September 23, 2020

September 23, 2020

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, No officers were charged in the shooting of Breonna Taylor, who was killed after her boyfriend shot at police officers serving a warrant on him. Sadly, the media misinforms the masses, and those that prey on the misinformed stoke further division. Then, Democrat Judges are on the move to help Joe Biden in battleground states. In most cases, a single Judge in various states including Pennsylvania are redefining election day for political purposes. This is antithetical to the federal Constitution which grants each state’s legislature such power. Later, it’s the opinion of this program that the Democrats will soon launch a public relations campaign to demand that any justice that President Trump appoints must recuse themselves from anything regarding the 2020 election. Similarly, former President Obama and other demagogical Democrats are warning that the election isn’t about Joe Biden it’s about democracy itself. Afterward, Governor Ron DeSantis calls in to discuss how voter registration has increased in Florida and his anti-mob act, “combatting violence, disorder and looting and law enforcement protection act.” Finally, Chip Roy calls in to discuss the democrat party’s radical agenda and his run for Texas’ 21st congressional district.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

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You’re at the right place. In this country, there will be. Potentially 19000 murders this year. Nineteen thousand. The enormity. There will be about 75, 100. Black people, Mark. Even though blacks are 13 percent of the population, 90 percent of them will be murdered by other black people. The amount of murder in this country is significant and it’s going to get worse with these attacks on the cops. And so I want to talk about the Brianna Taylor case very briefly. The basic facts is made available by the attorney general, Kentucky, who has a tremendous future ahead of him. Daniel Cameron, he was superb. You can tell how. How wise he is at a very young age. You have three police officers. They have a search warrant. They announced themselves at the door. So they give notice to the people inside the apartment. The attorney general says there was a witness, an independent witness to that effect. There’s two individuals inside the apartment. Kenneth Walker, who’s the boyfriend of. The eventual victim. Brianna Walk Taylor. Kevin Walker. Say she didn’t hear any notice. He didn’t hear any. Anywhere the police. In it, an independent witness said that’s exactly what the police did. This is not a so-called no knock warrant where you just burst in. So that’s an important point. Even if it were. But that’s still an important point. Kenneth Walker shoots at the police officers. And the testimony is, as the attorney general says, that he was in a shooting posture. He’s the first to shoot and he shoots and he hits a police officer in the leg. I believe it was the thigh. Now, when you shoot a police officer, that police officer and other police officers are going to shoot back. That’s exactly what they did. They shot back. So it’s Kenneth Walker who put his girlfriend. Brianna Taylor in danger, not the police officers. He’ll have a word. Issued by a judge. And they shoot back. No, they don’t know how many people are in the apartment. They don’t know how many armed people are in the apartment and they’re acting on the tenth of a second. And they have every right to defend themselves. And that’s exactly what they do. Unfortunately, because of what Kenneth Walker did. Brianna Taylor was killed. Turns out she was shot five or six times, but the medical experts say it was one bullet that that killed her, which is horrible, horrible. By all accounts, she was a lovely lady. Emergency room technician. A beautiful young lady. Those two police officers have not been charged. Because, again, if you shoot at a police officer, they have the right to defend themselves. They didn’t try and kill Brianna Taylor. They plan to be Brianna. Taylor was in their. So why would they be charged with anything, let alone murder? Murder the intent to kill Brianna Taylor. That would be absurd. And yet that’s what the mob in the streets demand. This guy Krump, isn’t that his name? The lawyer. I’ll get to him in a minute. There’s a third officers names, Hankins. He’s the one who’s indicted. He didn’t shoot Brianna Taylor. None of the bullets he dispensed. Touched Brianna Taylor. He opened fire. And the media says he fired wildly. That’s not what the attorney general said. But. He fired. And he emptied his magazine. And he’s charged with. Wanton. Endangerment. Not a piano. Taylor. But if the neighbors. Because the bullets apparently went through the wall into the apartment next door. Guess they didn’t have hollow points, but nonetheless. Now, his rounds didn’t hurt anybody. He didn’t hit anybody, but apparently one or more of them went through the wall into the adjoining apartment. He’s charged with three