October 6, 2020

October 6, 2020

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, The Democrats lack virtue and are exploiting the coronavirus. The media makes angels and devils of people, but former First Lady Michelle Obama will get a pass and won’t be criticized for her hateful comments about President Trump. John Adams famously said. “Liberty can no more exist without virtue and independence than the body can live and move without a soul.” Then, Kamala Harris wants Plexiglas at the VP debate to advance the Democrat narrative that Trump killed all of the people that have died from the viruses. But for President Trump, states that squandered their budgets and failed to prepare would have been short-handed on PPE, ventilators, and six Trillion in emergency stimulus cash. Plus, Stanley Kurtz joins the show to request that Nikole Hannah-Jones from the NY Times be stripped from any consideration for a Pulitzer Prize for her 1619 project. Afterward, Joe Biden’s bigotry is on display again. This time he said he was able to stay sequestered in his home because some Black woman stocked the grocery shelves. Finally, candidate Bob Good for Virginia’s 5th congressional district calls in with an update on his campaign.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

You notice, ladies and gentlemen, how the media create angels and devils. You see, Michelle Obama, you’re not allowed to criticize, even though she has said the most vile, hateful, stupid things. In most of her career as first lady and beyond, and she’s done it again against Donald Trump. You’re not allowed to talk about her. No, no, no, no, no. But I will. Joe Biden. Why is it that Tara Reid is interviewed by 60Minutes Australia and not 60 Minutes America? Because America’s media is covering up for Joe Biden. And so I spent all of live in TV today. Going over that interview with 60 Minutes Australia, we’re going to put a significant clip of that in front of the paywall. So you can see it because otherwise, for America, media never occurred. It’s appalling. John Adams once said liberty can no more exist without virtue. And independence. Then the body can live and move without a soul. In other words, there is no liberty without virtue. And you can see the decline of virtue all around you. Everything’s about a narrative. Everything’s about tearing down the president of the United States. They’re running around at a poll of Pennsylvania. I looked at this poll. They took a poll of500 registered voters in Pennsylvania. Not likely voters. Not a thousand or twelve hundred five hundred registered voters in Pennsylvania. And Biden has a twelve percent lead. That is a bogus poll. Absolutely, unequivocally bogus and non-scientific. And yet all day long, they’re leading with this. You must ignore the polls. If we lose, we lose. But you cannot allow these polls to drive your emotions, your passions and your decisions. Let me tell you what’s going on right now with a debate tomorrow with the two vice presidential candidates, as you well know. And I’m reading this piece in the Washington Compost Pants Harris teams at odds over plexiglass at debate. All day long, the Harris people have been trying to change the rules all day long. There were all kinds of protections in place, more protections more than the plexiglass bars. They really weren’t heavy duty physical protection. Do you know why, Mr. Producer? Because she wants to walk on the stage and say, look at this. This was brought to you by Trump Pence. Look at look how this debate is conducted with plexiglass twelve feet apart and they want more. Because for them, it’s all about playing the American people, playing the American people for fools, and the problem is we’re surrounded by fools. Vice President Pence is requesting that no plexiglass dividers be placed on his side of the stage at tomorrow night’s vice presidential debate. After the announcement Monday by the Commission on Presidential Debates, the Commission on Presidential Debates is liberal. While Farrakhan, the former head of the Republican Party, he is a joke. Dividers have been agreed to as a safety measure to prevent the spread of the Corona virus there twelve feet apart. They don’t need plexiglass. They’re putting plexiglass in there to accommodate the Democrats and Harris and Biden so they can make an issue out of it. The commission and the Biden campaign both said Tuesday they understood the Pence team was an agreement with the notion of Plexiglas barriers. But the Pence team suggested they didn’t want any such dividers around the vice president. Regardless of what Harris does, if she wants it, she’s more than welcome to surround herself with Plexiglass, if that makes her feel more comfortable. Mark Short, chief of staff to the vice president, said but it’s not needed. The issue is expected to come up for discussion at a meeting between the two campaigns and the commission later Tuesday. And so the Harris campaign. He’s trying to create a perception, trying to advance their narrative. I haven’t done a damn thing to contribute to the fight about the virus, but they they are endlessly trying to figure out a way to exploit it. Post goes on, the dispute plays into a larger class of messages between the Trump of buying campaigns, Trump argues. The Corona virus has largely