November 17th, 2023

November 17th, 2023

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, the Biden administration is trying to topple the Netanyahu-led Israeli government behind the scenes because President Biden learned from Obama who is an anti-Semite. Secretary of State Antony Blinken thinks he is the Prime Minister of Israel and king of the world but is a very sick and destructive man acting with the consent of Biden. The Israeli press, like in America is the mouthpiece of the most radical left-wing elements and is being funded by dark money organizations like George Soros and Hamas front groups as well as Biden and Blinken. The goal is to take out Netanyahu and get someone running the government who will capitulate to every demand made by this incompetent Biden administration and anti-Semitic State Department. Also, the Biden administration is literally getting away with murder in Israel, Ukraine, and the American southern border. What is happening on our southern border is a disgrace to both American citizens and migrants, but most of the media is blind to the situation and refuses to report it. It is an impeachable offense and a high crime to not abide by our nation’s immigration policy, because the president does not have the authority to ignore it and allow our borders to be wide open whether the media likes it or not. Later, Dan Abrams, founder of Mediaite and host and producer of numerous court and law and order shows on cable, has failed to reveal on numerous of his platforms that his brother-in-law, Greg Andres, was assistant special counsel on Robert Mueller’s team investigating the Russian collusion hoax and President Trump. This explains Mediaites’s unhinged obsession with smearing Trump, and now the secret is out that Dan Abrams has tainted all of it. Should we hold Abrams accountable for what his brother-in-law did?

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Well, I’ve got a little bit of a sore throat, but that won’t stop me. Hello, America. Mark Levin, our number. We do hope to get callers in our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-38111. Ladies and gentlemen. I’m ashamed of myself. I owe you an apology. Really do. And I said from the bottom of my heart. I’ve known for years that Dan Abrams. Dan Abrams the ubiquitous. Odd looking fellow. Who’s been an ABC legal analyst. There’s now a host on something called One Nation. Who has all kinds of investments and all kinds of media operations on cable. Court TV the where is the Jerry Springer of. Of television. Shows involving law and order. Dan Abrams. Really can’t decide who he is or what he is. He’s in a constant state of transition. We train a legal analyst, a journalist slash reporter. In a TV clown. But I’ve known for some time since. I think I’ve told you this, but. I should have been more prudent. Dan Abrams has a family secret. No, not that one. Dan Abrams has a family secret. And it’s this. Dan Abrams has failed to reveal on numerous of his platforms, and he has many, including, I believe, a Trump hating, America hating, Hamas supporting platform called Mediaite. He has found a reveal on a number of these platforms that his brother in law. Brother in law. Greg Andres. You’ve probably never heard of before. Greg Andres was assistant special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team. Remember them investigating the Russia collusion hoax and President Trump leaking like sieves. Two years, millions of dollars later interfering in the election. I don’t remember Dan Abrams ever making a statement at Mediate or most of his platforms. That that’s his brother in law. While he’s a legal analyst, as a news reporter, you know, news reporters have an obligation to be impartial and to be objective. They’re not supposed to be opinion makers. So in actual news, reporters and journalists conceal. Such relationships. It’s a big deal. It’s a big deal. So his brother in law obviously married to his sister. Who’s his sister? Ronnie Abrams. Who’s Ronnie Abrams? She’s a federal judge in New York and a federal judge in New York, really appointed by Barack Obama, another Democrat. Does he reveal that? Come to my knowledge. But that’s not my focus. Greg Andres is my focus. When you would have wanted to know that this reporter, that this journalist, an ABC legal analyst. That his family member was prominently involved in trying to put Donald Trump in prison. Wouldn’t that be relevant to now from a legal analyst and a journalist and a reporter? Now. Obviously all the other analysts over media and elsewhere, they’re well aware of this. They must be. Maybe they’re not. Wouldn’t be surprised. And remember any of them writing anything about it either. Pretty amazing. Which explains why that site, which I call mediocre. Right. Which is very generous. Is obsessed and unhinged with smearing Donald Trump. Smearing his staff, smearing his lawyers, smearing his supporters, smearing his rallies. Because they represent the views of Dan Abrams. Who pretends to be a journalist and a reporter. And the site conceals the fact. That his brother in law was a hatchet man. Among hatchet men and women. Serving as special counsel to the special counsel in the Mueller investigation. Seems fairly important, does it not? Of course, I’m not a journalist. I’m not a reporter. I don’t pretend to be one. In any respect. But Danny is. This organization he founded Mediate. They’re supposed to