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April 6, 2020

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, The media has become a societal virus doing damage to the body politic each and every day. They use garbage statistical models that don’t add up and have put fear into the American people and have delivered a crippling blow to the country’s economy. Then, former NYC Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, joins the program to discuss how the media attacks President Trump from every angle. Later, we must re-open our economy and it seems the White House may be taking steps to get Americans back to work and prevent any future deficit spending or monopolistic control by the federal government over U.S capital markets. Former US Secretary of Education, Dr. Bill Bennett, calls in to discuss his Op-Ed on this very issue. Afterward, Rep. Chip Roy gives his take on opening up the economy, which is about lives. The coronavirus shutdowns and rising unemployment are causing economic pain that must be considered.


Just The News
Tracking site suggests White House model is overestimating coronavirus hospitalizations

The IMHE model for the Wuhan coronavirus that the White House is relying on is garbage. It is using NY/NJ data and applying it to the rest of the U.S.

Real Clear Politics
An Advantaged Disease, Indeed

Conservative Review
Horowitz: Shutdown, not coronavirus, is causing loss of medical personnel

US ‘wasted’ months before preparing for coronavirus pandemic

USA Today
Fact check: Did the Obama administration deplete the federal stockpile of N95 masks?

Fox News
Rep. Chip Roy: Coronavirus shutdowns and rising unemployment causing economic pain that must be considered

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April 3, 2020

Many are saying “follow the science.” Critics keep attacking President Trump even though he is following the science presented by Doctor’s Anthony Fauci and Deborah BirxMORE

April 2, 2020

The government can’t replace the free market. It’s been tried in Venezuela and other places and it doesn’t workMORE

April 1, 2020

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, killing our economy will kill more people than the coronavirus ever will. We must reject big government socialism no matter who proposes it. A country ought not to destroy its economy because of extraordinary times. Creating government jobs while destroying the private sector doesn’t make sense. Then, the mitigation strategy…MORE