The media’s pressure on President Trump to give up this election fight is in full throttle. The left camouflages its lawlessness with righteousness. The democrats created this election, lawyers and leftwing groups went into these states and changed rules in states and many were unconstitutional. Their plan to use mail-in ballots, changing ballot due dates, and eliminating signature verification was an idea they know would draw ire. They commit the deeds then they blame the victim. It has only been nine days and the Democrats are growing weak in their resolve; calling for an end to any counting and recounting. Democrats are committed to eliminating electoral safeguards. Then, in 1982 Illinois was the scene of a hotly contested election and it was the subject of over 100,000 fraudulent votes. Adlai Stevenson ran against James Thompson and alleged vote fraud. The race initially came down to 5,000 votes for Thompson. A single worker came forward and told the FBI and the media about the voter fraud he witnessed. Later, politicians, mayors, and governors are now dictating whether or not you can have Thanksgiving in your own house. Any government that has the power to tell you how many people can eat in your home is a government with unlimited power. Families are prohibited from gathering but BLM and ANTIFA can gather with no repercussions. Finally, Dr. Marc Siegel calls in and explains that we need to go to our family’s houses and celebrate Thanksgiving.


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You know, I spent a lot of time here, if you noticed. Trying to change the narrative that’s being pushed by the media, the Democrat and the left. And the pressure’s on, why doesn’t Trump give in? There’s not enough votes out there. He finally has a win. We’ll get into that. And so far, there’s no way. In no way. Yeah. What’s going on here? He’s not giving him intelligence briefings. It’s not fair. And on and on and on. Ladies and gentlemen. The Democrats created this election. Their lawyers created this election, left wing groups working with the Democrat Party created this election, the Biden campaign created this election. They went into these states and by hook or by crook, changed rules from one end of the country to the other. In many cases, unconstitutionally. That was their plan. And mail in ballots of the sort that we’ve done in this country this election cycle. Have received no quarter in the history of this country. These aren’t military ballots where we don’t have a choice in where we can handle them. There’s a certain number of ballots from a certain number of places. And so they use the cloud and Pippin’s technique, they overloaded the system, they crashed the system, they grab power and then they blame their opponents. Early voting earlier and earlier, mail in ballots, ballot harvesting, no signatures, no signature comparisons, no postal dates on postal mail, extended voting, counting. These are all Democrat initiatives, not one of which is intended to ensure. A fateful election. Quite the opposite, and nobody ever asked one of these Democrat Party reporters or Democrat Party members. Why don’t you believe in security? Who in the world would say there should be any signatures? Then they say prove the fraud. Prove that the fraud. Today, they’re saying enough is enough, it’s time to end this, and they’re being joined by certain Republicans. And so on day nine. Despite what the Democrats did with this election, president of the United States on day nine. Is supposed to say, OK, we’re going to drop all canvasing, in fact, we’re going to ask states to drop all canvasing. No recounts, even automatic recounts, will drop all our lawsuits. I lost. Now, that would be utterly irresponsible of the president of the United States. Utterly irresponsible. And the demands for this coming from The New York Times and The Washington Post and these other organizations are really quite appalling. You know, in the past, we could rely on the media to go into these cities and to help dig up. Irregularities and fraud, they used to lead the way. District attorneys. Used to lead the way now. They’re part of the pack before we get to what happened in Pennsylvania. You need to stick with me all three hours, this is going to take a little time. He can’t stick with me on the radio. There’s always the podcast. You can pick it up afterwards. I want to tell you about an election for governor in Chicago. Back in 1982. Excuse me, governor of Illinois, but what took place in Chicago? It’s written by our friend Hans von Spakovsky 12 years ago. 100,000 stolen votes in Chicago, 100,000. They didn’t find it in a letter in a couple of boxes. They had the support of the media. The criminal justice system, there was an extraordinarily difficult, difficult endeavor. People who really do believe in good government get together. These things can be uncovered. That’s clearly not the case. Not the case today. Some background in 1982, Illinois was the setting for a hotly contested gubernatorial race between Democratic Senator Adlai Stevenson, the third son of former governor and presidential hopeful Adlai Stevenson, the second and Republican James Thompson, who had been the U.S. attorney. Big Jim Thompson, the incumbent, was a 15 point favorite going into the voting. And yet on Election Day, Adlai Stevenson came within 5,000 and 74 votes of capturing the governorship. Out of three point six, seven million votes cast statewide. Zero point four percent margin. Stevens had carried Chicago by three to one with a winning margin of 460 9000 votes, although Thompson won 60 percent of the vote in the rest of the state after the results were in, Stevenson immediately filed