October 5, 2020

October 5, 2020

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, The American media is corrupt. All they do is promote narratives to attack the president’s response to the coronavirus as downplayed. Yet, it was President Trump that ramped up production of PPE, ventilators, deployed Naval hospital ships, passed immediate cash relief to citizens, and launched Operation Warp Speed (OWS). The OWS initiative has brought about numerous therapeutics and a possible vaccine in record time. That’s not downplaying, that’s taking decisive action. Then, in the three days that Trump was hospitalized, he’s proved that a 74-year old man can be treated with Zinc, Vitamin D, Aspirin, and the new therapeutic drug Remdesivir on a 72-hour period and be released from the hospital. This just wasn’t’ possible six months ago. So to suggest that Trump downplayed or delayed the response to this pandemic is insulting. Later, historically, experts have repudiated the concept of normalcy indicating that there is no practical way to contain the infection of a respiratory virus. A stark reminder of how the media has changed since the times of JFK and FDR where they concealed their illness and liability. Today, the media pleads that they have a right to know every detail of President Trump’s medical condition. Afterward, Dan Bongino calls in to discuss new developments with this health, his upcoming book – Follow The Money, and big tech censorship. After, Facebook recently limited the distribution of the Mark Levin Show Facebook account for sharing articles that “lack context” in the opinion of the Facebook fact-checkers. Finally, Jeanne Ives calls in to discuss her run for Illinois 6th Congressional district.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

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A Mickey Mouse media we have in this country. Absolute pathetic, corrupt joke. Corrupt, they pretend they care about the well-being of the president, commander in chief. They could give a damn. They wish he would drop dead tomorrow. You and I know it. This line, you know, we all wish him the best and then attack, attack, attack. And they have these narratives that they just keep pushing that the president has downplayed the virus, really. President’s been in charge of Operation Warp Speed to try and get a vaccine as fast as possible to save as many lives as possible. We’ve got new therapeutics out there that we didn’t have. We didn’t have that were developed in warp speed time. He’s the one that got the ventilators. He’s the one that got the PPD, he’s the one that had the extra hospital beds, Bill. But he didn’t take it seriously, ladies and gentlemen. He’s the one that’s had to deal with an economy that collapsed. As a result of this virus and as a result of punitive decisions made by some of these governors through emergency powers and now at least one court in Michigan says the Supreme Court of Michigan, the governor there, don’t even have and I doubt most of them do. Day in and day out, we saw what he was doing day in and day out. He’s meeting with hundreds and hundreds of people. The task force scientists and other experts in the federal government, in different federal agencies. Peoplein the private sector. Experts. All kinds of people providing advice to the president, the United States. Biden sits in his basement eating pistachio nuts and Lays potato chips, shooting spitballs all over the place, never lifts a finger, can barely complete a sentence. President United States day in and day out. We saw it on video. We know what he’s been doing and yet they keep telling us he’s been downplaying the virus and now maybe he’ll take it seriously. Now, maybe that he’s got the virus. Maybe he’ll take it seriously. How sick is this? They say doesn’t follow the science has been following the science since day one. He’s been trying to accommodate governors who’ve made bad decisions in terms of prioritizing their budget and their health needs in their states and others. They’re the front lines. He’s been filling their gaps left and right. He’s been pushing through Congress these massive relief bills. Now he wants to focus more on the virus. And now Nancy Pelosi holds him up and says, no, no, no, no. Not until you bail out the blue state governors and their pensions. Pensions. Oh, yes. Only then. Well, we help the unemployed. Only then will we help restaurants. Only then will we help airlines. She holds a gun to his head. She’s never criticized for anything. She has the gall to go on TV the other day to basically say the chickens coming home to roost for the press of the United States with a mask. This is the woman who tried to sneak into a salon without a mask. Joe Biden lecturing about what he would have done with a virus. He basically, as he always does, plagiarize is what the president did do. But he had a shot eleven years ago utterly and completely blew it. With the swine flu. And we’ve been through it. I don’t need to go through it again. But the narrative that the media, corrupt leftwing media keep pushing that he downplayed the virus. Really? Signing trillions and trillions of dollars in spending bills. Already has contracted for the production of the vaccines should they come off the scientific table relatively early. He’s already contracted for the distribution. They’ve already put in place a regime on how it’s to be distributed. Does this sound like a guy who’s downplaying a virus? Does it sound like somebody who doesn’t take it seriously? Why? Because he doesn’t wear a mask