November 11, 2020

November 11, 2020

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, This program offers a big thank you to all veterans of the US Armed Services. Then, the New York Times says that they’ve contacted election officials nationwide and find no election fraud. Yet these same election officials are defendants in multiple legal matters right now. The fraud is in the fundamental transformation of election laws. The fraud is in the courts that make decisions they don’t have the power to make. President Trump’s challenge is a process that is both Constitutional and statutory, unlike the litigation that eliminated the liberty and franchise of citizens wishing to vote lawfully. Ballots and machines have to be inspected. Yet, the left within the media continues misleading the public into thinking that Joe Biden is the President-Elect despite the pending disputes, recounts, and litigation. Later, Richard Hopkins, a USPS worker, has come forward as a whistleblower and the Washington Times is trying to discredit him instead of interviewing him and verifying his claim. Hopkins has stated that he’s overheard superiors discussing illegalities with respect to ballots. Afterward, Andrew Yang, Thomas Freidman, and the Democrats are urging people to move to Georgia just to vote. Democrat courts are removing the safeguards to protect our votes. The Democrat party never embraced the Declaration of Independence, they never embraced the constitution, and they’ve never embraced Americanism. Finally, the Democrat Party works in cycles whether it is pro-slavery, for the confederacy or its promotion of the Ku Klux Klan. Somehow, today they claim to be the party of the people but they’re against free speech, especially in Big Tech and the other media that they run. They don’t care about winning elections fair and square, nor do they care about due process or the Constitution.


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It’s Veterans Day today on this show, it’s Veterans Day every day. We honor our vets, we honor the military, we honor the people who protect us. And in this in this tradition, what we do on this program. So we want to thank all of you who have served, all you veterans out there, thank you very much. We’re in your corner and we always have been in your corner. And you should be honored on more than one day. And that’s why we honor you here every day. And we have a family of veterans here. Which is growing smaller and smaller. As each gets older and older, but we want to thank you very, very much for everything you’ve done. And I am not a veteran, and I didn’t serve my nation in the military and I haven’t served my nation as a police officer or a firefighter. Or as an emergency personnel individual, so I try to do my best. It’s not anything near what they do to serve my nation behind this microphone or behind a television camera. Sometimes as an author. And I can hear my father and my mother now telling me, fight on now. My father, who was a veteran. Fight on, everything is at stake. Now the nation hangs in the balance with two Senate races is what we’ve come to on a constitutional republic where one election makes the difference between liberty and tyranny, but I’m afraid it does. We’ve devolved into this with a media in this country that is corrupt, that is extreme and ideological, and that is really an appendage of the Democrat Party. There’s a headline across the top of today’s New York Times, and I had to waste money buying it today. The physical copy. Election officials nationwide find no fraud, it is in all capitals, it is in bold. The six million European Jews who were slaughtered by Hitler never got a headline like that from The New York Times. Matter of fact, they never got a headline like that on the front page, period. Because The New York Times has its priorities. The same New York Times that used to spread Stalins lies as he was slaughtering Ukrainians, talking about a bad harvest. The same New York Times that has hired anti-semite, that has published anti-Semitic cartoons that not only tries to undermine the little tiny country of Israel, but undermines our own country. Election officials nationwide find no fraud, these election officials are defendants in several lawsuits. Defendants. This paper does not believe in the Constitution except for its own protection. The rest of it, unless it could be twisted and spun to advance the cause of the radical left, is of no meaning to this newspaper or virtually any other newspaper or newsroom in this country. We’re going through a constitutional process right now. We’re also going through a statutory process, both a federal statutory process and state statutory processes. That’s what we’re doing there, canvasses the canvas, things that are taking place. To double check the machines, the software, the individuals. Some audits are taking place to make sure mistakes didn’t happen, given the tens of millions of mail-in ballots that took place like never before in our history, 70 million more mail in ballots than ever before. And The New York Times is upset about this. And the litigation. The litigation that took place for a year prior to this election, a year prior to this election, intended to deny people their equal rights, their civil rights and their franchise. By destroying safeguards that existed in many states. To ensure that people who don’t who aren’t supposed to vote aren’t voting in other particular systemic fraud activities, making it extremely difficult to uncover it. And slowly but surely brave people are coming for they’re putting their names out there, they’re signing affidavits, lawsuits are