suit contesting the results of the election and asking for a recount. He conceded defeat only when the Illinois Supreme Court two months later rejected his request for a statewide recount. Stephenson claimed there was evidence of voter fraud in areas of the state outside of Chicago, although those claims didn’t pan out. It’s clear that the prospect of close judicial look at the conduct of voting at Chicago. Do not please many of Chicago’s democratic kingpins already under pressure because of the federal criminal investigation of charges of vote fraud in the 1982 election. For that reason, many committeemen privately had expressed a hope that Stevenson would lose his bid for a recount. Both campaigns had complained to the FBI, but the federal investigation was really sparked by a party worker from Chicago’s 39th Ward who was upset by his precinct captains broken promise to award him a city job for his participation in the vote fraud. The worker told a Chicago newspaper and then the FBI and the U.S. attorney’s office quote what he knew about vote fraud in the precinct, unquote. Good reporting by the local media, so you won’t get that in Philadelphia with the Enquirer and so forth, but nonetheless, good reporting by the local media helped fuel the investigation. And let me just stop here, you’ll notice there is no good reporting on what’s going on in Philadelphia on any news platform that the rest of us can see. They’re not there. They’re not digging in. They’re not interviewing affidavit declarations. They’re not people who have given declarations. They’re not in there doing their own investigation. Instead, we have a reporter going to a commissioner. The election board happens to be a Republican or hey, is there any voter fraud? No, none. And that’s the extent of it. That’s the extent of it. Well, what’s the problem, there aren’t going to be enough votes anyway. Go to a local Republican or a commissioner that’s done investigative reporting. Good reporting by the local media helped fuel the investigation, one wire story concerning a man listed as voting at a Skid Row precinct in the 27th Ward who’d been dead for more than two years. It was listed as living at the arcade hotel and his signature was among those of 47 other voters listed as living at the hotel. But the operators and residents of the hotel told the Chicago Sun-Times that 41 of the 47 people didn’t reside at the arcade. Now this is where it’s. Well, what’s the problem? Yes, still can overturn the election. That’s only 47. That’s the kind of reporting we’re getting. Rather than saying, wait a minute. Let’s pull the thread right, Mr. Producer. Let’s pull the thread, there’s a pattern developing here. The media aren’t doing that. In its reporting, the Chicago Tribune discovered that the supposed home address of three voters in the Seventh Precinct of the Twenty Seventh Ward was a vacant lot. We already have affidavits in Pennsylvania about dead people. And about other aspects of voter fraud, scores of them. The paper also discovered that votes have been cast for seven residents of a nursing home who denied having voted their signatures on the ballot applications that were all forgeries. In fact, one resident had no fingers or thumbs with which to write a signature. The fraud was so blatant that the resident without fingers or thumbs was Canada’s, having voted twice by the end of the day, not surprisingly, Adlai Stevenson, the third, easily won the 17th Precinct by a margin of 282 to 30. But that’s not enough to overturn the election. If you’re a reporter, your curiosity should be piqued, but we don’t have reporters anymore. These stories illustrated what was to be a recurring theme in the grand jury investigation. Oh, they had a grand jury investigation. Well, good luck getting a grand jury investigation excuse me, in Philadelphia today with a source prosecutor. The theft of the identities in the casting of fraudulent votes on behalf of dead voters, prison inmates and people had moved, as well as forged ballots cast on behalf of the elderly and the handicapped, even fictitious voters were invented and ballots cast in their name. Now, they didn’t find this stuff in a letter or in a shoe box, ladies and gentlemen. It takes time, you have to find it in a hundred different places, a thousand different places, you’re not going to here’s the evidence, 100,000 ballots where that doesn’t work that way. And yet, listen to the media, you know, that’s not enough to overturn they will not participate in this. Because they don’t want Trump to win, they want Biden to win. And the whole so-called phony profession is of one mind. On December 14, 1984, Chief Judge Frank McGarr, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, publicly released the federal grand jury’s report on the 1982 election, only the third time in the history of the court that a grand jury report had been made public. We don’t have a federal grand jury working now in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh. Why is that? The evidence revealed substantial vote fraud in Chicago during the November two, 1982 election found that similar fraudulent activities had occurred prior to 1982. What particularly struck FBI agent Ernest Locher was how routine vote fraud was for the precinct captains, election judges, poll watchers and political party workers he interviewed. This is only 25 years ago, 35 years ago, they’ve been taught how to steal votes and elections by their predecessors, who had in turn been taught by their predecessors based on his investigation. FBI agent Locklear came to believe the claims hotly debated among historians that Mayor Daley threw the 1960 presidential election of John Kennedy