Utterly irresponsible media

Yes, there’s lots of evidence of voter fraud and election screw ups. But the media keep saying either there’s no evidence or not enough evidence. Huh? Utterly irresponsible. Shouldn’t we get to the bottom of it? Whatever happened to the importance of the integrity of the system? And what’s the rush anyway? Gore tooK 37 days in one state. There’s canvassing and recounts to take place, and lawsuits to resolve, in multiple states as a direct result of election process changes, including widespread mail-in voting and the elimination of voting safeguards, instituted by the Democrats. Rather than continually disparaging the process in order to anoint Biden the president, and demean the hundreds of volunteer lawyers working through the evidence, back off. But we’re still waiting for all that Russia collusion evidence that these sane media organizations lied about for years.