October 15, 2020

October 15, 2020

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, This election is about the American people versus the Democrats and the media. The media won’t go after the facts on Hunter Biden but they will go after Rudy Giuliani who was the 3rd highest ranking in DOJ under Ronald Reagan, they will go after the owner of the computer repair shop just to delegitimize them. The information was not hacked, or stolen it was shared with Giuliani’s attorney. As of this broadcast, the New York Times and Washington Post have not even asked for copies of the emails on the hard drive. Former VP Biden insists that he never asked or knew anything about his son Hunter’s overseas business dealing, but the emails show that this isn’t true and the media and silicon valley are covering up for the Biden’s. Unfortunately, Hunter Biden’s signature is on the contract for the computer repair and his signature is easily verifiable. However, Biden’s campaign simply denies that there was any such encounter, but would not rule out any informal meetings. If Biden ever becomes president this hard drive filled with DNA should be the basis for his impeachment. Afterward, Sen. Martha McSally joins the program and shares that her opponent in the Arizona senate race is still employing a spokesperson who called police “F-ing pigs.” Finally, Congressional candidate Troy Nehls calls in with an update from his campaign for Texas 22nd district.


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Three weeks before Election Day, Trump allies go after Hunter — and Joe — Biden

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Emails reveal how Hunter Biden tried to cash in big on behalf of family with Chinese firm

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Team Biden’s new strategy: Run out the clock

C-SPAN’s Steve Scully Suspended Indefinitely after Admitting to Lying about Twitter ‘Hack’

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White House was warned Giuliani was target of Russian intelligence operation to feed misinformation to Trump

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Mark Kelly campaign spokesman apologizes for calling cops ‘worthless f—ing pigs’

Adelsons pour $75M into last-ditch effort to save Trump

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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

