January 7, 2020

January 7, 2020

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, Iran attacks U.S forces in Iraq with more than a dozen short-range rockets. As the media covers the Iranian-backed attacks on U.S Interests in Iraq, they fail to show who these people really are. These are not people, they’re animals who hate America. That is why the media and the Democrats behave the way they do. This is why they covered up the atrocities of the Holocaust and why they attack the President instead of the mass murderer that Soleimani was. They cover up his brutality just to promote their own political position in a desperate attempt to gain power. Just as the New York Times betrayed the Jews by ignoring the Holocaust, Soleimani is being protected by the anti-American leftwing media. Then, the fake islands in the South China Sea started on Bill Clinton’s watch, Russia’s aggression and takeover of Ukraine happened on Barack Obama’s watch, the spread of Anti-Semitism in New York happened under the watchful eye of a Democrat Mayor and a Democrat City Council. Yet where is the media? Back in 1996 Joe Biden aptly pointed out that the U.S decides how it responds when attacked, yet today they have changed their tune. Later, Sen. Ted Cruz calls in to discuss the Iran attack and his resolution praising the Soleimani mission and daring democrats to oppose it.


Fox News
Missile attacks target US forces in Iraq, senior military source says; Iran suspected

TV News Freaks Out Over Death of Iranian Killer

DOD Statement on Iranian Ballistic Missile Attacks in Iraq

Fox News
Cruz pushes Senate resolution praising Soleimani mission, daring Dems to oppose

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