every single minute of the day. They have no idea how he got this virus. Lots of people who wear masks and socially distance are still getting the virus. It’s a virus. And there’s no 100 percent foolproof way to deal with it, either in your own life or your family’s life or any business. Even if you’re president, the United States. Then I hear he didn’t protect us. He didn’t protect his staff. He didn’t protect the Secret Service. What are they talking about? He didn’t protect us. He took steps that the Democrats and the media opposed. We know what they are already travel bans from it to China. Travel bans from it to Europe. Thatcher was opposed to it. He did it anyway. He did it anyway. What is it? We haven’t shutdown the economy, so we look like North Korea and handed the election over the Democrat. This is what they’re upset about. Their media and the Democrat Party media and the Democrat Party pushing these these lies and these narratives. While he’s in the hospital. Protecting the Secret Service. I heard my buddy Bongino say all of a sudden they’re worried about law enforcement, not when they’re getting beaten over the head. Not when these ATF of Black Lives Matter and other running around spewing, spitting, throwing Molotov cocktails. They never had a problem with that. Nancy Pelosi calls them storm troopers. James Clyburn calls him Gestapo. They’re called secret police. All of a sudden, the Democrats in the media are worried about law enforcement. How disgusting is this? How transparent and cynical is this? Unbelievable. He didn’t protect his staff. I’ve gone into that Oval Office at least four times since this virus. You are tested before you can go into the Oval Office. You must socially distance when you’re in the Oval Office. I have no idea what they’re talking about. None. And neither do they. And the president’s going to be walking out of Walter Reed Hospital sometime this evening, sometimes during the course of this program. Because he wants to get out and he wants to lead the country. He’s a serious man. He has a serious job. Joe Biden has never been a serious man 47 years, nothing to show for it. Nothing. They concoct a fiction around this man. A fiction that somehow he’s a leader because he wears a mask. It’s appalling. His SUV ride. Look at the Secret Service members, look, look healthy, endangered them. He didn’t endanger any of them. Last check. None of them got sick from Trump. But they’re worried about the Secret Service. Were they worried about the Secret Service at Lafayette Park when they were being attacked? Not in the least. Not in the least. They attacked the Secret Service. They attacked the park police. They attacked federal law enforcement, the attorney general, the Department of Justice, thepresident, the United States. And now all of a sudden they genuflect. And this is what they do. Oh, the poor Secret Service. Anything to destroy Trump? Anything, even when he’s sick, even when he has the virus. What this shows you is anybody can get the virus. Even with masks and socially distancing and tests and all the rest. It is a horrible, horrible virus. And yet. The mortality rate is very, very low for the vast majority of the population. You don’t see criticism like this. You don’t see criticism like this. Karanja Cuomo. For Phil Murphy, for Pritzker, for Newsome, for Whitmer, none of them who shop corona positive patients in nursing homes and into assisted living homes, 40 percent of the people who are dead are dead from nursing homes, assisted living homes in that age group. Have you heard a single single Democrat? Biden? Harris criticized what was done. There is affirmative steps taken that killed people. Affirmative step. Apparently they didn’t take the virus seriously. You never hear that. You never hear that. The president, United States, and put out those directives. Those governors put out those directives. How do I know? I have three of them right in front of me. And yet the media pretend they don’t exist. Biden pretends they don’t exist. Harris pretends they don’t exist. They all pretend they don’t exist. This president has moved heaven and earth to deal with this virus. And they’re trying to use it to bring down his presidency, just like they tried to concoct a Russia connection to bring down his presidency, just like they tried to concoct payoffs and tax evasion and tax violations when it comes to Michael Cohen. None of that has occurred. None of it. Three weeks ago, we’re talking about an Atlantic article two weeks ago, we’re talking about a Bob Woodward article. Two months ago it was John Bolton. Anything and everything, they just throw it against the wall over and over again because they think you’re stupid. And because they know 40 percent of the country is stupid. We call that the Democrat base. Meanwhile, watch the scrutiny on Joe Biden’s health. None whatsoever, none. Everybody knows he has issues. Everybody knows he has issues. Do they ask for medical records? They ask for tests. Nothing. Zero. What about the country with the country be endangered if somebody like this is pressing the United States with a finger six inches away from the nuclear code? No, no, no. No questions. Nothing. What about his record in dealing with a a virus that doesn’t even come close to the complexity and difficulty of this virus? What about not a question to Joe, not a question about what he failed to do? Nothing. Nothing about his health. No transparency. Nothing about his failures when it came to the to the swine flu? Nothing. Zero. More when I return.