I see a crewmember on the Biden campaign plane has come down with the Corona virus. I mean, we know that a top staffer to Kamala Harris has come down with the Corona virus. You notice how the difference reporting takes place here. Nobody’s asking, did they wear masks? Were they around people who didn’t wear masks and so forth and so on? How did they get it? When it comes to Trump and his people, they got video and photographs and they go on and on and on. But truthfully. It’s yes. Well, that’s a shame. Next story. Because you know what this election’s about? We’re running against the Democrat Party and the media. The Democrat Party and the media with everything at stake. That’s what’s taking place. All right. Let me work through this in plain English so everybody can understand what’s actually taking place here. Rudy Giuliani will be my guest for the full hour on life, liberty and Levin. This Sunday, actually, he had been scheduled to come on before these e-mails and these stories came out. And I want to remind you, because, like everyone else, the meeting, the Democrats say they try and turn people in to nuts or right wingers or criminals, Rudy Giuliani was associate attorney general, the United States. That’s the third highest position at the Department of Justice. In the early days of Reagan, where the criminal division, the Bureau Prisons, the U.S. Marshals, the DEA, they all reported to him. Subsequently became the United States attorney for the Southern District in New York, for which you became quite famous. It’s a serious man when it comes to investigations and prosecutions. But you see how the media try and make him an unserious man. And you’ll see throughout these stories first we have the story in The New York Post relating to the Bidens and Ukraine and then today communist Chinese companies and the Bidens. You’ll see how they go after the store owner. You’ll see how they go after Rudy, how they go after the Republican Party. But they don’t go after the facts. And as I go through some of these facts and make it as clean and plain as it can be understandable, you need to know this. This story involves emails, text messages. Names, not anonymous sources, dates and times. In other words. The media are being handed on a silver platter. Leads if they choose to follow up on them, leads. If they choose to follow up on them, none of them are following up on them. None of them. Except The New York Post, the oldest newspaper in America. Did you know that it was founded by Alexander Hamilton? I think I wrote that one of my books. Matter of fact, maybe Ari Fleischer mentioned it. I don’t remember. Let’s take a look at this. What are we talking about here? This article comes out Wednesday in The New York Post. An article comes out in The New York Post. Rudy Giuliani had acquired a copy of the hard drive of this laptop. That was I think it’s pretty clear it’s Hunter Biden’s. And there’s been some water damage and. As Rudy will explain and you’ll hear Sunday, he signs this contract and after 90 days he loses the computer, becomes the property of the store on. And after a while, the store owner decides to look at it, figure out, well, okay, what’s going on here. And he looks at it and he’s kind of shocked. He’s shocked by the photographs. The photographs. And video show, well, sexual acts and they show illegal drug use and it’s hunter by. And then you start looking at the e-mails, there’s thousands of thee-mails and he says, wait a minute. This looks like a problem. And during impeachment, he gets particularly angry because he has all this information. He didn’t hack it. He didn’t steal it. He didn’t receive it from from a fellow unlike The New York Times did some of the president’s records. He didn’t receive it from me. A Russian spy who was paid to provide it. Like the dossier in the Obama and Clinton crime family stuff. Perfectly legitimate. He calls the FBI, the FBI comes and takes the original hard drive, but he made four copies. One of the copies he gives to one of Giuliani’s partners, one of his lawyers. Who also has a long background in. Federal investigations and criminal prosecutions. Then they look at these emails to. And then they share some of thee-mails with The New York Post, this is what you’re saying. So the media attacking Rudy. How can we tell that these e-mails are really e-mails? It’s actually not that hard. Rudy told me they haven’t asked to get copies of them. You believe that, Mr. Producer? New York Times, The Washington Post has been asked for copies. They’re not interested. It kills the narrative. There’s 19 days to go. They don’t want to hurt their boy. Ed, by. Now, what’s important about this? What’s important about this? Is that Joe Biden has made the claim unchallenged by the media, really unchallenged, period. That he knew nothing about Hunter Biden’s. Overseas business activities. He didn’t ask about them. Joe Biden has said that multiple times. And that he had nothing to do with anything. Now, at the time, I even said, you’re the father, you’re the vice president. Don’t you want to know anything about how your son’s getting this money and what he’s doing? Hey, son, what are you doing to make money? What’s going on? What do we what’s happening out there? Nothing. And of course, in the case of China, he knew a little bit more than he lets on because. He brought his