with massive ballot stuffing in Chicago. And that is a fact. This type of voter fraud state, a locker was an accepted way of life in Chicago and it is in Philadelphia to. Soon after the investigation started, it became evident this was not a case of isolated wrongdoing, rather a case of extensive, substantial, widespread fraud in precincts and wards throughout Chicago. The FBI investigators concluded that their regular tools, interviewing witnesses, obtaining documents, using handwriting experts to analyze signatures on documents would not be up to the task. Now, what happened after that? I’m going to continue this after the break. Right now, we have volunteer lawyers. Who’ve spent nine days. In Pennsylvania, in Arizona. In Georgia, in Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada. Who do not have subpoena power, who do not have a grand jury. We’re trying to herd the squirrels. And they are under attack. Let me explain something to you, and one of them does include my wife, I’m very open about it. These are patriots. These are our Minutemen. This is every bit as important as the Boston Tea Party. Our vote. Was attacked. By the Democrat Party and their lawyers, by left wing groups and their lawyers, by the Biden campaign and their lawyers, I understand why they want this to end right away. But win, lose or draw, this should not end right away, and even after the Electoral College is over and a president has been selected. We need to get to the bottom of this. Because people are trying to destroy this republic by destroying the vote, your franchise. And then they want to destroy the Supreme Court and the federal judiciary, then they want to destroy the Senate in the Electoral College. This ain’t beanbag, as they say, this is for all the marbles, as they say, more when I return my love in. Hillsdale College serves for purposes learning character, faith and freedom, education and faith thrive in freedom and freedom requires educated people and people of good character to preserve it.

Hour 1 Segment 2

Not only have a minute and a half left in this segment, but I want to continue this to give it context, you see in this instance involving. An election for governor and one city, you can see what it took over a several year period to get to the bottom of this. I’m not done reading this to you, but you get the sense and I will after the bottom. But we’re talking about at least a half a dozen states now. We’re talking about election rules that were formally changed and in many cases illegally. We’re talking about massive mail in votes, we weren’t even talking about that in Illinois, in Chicago at the time, and we’re talking about a relative handful of volunteer lawyers. Relative handful of volunteer lawyers from across the country who’ve now spent a week their own time in their own money. Really good lawyers. I don’t know about these big law firms, I’m talking about the lawyers in the field. Trying to get to the bottom of these things and they got a separate gossip. From reality, they got a separate conspiracy theories from reality, you know, people might look at this, Mark, look at this, I get a headache all the time. Well, they can’t just put that in a filing and send it to a watch. But all they have to actually interview people. They have to track them down. It may be one out of 20 pans out maybe. And then they have to determine if it’s significant enough to bring in front of a court. And they’re discovering many, many troubling things. And they’re getting no help, none from the media.

Hour 1 Segment 3

I want you to keep a couple of things in mind, and I will continue with this in a moment. This Democrat Party and Biden. And their leaders, Schumer and Pelosi. They talk about the rule of law, but they don’t mean it. They mean the rule of the Democrats. Look how little criticism they’re getting in the media by civil libertarians. By historians and scholars for their plan to destroy the Supreme Court, whether it’s this election or another election, we can’t keep them from a majority forever. They have told us they’re going to destroy the Supreme Court. Even the Supreme Court justices are passive in the face of what’s going to happen to one third of our government. John Roberts, the chief justice of the United States, who should be protecting that institution above all else, takes a pass on the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Which is utterly unconstitutional, and yet he does that, empowering the illegal acts that will lead to the destruction of his own institution. The idiocy. Is absolutely and cowardice unbelievable. So we do not need lectures from the Democrat Party media. We do not need lectures from any Democrats. About this process. Donald Trump hasn’t threatened a single court in this process, state or federal. Not one. He’ll get into it with a city commissioner who attacks him or board of elections, and for he hasn’t threatened anybody. Yes, and threatened the destruction of institutions, it’s Joe Biden standing in front of a podium. With a fascistic poster behind him, office of the president elect, we don’t have an office of the president elect. We don’t have two presidents at the same time, as I keep saying, over and over again. And yet, according to Joe Biden, we do not want electors been certified. No patience not allowing the process to go forward. What is it that the president and the lawyers are doing? They’re following the law. What is it that the Democrats did? They changed the law. To accommodate their base, to accommodate their ends. This whole thing is Cloward and Piven. Earlier and earlier voting later and later, counting more and more Masland votes, less and less safety measures and