There is ZERO evidence of Russia’s involvement in the Biden lab top scandal

There is ZERO evidence of Russia’s involvement in the Biden lab top scandal. Adam Schiff and the Democrats are desperately appearing all over the media and pushing this propaganda, which the Democrat Party-media are more than happy to repeat. The fact is that Hunter Biden is in hiding, it is his lap top, and it would be very easy for media outlets to track all this down given the extensive existence of evidence — dates, times, emails, names, witnesses, etc. Instead, they throw around the “Russian disinformation” claim. A claim based on what? Indeed, the Director of National Intelligence said this morning that they have no information at all suggesting Russian involvements in this Biden scandal. So where are the Democrats and the media getting it from? Nowhere.

Moreover, think about this: so, the Russians plant the information in the lap top, including videos of Hunter having sex and using drugs plus 40,000 or so emails, and have it delivered to some guy in Delaware; after 90-days the guy decides to look at the contents. He then contacts the FBI, which interviews him and receives the original hard drive, and in the end ignores him. Next, the guy decides to give a copy of the hard drive to Giuliani’s office, which in turn examines the contents and shares it with the New York Post. So, the Russians knew these events would transpire over a course of many months and become available in the weeks before the general election? Does that make sense to any rational person who is not working for the media or for the Democrat Party? Of course not. The Bidens are corrupt, using Joe Biden’s name and the offices he has held to make a fortune from foreign entities. This is a very serious matter and Joe Biden shouldn’t be free to simply dismiss it as a smear. This is not a conspiracy, this is not a Russian plot, this is real and this is significant.