Hour 1 Segment 2

They tried to create a scandal, and now we’re not getting the straight information on the president’s health transference, on one hand, the doctors tell us this on the other hand. A top White House official who they later tell it’s Mark Meadows tells us something completely different. No, he didn’t. He told them what took place and why the president went to the hospital. The doctors were talking about the condition of the president at the hospital and they try and turn this into a scandal. You know, we have a right to know. We have to get the facts. After all, he is president of the United States here. And then the Democrats start in and then and the media start. They all sound the same. You know what? We can’t trust anything Jon Karl says of ABC now this White House. Because they lie all the time. They just lie and lie and lie. And in the hilarity. Here is Joe Biden’s entire career as a reputation as a liar. And so during the debate last week, what is he gonna do? You’re a liar. Liar, liar, liar. The media know full well. Well, they should, but maybe they’re ignoramuses, so they don’t. But the history of presidents and their health situations. And after the bottom of the hour, I’m going to go through a couple of these with you. And by the way, Facebook, I’m forgotten Facebook. Facebook is definitely trying to censor me. They’re trying to censor me before the election. They’ve gone back to articles I posted in July and report on them in September. Articles from reputable sources, you can see their left wing agenda play that this is fake news because the scientists tell us climate change is also this, that sort of thing. And I’m not going to stand for it. And in the end, if there’s nothing I can do about it, we’re going to leave Facebook and I’m going to take hopefully a million and a half of you with me. And we’ll go to. Other would say we’ll go to Parler and so we’re ready. Funny thing about face, but I have over a million followers in parlor now. I’ve had one point five million at Facebook forever. Right, Rich? Pretty much forever. We never seem that anybody on Facebook. So I’m convinced they have their little hit team out. They follow Media Matters pretty much, and I’m not going to put up with this bull crap. I’m just not. And so there’s nothing I can do about it. And we’re looking into it. Trust me. Trust me. Then we’re gonna drop them like a hot potato. Because Facebook is not an honest purveyor of information. It’s not what they claim to be sort of a public square of information. They’re obviously targeting my show, targeting me right up the election because I’m very effective and you’re very effective and they’re trying to influence the outcome of this election, my view. They’re in violation of federal campaign laws, the way they’re conducting themselves. They’re interfering with my business. And we’ll see how this plays out. We’ll see how this plays out. They have a lot of protections. And all that has to be stripped away. That all has to be stripped away. We’re not going to put up with this crap. I don’t monetize my show on Facebook. We don’t get a penny from Facebook. Other hosts do. Other people do. We don’t. Facebook benefits from me and my show and one point five million or so of you on Facebook. Besides, Facebook is getting old, isn’t it, Mr. Producer? He really is getting old. More on that a little bit later after the bottom of the hour. I want to tell you about a couple of presidents that the press protected. Of course, they’re Democrats. But Donald Trump, there’s nothing Donald Trump can do even when he’s sick, even when he wants to thank the people who are who came from all over the country to support him at the at the hospital. If it were Barack Obama, they’d say, wow, look at him. What a leader. Look at look at Barack. He’s just unbelievable. He’s kind. He’s compassionate. People came out even though he’s sick. You didn’t hear anything about the Secret Service, which he treated like ass. Obama treated the Secret Service like crap. And Michelle was even worse. I’ll be right back