son on the airplane on. On the vice president’s plane, Air Force Two, when he went to China on official business. But there’s more. These e-mails are stunning. They’re stunning because in black and white. They’re damning. The corruption is unbelievable. This is a corrupt family. And the patriarch of the family is Joe Biden, who was vice president. Now he wants to be president. The United States and the media are doing everything humanly possible to protect him. To poison and character assassinate anybody who suggests otherwise. You can see Silicon Valley’s investment and Joe Biden, they’re trying to protect with Facebook and Twitter immediately as if we’re in communist China. Immediately shutting down any discussion, any information, even from The New York Post. And they give these bogus reasons. And anybody who dares to link to it, they’ll be cut out of the whole social network. This obviously will have to be looked into. Here’s the bottom line. The bottom line is this. I’m going to read you the following quote. Deer Hunter. It’s from an email. Thank you for inviting me to D.C. And giving me an opportunity to meet your father and spend some time together. It’s dated April 17, 2015. It’s really an honor and a pleasure. It’s really an honor and a pleasure. Now, they took one sentence out of context in a phone transcription about the prison, the United States and the present Ukraine. And they ran with that over and over again, they twisted it into a pretzel. It was outrageous with the Democrats, they perfectly fine, perfectly legitimate phone conversation and they turned it into an impeachable offense. Here that while is the email accurate? Is it real lucky guy, Republicans here? The retail guys, a republic. Look, Rudy’s right. What does that have to do with anything? It’s an email. It’s easy enough to determine if it’s legitimate. It’s clearly legitimate. This is clearly Hunter’s hard drive. Otherwise, why were the B pictures of Hunter naked an ddoing drugs on the hard drive? And plus, Rudy said Hunter signed a contract, as you’ll see on Sunday. Well, Hunter’s signature is easy enough to verify, too, isn’t it, Mr. Producer? There’s plenty of ways to do this. But the media do not want to do it. Who wrote the email? That deem Pass Ski, whose five dream house ha scheme was one of the top Ukrainian executives at Christmas. I’m keeping this as simple as possible. Why does that matter? Because a few months later. After the date of this e-mail. Joe Biden. Publicly brags. The Council of Foreign Relations in a public video that you’ve seen a thousand times, that he stepped in and threatened the Ukrainian prosecutor. Who wanted to look into Burisma’s men, possibly his son. And basically said if you want that one billion dollar loan. You need to fire this guy. And he says, son of a bitch. They fired him. Now, the usual propaganda we hear from the meeting, the Democrats says, well, the entire European Union said the guy was corrupt, the entire European Union wanted to get rid of the guy. Maybe that’s true. But, you know, two things can be true at the same time that maybe he was all those things, but maybe he still wanted to look into Burisma. And Joe Biden’s role is very, very serious here. Ladies and gentlemen. Very serious. And so what’s the Biden campaign’s response? It’s very, very weak. They say they looked at the official schedules of Joe Biden on that day and there was no evidence that he met this. Charisma executive. Plus, husky. Now, that is a ridiculous argument. We had Peter Schweizer on their show yesterday and he looked at the schedule that’s on line and he looked at that day and he said there’s two big gaps two hours in the morning, two hours in the afternoon. And my beautiful wife, she said, wow, that’s more than an 18 minute gap, which they used against Nixon when it came to where the Watergate tapes. So did he meet with them or didn’t he? Did he talk to them or didn’t he? Well, now we turn to Politico, which also is the patron guard for the Democrats, the left and the Biden campaign, and deep into their article. It says the following quote, Biden’s campaign would not rule out the possibility that the former V.P. had some kind of informal interaction with Pars Husky, which wouldn’t appear on Biden’s official schedule. But they said any encounter would have been cursory. Well, how does his campaign know that? I thought Joe Biden said definitively and unequivocally, repeatedly, I don’t know what my son’s doing in Ukraine. I don’t ask him. And I have nothing to do with any of these people. And listen to what they say. They would not rule out the possibility that Biden had some kind of informal interaction with the guy. That is a. That is a bridge too far. And so any journalist with their salt, of which there are only a couple left in this country, and maybe not even that would say, now, wait a minute. We’ve got e-mails, we’ve got texts. We got names. We’ve got dates. We’ve got time’s. We’ve got. Allegations we’ve got the Biden campaign really making a statement that’s very, very troubling. We better look at this. We better look into this. This hard drive has some 40,000 emails on it. It’s got the photos on it. The sex photos, the drug photos on it. Trouble. And so the media do what? Well, I’m going to show you what they do in a moment. We’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