security measures for voting, eliminating signatures, eliminating signature comparisons, postal dates, in-person voting, just eliminate all those things that are necessary to make sure the vote is. Is correct, and then they say prove. Prove the fraud. We’re not going to help you. The press is going to literally attack you. When in the old days, even back 35, 40 years ago in Chicago, the local press wanted to know the Philadelphia Inquirer could care less. Detroit Free Press could care less. The New York Times in The Washington Post are running headlines on their front pages, attacking the president, attacking their lawyers. Interviewing the defendants, that is the various state and city operatives. That’s the nature of investigative journalism today. So let’s continue with this. This Hans von Spakovsky piece from 12 years ago, the city of Chicago, the election for governor of Illinois, Adlai Stevenson to the third demanding a recount. Which opens the door to a media investigation than a federal grand jury investigation in the information begins to pour out after two year periods. And he says, after all, to conduct a complete investigation, the authorities would have to review virtually all the one million ballot applications submitted to the city of Chicago in the November election, as well as the voter lists maintained by the election board for all of Chicago’s 20 910 precincts, comprising approximately one point six million voters to check for the names of voters registered more than one precinct, as well as registered voters who were dead, simply overwhelmed the system. And so when you have a commissioner of a large city or somebody on a board of elections saying that we found no fraud, you know, they’re frauds. So the FBI employed a new and unique technique back then in vote fraud investigation, a computer. This had never been done before the FBI had to write a computer program that would match data between the list of registered voters, the list of individuals who had voted and the other databases. And to that end, the FBI and federal prosecutors obtain death records from the Bureau of Vital Statistics, local, state and federal prison records, the national security list, a Social Security list, immigration and national service records on aliens, driver’s license records, even utility records, gas, electric, water, telephone and so forth. Even a ban of the most patriotic lawyers. Do not have the power of this kind of investigative activity. FBI agent Locher was shocked at the sheer magnitude of the number of fraudulent votes and the fact that fraud occurred in every single Chicago precinct. Now, had they not had a grand jury, had they not had the FBI, had they not have a federal judge pushing this and had they not a software database to figure all this out over a period of more than two years? We wouldn’t know about this again. So when we had media people in the even friends of mine who keep saying, where is the evidence? It doesn’t add up, you can’t find 200. That’s not going to change the. My God, your news organization. My God, why aren’t you sending your people down there to find what the hell’s going on? We have enough affidavits right now, sworn affidavit that are showing patterns. In the big cities in this country. And all we do is look at where 14000 away, where 36000 away, there’s a recount. Where are the media? Where are they? Where are they? The sheer magnitude in the number of fraudulent votes, more than 3000 votes have been cast in the names of individuals who were dead, more than 31000 individuals had voted twice in different locations in the city. Thousands of individuals had supposedly voted despite being incarcerated at the time of the election where they were not free to vote. And utility records show that some individuals who voted were registered as living on vacant lots. Armed with that information, FBI Agent Locklear did something unprecedented. He convinced his supervisors at DOJ, FBI to dedicate all the agents to the FBI field office in Chicago for an entire week to do nothing but review all of Chicago’s voter registration cards and ballot applications. So many signature comparisons were needed that the FBI, fluent handwriting experts from its headquarters in Washington and the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania said no signatures. No signatures. Because those bastards are corrupt, they’re in on it. So you can’t track them down. No signatures, no signature comparisons. Which is what the FBI needed and used. To help uncover a massive fraud. The Justice Department and the FBI never concentrated that much manpower and resources before, since when investigating a voter fraud case, teams of FBI agents were paired with assistant United States attorneys and assigned to investigate specific precincts, locating and talking to voters who had supposedly cast votes at the polling place. They quickly learned that the voter signatures on ballot applications had been forged wholesale in many precincts. We got votes coming in with no signatures, we don’t even know what the hell’s going on. The investigation also revealed that there were an extremely large number of transients, incapacitated people and senior citizens and whose names votes have been fraudulently cast. When they did not themselves vote. And the investigation uncovered a variety of voter fraud techniques preying on the disabled and elderly, impersonating absent voters, registering aliens, false registrations, casting fraudulent absentee ballots, buying votes, altering the vote count. Interference by party officials, hey, you Republicans can’t come in here and monitor this. Lack of bipartisan election system. Biased or inexperienced