being developed to go in front of judges, many of them left wing Democrat judges, some of them elected in states, some of them Obama judges and Clinton judges, but even some other weak judges. So they’re trying to make the best. The best filing they can with the information they’re gathering. They’re not getting any help from these Democrat machine strongholds in the cities. They’re not getting any help from these Democrat machine blue states. This is a battle precinct by precinct by precinct, and so when you get a headline like this, election officials nationwide find no fraud. We know, as a matter of fact, that the secretary of state of Georgia had a press conference in which he said, what Mr. Producer, which he said, we know we’re going to find fraud. We know we’re going to find some. Some ballots that shouldn’t have been filed, we just may not find enough of them to change the election result. And so it’s with this I notice that the list on the front page of The New York Times has Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington. But they don’t include Georgia. They don’t include Georgia because the secretary of state said there will be some front. We had tens of millions of mail-in ballots. For the first time. We have states that send them out with people, don’t even request them. We know their voter rolls are defective. They’re old, they include dead people, they include people two, three, four times on the list, depending if they moved, do they change their names or whatever? We know those lists are not correct. We have states where you don’t need a signature on a mail in ballot. We have states where you don’t need to pay a postal date on a mail in ballot. And this is the headline. Election officials nationwide find no fraud, they cherry pick these election officials. They go to Ohio. And Kansas, Ohio and Kansas are in question. Ohio and Kansas aren’t in question. Now, I have, as I did yesterday. A terrific filing that was made in Pennsylvania by the Trump camp on Monday, and I want to get into that in a moment, but let’s continue with this and tell you what’s really going on. Here’s The Wall Street Journal. Top of the page, Rightside Biden presses on transition slams Trump. Now, ladies and gentlemen, we have one president at a time, one. We don’t have the office of the president elect, which is what Biden has posters made and he puts behind them when he’s at the at the microphone. At the pedestal. Office of the president elect. Do we have an office of the president elect in 2004, 37 days when litigation was taking place? It’s Biden, it’s Biden who’s the tyrant. It’s Biden who’s conducting himself like a dictator. It’s Biden who won’t allow every vote to counter every vote that shouldn’t count, not count. There’s still voting going on thanks to liberal judges and lawsuits brought by Democrats. It’s still going on, believe it or not. They’re not even closing North Carolina because they’re still counting ballots. Not because it’s a problem, because mail in voting and the election board, they’re not the not the legislature changed the rules. So they won earlier and earlier, voting later and later counting, and they declare victory no matter what. And then you and I and the president, the United States are said to be, according to Clyburn, the president’s Adolf Hitler. Nobody cut him off in the middle of a sentence. Biden presses on transition slams Trump. We actually have a man who has not been declared president of the United States under our constitutional system with the existing sitting president of the United States has not recognized him as the president elect. We’re not a single state legislature or governor has signed off and certified a single elector yet. And he’s making calls to heads of state. He’s announcing policies and commissions. He’s standing in front of a podium talking about office of the president elect. You don’t have two presidents at the same time, he’s undermining the sitting president. Who in the worst case, if he doesn’t win, is still president. For nine more weeks. Over two more months. Top of The Washington Post, which also ignored the Holocaust on the right side, Biden allies assail stalling of transition. Stalling of transition. So think about what it is that The Washington Post, The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal. On the other side, the Democrats and Biden want to happen, they want the states to stop canvassing, stop checking their methodologies. Stop any recounts, even those that are statutorily compelled, withdraw all lawsuits, including a live lawsuit that’s in front of the Supreme Court of the United States challenging the constitutionality of a state Supreme Court. All of that should stop the mechanism of the constitution. State statutes and federal statutes should all stop immediately. The president of the United States should admit that he lost. Joe Biden should be able to go on for the nine weeks while this president is serving and to conduct himself as president of the United States. You know what that is? That’s crap. That’s a banana republic without the republic. And then they call for unity. Unity. And then we have at the top of the USA Today, on the right side, Attorney General Barr memo raises alarm. Prosecutors told they can pursue voter fraud claims. Since when is telling federal prosecutors that they could pursue voting fraud claims alarming? I thought there wasn’t any voting fraud, first of all. So what are they worried about? They’re worried about fraud. Fifty years of these Democrat enclaves, fraud, and this president with his litigation, is finally going to unveil it. I’ll be right back.

