September 22, 2020

September 22, 2020

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, There is no indication that there will be any serious focus on international affairs or national security at the first presidential debate with President Trump and Joe Biden. Instead, there will be a focus on racism, the coronavirus, the Supreme Court, and mail-in voting, according to Axios. Later, Vice President Mike Pence joins the show to warn Americans of how important and decisive it was for Trump to have suspended travel from China. Pence also reiterated how big of an achievement it was for the United States to be roughly a month away from having the first coronavirus vaccine in the world. The media is dangerous and has celebrated and encouraged the disassembly of America. The Democrats say they love Justice Ginsburg but they refuse to listen to her. Even Ginsburg was against packing the Court for partisan purposes. Additionally, Rep. Matt Gaetz has called on the Florida Attorney General to look into Mike Bloomberg paying off $20 Million in back fines so that convicted felons can regain their voting rights. This comes on the heels of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis winning a decisive court case keeping felons off of the voter rolls. Also, Sen. Tom Cotton calls in to discuss Joe Biden and China. Finally, Candace Owens calls in to discuss her new book, Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democrat Plantation, and why Joe Biden is not entitled to the votes of Black Americans.


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Chris Wallace has put out his topics for the debate next Tuesday. And basically it’s anything and everything. I didn’t notice a lot on there about foreign policy, which concerns me. Given that the president, United States has done a fantastic job in the Middle East, he’s been nominated for two Nobel Peace Prize. I didn’t see anything about foreign policy in the Middle East. I don’t have that list in front of me right now, but my recollection is wrong here. Let’s look. The topics. This is according to axioms, which the left wing cites will. We’ll keep that in mind. But they’re going to look at. Let’s see, will be. Biden’s record trumps record. The Supreme Court cover 19 economic policy, racism and the integrity, the election, the Commission for Presidential Debates announced. There’s not one thing here on foreign policy. Not one thing here on China. It’s not important, particularly when you’re questioning. Joe Biden, Mr. Producer. I sure hope they hadn’t put the finger on the. On the scale here. Racism and the integrity of the election. So as I say, much of this is predictable. We’ve been hearing about it day in and day out, but it would have been nice to have the Middle East, Israel. Given there are serious distinctions there about foreign policy between this president and the former vice president, I see nothing on here about the military and national security. I see nothing in here about immigration and securing the border. Not a word. So covered 19. Well, Mr. President, let let me try this match. Try this, Mr. Producer. Let me let me let me run through this. I wasn’t planning on this, but let’s have some fun. I covered 19. Your opponent says, Mr. President, that you didn’t act fast enough. Bob Woodward says that you downplayed it. Over 200000 people have died. The vice president says you’re responsible for it. How do you react? What’s your answer? In other words, how often have you beaten your wife? So that’ll be a question for the present, and that’s probably the way it’ll be framed. We’ll see. Supreme Court. To the president, the United States, given the fact that your party. Would not allow the the Obama nominee, Merrick Garland, at the very end of his presidency, even have an up or down vote, let alone a hearing. Why do you think it’s OK that you should get a vote on your nominee? And it’s a really fair. So you’ll get something like that that provides. I’m guessing no historical context. Racism. Mr. President, you’ve said some things out there, you know. At Charlottesville, so that could be twisted. And. He believes there’s systemic racism in inequality and do you believe the nation was founded on an unequal basis, Mr. President? I think I’m right about this, Mr. Minister, what you know, mark this down. We’ll see how it goes. Okay. The integrity, the election, don’t you think, Mr. President? Your constant reframe and your attack on the mail in system. Could be said to undermine the integrity of the vote. You’ve said that you may not accept the results of the election or you’re going to wait. Do you think that’s appropriate? Are you prepared to accept the results of the election? I think I’m here and I think I think I think that’s the way it’s going to go. We’ll see. They say I see nothing here on a variety of very big topics. It’s all kind of atypical liberal domestic approach. There’s not an