be. And yet they concealed that premier. They didn’t reveal it. In fact, all of Washington and all of New York. And the reporter world and the journalists world had to know this fact. Didn’t they? And yet I can’t find a single story. Criticizing him? Not one. For failing to reveal this information. Certainly not immediate. Certainly not on all the Jerry Springer cable shows that he’s producing. Certainly not as a legal analyst on ABC and wherever the hell else he appears. Airport radar. Sonograms. I don’t know. How about One Nation if they reveal that? And I believe so. Very troubling, don’t you think? What do you think, Mr. Producer? And so I want to apologize to the millions of you listening to this program. I won’t apologize to the millions of you on all my platforms. Which I give my unvarnished opinion. About everything. For not revealing Q earlier. What I had known. About Dan Abrams and his family secret. But now you know. Now all his platforms know. They always knew, but they concealed. Dan Abrams certainly didn’t make it a priority to reveal it. Maybe he whispered it one day as a legal analyst, I don’t know. But we’ve looked. We’ve looked far and wide. It may have been done, but we can’t find it. We looked through the archives of media, we couldn’t find it. We couldn’t find it. Now. The secret’s out. Wow, What a revelation, don’t you think? Credible. So now everything that Dan Abrams has ever done on his own has ever thought on his own. Has a reset on his own. Is now tainted. Well, the fact. That he will reveal. But he had this brother in law married to his judge. Sister. Because it’s obvious. Without question. That that familiar relationship. It’s what drove Dan Abrams, his opinions, his legal analysis, his thoughts, his statements, his writing, everything. But for the fact. But for the fact. That he had this relationship. He kept concealed. Who is the real Dan Abrams? Since he’s a front for his brother in law. Who is he? Who is he? I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
Now, some of you might be saying to yourselves, you know, Mark. I’m with you most of the time, but I’m not sure I agree with you on this one. I’m not sure you should hold Dan Abrams accountable for what his brother in law does. I’m not sure you should project on a Dan Abrams. The decisions, the careers. Of other people. And maybe, just maybe, Dan Abrams thinks for himself. Maybe, just maybe, his brother in law isn’t some puppeteer or Svengali behind the scenes telling him what to do and what to say. Maybe, just maybe, Dan Abrams doesn’t like Trump on his own. And it’s wrong of you, Mark to project on a Dan Abrams. A familiar connection, which is just that, a familial connection. I mean, after all. Greg on dress as an adult. He makes his own decisions. Dan Abrams As an adult, he makes his own decisions. So why should Dan Abrams have to, on his platforms, reveal who his brother in law is? When Dan Abrams reveals who he is. Through 412 programs. Through commentaries, through monologues. So why is it relevant? Why? Why? Project onto him? Somebody else? It’s not like he’s taking money from a special interest. It’s not like he has some kind of mission statement he has to follow. It’s not like he doesn’t have his own career. So, Mark, why are you trying to drag his family members into his own? Public career. I mean, after all, Mark, you don’t really know who Judge Ronnie Abrams is. You don’t really know who Greg Andre’s is. So why do you make the assumption? Assumption? That Dan Abrams by the connection. And somehow influenced by it. Well, those are fair points. You know, it’s interesting. Very rarely. And this is by intent. Do I drag somebodies children or family members? Into a discussion about that individual. Except, of course, Hunter Biden. But that’s for a thousand reasons that make that an exception. But I don’t go looking. To figure out. If somebody I disagree with, who their kids are, who they’re associated with, what are they doing? I don’t care if they have records. I don’t care where they went to school. I don’t care. If somebody has something to say, they put their name behind it. They put their brand behind it. They put their reputation behind it. That’s good enough for me, and I might vehemently disagree with them. But I don’t drag their kids into it. Here. I can speak for myself. I can’t speak for Dan Abrams, although he’s welcome to call in any time. Adults are adults. They make the decisions they want to make about what kind of career they have, who they want to support, who they don’t want to support for me. When it comes to politicians. It’s pretty simple to figure me out. Constitutional conservatism. Those are the two words that I live by in my profession as a lawyer. As a radio host and a TV host. Because to me, those are the watchwords of liberty. Of an organized civil society. Of a market economic system. Of morality based on faith. And God. Nobody is ever going to change my mind. Friend or foe? Family member. Nobody. In in 21 years of doing this, nobody has. We can disagree on how to get there. But I’m never going to be convinced otherwise. It’s that simple. And so, like Dan Abrams doesn’t willy nilly bring up family members. Guess what? I’m tired of reporting about the special prosecutor, even though my brother in law was on there, which, by the way, seems fairly relevant. No host no journalist is going to do that. Nor should they. I’ll be right back.