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So it is we’re up against these forces and the president is up against this war, then I love this former federal prosecutors and others. You know, they should continue these reviews and these lawsuits, but I don’t think they’ll have enough votes to matter. Wasn’t it nice of them to tell us that the president could continue with these canvasses, which he’s not even continuing with the states are doing, or these or these recounts, some of which are compelled by statute and the law? Isn’t that nice? They pat them on the head. You know, you can continue with these things. I’m one of those guys that says they should be able to continue their time, but they’re not going to win. Ladies and gentlemen, that may or may not be true. And I’ve also heard even friends of mine say we’re not in it really for Trump to win, we’re in it to make sure the vote was right. Excuse me. It’s the Trump campaign that’s bringing at their expense these lawsuits and fighting. Of course, we’re in it for the president to win, but we’re not in it cheating. We’re not committing fraud. We’re doing the right thing. We’re exposing the fraud in the course of defending the present.

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The Associated Press state cites same day as a New York Times. I think that’s a coincidence. So it’s smooth election, despite Trump’s baseless claims in this Pennsylvania brief, 103 pages, which is a fantastic brief, and they’re filing other briefs across the country. They say Bush versus Gore in 2000, among other things, the equal protection clause of the federal constitution that applies to states through the 14th Amendment. Let me give you some of the examples that are in the brief and some of the examples that are sworn to under affidavits and so forth by real people, not anonymous, which the press likes to use all through the Russia collusion thing, they never had evidence now of evidence. Now they say it’s not enough evidence. Forget about the media. My concern is these liberal judge judges and some of these justices, if they’re going to have the strength. And a steel backbone, a spine to do what the Constitution compels and what the states compel. If they don’t, it’s going to collapse in the next election will be even worse. In Pennsylvania, you had the secretary of state, a left wing Democrat who’s been adjusting their laws all along in violation of Article two, undermining the state legislature. They’ve called for her resignation. Of course, she takes wears it as a badge of honor. Among other things, they were looking at some of the ballots early in the blue in the bluest of the blue parts of the city of the state, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh areas. And she gave guidelines, had suggested that the boards of elections in those areas, those cities and counties that were very, very blue, very, very Democrat. Take a look at some of these ballots, a lot of these ballots. And if there were mistakes, contact the voter and cure them. Fix them. She failed to do the same in the dark red areas of the state. So if you were voting by absentee ballot or by mail in ballot in a dark blue area, the state. Many people had an opportunity to correct or cure their ballots if you were voting in a red area, the state the boards of elections didn’t even know that that was going on in the blue areas of the state. That is a violation of the equal protection clause because you can’t have a secretary of state giving what she hope were Democrats an opportunity, a second bite at the apple while Republicans are out in the blind. No. That’s number one. Number two, thanks to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, you have another equal protection problem now. What is that? If you vote in person, like most of the Trump supporters did, not all but most. You either get there in line by 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time on election evening. Or you don’t vote. If you’re there at eight 05 and you say, hey, look, my brother was kidnapped, I don’t care. My mother had a heart attack. I don’t care. You know, it doesn’t matter. You’re not there, it’s strictly enforced, strictly enforced. On the other hand. If you send in a mail in ballot and there’s not a signature and there’s not a date on it. And it’s going to be counted if it’s received at any time up till that Friday at 5:00 p.m.. It’s going to count. So the in-person voter is discriminated against, treated differently unequally by the state than a male and voter. That clearly also is a violation. The Equal Protection Clause. Moreover, it’s a violation of Article two of the federal constitution since the state legislature never put that in place. In fact, they had. Security measures in place, all votes, regardless of where they came from, had to be there by 8:00 p.m.. Or they weren’t going to be counted. So the Democrats changed all that, they violated the equal protection clause, in my opinion as well. Two simple examples. And as we’ll discuss later, we also had a a courageous postal worker come out and say, hey, look, I saw and heard the scheme. From the postmaster general’s office for western Pennsylvania, about 156 post