February 19, 2018

February 19, 2018

On Monday’s Mark Levin show, there was no federal law that would have stopped Nikolas Cruz. The failure here is particularly in the FBI and local school districts who fail to secure these school buildings. Unfortunately, the left wing school boards who don’t support local police, don’t want them in the schools. We are so quick to accept the narrative that is imposed upon us by the left and media. The media are exploiting kids marching in favor of gun control to advance their agenda. We already have gun control in this country and anybody who purchases a gun knows this. Also, today is President’s Day but also the anniversary of the internment of Japanese American citizens by FDR. They were relocated to concentration camps in the U.S. This was the most egregious civil liberties violation after slavery. After that, Robert Mueller is now trying to track down a business deal Jared Kushner had in New York. Mueller has screwed up a lot in the past and is now trying to take out Kushner. They are also squeezing Rick Gates to get Paul Manafort. None of this has to do with collusion with Russia. The only collusion we know of is with the Hillary Clinton Campaign, the DNC and Fusion GPS.


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