counts. Three counts, three charges of first degree wanton endangerment of a neighbor. And so you have Krump out there saying, how is it that none of the officers were charged with murder? I keep hearing this from the media. Two of the three officers, not one, was charged with murder. So the media are inflaming the situation by giving disinformation to the American people. Including hotheads out there. Now, I’m going to tell you this. This officer, Hank Johnson. He shouldn’t be indicted either. Those officers are concerned based on the facts that I heard today. They are concerned. About their lives. They were shot at first. Hank Johnson is indicted three counts of first degree. Wanton endangerment, in other words, recklessness of neighbors. So nobody should have been accused of homicide and nobody was. And even this these three charges against Hankins and to me are really way over the top. Now, what about Kenneth Walker, the individual who shot the police officer, the individual who was the first to shoot? What is he charged with, Mister Producer? Nothing. He’s not charged with anything. And so a mob is gathering in Louisville, Kentucky. They’re also peaceful protesters that went on for several hours. But the mob is gathering. And I have to say this. I don’t know who the mayor of Louisville is. But his police are in full riot gear and they look ready. And the governor of Kentucky has called a Democrat, is called in the National Guard. Now, you don’t see the National Guard on TV because they hang back. In other words, they’re the second line of defense, not the first. So I’m listening to this all day and so we get discussions about Jim Crow. We get discussions about the 1940s and 50s in equality. You have to look at the facts of a specific case. This isn’t about a civil rights movement. This isn’t about segregation. This isn’t about Jim Crow. This is about what the hell took place here. A horrible thing took place here. A beautiful young woman. Was killed. And if her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker. Hadn’t shot at and wounded a police officer. She would be alive today. And he’s charged with nothing. You don’t shoot at cops. I look at this case and then I hear athletes, politicians, this guy, Krump. Phony journalists throwing all these names together, we got Brianna a. We’ve got this case. That case. Wait a minute. Each one of these cases require an examination. Each one of these cases require a look at the facts. That’s how you do justice in this country, not mob rule. And most of the cases as we see them, these aren’t executions of black people. They’re typically very sad and unfortunate events. And they happen to white people, too. But we never see the cases with white people. We never see them. But they’re there. So now Hank Johnson. Who literally didn’t shoot anybody. He’s facing up to 15 years in prison. Up to 15 years in prison. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

A lot to get to. And we shall get to it. By the way. This might brighten your day from Fox News, new polls in three crucial general election battleground states show President Trump holding the edge over Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. The president tops Biden 51 to 47 percent among likely voters. See, now we’re not dealing with registered, but likely in Florida. And Trump holds a one point 49 48 percent edge over the former vice president among likely voters in Arizona. We were hearing it was who’s way behind in Arizona by eight or nine points. We were hearing it was behind in Florida by five. Now we’re looking at likely voters now as a margin of error, plus or minus 4.5. We get it. The president’s ahead of Biden, 48 to 46 percent among likely voters in Georgia. So things are really tightening up. That is exactly why the left, both on the courts and in the state legislatures are on the move. Nine, the canary. In the mind here, who’ve been talking about this now for a long time, I called out Pennsylvania. You may recall. I called out what was going on in Wisconsin and Michigan. Now we have a handy work going on in North Carolina and Minnesota. Those are all battleground states. Five battleground states. They’re pushing the election date beyond election night. They’re allowing votes to be counted in some cases three days later, in some cases two weeks later. This is mostly being done by one judge in each state, or as in the case of Pennsylvania, where they have seven Supreme Court elected justices, five core radical leftist. By that court, Pennsylvania has sued in federal court. I’m not a big believer in that. But Pennsylvania needs to do is assert its authority under Article 2 of the Constitution. Now, finally. You know, we’ve been hammered on this kid’s. It’s being picked up by friend and foe alike. Article 2 of the Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, Clause 2. This is crucial. And I quote. Each state shall appoint in such manner as the legislature thereof may direct a number of electors equal to the number of senators and representatives