JJ Watt, now he’s all in

Disrespecting the flag and the national anthem don’t disrespect the country or military, folks.  No, not at all.  As JJ Watt demands, aren’t you listening?  Well JJ, you’re a moron, that flag is carried into battle by the military.  It’s worn on military uniforms.  It drapes the caskets of those who’ve been killed defending your right to open your big mouth, play a game, and make tens of millions of dollars.  It flies above our most important buildings.  Don’t lecture tens of millions of us, of all races and backgrounds, and who love our country that disrespecting the flag or anthem is about what YOU say and not what WE say.  At least have the guts, tough guy, to be honest.  Done with the NFL, its billionaire owners, its multi-millionaire commissioner and players, and their smearing of the fans — who pay for all of it — and the American people generally.  Good riddance.