offices that involve backdating ballots. The Washington Post wrote a smear piece. Yesterday trashing this guy, saying he gave false information. That he was going to withdraw what he had said under oath. And he put out a video, which we will play, I sent it to you. Do you have a Mr. Producer content? He put out a video. I might as well do it now. Well, The Washington Post wrote a piece, just a smear piece, saying he recanted, he said he didn’t recant anything. Now the postmaster general’s office and others have been pressuring him. You can imagine the threats that he’s receiving because his name is known. Richard Hopkins’ takes guts to come forward in this country under these this environment. But he put out a video. And here’s what he said, go to Richard Hopkins’, I am the postal employee who came out and whistle blew on the Postal Service Postal Office. I am great at this very moment. Looking at a article written written by Washington Post says that I fabricated the allegations of ballot tampering to say that I did not recant my statements that did not happen is not what happened. And you will find out tomorrow, and I would like that, The Washington Post. Recant their wonderful little article that they decided to throw out there. Now, now, this is shocking that a major newspaper, The Washington Post and Washington, D.C., read by all the politicians and bureaucrats and all the fancy lawyers. Would flat out lie about this man and smear him. We had a so-called whistleblower who was a Biden apparatchik in the White House. Whose name we were not allowed to say, but we said it many times, whose identity was not to be revealed on any news platform in America except the Blaze and The Daily Caller and Breitbart and entities like that. But none of the others. Not once on cable, not once on networks, not once on satellite. And he was used to try and bring down a president of the United States impeachment. He triggered the impeachment move. Completely bogus, all phony doesn’t matter. That’s what he did, and they protected him as a whistleblower and they told us on and on protect the whistleblower. You know, these whistleblowers, they give us lectures all the time while they’re trying to destroy our country. Here we have a man who’s come forward, he’s a whistleblower. And what does The Washington Post do, they defame him? And smear him, try to undermine his legitimacy, not just to the public, but to the court. That’s what we’re getting from the media today. With a guy running around with the office of president elect, that doesn’t even exist. Giving press briefings, which he wouldn’t do when he was running for office. All of a sudden, the virus is no longer a threat, the Joe Biden, he’s everywhere, isn’t he, Mr. Bruce? All of a sudden. He’s not wearing his mask so much. Because he’s in charge, in charge of what is no authority whatsoever, taking credit for the vaccine, taking credit for the distribution of the vaccine, guys ready to reinstitute the Iran deal. Just think about this. He wants to go back to the climate change agreement, which is going to slaughter us. And the Chinese are smiling every step of the way. He wants to go back to the World Health Organization, where we pay half a billion dollars that lied to us about this virus. So that’s what we’re getting and Joe Biden more of the same, and we’ll get radicalism as well. He’s already said he wants to give. He wants to clear the debt. The college students have debt. Well, that’s going to get expensive. He’s on the move, but he doesn’t have any power yet. He specifically said during the first presidential debate that he wouldn’t declare victory unless the election is independently certified. By whom? Let’s listen to that hat tip, Breitbart, cut one go, will you urge your supporters to stay calm while the vote is counted? And will you pledge not to declare victory until the election is independently certified? Yes. And here’s the deal. You count the ballots. As you pointed out, some of these ballots in some states can’t even be opened until Election Day. And if there’s thousands of ballots going to take time to do it. And by the way, our military. They’ve been voting by ballots for at the end of the civil war, in effect, in effect, and that’s and that’s what’s going to happen. Why was it not why is it for them somehow not fraudulent? It’s the same process. I’ll tell you why. People, because it’s the military. It’s not run through these corrupt Democrat machines and operations in the cities. And you know that damn well because you had lawyers litigating in these cities and in these states to take these safeguards away. And that’s the question. That’s the question not a single newsman or host is asked. Why did the Democrat Party and Biden and their surrogates litigate to lift these security measures like signature signature comparisons of postal data? Why do they do that? Now, as for that point, there was a great piece, August five, twenty twenty by the great Paul Bedard, he’s actually a reporter. And the headline was at The Washington Examiner, developed countries ban mail in voting, U.S. would be laughing stock. More developed countries, especially in your band mail, in voting to fight vast fraud and vote