pollwatchers? And on and on. But I saw one of my favorite news organizations, they sent one of the reporters to Philadelphia and interviewed a commission. A Republican who had a a red, white and blue flag for a mask. There’s no evidence of fraud here, he said. No evidence. Can you prove? Can you prove it? Why were the Democrats in the Biden campaign and their left wing organizations in court? Trying to destroy in state after state, county after county, the safeguards to our election system. Isn’t that suspicious to anybody? Why were the Democrats? The drop of a hat when covid hit demanding mail in voting nationwide. All of a sudden. Why were they telling their voters, stressing them to use mail in voting? Why are they pushing Election Day earlier and earlier? Some more of them can use mail in voting. That’s why. Because that’s the most fraudulent process that’s in existence in the media, in the lead up to all this, kept saying, do you have evidence of fraud? There’s no fraud in mail, in voting. When the vast majority of industrialized nations in Europe don’t use mail in voting anymore. Because it is fraught with fraud. You would think the Holocaust was going on when the media wouldn’t report to the American people about the Holocaust, then the slaughter of six million Jews here, all we’re asking them to do is. Is look into the cities and find the fraud, it’s their. We could use a few more FBI agents, a few U.S. attorneys and assistant United States attorneys, and when the attorney general of the United States, Bill Barr, issued. He issued a directive to the United States attorneys across the country. That if they find, you know, real and substantial. Instances of irregularities in the voting or the electoral system that they should feel free to investigate them. He was attacked. Doesn’t he know you’re supposed to wait until after the election? You know, when the other party may control the FBI and therefore you’ll never know anything. The attorney general issued that statement, what, 48, 72 hours ago, he was trashed by the media and the Democrats saying he’s doing Trump’s bidding. Let me tell you a little secret. America is now two countries. And I’m sure somebody will use this in their monologue tonight or tomorrow, but America is two countries now. A country of people who love America, who play by the rules. Who believe in the system? They want to secure the nation. Revere our founding documents. And are willing to fight fairly, what’s fair is fair, win, lose or draw. Then there’s another country that is corrupt. That is venal. That hates America as it exists, that wants to destroy America and replace it. Was something else, they will do it by destroying the Supreme Court in the judiciary if they have to. They will do it by. Stacking the Senate so they never lose another Senate again. By ramming through legislation, killing the filibuster rule, by destroying the voting pattern, the voting system in this country, so that people who live in red states will never be represented again. Effectively. That’s another country, that country, the country of the Democrat Party. He’s trying to devour our country. And enslave us to their country. Well, we have virtually no say, and they’re already talking about enemies lists, enemies lists, enemies list. Is one step away from internment camps. You’d think you’d think I’m kidding. Their great hero, FDR, used internment camps. No, they’re not going to do it tomorrow. They’re not going to do it tomorrow. They may never do it. But the language is the same. Enemies lists, they have groups like Media Matters and Mediaite. They have phony news organizations like The Huffington Post and The Daily Beast. In other. Reprobate Ranan. Organizations filled with the same kind of people. Both in favor of enemies lists. These are very grave times. President needs to fight on in these lawsuits, need to take place, the canvassing and the recounts need to take place. In fact, much more needs to take place. But we’re not going to get the assistance of the media and we’re not going to get the timely assistance of the FBI and U.S. attorney’s offices despite. What Bill Barr said and his authorization, they’re just not going to be able to get off the starting line fast enough. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

Telling the president is fighting and he must these lawyers are fighting and they must I’m countering the narrative that is being fed to you day in, day out, but it’s not enough to change the election. But but this and that. But we interviewed the commissioner of this, and he’s a Republican on the board of electors of that. And he’s a Republican. He says this. And we looked in this state, the media aren’t investigating anything, interviewing defendants in lawsuits or public officials. Since when does that pass for investigative reporting? How about taking one of these filings? Looking at the affidavits. Digging in to what the allegations are. How about tracking down the secretary of state? Who’s now been been said to have ruled in a way that was illegal. Wow. It doesn’t matter, it’s not that many votes. How about finding out what’s going on? How about talking to some of these state legislators and seeing what they have in mind to address this because they have the final say? If you’re a real newsroom, there’s so many so many avenues to pursue to get to the bottom of the various affidavits and allegations, don’t just tell us you don’t think they’re strong because somebody told you that. Don’t just tell us there’s not enough votes involved. We have no idea how many votes are truly involved here, and 72 million people are never going to be satisfied with what’s going on today. I’ll be back.