been conquered and there’s no need for burdensome restrictions. Biden’s campaign is based largely on a critique of the president’s handling of the pandemic. And this is where I want to stop everything. And this is where I will come under attack by the left. Because their narrative is over two hundred thousand people have died. It’s Donald Trump’s fault. The virus has spread, it’s Donald Trump’s fault. Now, ladies and gentlemen, I want us to stop a second as rational human beings. This virus is all over the world. No form of government, no leader of any government. No medical system, no scientific system has been able to stop it. Because you cannot stop a pandemic. I don’t care how many masks you wear. I don’t care what you do. People who wear masks. People who’ve been very careful. People use hand sanitizer. They’re getting the virus. They’re getting the virus. The scientists aren’t sure what to do. This is why the president has been pushing very, very hard for a vaccine as fast as possible and he gets resistance from the bureaucracy. He wants vaccines and he wants therapeutics. And by the way, we have therapeutics and they work and they work very, very well. But the blame, the death on these people. On the president, the United States is to blame the death of the flu on the president, the United States or any other malady or pandemic. It’s an absurdity. He could have done more, they say. I don’t know, he spent six trillion dollars. They’ve spent hundreds of billions of dollars assisting the private sector to find a vaccine at therapeutics, and as soon as it’s ready, as soon as it’s ready, they spend hundreds of billions more to get it manufacture. They’re already manufacturing vaccines or potential vaccines, I should say, in the hopes that they’ll work. No, the presidents haven’t done that before. They already have an entire regime set up for how they’re going to distribute it. No presidents done that before. Biden did do that as vice president. The facts are not getting to the American people. The information is not getting to the American people. Instead, the media wants division. The media wants a fight. The media wants the narrative. They want to play Joe Biden as the as the as the normal one, the moderate one. And then we have the bully who keeps interrupting. Keeps interrupting. That’s what we’re going to base our vote on. Are you kidding me? Apparently so. And so behind the scenes. The Harris Biden Democrat team is trying to create a spectacle for tomorrow night’s debate. Already? They want to basically build. These screens, if you will. These plexiglass sort of boxes for each candidate, foreach kind of thing. This is so absurd. It’s so ridiculous. And the idea that the president has downplayed the virus is a lie. Why would he agree to spend trillions and trillions of dollars? Why would he be pushing hard on these pharmaceuticals? If you have two eyes and you have two ears, you see and you hear what’s been taking place. There would never have been enough beds in these states, but for the president, there would never have been enough PPE in these states. But for the president, there would never have been enough ventilators. But for the president, he did that and the governors had a responsibility to prepare for the pandemic and they did not. They we restealing the money out of their general budget. For other priorities, and they were caught they were caught short. And it was the president who stepped in. This is the truth. This isn’t a narrative. The president stepped in when the localities in the states blew it. And they get to make these decisions about how many hospitals, how many hospital beds, whether hospitals are going to be expanded. Those are their decisions, whether they’re going to have ventilators, how many ventilators they can have. President doesn’t have any power over that. None whatsoever under our system. The decision. To abuse the elderly and the frail, we sobering and 40 percent of them being that that’s 40 percent. Two hundred thousand, you’ve figured out. Eighty thousand of them. Those were decisions made by mayors and governors. The president had no authority to stop them under our Constitution or any statutory scheme. He couldn’t stop them. Put these facts are not getting out. This information is not getting out because the Democrat narrative is the Democrat media narrative. Day in and day out. Look at who is at CNN. They’re Democrats. Many of them worked for Obama. Many of them worked for Clinton. Some of them worked for Democrats on Capitol Hill. Look, George Stephanopoulos, the lead news anchor on ABC News. He’s a Clinton guy. Chuck Todd was a Tom Harkin guy. And his wife has a very active and aggressive left wing Democrat. Look over at CNN. Jake Tapper, Democrat. CUOMO Democrat. And so these are Biden advocates and Trump haters throughout the media. Look at The New York Times loaded. With left wing Democrats, same with The Washington Post, and they’re pushing this narrative, they all sound the same. And then on top of that, the Democrats have two, three, four times as much money in these battleground states to spend. I don’t know where these Republican billionaires are, but shame on them. Shame on them. For allowing Bloomberg and Soros and Stier and all the rest of them. To push these lies and propaganda. You