February 10, 2020

February 10, 2020

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, The Democrats are running the whitest most translucent field of candidates ever. They rely on racial diversity so much that their entire slate is white. Yet, Sen. Bernie Sanders says that America is racist from top to bottom, does that make him a racist from top to bottom? Sanders is not truly a Democratic socialist, he believes in Marxist socialism but he doesn’t believe in Democracy. He just wants to double the size of our government and use it to destroy our lifestyles. That’s the thing about Marxism, you have to destroy things in order to rebuild them in your socialist image. Then, Michael Bloomberg is an oligarch spending hundreds of millions to influence state and local races to protect and advance his own personal interests in red China. Later, President Trump has proposed an excellent budget that would balance the federal budget within 15 years while protecting social security and the military. Finally, Mark Meckler, President of Citizens for Self Governance, calls in to give us an update on South Dakota and convention of states.


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Bernie Sanders takes lead for the first time in national Quinnipiac poll ahead of New Hampshire primary

American Greatness
‘Mini Mike’ Bloomberg, American Oligarch

Washington Free Beacon
MSNBC Anchor Asks If Gerrymandering Could Break Republican Hold on Senate

Washington Free Beacon
Sanders: The United States Is a ‘Racist Society’

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Mike Bloomberg Suggests Uneducated Midwest Rubes Are Just Too Stupid for Trans Bathrooms

Mark Levin Show
President Trump is politically stronger today than at anytime since entering politics

New High of 90% of Americans Satisfied With Personal Life

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Barr confirms DOJ reviewing Ukraine information from Giuliani, others

Conservative Review
Horowitz: Trump’s budget proposal shows he’s willing to cut spending if conservatives would fight for it

Fox News
Gunman who targeted NYPD officers in 2 ‘premeditated’ attacks has violent past, previous shootout with cops

Daily Wire
Report: Former Obama Speechwriters Are Penning Actors’ Acceptance Speeches For Award Season

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