attack on anybody, by the way. I’m just responding to what I see in front from axioms and axioms could be completely wrong. I’m just looking here. I think that’s enough. So we’ll see. We’ll see. But there’s a number of strong points by the president, United States areas that obviously are not going to be raised. And that’s too bad. All right, let’s get to the Supreme Court, shall we get to the Supreme Court? I want to ask people in the suburbs who aren’t sure they’re going to vote for the president or they think they’re going to vote for Biden. I want to ask you a question. All of us, but particularly the people in the suburbs who are confounded. Perplexed. Frustrated and irritated. What’s the purpose of a court? What’s the purpose of a court? Many of you, not all of you, obviously, have been in front of a judge. What do you want from the judge? Do you want the judge to be driven ideologically? Do you want the judge to have preconceived notions? Do you want the judge to be ruling on bigger issues rather than the case before him or her? Now you want justice. Equal justice. You want that judge to apply the law to your case. And you believe if the judge applies the law to your case, you’ll win or you have a good shot at it. But what if the judge has a bias? I mean, if you’re in a county trial court or a state trial court or. Federal district court. That’s what you expect the appellate court. You want them to look at the at the law and make sure the lower court apply the law properly, get the facts right. What did you get in front of a court? Were the justices the highest court in the land? Are of a particular political ideology. I’m not talking about. Justices who try to discern earnestly and studiously what the Constitution means because that’s their job. Whatever they come from. That’s the job. That’s the oath they take the faithfully interpret the Constitution, apply the words of the Constitution, try and figure out what the writers of the Constitution meant and so forth. Right. Should that be their job? But to Schumer and the other louts. That’s not their job. And you can hear AOC. Going on and on about the left wing radical Marxist agenda, point by point, by point by point, that their agenda will be in danger, their political and ideological agenda will be in danger if they don’t get the people they want on the court or if the president, the United States exercises his constitutional authority. And they’re saying they’re going to add a whole bunch of seats to the court and they’re going to put people on the court who share their ideology. Now, people in the suburbs. You get in front of that court. Even antitrust case. Maybe have an abortion case. You have a contract case. If a private property case. You’re not going to get a fair hearing. That’s the problem with packing a court. This is what the Democrats want to do. It is diabolical. It is evil and it will destroy the independence of our judicial system. Has that changed anybody’s mind? Who is thinking about voting for Biden in the suburbs? I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

It’s a pleasure, pleasant surprise, the vice president, United States. Mike Pence with us. How are you, sir? I’m well, Mark. Great to be back on the Mark Levin Show. Thank you for your clarion voice. Thank you, sir. Airwaves of America and also that interview with President Trump on your broadcast this week. And one for the books. You like that one. You notice, Mr. Vice President, I let him speak. Well, that’s the car. That’s what I love about that show broadly. But I I can tell you that just, you know, Abraham Lincoln, whose may well be my second favorite president. I know my first, as Abraham Lincoln said, give the people the facts and the republic will be saved. That’s what I love about about that broadcast is you just bring people on. Let them talk. And I know the president. The president enjoyed the time together. And we’re just all grateful for your voice, Mark. Thank you, sir. All right. Let’s hit a few issues here before we get to the Supreme Court. Shockingly, Biden and the Democrats are trying to pin these coronavirus deaths on the president, which is really quite grotesque. I’m sure they’ll try and do that during your debate with the Harris of the Harris Biden administration. And I’m looking at the list here. Deaths per 100000population. New Jersey’s number one. New York’s number two. Massachusetts number three, Connecticut. Number four, Louisiana with a Democratic governor. Number five. Rhode Island, number six. Mississippi, number seven. D.C., number eight. Arizona nine. Michigan, 10. So basically, we have eight out of 10 and in the top six Democrat run states. You ran the task force, Mr. Vice President. Were you the one telling these governors to put Corona virus positive patients in with elderly people, frail people in nursing homes and assisted living homes? No, nothing of the kind, in fact, as you