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February 14, 2020

February 14, 2020

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, FDR sought the death penalty for several Germans before they were even tried. President Trump has merely questioned the length of a prison sentence of Roger Stone, by way of a tweet and the media fails to realize that Trump’s right to ask a question is a constitutional matter of fact called a unitary executive power. This is what FDR employed when he assembled secret tribunals to execute German spies in 1942. Then, some things have been said about Rush Limbaugh that are despicable. The left is mad that Rush got the medal of Freedom so they’ve reverted to what they do best — destruction. They’re going after him for a comment about Pete Buttigieg and a potential public display of affection with his husband. Later, Bernie Sanders and the Democrats continue to harp on racism, sexism and other types of Marxist ism’s. Plus, disgraced FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is walking free after his soft coup attempt, despite his lies and all the public information the government felt they didn’t have a solid case. This doesn’t even come close to what Roger Stone is accused of, yet they want to give him 7-9 years. Afterward, the media’s favorite lawyer Michael Avenatti was found guilty of extorting Nike and several clients including Stormy Daniels.


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Michael Avenatti found GUILTY in Nike Extortion Case

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