Segment 3
Welcome back, America. I’ve noticed something else. I notice a level of illiteracy. That I’ve never really seen before. Particularly by these. So-called website reporters. A level of incoherence in their writing. Where one sentence contradicts another. Or one paragraph contradicts another. Well, the setup of the story. Is nonsensical. And the reason for this is. The effort to cherry pick the effort to compound. Confound, they should say. So the effort to get to the conclusion. By stirring up the facts and stirring up the information. And so what you’ll find is that the worst of the illiterates who pose as journalists and. Reporters. You have to be a very sharp reader. And I see this more and more. I have in front of me the New York Times, Washington Post and so forth, but particularly on their surrogates in the Internet media. Don’t stop at the first or second paragraph. Read the whole thing and then scratch your head and ask yourself, I don’t understand what they’re saying. Interesting what they’re saying. The first sentence, the title or the first paragraph contradicts. The third paragraph contradicts. Doesn’t even make any sense. How many times have you gone through that, Mr. Bridges? It’s a lot. Because journalism school doesn’t teach journalism anymore. That’s why you have so many so-called journalists who push their radical agendas, whether it’s the war on Trump, whether it’s the war on citizenship, whether it’s the war on faith, whether it’s the war on capitalism, in other words, whether it’s one aspect or another, the war on America. And that’s why you have so many in the media who support Hamas or apply a moral equivalency. There’s not journalists. They’re not reporters. They’re head cases. Their head kit. Now I want to move on. I want to tell you about the Biden administration and how evil and nefarious this administration is. And all those who are listening to my every word and every syllable tonight, listen very carefully and please post everything I said. I’m talking about the reprobates. The Biden administration, as I speak, is trying to topple the Netanyahu government behind the scenes. Because Biden learned from Obama. Obama, in my view. Is and was an anti-Semite. And I think our buddy Alan Dershowitz has now figured that out with his. That is with Obama’s statement the other day. It could have come right out of the mouth of a Hamas terrorist. It could have come right out of the mouth. If an MSNBC reporter could have come right out of the mouth. Of a CNN reporter. The propaganda anymore and the moral equivalency, it’s hard to tell the difference. Try to tell the difference. Certainly could have come off the pages of The New York Times, which is. Thoroughly Jew hating and Israel hating is a get. What Blinken is doing with Biden’s consent, because Biden’s incapable of doing it himself for obvious reasons. He made a call the other day to a senior Cabinet official, really part of the top management of the Israeli government, which is a war government now, which has brought in some of the other parties, think Gantz is the leader of this blue and white party or whatever you want to call them. And so in order to get around Netanyahu and his prime minister, Blinken called Gantz. Because he believes in guns. Who’s a liberal? He’ll have a better chance. Of imposing his will. I mean, Blinken thinks he’s prime minister of Israel. Blinken thinks he’s prime minister of Israel. Blinken thinks he’s king of the world as he moves the pieces around on a map about this country, in that country and this leader and that movement and who will meet and who we won’t be. It’s a very sick man. Very destructive man. And if we ever have to discuss this foreign policy, it has to be called the Biden, Blinken, Obama foreign policy. We could ever define it. So he calls guts. I’m giving you all the inside information because I know these players and I see what’s taking place. Just like the wiretap, according to The New York Times, that was their headline. Of Donald Trump. As I put the the leaks to the media that they reported together and organize them as exhibits. And then they attacked me for saying something they said wasn’t true. When I’m quoting The New York Times, The Washington Post, the AP and Reuters. That’s how sick these bastards are anyway. Because he wants guns. To prevent. The indigenous Jewish peoples of Judea and Samaria, or what the Israel hating media call the settlers in the West Bank. From defending themselves. Now, of course, Blinken didn’t put it that way. He said, you know, the settlers are killing too many Palestinians. Excuse me. Oh, yes, yes. The settlers are killing too many Palestinians. The peaceful Palestinians. Palestinians in Judea and Samaria have been rising up and committing terrorist acts. And you have been reading about it because they’re not writing about it. You haven’t been seeing it because they’re not showing it in the American media. Israel’s already fighting on three fronts. The southern front where Hamas. The northern front with Hezbollah. And on their eastern bank. Judea and Samaria were the peaceful Palestinian side of the Fatah party. But more and more under Hamas and Islamic Jihad are attacking Israeli police officers, the IDF and the indigenous peoples there. So what does Blinken do? He picks up the phone. He says, I can’t. Get BP to understand what I need them to do. I can’t get the right wing MAGA like government in Israel to do what I needed to do. Our call the weak chain, the weak link in the chain. So among others, he calls guns. Undermining the prime minister of Israel and his war cabinet. That would be like Bibi Netanyahu deciding that he’s going to call. The