So what happened with this information at the New York Post other than being squelched by Facebook and Twitter as if they work for the communist Chinese? I looked at the New York Slimes today. I went to my supermarket, wasted a few bucks, and I keep looking and looking and looking. Finally. I’m on page 17, and it’s not even at the top of page 17 to the bottom of page 17, you want to hear the headline Biden campaign rejects report that he met with Sons Ukraine and associate. Is that the take away, ladies and gentlemen? The New York Slimes is the worst newspaper. In any part of the free world. If it can’t ignore six million European Jews, they were screaming for their lives and their attention to what was taking place. A mere 70 or 80 years ago, you can see this is child’s play for them. And so they will do whatever they have to do to destroy Trump and promote Biden. Now, I don’t know a lot of time this segment, but I want to read you the first paragraph. Listen to this. The Biden campaign on Wednesday rejected a New York Post report that Joseph R. Biden Jr. had met with an adviser to Ukrainian energy company associated with his son, Hunter Biden, a claim based on material provided by Republican allies of President Trump, who’ve tried for months to tarnish Mr Biden over his son. Is that an honest paragraph, Mr. Producer? Now you have to work hard to write bull crap like that. You have to work really hard to write bull crap like that. But let’s take another look at it as well as the Washington compost, just to show you what we’re up against and why it’s crucial that you vote. You’ll be more motivated than ever before and that you get those five or 10 people to vote with you. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