know, Mark, CDC gave very clear guidance about the circumstances that that people should ever be considered to be returned, and they were never disregarded, especially by the state of New York. But look, this is a it’s a heartbreaking milestone today. And I can tell you, not a day has gone by over the course of this pandemic that I haven’t thought of the families that have lost loved ones. And I want to say to them, in the sound of my voice today, you have always been in our hearts and this day you’re in our prayers. But I am convinced, having led this coronavirus task force for the president now for the last eight months, that that that. But for President Trump’s decisive action, suspending all travel from China, declaring a public health emergency, standing up our task force in January, launching the greatest mobilization since World War Two with we just cleared one hundred million test having been performed. We we saw to that the creation, the manufacturer, the distribution of hundreds of millions of supplies, what medicines developed. And we are literally on track to have the first Corona virus vaccine in the world before the end of this year. I am absolutely convinced that because of the president’s. Ship because of health care workers all across this country and the cooperation, the American people that we literally save hundreds of thousands, if not millions of American lives over the last eight months. We mourn with those who mourn. We grieve with those who grieve. But I’m absolutely convinced that the cooperation, the American people are incredible health care workers and first responders. And this president’s relentless leadership from the early days of this pandemic saved lives across the country. Kamala Harris, ever call you on the phone and say, look, Mr. Vice President. Politics aside, election aside, what can I, Kamala Harris, do to help you in the task force? No, I never got that call and said, frankly, as you know, we’ve left politics outside the door of THE SITUATION ROOM where I convened a call yesterday with all 50 of the nation’s governors. We the president said, I want a seamless partnership with every governor in America, regardless of politics. And in the president’s direction, we literally surge testing and PPE and ventilators all across the nation. And I just have to tell you, when it comes to the vaccine issue, I just think it is it really is reckless and irresponsible that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are undermining confidence in a vaccine. I know when you spoke to the president on your broadcast over the weekend, the president spoke about the incredible progress that our pharmaceutical companies and the men making since he brought them into the White House early in this pandemic and said, I need medicines for the American people in record time. I need a vaccine in record time. We cleared the red tape out of the way without compromising safety and effectiveness. And but to have Joe Biden and Kamala Harris out undermining public confidence in vaccine is just utterly irresponsible. And they need to stop playing politics with American lives. We know that the day that the FDA approves a safe and effective vaccine because of Operation Warp Speed, we’re going to have tens of millions of doses available for the American people. And the last thing we need is, is people like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris undermining the confidence of the American people, particularly the most vulnerable among us, who need to have access and confidence with that American vaccine is available. We’ve got one minute before you take off on your plane and the network cuts me off. One minute, the Democrats are threatening to pack the Supreme Court to pack the United States Senate to kill the filibuster rule if they don’t get their way on the Supreme Court nomination, where the president and the Senate are following their obligations. By the way, they’ve made these threats before. What is your reaction to this? Well, I think it’s outrageous that Democrats in the Senate say that if the president does his duty under the Constitution of the United States to appoint a new justice to the Supreme Court, that they’ll pack the court if they win the White House and win the Senate on November the 3rd. But I think the American people are listening. They hear it. They can see that that the president is doing his duty. We welcome news that almost every Republican in the Senate is is open to consideration and a vote on the president’s nominee. We’re going to do our part. We’re going to get a great nominee forward this weekend. We’re going to drive forward toward a vote. And then come Election Day, we’re going to make sure we have four more years of President Donald Trump in the White House, the Republican Senate and the Republican House to represent. All right. Mr. Vice President, God bless you. Safe travels and thank you, sir.