buying, that it threatened the integrity of their elections, according to an exhaustive review of voting rules and histories in over 30 major nations. In the European Union, 63 percent have put a ban on mail in ballots except for citizens living overseas. Another 22 percent have imposed a ban even for those overseas. And most of those that allow mail in ballots require some form of photo ID. This is why the Democrats are in court, not only photo ID, eliminating signatures. And one of these reports was provided by a great group, the Crime Prevention Research Center. John Lott, he’s terrific, these countries have learned the hard way about what happens when mail in ballots aren’t secured. They have also discovered how hard it is to detect vote buying when both those buying and selling the votes have an incentive to hide the exchange. I certainly hope Supreme Court justices are listening to this show. Because they have got to enforce the federal constitution or nobody else can, and they’re going to be dragged into this muck, they’re going to be viewed as political. If they don’t stand up for the Constitution and they’re going to lose whatever credibility is left. And should the Democrats take two seats in Georgia, the Supreme Court won’t matter anyway, they’re going to burn it down. So I hope they’re paying attention. Well, politicians in the U.S. have been debating the pros and cons of mail and voting due to concerns of spreading covid-19 at the polls and new reports of postal service and vote counting issues, a whose center is known for its gun research, but a voting database of the European Union and the larger Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Countries. Those countries, Lott said, are typically held up by Democrats as a model to follow. Well, then follow the model. The report titled Why Do Most Countries Ban Mail in ballots, they’ve seen massive vote fraud problems listed the rules for voting in widespread cases of fraud and vote buying. His report also listed notable cases of fraud in the United States. Now, if you even direct somebody to look at links by reputable news outlets. Or a reputable opinion outlets on Facebook or Twitter today, you will be censored. The article I just read to you. Could be censored. Or wind up with some kind of a warning. Were you to post it? I should say on Facebook or Twitter. Because of the censorship that’s taking place in this country. Stateside smooth election, despite Trump’s baseless claims. Why aren’t AP in The New York Times analyzing the lawsuits that have been filed, looking at the affidavits that have been filed under penalty of perjury? It’s because they’re used to having anonymous sources where there’s no penalties, you know, finding some low level hack, the Department of HHS. And using him as a as a foil for a book, for an op ed. The corrupt media in this country is helping to destroy this republic, and in the end they will destroy themselves. I’ll be right back.

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Now, you know why the media hate my guts, now you know why the lefties hate my guts. Now you know why the rhinos hate my guts, but the feeling is mutual. I often think, you know, what men and women have done to protect this country. You ever see these wounded warrior commercials, Mr. Producer? They’ll break your heart. You think about the men that ran into the. The two towers on 9/11. You think about the the men who fought in World War Two battle after battle in Vietnam, in the Korean War and other wars, Afghanistan and Iraq, you look back at World War One, you look back at the civil war. I have it easy. I’m not going to back down. To these malcontents and miscreants, I’m not going to back down. To this mob of Viada, of rioters and arsonists. And defamers and people who threaten you, putting you on live back down. I’m going to double, triple, quadruple my efforts. Where the resistance now? I’m going to resist tyranny and promote liberty. They were resisting liberty and promoting tyranny. And we will see this process through whether these bastards, like it or not, come what may, whatever the outcome. And I want to remind people it’s the Trump campaign that’s doing this, they’re trying to get to the bottom of this. It’s the Trump campaign that’s paying for this. It is Trump. Volunteers, lawyers coming from all parts of the country volunteering to do this. Of course, it’s about good government, but it’s also about victory and we shouldn’t make apologies about this. This is a being done by the Better Business Bureau. Are the league a moderate centrist voters? It’s the Trump campaign that’s trying to get to the bottom of this. Which will help the country. Which will uphold the Constitution, uphold the authority of the states, and in doing so, hopefully not guaranteed fixed this election the way it’s supposed to be fixed. And by that I mean reform and that party still exist. You got a Democrat Party, the party of slavery in the Confederacy, The New York Times, the party that covered up the slaughter of Jews by the Third Reich and the slaughter of Ukrainians by by the Soviet Union. And we’re going to let those two institutions control how this election turns out. No, I don’t think so.