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You know, we’re doing one kickass show after another here. I’m glad you’re with us, whether you’re here on terrestrial radio or on our podcast or other forms of listening to the program. Satellite is a perfect example. We want to thank you very much. It’s very important to lead up to this election each and every minute of each and every broadcast hour. Let’s look at three Democrats. Just so you have some perspective. Because I don’t make any bones about it. The media in this country. I despise them. I wrote an entire book on them because they’re frauds. They’re filled with Democrats. They’re filled with social activists. They have abandoned objective journalism. And they’ve destroyed the free press. They’ve absolutely destroyed it. Here we have a piece from the great Daniel Horowitz at The Blaze dot com. Woodrow Wilson. What did Woodrow Wilson say when he contracted the Spanish flu in1918? He said absolutely nothing. In fact, not only did President Woodrow Wilson fail to speak out about his own illness. There are no known records of major speeches ever delivered by the 20th president about the Spanish flu, which killed the equivalent of two point two million people in today’s population. Two point two million. And the median age of the death. Twenty eight years old. The Spanish flu is a greater calamity than Covid 19 in everyway. And President Wilson got a lot sicker from it than President Trump has from this virus. In April 1919, after the worst of the Spanish flu, it passed. Wilson contracted the virus in Paris while meeting at the big four peace talks about the aftermath of World War One. We’re Rear Admiral Carrie Grayson described the president a shaving been suddenly taken violently sick with the influenza at a time when the whole of civilization seemed to be in the balance, quote, unquote. We also never discussed his illness publicly, and the country was unaware the extent of his illness at the time. Now this silence reflected a broader mentality at the time and understanding that the ability of human beings to change the arc of a respiratory virus through public policy is extremely limited. Let me repeat that. The ability of human beings to change the arc of a respiratory virus through public policy is extremely limited. Look today all over the world. With this in mind, he says. Horowitz, I was curious to research what Wilson had said about the Spanish flu during his 1918 State of the Union address. That year, the address was delivered on December 2nd.Just weeks after the peak months of the virus, when hundreds of thousands of very young Americans died. What words of healing and inspiration to Wilson offer? What sort of public policy promises, proclamations, mandates and restrictions? Did he announce? None. He didn’t say a word. Absolutely no mention or fleeting reference to the Spanish flu and that or any other State of the Union address or any other major speech for that matter. It’s truly hard to overstate the enormity of this observation, especially looking through today’s covert obsessed political lens. The State of the Union address was a big deal for Wilson. The fact that Wilson failed to mention a word about the virus, even amid the fallout from World War One, speaks volumes. This virus today is not nearly as devastating in terms of the true death toll and years of life lost as the Spanish flu. But still, imagine Trump delivering the address in a few months and failing to mention a word about the Corona virus. The reality is that society understood in those days that a respiratory virus, unlike a war, is a God made plague and that there’s little that can be done to mitigate its spread. There is no known method of arresting the spread of a virus and making it disappear. The best we can do is focus on treatment, which is thankfully getting better. And we’ve talked about what the president’s been doing. And then Horowitz makes this very, very important point. Rather than educating the public on the best use of vitamins, zinc hydroxichloroquine and other available remedies, the so-called public health experts sold us a bill of goods that somehow we could avoid getting the virus by hiding and running forever. We now see that it’s foolish to think you can run or hide from or arrest the spread. Of a virus, a respiratory virus. In past generations, they understood that trying to stop the spread of flu like viruses is a fool’s errand. As Dr. Andrew Bostrom, an academic medical researcher and associate professor of family medicine at Brown, who you’ll never see on the Sunday shows, noted on Twitter, barely anyone remembers the Hong Kong flu of 1968 or that President Johnson was hospitalized with a Hong Kong flu of 1968. As Mr. Bostrom notes, the adjusted death toll for the 68 69 Hong Kong flu will be two hundred sixty five thousand. A similar dynamic played out in 1957 during the Asian flu, which killed even more people, especially when considering there are so many more seniors in American today trying to ask your parents if they remember living through these epidemics, go ahead and ask them. Everyone