September 21, 2020

September 21, 2020

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, The Democrats seek to destroy the core principles and liberty of America. Nothing in the Constitution supports anything that the democrats are demanding. Nothing. Nominating a Supreme Court Justice in an election year has occurred on 29 other occasions and the sitting president filled the vacancy. That’s 23 of 45 presidents who have obeyed the duty to comply with the constitution. Yet the Democrats insist that President Trump break this historical tradition for their partisan political benefit, or risk more riots. Then, Marxism and adherents of communist philosophy like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Chuck Schumer seek to eliminate opposition so that their party can pursue absolute power. They are making a move on our system of government, by eliminating the filibuster, eliminating the electoral college, and taking over the Supreme Court. Later, leftwing radicals continue attacking the history of America by pushing the 1619 project and packing the Supreme Court with leftwing activists posing as judges. Democrats complain of systemic racism but our education system has systematically become filled with Marxist hate and propaganda for the sake of indoctrination. Afterward, Joe Biden distorts the truth when he says that Trump only called on him to release his list of SCOTUS nominees after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The Trump campaign had requested it nine days before her passing. Biden is afraid to release his list because the radical names on it will appall the American people. Biden also continues spreading his big lie that Trump didn’t react fast enough to the coronavirus and the media doesn’t even call him on it. Finally, Congressman Lee Zeldin calls in with an update on his campaign for the House of Representatives.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

I want to thank Ritchie V. Mr. Call screener for filling in on Russia’s China on Friday. You can see I’ve been very busy. We interviewed the president. We recorded it on Thursday. It ran on Sunday on Life, Liberty and Levin on Fox. Different kind of interview, long form interview where I actually let the president finish his answer to my questions. I don’t pretend to be a journalist because journalism today is truly dastardly so-called profession. They’ve destroyed it. And I admit what I am. I’m an advocate for liberty for the Constitution. For the country, for faith and for family, said simple. Just like the founders of the country and the framers of the declaration and the Constitution. I don’t want to set a baseline here and then I want to move on to something that’s very, very important. What’s actually taking place, the bigger picture? There is nothing wrong with the president nominating somebody to the Supreme Court. Now, with the Senate voting up or down now. That’s what the Constitution compels. There is absolutely nothing in the Constitution. That supports any of the arguments you hearing by the Democrats or the media or their surrogates today? Nothing. There’s nothing in America’s jurisprudential traditions or customs. That support anything the Democrats are demanding today? Nothing. Quite the contrary. As I pointed out on Hannity’s show on Thursday night. The evidence, the facts are the opposite. On 29 separate occasions, presidents. Of the Whig Party. Of the Democrat Republican Party, that is the Federalists. The Republican Party in the Democrat Party. Throughout our history have nominated candidates to the Supreme Court in the last year of their first term or the last year of their second term before a general election. Some of them have even done so after the election in which they would no longer be president of the United States. Twenty nine different occasions, and in every instance, every single instance, a president made a nomination. 22 out of 44presidents before President Trump. Now twenty three out of 45. Actually, we’re involved in making the nominations. So half the presidents of the United States now more than half. Have nominated individuals to the Supreme Court. In the final year of their first or second terms. Before a general election, more than half twenty three out of 45now once Trump does it. What the Democrats are demanding and what the media are demanding. What former Obama and Clinton officials are demanding. Is that this president? Change course. It doesn’t matter what Washington did or Adams State or Jefferson did. It doesn’t matter what Lincoln Date or Grant Date or FDR did or Obama did. They are insisting that this president not make a nomination. They say it’s unfair. They say he’s trying to jam or ram or cramp their words, somebody onto the Supreme Court. They’re trying to convince you that this is unfair and unjust. That complying with the Constitution. That following the precedent. And the only precedent of past presidents. Of all parties. Is somehow an act. Have constitutional perversion. When in