to which the state may be entitled in Congress. As I’ve told you in our history lessons before, early in our republic, there wasn’t a vote. Basically, the legislators picked. The electors. Now we have votes. But still, the legislatures of every state have the final say. So what we have here in these five battleground states and will be more Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Michigan, which have Republican majority legislatures. Minnesota, which is split Republican Democrat legislature with a Democrat governor. What you see going on is they’re going to these left wing Democrat judges. Or the executives in these states are changing the voting laws. Here at the end of September, when the election is less than six weeks away and in every single instance. It helps Joe Biden and the Democrats. Every single instance. And that’s why they’re getting ready to litigate because they know these very same judges will assist them. That’s what’s going on. But then there’s a piece in the Atlantic and we know how unreliable the Atlantic is, it’s a left wing hack operation, a Democrat front operation, in my view. There’s a piece in there which now, again, is an attack on the Constitution. About something I’ve been talking about that Article 2 and Pollack, Joe Pollack are friend of Bright Bart. He writes up on the Atlantic piece, he says The Atlantic reported the Republicans are investigating contingency plans in which Republican how legislatures would appoint members of the Electoral College if their state’s voting results were still in doubt weeks after Election Day. This is something I wrote about in Men in Black. Also. After the Bush Gore election. So the hack writer for The Atlantic says, according to sources in the Republican Party, at the state and national levels, the Trump campaign is discussing contingency plans to bypass election results and appoint loyal electors in battleground states where Republicans hold the legislative majority. It’s not where to bypass election results. If you have. Governors or secretaries of state or courts acting unconstitutionally and interfering in the process, including on deadlines and all the other requirements that states may have passed. You have the state legislatures that can reassert their federal constitutional authority. And must I want to further develop this for you because this is coming to a head when we return.

Hour 1 Segment 3

You know, when I read there was a 10 days ago or so that Tom Seaver passed away and he had dementia. And then I see today. Gale Sayers passed away. These are tremendous people, not only tremendous athletes, but decent human beings. He passed away. He had dementia. It’s very, very sad. Very, very sad. These were truly iconic players. They weren’t into politics. They weren’t out there, you know, lighting the flames. And they got along with everybody and they. Showed people how to conduct themselves by their actions. By the way, they spoke, by the way they treated other people, not by sending millions and millions of dollars into a left wing front groups and so forth and so on. Just terrific. I don’t even know what their politics was. I don’t even know if there are Democrats, but I don’t even care. Just terrific. So let me swing back as we have a lot to do in the last hour of the program, we have the great governor of Florida, the scientists coming on. We have the great congressman from Texas who’s in a very tight race, but he’s one of the best congressmen in the Congress. And that would be Chip Roy. We have both of those gentlemen on the program in the last hour. Article 2 of the Constitution. And so basically what the Atlantic is trying to say and this is a very diabolical publication. It’s a front group, is that if the state legislatures actually follow the federal constitution, it is they who are stealing the election. Now, what’s happening now in these five battleground states, whether by edict unconstitutional? Or by court rulings or consent decrees unconstitutional. They’re deciding that the executive branch of the state or the courts in the state will decide and change on the fly. The election laws course that undermines, defies, violates Article 2. Of the United States Constitution, which specifically puts it in the hands of the state legislatures, four out of five of these states have Republican majority legislatures. Minnesota, Minnesota is divided. And so what’s happening now is the Democrats are litigating these cases in front. You’re not hearing it in the news very much, and that’s purposeful. And they’re getting these these courts to issue their cherry picking the courts, they’re cherry picking the battleground states and they’re getting these courts to issue edicts and these edicts are extending. The voting day or extending the date of counting the votes or extending the date mark on the ballot, which is exactly what the Democrats want, which is why they’ve been pushing mail and voting and pushing their voters to vote with mail and voting. And so they want to see on Election Day where they