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May 6, 2019

May 6, 2019

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, Of the thousands of former prosecutors out there 370 of them wrote a letter saying that they would have indicted President Trump if he weren’t President. The problem is that if he wasn’t president there’d be no case, to begin with; these prosecutors that had no involvement in the case know nothing about the Constitution. This is similar to the psychologists that assessed Trump’s mental health despite never having even met him. These lawyers should be disbarred. This, as Dan Boorstein points out in his book, is a pseudo-event. which “spawn[s] other pseudo-events in geometric progression. This is partly because every kind of pseudo-event (being planned) tends to become ritualized, with a protocol and a rigidity all its own. As each type of pseudo-event acquires this rigidity, pressures arise to produce other, derivative, forms of pseudo-event which are more fluid, more tantalizing, and more interestingly ambiguous” as quoted in “Unfreedom of the Press.” Then, if Attorney General William Barr would have given Congress the Mueller Report when they asked for it, he would be violating federal law yet they want to hold him in contempt for upholding the law. These are laws passed by Congress that Congress has the ability to change, but they haven’t because they want to create a pseudo-event to fuel the media narrative. Later, the left continues attacking fossil fuels in the name of climate change. The best way to tackle the UN and climate change is how comedian George Carlin classically put it. After, Hamas terrorists have fired 700 missiles into Israel. Firing the rockets from hospitals and schools to avoid retaliation while targeting schools and hospitals in Israel to maximize civilian casualties, yet the media reports it as “both sides firing rickets” and present the Palestinians as passive victims while portraying the Jews as oppressive aggressors.


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