want to know why senior citizens. So many of them, unfortunately, have moved the buying. It’s not because they don’t like the way the president debates. It’s because the endless propaganda, all these deaths in these nursing homes and these assisted living homes, they’re blaming on Trump. Trump’s responsible. So they’ve exploited this pandemic like no party in American history, the way they promoted slavery, the way they promoted segregation, the way they promoted Jim Crow. This is an evil party. They’re pushing the Bernie Sanders Marxist agenda and Bernie Sanders isn’t even at dinner. I have it right here, 110 pages. They’re going to destroy our energy sector. They’re going to turn our schools into brainwashing. Machines and operations. Pushing their agenda like the 1619 project. They’re going to nationalize our suburbs. These fools in the suburbs don’t even understand what’s taking place. They’re going to devour the suburbs. They’re going to make all the decisions for the suburbs. They’re going to be taken away from local city councils and local commissioners. That’s the plan. They’re going to destroy the Supreme Court, that’s going to destroy the United States Senate. They’re going to make it appendages of the Democrat Party. They’re going to change our voting system, so we’re in California. So no opposition party, let alone the Republican Party, can ever effectively challenge the Democrat Party. I have explained that the Democrat Party in this country is very much like the Communist Party in other countries, not in every respect, but it’s party first. Power. They don’t get their power through the Constitution, the constitution resists them. So it’s party first. It’s shocking. How many people are falling for this are falling for the static? And the propaganda. This is how it goes in totalitarian situations and environments. The constant big lies. President, the United States gets out of the hospital. There’s nothing he could do. There’s just smearing the hell out of him. He salutes. The Marine is standing there, we’re told on MSNBC that he’s Mussolini. He gets up to the port of call. Nobody is around him, he takes his mask off the signal to the American people. He’s doing fine. He’s attacked for not wearing a mask. They have no idea how he contracted this disease. None. And yet they assume to know. The fact is we could have had millions of people dead in this country. And the president did what he is humanly capable of doing, anybody humanly capable of doing. You can’t snap your fingers and there’s ventilators, snap your fingers, there’s bad snap your fingers. There’s PPE. New York was supposed to plan for this like every other state. It’s on their shoulders. And yet you have not heard Biden or Harris criticize Cuomo or Murphy or any of the rest of them. You’ve not heard any of them take issue with their nursing home policy. Not one. Not one. The goal is to attack the president of the United States that rip him down and destroy him. And so as I speak to you, the Harris campaign and the Biden campaign and the Democrats. They want this to look like a spectacle. Tomorrow night on that stage. And then they want to blame it on Trump. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

It’s amazing how the Democrats, with the help of the media and billions and billions of dollars, are able to change reality. It’s the Democrat governor’s short on beds. The Democrat governors showed on PPD, the Democratic governor showed on ventilators. The Democratic governors whose policies result in an enormous deaths in nursing homes and assisted living homes. It’s the Democrat governors who shut down the state’s economies and put people and businesses out of work and close them, said Democrat governors who undermine law enforcement during riots. The Democrat governors and mayors who shut the schools. This is all blamed on Trump. It’s amazing how that works when you have a propaganda media and and well and lies and less lies. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

You know, how can I put this being too offensive to certain people? Amazing how quickly. People buck all there, try to position themselves and they look at polls and they think that the president, the United States may not win. They’re already creating narratives, positioning themselves and so forth. If the president loses, it’s kind of ladies and gentlemen. You’ve been with me almost 20 years here. This isn’t how I operate. God forbid, if that happens and I will confront that false narrative. There’s a lot of forces at play here. A lot of forces. That said. At a time like this. Our efforts need to be focused on rallying the nation, uplifting each other. To try to avoid. A disaster, the election of Biden, the Democrats taking the Senate and the Democrats holding the House because if they succeed. He will not recognize your government. This is an arms A.I. constitutional party. I’m hoping the vice president will say, but if he doesn’t, I’m saying. This is an election about whether or not you embrace. The declaration and the Constitution. I don’t want to hear about their imperfections. They’re the most perfect documents that man has ever come up with. All we do is talk about their imperfections. But they’ve created liberty. They’ve created prosperity. They’ve created