Hour 1 Segment 3

The vice president is a very decent man and he’s very sharp. He’s a man of family and faith. Just a just really terrific. You brought up the show, Sunday night’s show on Life, Liberty and Levin, where I interviewed the president, and I hope many of you saw that show because I let the president actually express himself. About all topics, whether it was Fox, whether it was whatever it was. And. It was a massively. Huge rated show for 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday. Up against football. Three million viewers. That’s unheard of on a Sunday evening on cable. Unheard of. So obviously we left everybody else in the dust. There was no serious competition. That’s because people want to hear what the president has to say. They appreciate a long form interview where he can actually express himself. And when you watched that interview, as I was watching it live when I was interviewing him, you realize how much substance he has and how much detail he knows about all these subjects. And what happens is if he goes on an ABC George Stephanopoulos townhall and we now know that there was a complete setup. George Stephanopoulos is a sleazeball. I don’t know what our people gonna learn it. Bob Woodward is a sleazeball. They’re hacks, they’re hitmen. So don’t waste your time with these people, you’re not going to convince them of anything, they are there to ruin you. And so when they want to get argumentative or they want to say C G gotcha, stuff like that, that doesn’t inform the American people. And I’m oh, I’m hoping that these moderators, whether it’s Chris Wallace and others and other debates, I hope they understand that these debates are not about them. It’s not about gotcha. It’s not about playing games. It’s about the American people having a right to discern who they want to vote for. And they want information from the candidates about where they stand on various things. And if the candidates want to go out. All the better. But the moderator has to conduct him or herself. As if they’re really not even noticed. So no setup questions. No finger on the scale. No, I gotcha. You said this four weeks ago and then you said this, this no quotes from Bob Woodward. The American people need to know where the president and others. And that would be Biden, obviously, where they stand on the various issues. And why they stand on those issues. That’s the purpose. And if they want to debate each other directly, the moderator should allow that to happen, facilitate that and step back. I don’t have high hopes because we’ve now seen a lot of these debates where they. With a moderator, a moderator is really go center stage and then they’re praised by their colleagues. And I’m not saying that’s going to happen. I’m just. I don’t know. We’ll see. We’ll see. I want to talk about the Supreme Court, but since I brought it up with the vice president. Joe Biden keeps bringing up the death numbers and they’re trying to pin it on the president, United States. And they’ve obviously done polling and it’s obviously becoming effective. It’s also disgusting and unconscionable. And I want to repeat what I told the vice president, because I had to go quickly given the short time that he had. When you look at deaths per 100000 population and you look at the states. You will find that the top six states with the worst record are run by Democrats. The worst in terms of desperate hundred thousand New Jersey. The second worst? New York. The third worst, Massachusetts save a liberal governor and a Democrat legislature. But that governor might as well be a Democrat. He’s like Hogan of Marilyn. The fourth worst Connecticut Democrat. The fifth worst Louisiana Democrat governor. The sixth worth, Rhode Island, all Democrat. Then you have Mississippi, you have Washington, D.C., Democrat, Arizona Republican, Michigan Democrat side of the top 10 with the worst. Death records per hundred thousand eight of them are Democrat Ron. The top six. Our Democrat then I decided to look up to the moment. Now the number of deaths. New York as I speak. Has had just under 34000 deaths. New Jersey has over16000 deaths. So over fifty thousand of the two hundred thousand deaths. That have taken place in this country. That are attributed to, rightly or wrongly, the Coronavirus, 25 percent of them occurred in two states. That are run by one party, the Democrat Party. Twenty five percent of them. Over 40 percent of the deaths. Last time figures were available. Over 40 percent of the deaths that have occurred. With people who’ve been in nursing homes or assisted living homes. That’s point 0 6 percent of the population. Now, think about that, 80,000 of the deaths out of the 200,000. If those percentages are still correct and they’re the last ones I saw from the CDC. Eighty thousand of the two hundred thousand. We’re senior citizens in nursing homes and assisted living homes. Who are frail, obviously. And this is where these Democrat governors put out these directives in New York. In New Jersey, in Pennsylvania. In Illinois. In California and a whole other bunch of states ordering. Nursing homes and assisted living homes to take people with corona positive viruses. How do you blame the president of the United States for this, Mr. Producer? And they’re blaming the president of the United States for decisions he did not make. While these governors were doing this in New Jersey, in New York and throughout the country. The president every single day. Was trying to to get testing in order because the CDC and the FDA and Mr. Fowler, she didn’t have any effective tests. So they had to start from scratch. The president was told by Cuomo, a Murph, inthe other’s newsroom. We need ventilators, ventilators, ventilators, because their health. People were telling them people are going to be on ventilators. So what’s the president do? Plants used to make automobiles, plants that