remembers Woodstock in 1968. Very few remember the Hong Kong flu or the Asian flu. That’s because public health officials realized that disrupting people’s lives would only harm society, not spread the spread of a respiratory virus. As D.A. Henderson, the former dean of Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, who’s widely credited with helping to eradicate smallpox, wrote in a 2009 analysis of the Asian flu quote. This was in recognition. They saw no practical means for limiting the spread of that infection, unquote. He warned in a paper a few years earlier. Quote, Experience has shown that communities faced with epidemics or other adverse events respond best and with the least anxiety when the normal social functioning of the community is least disrupted, unquote. Not only have today’s so-called experts repudiated the concept of normalcy and some of our leaders, so-called they’ve turned a national panic and psychosis into a new normal and we are continuing to pay for the consequences of 15 years to flatten occur 15 years, they say. Now medical transparency. In a period of 48 hours, we knew everything the president had gone through and what was going through. But it wasn’t good enough for the weekend hosts on cable and other state and other networks. The president was lying. You can’t trust this White House. Had a little bit of research, as I always do, but obviously far more than all the media put together. The Atlantic Magazine of All Places archive in August 2013. The medical ordeals of John F. Kennedy, the core the Kennedy image was in many respects a lie. A presidential biographer granted access to medical files, portrays a man far sicker than the public knew. And that’s Robert Dallek. The lifelong health problems of John Kennedy cuts to do one of the best kept secrets of recent U.S. history. No surprise, because if the extent of those problems had been revealed while he was alive, his presidential ambitions would likely been dashed. Kennedy, like so many of his predecessors, was more intent on winning the presidency than revealing himself to the public on one level, this secrecy can be taken as another stain on his off criticized character, a deception maintained at the potential expense of the citizens. He was elected to lead. Yet there’s another way of viewing the silence regarding his health as the quiet stoicism of a man struggling to endure extraordinary pain and distress in performing his presidential duties, largely undeterred by his physical suffering. Does this not also speak to his character? And it goes on. How sick this man was. He had Addison’s disease. He had many disease. He was very, very old man. Throughout his presidency, he had chronic back problems on top of everything else. Donald Trump didn’t do any of this. In 48 hours, we know everything that had happened to this president and everything else happened. Hey, how many times should you get oxygen while at the hospital? Twice. Really? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Not because he was dying. Not because it was deadly. By the way, the president’s on the way back to the White House. Then there was FDR. Another big time left wing Democrat, Washington Compost wow. January 24, 1982. They don’t mean looking at it. They only mean look at their own damn archives. The life of Franklin Delano Roosevelt is an astonishment and twenty one at the age of thirty nine, he was struck by an attack of infantile paralysis, which left him paralyzed below the waist for the rest of his life at a time when the severely handicapped were seldom even seen in public. FDR resumed his political care career twice elected governor, New York and. 32, of course, elected president. No one else in recorded history of mankind is chosen as leader, the people, even though he could neither stand alone nor walk. They go on to explain how they tried to cover up his paralysis and his use of braces. Throughout his twelve years in the White House, Roosevelt led the country from a wheelchair. He was helped most often lifted bodily into, into and out of cars, tubs, chairs or beds. Journalist John got the reports was a startling experience to see the president, the United States being carried up and downstairs like a sack of potatoes, quote unquote, as his son James once described it. But they did what they could to keep it out of the camera’s view and journalists at the time. Well, I liked FDR. And so most of the time you saw none of that. You see pictures now of it. You see more pictures of it now. Then they say then the American people solve it. Then. FDR, JFK. Woodrow Wilson. Nothing