By the way, before I I really dig in to my analysis of the media. The New York Times and The Washington Post. Let me say something that will drive the left. And they’re bought and paid for mouthpieces and Web sites. Nuts. You ready, Mr. Producer? Everything that’s been laid out in the New York Post piece and everything that I’ve described to you and more. God forbid, if Joe Biden becomes president. But if somehow we’re able to flip the house. Will be the basis for impeachment, Mr. Producer. If the Democrats can impeach our president based on nothing. Based on a shred of nothing. Look at this. It’s a whole hard drive of DNA. A whole hard drive of DNA, of corruption. The Biden family is a corrupt family and Joe Biden is the patriarch. And but for Joe Biden in these various positions, first as a center, then as vice president, none of this would work. Hunter Biden. We’ll be working the fryer at McDonald’s, which is a perfectly legitimate job. But that’s what he be qualified for. Maybe given his past, he may not get the job, but you get the point. So The New York Times. Now, I was aware that there is emails and texts. There’s names and dates and times that the Biden campaign’s response is anemic. And they jump into the defense. And they go after the Republicans and Giuliani and ban and Internet. Why go after them? Why not just check out the information yourselves? So the headline at The New York Times on the 17th page, under the fold, under the fold. And you should see above the fold, it’s pandemic and politics, it rouses candidates and defines debate. Under the fold, the Biden campaign on Wednesday. This is Katie Gluck. Rejected a New York Post report that Joseph R. Biden junior had met with an adviser to the Ukrainian energy company. They don’t mention it in their very smart. Associated with his son, Hunter Biden, a claim based on material provided by Republican allies of President Trump, who’ve tried for months to tarnish Mr Biden over his son. In a statement, a spokesman for the Biden campaign, Andrew Bates, said that Mr Biden’s official schedule showed no meeting between Mr Biden and an adviser to the board of the Ukrainian energy company, Boris May. He’s an executive on which Hunter Biden served. The post story cited an email allegedly sent from that adviser. Tom Hunter Biden thanking him for, quote, giving an opportunity to meet your father, unquote, and to spend some time together. So they have all this. Questioning in these suggestive approaches to the to the language in the text, we review Joe Biden’s official schedules from the time and no meeting as alleged by the near post ever took place. And on that issue, The New York Times leaves it as preposterous as that responses. And then The New York Times goes on. To attack the emails, the authenticity of the email correspondence cited by the post could not be independently verified. Well, why didn’t you ask for it in my interview with Rudy Giuliani? He says, you don’t even ask for anything. He’d be happy to give you the email and you can verify. New York Times. Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings have been a subject of intense Republican focus. So you can see the focus of the New York Times piece later on, it says. But the Trump campaign and its Republican allies have been eager to promote it. Mr. Trump, who trails Mr. Biden in many key battleground states with just three weeks to go under election until election day, has struggled for months to negatively define Mr. Biden. So it’s Trump’s fault. And it’s Trump’s campaign tactics. They have no interest in this massive corruption. No interest whatsoever? None. And they have no interest in looking at the e-mails that tax, no interest, an actual interview. Nothing. And the other argument I hear being made today is, well, the Republicans in the Senate looked at it. They didn’t have these e-mails. They even looked at these e-mails. What do you mean they looked at it? They looked at what? And then later on in this brilliant New York Times news piece, it says the report raises a host of unanswered questions. Oh, really? Wow. Anyway, whether the email alluding to a meeting is real. Oh, wait a minute. The questions are about the emails. And if it is what Mr. Parsky was specifically referring to when he allegedly thanked Hunter Biden for the quote unquote, opportunity to meet and spend time with his father. Gee, what might he be referring to, ladies and gentlemen? Meeting with Hunter Biden’s father, Joe. And so they write this as a barely literate defense brief. They try and justify and explain away these various. Emails and what’s in this email? And they have no curiosity whatsoever to get to the bottom of it. None. And they have no intention of doing it. None. Then we go over to the Washington compost, almost exactly the same language. Now you have to go too deeply, but it is a page for. And they start off Trump allies publicize emails purportedly from Hunter Biden’s computer. That’s the headline. Now, you remember the Atlantic magazine piece. Ladies and gentlemen, four anonymous sources. And that went on for days. Remember that days? We have e-mails, texts, names, dates, times. We have events. And they’re dismissed. This is why you hate the media. This is why the media are the enemy of the people. Here’s the first paragraph of this story. And it took three reporters over there at the Washington Compost, Matt Visor, Paul Stone and Annie Lindsey. President Trump’s personal attorney, Rudolph W. Giuliani. It starts off like this. And his former top adviser, Stephen K. Bannon, who attracted the scrutiny of U.S. authorities for their political dealings in recent months, helped make public private materials purported to belong to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s son in an attempt to swing support to the struggling incumbent. What kind of a run on first paragraph is that in this story? Is that the Markey point in this story? So they want to go after the people. Who have access to the emails? They want to remind you, the Republicans. Well, who cares? Why does that matter? The e-mails are accurate. Look what the e-mails say. And then when you see the the the Biden campaign’s response, something stinks. Look at our schedule. Okay. What does that have to do with anything? Well, maybe he inadvertently had a meeting or met the guy. Oh, wow. Now we’re taking 10 steps backwards. No, no. We have to attack Giuliani later on in the Washington compost story. The Washington Post was unable to verify the authenticity of the alleged e-mails and other correspondence with New York Post published Wednesday and said had come from younger Biden’s computer and Hydra. Was The Washington Post able to verify the four anonymous sources at the Atlantic? Was The Washington Post ever able to verify Russia collusion before it ran with a thousand stories. Was The Washington Post ever able to verify the source of the dossier, which we now know was a. Russian spy. Do they think we’re stupid when they write crap and trash like this? No, I don’t normally buy the post, but of course, liberals out there do, and obviously they’re not very bright. The Washington compost goes on The New York Post, which is owned by conservative media tycoon Rupert Murdoch. Now, what does that have to do with anything? Nothing. This is how Stalinists used to write news. This is how Maoists under JI write news. This is how fascist and communist regimes put out information just like this. Said its report was based on materials. It said it heard from and heard about from Benin and were provided. By Giuliani, the material, which it described as a massive trove of data that included video, was the subject of several stories published Wednesday. Okay. Later on, it says, Although reminiscent of the 2016 race when Russian intelligence operatives hacked and released hundreds of emails. Released from Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, campaign manager through wickedly has nothing to do with that. Nothing whatsoever. These are horrific propagandists. Later on in the story, third paragraph to the end, efforts to tarnish Hunter Biden and by extension, his father. Think about the Trump kids and their father had been a focus of Trump’s campaign over the past year and a half. The President, his allies have derided not only100 Biden’s business dealings, but also his struggles with substance abuse. Hunter Biden is a sleaze. He’s abused women. He had a child, which he denied until a court forced him to give the DNA. What the hell are these people think they are? This guy’s an adult. He’s been he’s been selling his name from one part of the world to the other. And the idea that his father didn’t know anything about anything is so absurd. And even if we play along and that’s the case, how the hell can you be present the United States, when you don’t even smell the massive corruption under your nose? But the problem is this. He took him to China with him. He knew I took him to China with him. And there’s other emails. And so the Washington cop posted in New York Slimes that we can’t verify these e-mails. Have you looked at him? Have we asked for any copies? Have you taken any steps to investigating any of that? Of course not. They have their narrative. And here’s the thing. There’s two men running for president. One is corrupt as hell. Joe Biden and one’s been investigated forever and as clean as can be. That would be Donald Trump. That’s the truth. More when I return.