fact, if this president does not make a nomination, he will be the only president under these circumstances to do so. And why? To what end? Now, ladies and gentlemen. The Constitution of the United States is our Constitution. The Democrat Party doesn’t get to change it because they demand power. The Democrat Party doesn’t get to make threats and intimidate and encourage violence and inflame riots. Which is exactly what they and their surrogates are doing. Because they wish to change the constitution without an amendment. That’s unacceptable. So what the president is doing. Is traditional and constitutional. And if the Senate Republicans vote to confirm its traditional and constitutional, we’ve had instances among those 29 cases where 22 presidents. Where a president of one party makes a nomination in the Senate is controlled by another party. They voted down or they don’t consider it. You saw that with Obama. So we have a history of that. We also have a history of a president of the same party as the majority in the Senate making the nomination and the confirmation taking place. So nothing. That would take place here is extraordinary. Nothing. And yet, listen to the news, watch the Democrats. Listen to Joe Biden and what he’s reading. So the normal, the routine, the constitutional becomes unfair and unjust and perverse. What’s going on here? The Democrats have already threatened before the passing. Ginsburg. To pack the court, they’ve been threatening it all summer. That’s not given the kind of attention it deserves. That’s tyranny. The Democrats have already threatened. And intend to eliminate the filibuster all as it applies to legislation that’s not given the attention it deserves. They don’t call that unjust or unfair or undermining the checks and balances that are necessary as a matter of custom and tradition. No complaint there. Let the gentleman. The Democrat Party is trying to take over the country. It is trying to change the rules. Where it has permanent power. It wishes to replace its party. With our cut, with the constitution, with the party. It wishes to control all the instrumentalities of the government. That’s exactly what’s going on. The Democrat Party is making threats. It’s intimidating. It’s inflaming violence. It is trying to take over the country and take over the system like the Marxists. They want to eliminate. Opposition, they want to eliminate checks and balances. They want to eliminate limited powers and divided powers, which is the heart and soul of our constitutional republic. Absolute power. Chuck Schumer said. Chuck Schumer said. That if Donald Trump, the president for four years, nominate somebody to Supreme Court while he’s the sitting president and a Republican Senate while they have the majority vote. To confirm. A justice to the Supreme Court. Schumer said everything is on the table. Everything is on the table. Does the Constitution give? The Senate, let alone one senator. The power to, quote, put everything on the table. Whatever that means. What does that mean? These are the words. If a fascist of a brown shirt. What totalitarian? Everything is on the table. I quote him, quote, unquote, everything is on the table. The Constitution determines what’s on the table. And to what end is everything on the table? Absolute power. The Democrat Party is making a move on the country. It’s making a move on our system of government. It’s making a move specifically on the Supreme Court of the United States. It’s gonna make a move on the legislative branch when it eliminates the filibuster rule. The Democrat Party. Everything is on the table, meaning your liberty. Meaning our founding principles. It is the party of the 16 19project that rejects our constitution and our principles. They reject 1776. It rejects the founders and rejects the declaration and the Constitution. They’ve told us this. Because you see, we’re systemically racist. Systemically unequal, systemically unfree. And so all the limits placed on the power, the Democrat Party. Which has gone extreme, radical left are of no consequence anymore. They’ve laid the foundation they believe. The Democrat Party wishes to take over the country, the government, its focus right now is on the Supreme Court of the United States and the media are filled with so many fools and buffoons, if not advocates. It’s embarrassing. And it’s dangerous. You keep hearing the media say. There are five conservatives on the court, and if the president gets one more at 6 to 3. First of all, we don’t have conservatives on the court. We have constitutionalists on the court. It’s not about the conservative philosophy, it’s about whether or not you’re going to apply the Constitution to the law and the facts. That’s not conservative. It’s not liberal. It’s the only way you’re supposed to interpret the Constitution any other way as a legitimate any other way is bastardized the rule of law. That’s exactly what Ruth Bader Ginsburg did. I’m sure she was a lovely lady. She was close friends with the Scalia’s