President Donald Trump has done comes close to what these three men did close. And yet all weekend long. We have a right to know the condition of the president well, of course, we did get to know the condition of the president. Now we need to know, right. This damn minute right now. Why do you care about him? And then they go about the 25th Amendment. They only know what’s in the 25th Amendment. Nancy Pelosi’s ask about power. What happens? Nancy, you know, have you been briefed on this issue? No, I haven’t. Your second line, nobody said anything to you. And then, of course, what’s the effect on the campaign? Now, the American people, are they going to see a president who is now going to take this virus seriously? Because we all know he hasn’t. Despite all the meetings, hundreds, thousands of experts, despite Operation Warp Speed, despite despite pushing for vaccines and therapy, some therapies so cutting edge, they were used on the president. All this talk about the Army Corps of Engineers and ICU beds. All this talk about ventilators and respirators and PPE, no more. No, no, no. When is this president going to take this seriously? This is why you hate these bastards in the media. And you should. You don’t like being lied to. You don’t like it when they they trash one man in the Republican Party while they got up another man and the Democrat Party. Biden will never be asked questions about his mental health, his wife said, Dr. Jill. No, my questions are, oh, oh, okay, we’re done. No questions at all about how a country. How acountry can be led by a man like this. You would have heard over and over again. If I were Ronald Reagan, I got nuclear weapons in the hands of a Ronald Wright. How about nuclear weapons in the hands of Joe Biden? We don’t hear about that, do we? Ladies and gentlemen. And you never will. The only people who’ve downplayed this virus are Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden. They said nothing serious about it. Nothing affirmative that we should do about it, despite Joe’s extensive experience in dealing with the swine flu. And despite the fact Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have been around forever. Not once did they say, hey, Mr. President, how can we chip in and help you? What do you need from us in Congress? What do you need from us in the Democrat Party? What can we do? Not a damn thing. Because they want this issue torun on. You know what they’re not running on. This document I have in front of me, the 110 page Communist Manifesto. Has Joe Biden even read it? No. Has Kamala Harris even read it? No. Bernie Sanders read it. His people wrote it, AOC wrote it. Notice how little is discussed about this. There’s a 110 page Communist Manifesto. It is a disgusting attack on the core of this nation. And we never hear a damn thing about it from the media, do we? I’ll be right back.

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President noted states as helicopters landing on the not the south mornings, I mean, technically the South Lawn, but near the White House entry and I’m sure he will be walking in there shortly. So 74 year old man, he’s got the energy of a 30 year old man. It’s incredible. He really is a remarkable human being in so many ways. When we come back, I’m going to tell you what this election is about, has nothing to do with anything you’ve heard all weekend long. It is amazing to me that they’re counting how many times the president interrupted during the debate and how many times Joe Biden interrupted during the debate, and that you and I are supposed to be influenced by that when we vote. So what does that have to do with your life? What does that have to do with your business? What does it have to do with your job? What does that have to do with your ability to put food on the table? Absolutely nothing. The media are obsessed with themselves. These are ego maniacs. These are narcissists. And then you have these people going on these different shows looking for ways to trash the president to get even with the president. I don’t care how many times the president interrupted. Why don’t they keep a list of how many times Joe Biden lied through his 40s over and over and over again? That was his tactic. He got two minutes like 17 times. Then throw it at Trump and then Trump doesn’t have a time to answer at all. Meanwhile, Biden interrupted Trump first. But this is this is idiotic. This is only important to Washington, D.C.. The fact is, Joe Biden didn’t give anybody any reason to vote for him for president. The United States. Not any reason more when I return.