Hour 1 Segment 4

You know, it’s funny. I went to get a new printer today. And I couldn’t find one of the basic what I mean, they had some, but they were like huge. And I said to Mr. Producer has young kids. That’s not why I. I said, I can’t get the kind of printer I want to know what’s going on. They’re running computers. And it reminded me that there’s a lot of homeschooling going on. There’s a lot of homeschooling going on, so people have bought printers. And someone in the embarrassing position that I have to do everything off my iPhone and off my computer screen. So it gets a little strange, but I’m working on it. Now we have China. Hunter Biden is a world traveler, as is his father, and more e-mails. So that could be dismissed by the New York Slimes in The Washington Post. And The New York Post says emails reveal how Hanna Biden tried to cash in big on behalf of family with Chinese friend. This makes Ukraine look like a joke. I’ll just do this quickly. But plainly, says Hunter. Biden pursued lucrative deals involving China’s largest private energy companies into these energy companies, including one that he said would be interesting for me and my family, quote, unquote. One e-mail sent to Biden on May 13, 2017. Now, Joe is no longer in the government’s say with the subject line. Expectations included details of remuneration packages for six people involved in an unspecified business venture. In addition, the email outlined a provisional agreement, quote unquote, under which 80 percent of the equity 80 or shares in the new company would be split equally among four people whose initials correspond to the sender and three recipients with H apparently referring to Hunter Biden. The deal also listed 10 Jim and 10 held by H. For the big guy. He got that 10, meaning 10 percent for Jim. I believe Jim is the brother, but I could be wrong and 10 held for the by age for the big guy. Now, who was the big guy be in this family, Mr. Producer? What is the initials B JP? Another e-mail sent by Biden as part of an August 2, 2017 chain involved a deal he struck with a since vanished chairman of CFC. Jamming for a half ownership of a holding company that was expected to arrive. Biden with more than 10million dollars a year. He had ties to the Chinese military and intelligence service hasn’t been seen since being taken into custody by Chinese authorities in early 2018 and CFC went bankrupt earlier this year, according to reports. So now you have Hunter working with communists. A guy who’s associated and has ties with the Chinese military and intelligence service. Now you know why they want Joe to be president. Biden wrote that he had sweeten the terms of an earlier three year consulting contract with CFC that was to pay him 10 million dollars annually. Quote, for introductions alone, unquote. Quote, The chairman changed that deal after we met in Miami. This is what Hunter wrote to a much more lasting and lucrative arrangement to create a holding company 50 percent owned by me and 50 percent owned by him. Quote, consulting fees in one piece of our income stream. But the reason this proposal by the chairman was so much more interesting to me and my family is that we would also be partners in the equity profits of the joint ventures invents investments. Joe didn’t know a thing. Ladies and gentlemen, he was to get 10 percent millions and he didn’t know anything. Son never said a word. Now here he is, not even vice president anymore. So let me ask you this, Mary. Why wouldn’t his son say something to. In my humble opinion, having been a chief of staff to an attorney general and having been around a while, this is a massive cover up in the media participating in it. Big tech. Silicon Valley is participating in it. I read a report today that well over 90 percent of these companies have donated to Joe Biden. The people who work for these companies, you might say, well, that’s a conspiracy. It’s no conspiracy. Look what they tried to do to Trump the first time around, things that you could never, never have dreamed of. This is a massive cover up. The Biden crime family and the patriarch is Joe Biden. And the buck stops right there on his desk. I’ll be right back.