and so forth. But what does that have to do with the manner in which she adjudicated cases? And so the president wants to nominate. And most of the Senate Republicans want to vote on whether to confirm or not. Which is exactly what the Constitution requires. Why should we wait for the Democrats? Which I’ve already told us they’re going to eliminate the Electoral College the first chance they get. They’re going to eliminate the Second Amendment, the first chance they get. They’ve already eliminated the 10thAmendment, part of the First Amendment when free exercise of religion. The Constitution for the Democrat Party today. It’s nothing but a fig leaf. Through which to drive its anti constitutional anti-American agenda. That’s exactly what it is. So what you are watching, what you are listening to. Is the effort by the Democrat Party. To control the country. The court. All aspects of this government. It’s exactly why they’re pushing mail and voting to crash the system, to fill the void and to demand the presidency. We have not. Face this kind of threat. Against our nation and against our liberty. Since the civil war, the same party. That sought to destroy this country. Seeks to destroy it again. With a different ideology, with different tactics, but nonetheless. The goal is to destroy the core principles. And the liberty that you enjoy. And when I hear that the suburbs are soft on Trump and when I hear, oh, Donald Trump said this about the military. Donald Trump didn’t do this, but the corona virus. While the Marxist fascism is swirling around us by a political party. That dishonors the men and women who have fought for our liberty over the centuries. That trashes this country at every turn. I am ashamed. And I am shocked. And how many of our fellow citizens are falling for this? God help us. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

And a little trick you’re hearing from the media is that both sides are hypocrites. They’ve said nominate, don’t nominate, vote, don’t vote. They mean both sides. Donald Trump is the president, the United States. He said he’s going to follow the Constitution and make a nomination. He hasn’t been hypocritical at all. He never said a president should or shouldn’t. He’s following the Constitution. He’s the main actor here. He hasn’t said anything or done anything that’s hypocritical at all. Joe Biden’s actually been on three sides of this issue. Against, for and then against. Because he wants to make the nomination and then he wraps himself in the Constitution. Presently, United States is very straightforward about this Constitution, says I should make a nomination. I’m gonna make a nomination. I’m the president. I was elected. All kinds of cockamamie arguments are being put forth. By the Democrats and hence the Democrat Party media to try and create confusion and static. Two really straight up process, but the Democrats are trying to take over the country. The Republicans aren’t threatening. Everything is on the table. The Republicans have been in power in the Senate. Did they eliminate the filibuster rule? No. The Republicans haven’t proposed to them eliminating the Electoral College earning now that the efforts to destroy our constitution that the Democrats are telling you upfront they intend to do. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

All of this should infuriate you. Infuriate you that we have a political party that seeks the evisceration. Of this country as we know it. Pack the court means they want to take over the Supreme Court. Why? Because they believe in the Constitution. No, they want to implement their political agenda and their personal policy preferences. So they want to destroy the institution and the independence of the Supreme Court. Destroy it. They are in the midst of destroying the electoral system. And if they can’t get what they want, they will destroy the Electoral College. They’ve told us this. The Constitution means nothing to you. If you do not believe in 1776 and then 18 1787, but instead believe in 16 19. You’ve heard this all spring and summer long. What a a horrific nation this is. And so they want to destroy it and start over. And so they want to replace. George Washington. Benjamin Franklin. John Adams. Thomas Jefferson. And James Madison. With Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin. AOC. Talib Omar. That’s what we’re talking about here. Democrats. We’re kind of leaning toward Biden or unsure independents, leaning toward Biden or unsure and Republicans leaning toward Biden are unsure. If we lose this country, it’s because of you. It’s because you do not understand the seriousness of this election. This election is not about tweets. This election is not even about. The candidates, this is election about your children and grandchildren, it’s about your family. It’s about you as an individual. What kind of country do you want to live in? They don’t believe inequality on the left. They believe in uniformity. Uniformed is much different than equality. They