need the votes. Which state? Which counties? That’s exactly what they’re up to. And then they want to go into court and litigate to victory. That’s their hope. That’s why Biden is now almost 1000 lawyers lined up. You can believe that. Almost a thousand lawyers lined up. The president is pushing for votes to be counted. A traditional way the Democrats are pushing is, as Pollack writes, for longer and longer deadlines for the submission and counting a mail in ballots. The Democrats are pushing for relax standards. I understand one decision has been made that if they’re not signed, you’re still going to count the ballot. Another one is that the signs don’t that those signatures don’t match. They’re still going to count the ballots. So you see what’s taking place here. This is institutionalized fraud. It is institutionalized corruption. That’s what we’re getting. This is the Democrat Party’s effort to take over the United States government. What the state legislatures have been arguing can do and should do under Article 2 is the constitutional method for addressing this. And one of the reasons also that you want these legislatures to act is if the Democrats delay this and delay this and delay this because they want Nancy Pelosi to be the acting president, the Republican legislatures don’t have to put up with that. They step in and assign the electors. And they can assign the electors based on the best data they have as to who is actually winning in the state. Why is it the view that some local hack judge who’s elected or some hack Supreme Court is the one in Pennsylvania that’s elected, that they’re noble, that they have integrity, when obviously they don’t? Well, obviously they don’t. And the Electoral College vote is scheduled for December 14. And the Democrats money create chaos. They’re extending, as I just pointed out, beyond election day and election night votes and postmarks and the counting of votes extending an out as far as they can. To try and create doubt, to try and prevent the president from winning, to go into the courts, whether zillions of lawyers. And worst case, and their idea is that Pelosi is president. But the stopgap on this is the Constitution. The courts do not have judicial review on this issue. And I can assure you that in Philadelphia. If the delegates to the constitutional convention thought that the courts would have this kind of power over the vote. It would never been adopted. The state certainly would never have ratified. I want to point this out. So the attack is already coming from the usual sources, the left wing hacks who have Minnesota now. Minnesota now has extended. The counting of ballots eight days. And guess what, Mr. Producer? It doesn’t even have to be postmarked the envelope. It doesn’t even have to be postmarked. You have Minnesota election officials working for the governor, the executive branch and the secretary of state. Are they in the Constitution? No. They’ve just unilaterally decided to change the election laws, just as the Supreme Court in Pennsylvania rewrote the election laws just as a federal judge rewrote the election law. This is going on in all the battleground states right now as I speak. Right now, as I speak. Now, maybe I shouldn’t say this, but I know it’s coming, so I’m going to tell you this. We like to beat the cutting edge here when it comes to the law and the Constitution and the tactics that are used. The president, of course, is also following the Constitution. He’s going to nominate a constitutionalist on Saturday, the majority Republican Senate. Hopefully. We’ll confirm that that individual. And that’s a good thing, right? So what will the next step of the Democrats be when it comes to the Supreme Court? I understand they say they want a package, but what will it be? During the course of and immediately after the election, what will they do? I’ll tell you what I think they’re going to do. I think they’re going to start a PR campaign. And insist. Here you go. That the newest justice to the Supreme Court, nominated by the president, confirmed by the Senate, the Republicans. That she, because it’s going to be a woman, must recuse herself from any case or decision involving the election because you see, she was appointed by Donald Trump. So of course she’s going to be biased for Donald Trump. Now, this is an utterly bogus argument. Because everybody in the court was either nominated by a Republican or a Democrat. And you don’t recuse herself because you’ve been nominated by a Republican or a Democrat. And under the same theory, Gore would have to recuse himself. And Kavanaugh would have to recuse himself. Why should the Democrats recuse themselves? Since Joe Biden was a senator for most of the time and he was involved in getting them. On the court. But I’m just telling. This is the kind of bogus argument that will be made. We’ll be advanced. By the Democrats because they lie and claw and do whatever they think they have to do for power. Very, very evil entity is the Democrat Party. Now here’s Barack Obama in a video