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Mark Levin in Israel

Mark Levin in Israel

Ambassador Ron Dermer joins the program from the CBN studios in Jerusalem. Iran is producing nuclear fuel which now puts them at risk of increased sanctions from the United States and potentially from Europe and a decrease in oil sales which equates to 50 Billion a year. The idea that Iran is now advancing its nuclear ambition because of the Trump Administration’s withdrawal from the Obama-era Iran Deal (JCPOA) is fallacious because they have remained aggressive in the region and continue to sponsor such conflicts.

Image used with permission of Getty Images / Allison Shelley

Ze’ev Orenstein, Director of International Affairs for the City of David, joins the program from the CBN studios in Jerusalem. He explains the history of Biblical Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, and why other religions build on the holy landmarks of other faiths. In fact, over a million Jews were murdered by crucifixion upon the building of the second temple on Mount Moriah, so much so, that there was a shortage of trees. For survival, Jews hid in drain channels to avoid capture by Roman centurions.

Colonel Richard Kemp, British intelligence and military officer, joins the program from the CBN studios in Jerusalem. He discusses Iran, the war in Afghanistan, his collaboration with the CIA and Israeli intelligence and defense agencies.

Ambassador David Friedman joins the program at the CBN studios in Jerusalem. The United States now has an embassy in Jerusalem, despite the challenges President Trump succeeded. Amb. Friedman says that the U.S stands much to benefit from such a strategic partnership with the State of Israel and its intelligence services. More Americans are alive today because of the intelligence-sharing between the U.S and the IDF/Mossad intelligence agencies. In fact, Bill Ford of the Ford Motor Company says that the high technology industry in Tel Aviv provides more flexibility than some tech hubs in the States.

Image used with permission of Getty Images / Lior Mizrahi

Dore Gold, President of the Jerusalem Center of Public Affairs joins Mark from Jerusalem. Ancient Iran, or Persia, spanned a greater distance than their boundaries dictate today. Iran sees itself as a truncated version of its former self. Due to their commercial trading interests, Europeans turn a blind eye to Iran’s ambition to lay claim to Syria, Bahrain, and many other territories. Therefore, the United States and Israel pose the greatest threat to Iran’s aggression in the region primarily through proxy groups like Hezbollah. Gold muses on the JCPOA Iran deal, Israeli sovereignty, and the history of the region.

Image used with permission of Getty Images / Tasos Katopodis