don’t believe in individual liberty on the left. They believe in the crushing control of government. That’s why you have massive tax increases and regulations, the elimination of choice, whether it’s school or healthcare. This is a tyrannical party, the Democrat Party, you may be a member, but it has changed. It doesn’t believe in free speech. You’ve been witness to that for the last several months, if you dare to hold a contrary opinion. You’re gonna have your brains beaten in their brownshirts all over the place. Like the Third Reich and our streets going into the cafes. Hitting people, beating people, screaming at people. Those are brownshirts. We’ve seen them throughout our history. And for most of the summer, the Democrat Party sat silently. And those in the Democrat Party that didn’t sit silently aided and abetted it by attacking the police. As storm troopers. As Gestapo as secret police. The Democrat Party you just heard Chuck Schumer, everything’s on the table in a republic, everything is never on the table. Everything’s on the table. Chuck Schumer’s just told you that the plan of the Democrats in the Senate is to destroy the Supreme Court and turn it into a Democrat. Pull up bureau. What it will rule predictably. Against the Constitution. And for this Marxist agenda. There is no longer any question about the independence of the Supreme Court under the Democrats. You may recall wasn’t that long ago when Chuck Schumer actually threatened two Supreme Court justices, corset and cabin, threatened them, that if they didn’t rule the right way on. I believe that was the subject. That there would be a price to pay. These are the words of a fascist. So the president and the Republicans follow the Constitution. Everything’s on the table, including the Constitution. Eliminate the filibuster rule, you know, the irony here is this. When the Democrats are in the minority or didn’t have a big enough majority in the Senate, they used the filibuster. Like it had never been used in American history against circuit court nominees by George W. Bush. We talked about this briefly the other day. Never been done before. And the leader of the pack with Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Ted Kennedy. When they took over the Senate with a big enough majority, that very same filibuster rule that they used. To stop all these circuit judges. They eliminated. The rule they use, they eliminate because now they were in the majority. And they wanted to ram through as many judges as they could for Barack Obama. That’s exactly what they do. Now, what they’re saying is, if you dare to follow the Constitution. Nominate and confirm a replacement. For Ginsburg. We will as the Black Lives Matter. Punk. Mobsters said in New York, we will burn the system down. The Democrat Party has its paramilitary wing, the Democrat Party has its propagandists in the media and other Democrat party legislatively. Is prepared to do exactly what’s happening in the streets, but politically burn the system down. We are under attack. The law abiding, tax paying citizens of this country. Revere the founding who look up to the founders who embraced the declaration in the Constitution, who believe in separation of powers and limited government. We are under attack. The system is under attack. The Democrat Party wants to replace the Constitution with a Democrat Party. The Democrat Party wants to replace the Supreme Court with a Democrat Party. They’ve already succeeded in taking over most of the media and academia. Now they’re in for the kill. Now, what am I talking about? Let me crack open one of my books, because all these books I’ve written really lay it all out and provide the warning. Woodrow Wilson. Was a racist and a segregationist, and he was also a progressive, and just so you folks in the audience know. You might say how’s that possible? But it’s very possible because Marx was a racist, too, because the very Democrat Party that claims to be the savior of African-Americans and Hispanic Americans and Asian-Americans and minorities across the country. It’s been the party of servitude and oppression. How much of its early history? That’s why we fought a civil war against the Democrat Party. Woodrow Wilson was one of the brainchild of these so-called intellectuals of the progressively with the progressive movement is an offshoot of. Hagel ism, Rousseau ism and Marxism. And he wrote. In Park. That the federal courts are not bound to the Constitution. He said, quote, The weightiest import of the matter is seen only when it is remembered that the courts are the instruments of the nation’s growth and that the way. Which they serve. That use will have much to do with the integrity of every national process. If they determine what powers are to be exercised under the Constitution, they by the same token, determine also the adequacy of the Constitution in respect of the needs and interests of the nation. Our conscience in matters of law and our opportunity in matters of politics are in