message yesterday. What’s he have to say about all this cut? One go. What’s at stake in this election is much bigger than Joe or the man he’s running to replace. So he’s trying to get the troops excited and he knows. It. Join it. So the picture’s bigger, it’s bigger than Joe Joseph Schmo. Everyone can agree with that. He can’t excite the base. So. This is Obama’s effort to go beyond. Go ahead. What’s at stake is whether or not our democracy endorse our whether or not our democracy endures. So in other words, if Donald Trump wins, our democracy won’t endure. This man is not only a fool, he is enormously dangerous. Go ahead, hoping that you will stay home. They’re hoping you get cynical. They’re trying to convince you that your vote doesn’t matter. It’s how they win. Don’t let them. See, you know, when you’re a former president, you retire. He’s supposed to stay a tall this stuff. But not Obama. You want to know why Obama’s not going to stay out of this. He’s behind the whole thing. He started it when he was running for president. It institutionalized it and changed the Democrat Party. He gives advice, I hear, to LeBron James. You wear this. And to the mayors out there and all the other Democrats. He’s the invisible hand of Marxism. While he rakes in tens of millions of dollars. For he and the lovely Michelle. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

I don’t think a lot of people, the media actually understand the facts and the beer on a Taylor case. They keep saying that the officer, Hank Ensign, was charged with wanton endangerment but not murder. Officer Hank sends bullets, never touched Brianna. Taylor, why would he be charged with murder? And the phrase is in the indictment, and I wish the media would use it, wanton endangerment of the neighbors. So they keep saying he was charged with endangerment but not murder. Well, how would he be charged with murder? That’s number one. And why won’t the media start up by saying the boyfriend in the apartment shot at the police officers and actually wounded one of them? And then I hear America needs to get a lesson from this, take a lesson for the what’s the lesson? This was a horrible incident. Her boyfriend created the violence. People are trying to spin the facts. I’m only responding to what the attorney general said. Then I keep hearing there needs to be more transparency, the investigation, more transparency. There’s going to be tons of transparency. It’s called a public trial. The prosecution is not supposed to lay out all the stuff without being challenged by the defense. Under the rules that are set in place. To present evidence and to challenge evidence and to present witnesses. And to have contrary witnesses and to have a judge as the referee and a jury that makes the decision, what do they mean, they want more transparency? This is going to be enormously transparent. Everything’s going to be on the table. Donny Douche is on the Morning Joe. He has a sickening, disgusting propagandist and demagogue and MSNBC and NBC in the Morning Joe think he’s terrific. Listen to this. Listen to what he says about Jews and the president, cut three go. And what is the difference between Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump? I’m not saying this Holocaust, but when you look at the tactician and that is where we are right now. You know, ladies and gentlemen, if. MSNBC, NBC and Comcast. Well, responsible corporate organizations. This man would be fired on the spot. Fired on the spot. Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump. Adolf Hitler, who slaughtered millions and millions of people and Jews in particular. Donald Trump. And then they wonder why there’s not unity. Then they wonder why there’s violence. Then they wonder what happened to our politics, it must be Trump. Here’s an individual Donnie Douche. Who gets on a national network is smaller than this, gets on a national network. And unequivocally compares the president of the United States to Adolf Hitler. Go ahead. We are heading thirty nine days from election. This is where we have and we still have people chanting, OK. And I on a personal level with Jonah, just please indulge me per second. Want to talk to my Jewish friends who were voting for Donald Trump. How dare you shut up, you little you little putz who made a mistake there. You were. You disgusting walking hemorrhoid. His Jewish friends. If you’re Jewish, how can you not vote for Trump? Given his support for Israel, given his fight against anti-Semitism in this country. Calls the president of the United States the closest friend. Quite frankly, modern president of the Jewish people in the state of Israel calls him Adolf Hitler. And then he wants to know his Jewish friends. How dare you how dare you vote for Donald Trump? So my question is, you know what I’m going to do, Mr. Producer? I have Comcast in this house within the next several weeks. We can get this organized. They’re gone. Comcast is out of my house. I’m going to bring Verizon in and infinity. Comcast is dead. I’ll be right back.