secretary of defense without letting the president or the secretary of state or the vice president. And telling him what he needs the United States to do. That’s number one. Number two, the Israeli government has been browbeaten and browbeaten and browbeaten. To give fuel to Gaza. Despite all the overwhelming evidence, including from our including from our intelligence agencies, that Hamas steals the fuel. Israel. Had to consent to it. Now, fuel will be going on a regular basis into Gaza, a.k.a. to Hamas. The direct orders of Biden and Blinken. Perfectly perfect. Another example. The Israeli press. His heinous, absolutely heinous. Because the Israeli press, like in America in the aggregate, is the mouthpiece for the most radical left wing elements in Israel, just like the American press is the mouthpiece for the most radical left wing forces in the United States. They have the same kind of situation except worse in Israel, believe it or not. And it is being funded by dark money organizations and front groups by Soros, as you know, who’s been known to take down a government or to. Funded by Hamas money is to go into groups like. The Jewish vote, whatever it’s called, and other organizations and of course, funded by Joe Biden and Blinken, with the hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars that go into these organizations, not just Hamas and the PLO, but also these non-governmental organizations. And the goal is to take out. Netanyahu. To get somebody in there running the government. To capitulate to every demand of this reckless incompetent. Biden administration and their antisemitic Department of State. That’s why Ehud Barak has been all over TV here and in Europe. He felt prime minister. Who wanted to give away 98% of Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem to East Jerusalem to the. Palestinian organization, the PLO, headed by that time and Arafat. And if I had hadn’t said no, they would have given Israel away. How can Israel possibly defend itself if it becomes the size of South Jersey? Right now, it’s the size of New Jersey, but let’s say it becomes the size of South Jersey. Where do you draw the line? Atlantic City, Vineland, New Jersey. I mean, it’s crazy. And Barack has been on. All cable networks. By buffoonish hosts. Networks, news networks he’s been on. Newspaper platforms. New York Times, March two. All these. He was a dear friend. And Thomas Friedman. Who is a self-hating. How should I put this? Jew, Self-hating Jew. Yes, there are those, believe it or not. And I’m not the first to identify them. But he is for sure. And Tommy. If you want to come on the program. Come on, baby. I’m more than happy to have a chat with you. I really am. I know you used to people patting you on the head and telling you how brilliant you are. I’m telling you how stupid you are. So if you have any courage, come on the program. And I will pile up all of your magnificent columns, which I’ve gone through now, and I have a whole file on them demonstrating what a lame brain you are. What a hypocrite you are, how wrong you’ve been throughout your entire useless career. Well, the handing out Pulitzer Prizes. Do you? And not just about Israel, about communist China. Oh, man. Do you have a record? Mm. I wonder who his kids work for, Mr. Producer. No, they will. We need to look into that. Something’s not right there. Can’t be Tommy. There’s got to be some puppeteer, I think. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
But it’s even worse when Biden and Blinken are doing as much like a sleazy American political campaign. They’re putting out press releases about how they support Israel in one paragraph and in a nice paragraph. They’re talking about his rule, effectively saying Israel needs to stop killing babies. And how do they do that? They need to provide food, medication, protection, fuel. In other words, they need to build. They need to build their own city within a city to protect the people. None of the Arab countries want and to protect the people that their government Hamas is murdering. Now, this is coming from a Biden Blinken. We’re actually responsible, not just indirectly, but directly. For the death. Of many of these people they claim to be concerned about. Folks, when you’re giving $100 billion to the Iranian Islamo Nazi regime. And they’re taking that money. Almost 100% of what Hamas has and giving it to them. When they are funding Hezbollah. When they’re funding the PLO. And they’re not the only ones when the Biden administration is funding Iran directly and indirectly. Funding Hamas through UNWRA. And all the other reprobates. How is it possible for Biden and Blinken to walk away without any accountability and responsibility of any kind? Israel is having to deal with the consequences of what Biden and Blinken are doing, among others. And so they put the pressure. They put the foot on Israel’s throat. While they’re throwing money left and right, either directly or waivers. However, it doesn’t matter to me. Money is money. At the Islamo Nazi regime that so far has attacked our soldiers 60 times and we’ve attacked four warehouses. We’ve got two of the most massive armadas. With the Eisenhower in the Ford. Two fleets and a nuclear submarine. What the hell we’re going to do with that? I don’t know. Sitting there. Well, these bastards are trying to kill American soldiers. And what do Blinken and Biden care about? Not our soldiers. Not the Israeli soldiers. Not at all. Hell, they don’t even care about our citizens on the southern border who are dying left and right from what’s coming over the border. Blinken and Biden. These are two truly insane human beings. I’ll be right back.