their hands. And basically saying that the only legitimate opinions the federal courts can render are those that endorse the promote the expansion of federal power. This is an American opium, he wrote. Wilson did quote that if they had interpreted the Constitution in its strict letter as some proposed and not in its spirit. Like the charter of a business corporation and not like the charter of a living government, the vehicle of a nation’s life, I would approve a straitjacket, a means not of liberty in development, but a mere restriction. An embarrassing. So I ask what then should guide federal judges? If not the Constitution. Apparently, they are uniquely wise, innate wisdom. Wolfson wrote, quote, What we should ask of our judges is that they proved themselves such men as can discriminate between the opinion of the moment and the opinion of the age, between the opinion which springs a legitimate essence from the enlightened judgment of men of thought and good conscience and the opinion of desire, self-interest, of impulse and impatience. So in other words, he’s saying the purpose of the judiciary is to sanction. If not clear the path for the extraconstitutional actions of the federal government. Especially the president. Wilson argued for a judicial oligarchy that would, in essence, sanction the rewriting of the Constitution. Now you know why they’re fighting so. In fact, so difficult. Are the Constitution’s amendment processes. I write that the courts are encouraged to circumvent them and to be praised when they do. Wilson wrote The character of the process of constitutional adaption depends, first of all, upon the wise or unwise choice of statesmen. But ultimately and chiefly upon the option and purpose of the courts. The chief instrumentality by which the law of the Constitution has been extended to cover the facts of national development has, of course, been judicial interpretation. That is the decision of the courts. The process of formal amendment of the constitution was made so difficult, he wrote. By the provisions of the Constitution itself that it is seldom been feasible to use it. And the difficulty of formal amendment has undoubtably made the court’s more liberal. Not to say more lax in their interpretation than they would otherwise have been. He wrote, The whole business of adoption has been theirs and they’ve undertaken it with open minds, sometimes even with boldness and a touch of audacity. In other words, he’s making the case. For a massively activist court that promotes a massively progressive agenda. That’s where the modern Democrats get it from Woodrow Wilson. They wish to advance their takeover of the country and the government and the Supreme Court. Donald Trump stands in their way, so they seek to destroy him. An appointment to the Supreme Court stands in their way, so they seek to destroy the court. They sought to remove Donald Trump after 2016 rejecting. The peaceful change in power from one party to the other. They try to coup, they tried a criminal investigation. They tried impeachment, and now they simply want to prevent Trump. From winning under any circumstances. They don’t care. About the Constitution. Unless they can use it to advance their cause. And then quickly rejected. I’ll be right back.

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The Democrats want to pack the Supreme Court, but the radicals, they want to pack the Senate with Democrats, so it’s impossible for Republicans to ever get a majority. They want to destroy the Electoral College and they want to destroy the voting system. This election. And I’m told and I read that the suburbs are are moving towards Biden. Ever wonder how a nation commits suicide? You you look at history, you say, how could a country do this? How could Rome do this to itself? How could Athens do this to itself? Athens first. Rome second. How could Germany do this to itself? And we’re doing it to ourselves right now, unless we, the great masses stand up and we’re going to need Democrats and independents and wavering Republicans. Unless we stand up and defy all that’s taking place, we’re the ones we’re going to have to live with. You think you’re punishing Donald Trump, you’re punishing yourselves, you’re punishing the future of punishing your children and your grandchildren. Everything that’s been fought for over the decades. Everything. You’re going to hand it over to a one party system, a tyranny. And they’re telling you what they intend to do with your republic. They intend to destroy it. I want to remind you. Professors galore brainwashing our kids. Piven and Clout, I told you about this. They said the way to advance the counterrevolution, disrupt the protests. Disobedience, incendiary ends, riots, sit ins, civil unrest. This is them. Social movements thrive on conflict. The census, not consensus. The census, periodic convulsions realignments. You’re watching this take place in the halls of Congress, in newsrooms and in the streets. It’s not us, it’s them. I’ll be back.