diversity. They’ve created the greatest equality of any nation on the face, the earth. Despite the greatest diversity on the face, the earth in this nation and despite what the propagandists, the race baiters and the so-called social activists have to say. And they’re able to say all these things because they’re in America. Lot of societies, they wouldn’t be able to say any of it. But the never Trumpers and the I think I’m a never Trump or I was never Trump or all these guys. I just wonder if they take this as seriously. I really do. If Donald Trump would only do this, if Donald Trump would only do that, you know, we the people are responsible for what happens to this country. We are. We’re responsible. If we’re going to live free, well, we’re not. The lines of this campaign couldn’t be clearer. They couldn’t be more bold, the positions couldn’t be more stark. Regardless of debates, regardless how it’s delivered, regardless of any of the. You either love this country or you don’t. Kamala Harris does not. And I want every left wing site to repeat what I just said. If you want to fundamentally transform virtually every aspect of this country and you’re the most radical person in the United States Senate. Well, what is it about this country you love? You don’t like the founders. You don’t like the framers. You don’t like the Constitution. You attack law enforcement. You don’t believe in a nation state with actual borders that should be enforced. You don’t believe in the capitalist free market system that goes hand in hand with individual liberty. What is it about this country that they love other than the power that it gives them and the wealth that it gives them? And why did they never talk about. They never talk about. And so here we are. What, 30 days? Twenty nine days before the election. Trump loses, it’s all on him, No, it’s on us, it’s not on him. The guy’s been fighting like hell. When fighting like hell. If I would only conduct himself the way I want him to conduct himself. Then we would win. Maybe, maybe not. But the fact is the issues that are discussed. Nationally on TV. Or not even the issues that are relevant to our lives and the endless lies about the president, the lies about the Corona virus, the lies about the rioting, the lies and the cover ups, about what the Democrats want to do, even though they have boldly stated a number of things that were bad enough, they 110 pages of this crap. And believe me, a lot of it’s an invisible link. They got all kinds of ideas that they haven’t even told us about. You got people leaving California. Do they know why they’re leaving California? How did the Democrats take over California? How is it that they have supermajorities in the assembly and in the state Senate? Donald Trump wasn’t the governor. Donald Trump didn’t say anything about California. Donald Trump wasn’t in California. How is it that these same forces, these same powers took over a state that Ronald Reagan ran for eight years? And Deukmejian and Pete Wilson, great governors. How is it? Is that Donald Trump’s fault? And yet, look at it, it’s a one party iron fisted state. That’s destroying its citizenry. That’s destroying its business atmosphere that people are leaving. They’re literally leaving. That’s not Donald Trump. Look at what’s happened in New York. Look what’s happened in New York City. It’s a disaster. People are leaving. They’ve had enough. They’re getting out. That’s not Donald Trump’s fault. If Donald Trump loses, it’s our fault. It’s our fault because we haven’t done enough. Or maybe there just aren’t enough of us. That’s the truth. That’s the truth, so no, we the people are not going to participate. And after election recriminations, what we’re fighting to win this damn election. It’s very, very important. That we spend our time exposing them. Advancing our agenda and rallying the troops, rallying one another. You’re not a sunshine patriot. You’re not a summertime soldier. You’re an American citizen. You and your ancestors have invested their lives in this country. And you want to make this country as strong as you can for your kids and your grandkids. This isn’t some debating society. This isn’t about social media. It’s about a hell of a lot more than that. Everything’s at stake. Everything. And that should be our focus. That should be the focus of every major conservative in television, every major conservative and radio, every major conservative who has access to the public. We’ve got to stand together, we’ve got to stand strong or we won’t stand it all. Gillian Turner is a reporter for Fox. She’s worked. As I understand it, that that National Security Council or various presidents, Democrats and Republicans. She revealed yesterday that she got the corona virus. And you know what else she said that’s being ignored. She followed every single piece of advice. That the public scientists were giving. In terms of wearing the masks, in terms of sanitizer and washing your hands, in terms of socializing and not. And she’s stuck with the Corona virus. And so have many, many people in this country. It has nothing to do with Donald Trump. Nothing. You know, I listen to this. May I call them panty waists penny wise. Right, Mr. Producer, these penny wise hosts on cable TV and you read them in The Washington Post and New York