were dormant were turned into. Active assembly lines making a very complicated piece of equipment, ventilators, thousands and thousands of ventilators were produced over two to three month period and the vast majority of them were not needed. The governors were wrong. The governors have made decisions. About the building of hospitals. Please listen carefully. The expansion of hospitals. These are decisions governors make, not the president of the United States, not the federal government. And you’ll remember in that case, in New York, Cuomo, among others, had decided. Not to expand hospitals. In fact, they pulled back. Now, what does that mean? I mean, you have less hospital beds. These are decisions that were made years before Donald Trump was even president of the United States. And so the president uses the United States military in the Army Corps of Engineers, as you well know. To create thousands of hospital beds. Basically. Huge emergency rooms. And he sends out to medical ships one of the East Coast for New York, one to the West Coast for L.A. and they’re essentially not used the Javits Center over a thousand beds, essentially not used. And those weren’t the only ones. The Samaritan Project under Franklin. Graham. Was not used. So the president didn’t just respond to the requests. He muscled up. In every respect. In areas where it turns out the governors didn’t even need the muscle. Then he’s working with pharmaceutical companies. Experts throughout the country, scientists. Top medical people. From day one, he wants to develop therapeutics and vaccines. He knows he has a problem. The FDA is a massive bureaucracy. The CDC, NIH, HHS. He has his task force that he assigned. And he slashes the regulations not to cut corners on safety and health. He slashes the timelines that go on and on and on and the level of bureaucracy, red tape and says no operation, warp speed. We got to get an answer to this. Now we’re on the precipice. Having not just one, but perhaps two vaccines literally within weeks or months. We have never seen this in this country like this before. Ever. So not only does Biden accuse the president, the United States, of failing the American people now, he says we don’t trust the president of the United States, even if he has a vaccine. But he doesn’t have a vaccine. He created the environment, the management structure, the models to get one as quickly as possible and safely as possible. It’s the experts, the scientists, the medical field, the pharmaceutical companies working with the FDA, NIH, HHS, the CDC. That’s how this is being developed. So he’s attacked. For the deaths, you heard reporters say to the president he’s getting ready to flat to a campaign. What do you have to say where now over the two hundred thousand limit? Notice they don’t ask Cuomo that. They don’t ask Murphy that they don’t ask the governor of Massachusetts or Connecticut or Louisiana, Rhode Island or D.C., the mayor or the governor, Michigan, where most of the deaths have occurred. Among other places, notice they don’t ask them. Because the narrative is out there now. That he has handled this incompetently. This is a lie. Coming from Joe Biden, who screwed up the whole swine flu situation. It’s a disgusting lie. And then we’re on the precipice of getting vaccines. Whether you folks want to use him or not is up to you. I intend to, but it beside the point. The president is being attacked for that. And then you have people who are appalled who say we think Joe Biden would have done a better job. It’s shocking. And I think the reason for this is the endless propaganda from the demagogues and the media. It is relentless. The lies are just regurgitated day in and day out. What do you think, Mr. President? We passed a two hundred thousand mark. What do you say to those people? Hundreds of thousands of people today excuse me this year are going to die from cancer. What do they say to those people? Joe Biden was president excuse me, he was in Washington. God forbid, was in Washington for half a century. Why wasn’t there more progress made? You see. This is quite appalling. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

Again, folks in the suburbs, everybody, but especially them. Apparently they are a weak underbelly here. Normalcy in unity. The Democrats say they want to pack the Supreme Court. They want to pack the United States Senate. They want to pack the Supreme Court. So they went every decision on political grounds. They want to pack the Senate so the Republicans can never have a majority in the Senate. They want to get rid of the filibuster rule, so there’s no check on any law that they pass. None. What else do they want to do? They want to impeach the president and the attorney general if they don’t get their way. Their supporters are the rioters and the looters and the arsonists from Black Lives Matter, which, by the way, just brooms its mission statement to change it. So you’re not as offended with them. But of course, we know what their mission statement is. And they also want to destroy the suburbs. They want to end local zoning. They want to end single family homes. They want to create dense homes and transportation hubs and so forth and so on. So they want to destroy the very suburbs where they’re hoping to get the votes. And yet they talk about normalcy and unity. There’s nothing normal or uniting about any of this. Any of it. And so they throw these political Molotov cocktails and their voters throw actual Molotov cocktails and then they say, look at Donald Trump is a divisive force. Look at Donald Trump’s tweeting. So they create the chaos, the riots, the mayhem, and then they point in the other direction. They are Saul Alinsky Marxists. That’s what they become. Many of them don’t even realize it, but that’s what they’ve become. Later in the program, Candice Jones, Tom Cotton. And of course, me. I’ll be right back.