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March 17, 2020

March 17, 2020

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, The private sector doesn’t need saving. This government is making choices, whether right or wrong, that are affecting the economy and our supply train that was otherwise strong and healthy. Too many politicians want to spend their way out of this coronavirus crisis, but we have no guarantee that this spending is only being made in emergent circumstances. How do ‘We The People” make sure that all of the power asserted by the federal government will be returned to ‘We The People?” We can’t. This is why a massive federal government response isn’t always the answer. While the President’s critics call him a totalitarian dictator and many of those same critics are now suggesting that Trump centralize all authority and usurp states’ rights. Trump isn’t shutting down restaurants, its Governors, Mayors and county leaders that are doing that. So the question remains, how far should the government go and should the federal government become the employer of last resort. Then, these stimuli can’t stimulate the economy if every sporting event, theater classroom, office, and eatery is shut down. This is a backdoor way to implement universal basic income (UBI). The Democrats, and sadly some Republicans, are pushing for a full takeover by the central government. Later, Joe Biden wins Florida and in effect the entire nomination due to the delegates he’d pick up today. Democrats are committed to nominating a candidate as weak as Biden for the sake of regaining power. After Larry Kudlow suggests that the U.S pay for a write-off to cover the moving expenses of U.S companies returning to the U.S from China — it’s a matter of national security. The Chinese regime is grotesque and genocidal and we must challenge them at every level.


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We Are in This Crisis Because of the Decisions of the Chinese Government

Kudlow said if the US provided a 100% immediate write-off for structures, equipment, R&D and intellectual property, that would pay for the moving expenses for American companies based in China to move to US.

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