Slimes. You know, if Donald Trump doesn’t dictate and mandate that you wear a mask, then he’s a responsible. Does Donald Trump. Have to dictate to wipe your butt. Does Donald Trump have the dictate? To make sure you cook your chicken before you eat it so you don’t get salmonella. Does Donald Trump have to dictate to take your hand out of the doorway before you close the door? Does Donald Trump have the dictate when you have boiling water? Don’t stick your face on it. I mean, what is this? We’ve had seven months of this. Stop the curve, lower the curve. Do this, do that. If you don’t know to wear a mask or you choose not to wear a mask. What the hell does that have to do with Donald Trump? The fact that we have masks that has something to do with Donald Trump, not a single one of these damn Democrat governors had anything and they were supposed to. And factually from day one. Oh, that great vouch. You don’t really have to wear a mask, you know. And now you oh, you better wear it all the time. There he is in the baseball stadium without a mask. Oh, they’re just playing gotcha. Yeah. Yeah. Got it. Get a note to wear a mask if you want to wear a mask. What’s the president supposed to do about. Then they lie that he called this virus a hoax. Even the left wing fact checkers, which are almost all of them, said, no, he didn’t. Then they lie and say, he said the drink detergent. No, he didn’t. God forbid he was cracking a joke. Oh, you can’t do that, then Joe Biden says. You know what? I decided to run for president. If the Charlottesville. Here’s a guy that’s been running for president. First third time, I know. Oh, no, it’s Charlottesville because of what Trump said about the Klan and the Nazi, she’s embraced him. You know, he’s a racist. He’s a racist cause I’ve gone through it. How many times? Word for word. Syllable for syllable. He never said that ever. However. And yet Joe Biden is a racist. He is a bigot. He’s got a long history of it and not just words, but actions in the United States Senate, and Kamala Harris called him out on it. But she wanted to be vice president. Boy. And she wants to be president. And she’ll flip flop and flop, flip all over that matter. She’s power hungry. Has the former mayor of. San Francisco, The former speaker at California, Willie Brown, how power hungry. Kamala Harris is and how she’ll do almost anything to climb the ladder. Well, that’s what you see. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

You know, we’re in a battle, Senate armed battle. There aren’t bullets flying, but nonetheless, the battles to save for the future of the country. We can’t have people shoot spitballs. While the battles going on. I’m just it’s just it’s shocking to me. I want to thank you, patriots, you Levinites. Life, liberty and Levin again was the number one. Cable news show and all Sunday on all cable network. That’s thanks to you. And I think you like our format where it’s one or two guests, typically one. And I ask questions and they get to answer. And this is the sixth or seventh week in a row where that has occurred, where we have been the number one show. Not on Sunday evenings on Sundays. Period. On talk news cable, now you won’t find that. Or more most Web sites telling you about cable, you won’t find that in the trades. Telling you about cable because they like the fights. They like it. I don’t like it. If there were serious substantive scholarly debates, we could learn something, that’s one thing. We can’t get liberals on Life, Liberty and Levin. We’ve tried all these left wing Democrat candidates, not a damn one of them want to come on or wanted to come on. And by the course, don’t want to come on. I don’t need flunkies that you see all over cable on my show. That’s not the goal. The principals. That’s all we want. But the principles are highly. We had the president of the United States who actually got to speak for an hour. And I’m encouraging Fox to replay that, and I think they will at some point. With the attorney general, the United States, who actually got to speak for an hour with the secretary of state, who actually got to speak for an hour. We had our Ted Cruz, who actually got to speak for an his book, one from number 31 on Amazon to number one because I’m hawking his book, but because his book is relevant to what’s going on today. And this Sunday, we’ll have the great governor of Florida, the key of the battleground states. Ron deSantos, we’ll talk to him about how he’s handled the Corona virus economy. How he’s handled nursing homes and assisted living homes. The testing, the availability of various. Drugs and of course, what’s going on in that state, as I say, it’s key to the general election. Here’s a if not the finest one of the finest governors in the state. Excuse me, in the country. And so we can learn from him and he will be the guest next Sunday for the entire hour. But this is what I do. And as we get closer and closer to the election, I’m I don’t pretend to be a journalist. It’s the journalists who pretend to be journalists. We know where they stand. I’m as honest and forthright. And let me use their word transparent as compulsively be. They are opaque. They are liars and they are leftists. These phony journalists, they know it and I know it lots more when I return. I’ll be right back.