November 16th, 2023

November 16th, 2023

SDEROT, ISRAEL - NOVEMBER 15: Israeli Defence Force flares light up the sky and landscape over Beit Hanoun, in the northern Gaza Strip on November 15, 2023 viewed from Sderot, Israel. More than month after Hamas's Oct. 7 attacks, the country's military has continued its sustained bombardment of the Gaza Strip and launched a ground invasion to vanquish the militant group that governs the Palestinian territory. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, Hamas and other terrorist organizations are terrorists because they do not care about the Geneva Convention and use their own civilians as human shields. If Palestine is a prison state like the Democrats claim, then Hamas is the warden. This is not about a two-state solution or statehood, it is about caliphates because Hamas does not intend to be limited to the Gaza Strip. None of these terrorist organizations are satisfied with a sovereign country because they want to control the entire world. The Biden administration is spreading money all over the Middle East in search of a fiction, re-arming and funding our enemies while setting the stage for World War 3. At the same time, we have anti-Semitism at an all-time high in America, with pro-Israel protesters being attacked in the streets by Hamas supporters. Also, the Democrat party has been the breeding ground of anti-American hate for a long time. It thrives off of and strategizes around turning one group of Americans against another, stereotyping Americans based on wealth or age or race, because the more that we’re at each other’s throats, the more the Democrat party seeks to destroy us and the American way of life. The Democrat party owns the college professors, the school systems, and the union that runs the schools, and they embrace this bigoted anti-Semitism we are seeing in our streets today. No longer can the institute of the Democrat party control what it has created. Later, Mark speaks with Alina Habba, lawyer for Donald Trump, about the politically motivated fraudulent case against Trump and the gag order being overturned.

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Photo by Christopher Furlong

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. Well, I have to reveal something, America. Many of you are not going to like this. But yesterday at a private ceremony. Just three people attending me, myself and I. We have very strict rules at Friday’s United. We give honorary membership. Or just straight out membership. Based on. People who are fat. No, I’m not fat. I would say I’m a little husky. But nonetheless, I appointed myself. The executive director, CEO, founder and chairman of Pharaoh’s United RFU. And as we look around the globe, we look around the country to add additional members. Well. Yesterday we saw one. Mr. Producer. Chairman Xi of Communist China. Looks to be about £40 overweight. By my estimation. It’s a fat guy. And so now she. Chris Christie. Who else missed? But as I can’t remember, everybody. There were whole number of people. Bill Barr, I believe. I think we’re going to have Randi Weingarten at it as a. There’s an honorary member, but I don’t want to I don’t want to say too many of you too quickly. So she is now an honorary member of If You are a Pharaoh’s United. He’s our first, I must confess, international member. He’s our first communist member. But F-you, I think he’s deserving of a few, don’t you, Mr. Producer? So I wanted to make that announcement upfront. F-you. And G go together perfectly. You know, I try to bring to you these great pieces I may come across as I do my research. Or somehow get over the transom. And. I found it particularly poignant one. In the new criterion. And. Let’s see here. It’s on academic day. Semitism, tenured barbarians. You really need to hear this out. It’s been many years. They write. Since we have had occasion to mention Rashid Khalidi. That sound familiar to you folks? Khalidi. Enthusiast for the Palestinian cause, bosom buddies Barack Obama and the Edwards said professor of modern Arab studies at Columbia University. In this space, back in June 2005, in a column called Faculty Follies, we quoted Khalid’s thundering dismissal of what he called called the utterly spurious assumption that universities are strongholds of radical and liberal beliefs, unquote. As if to underscore the malign, fatuous ness of that declaration. The infamous Professor Khalidi has just put his name to an open letter. Signed by more than 100 of his Columbia colleagues calling on the university to defend those students who publicly support Hamas. And by the way, Khalidi. When a baroque metal house. Obama’s closest. Friends and associates as he was. Starting his political career. His. Remember, The L.A. Times has a tape. Of Obama speaking to Khalidi and others. And. They still haven’t released it. In any way. They don’t need a release. We know of the association calling on the university to defend those students who publicly support Hamas, the terrorist organization that controls the Gaza Strip, and that, without warning, slaughtered more than 1200 people, mostly civilians, in southern Israel on October seven. Now, that massacre. Also left 5000 injured in SA. More than 200 people, including infants, toddlers and the elderly, kidnapped and dragged back to the Gaza Strip, killed more Jews than any event since the Holocaust, as you know, Khalidi. Khalida and his colleagues are incensed. That the names and likeness of some of these pro-Palestinian student protesters that is pro Hamas student protesters have been posted under the rubric, quote, Columbia’s leading anti-Semites, unquote. So these professors write in their letter as scholars. They write without irony, who are committed to robust inquiry about the most challenging matters of our time. We feel compelled to respond to those who label our students anti-Semitic if they express empathy for the lives and dignity of Palestinians and or if they signed on to a student. Written statement. That situated. The military action begun on October 7th within the larger context of the occupation of Palestine by Israel. Nobody was occupying the Gaza Strip. Israelis gave it to the Palestinians. But facts are funny things. And so they write, Where does one start? We’re tempted to begin with the question of whether anyone, anywhere has objected to people expressing empathy for the lives and dignities and dignity of Palestinians. But let’s leave that trope along with the needling as scholar’s gambit to one side for a moment and concentrate on two phrases. Military action begun on October 7th. And the larger context of the occupation of Palestine by Israel. The modern world. A military action is understood to be an action undertaken to achieve a specific military objective and employing only those means that are in accordance with the recognised rules of combat. High up on the list of those rules is concern for noncombatants. It’s an unfortunate fact that civilians are often killed in military action, but they must not be explicitly targeted, nor the way may be deliberately mistreated. You know, like decapitating them, raping them and shooting them in back of the head, dismembering them, sticking them in ovens, you know, stuff like that. In this sense, what Hamas started on October seven was not a military action. It was a slaughter undertaken to foment terror. Civilians were not collateral victims of the operation. They were deliberately targeted for rape, torture, kidnapping and murder. The vast majority of the victims were civilians, not military personnel. It’s also worth noting the video evidence that in some instances, so-called civilian Gazans seem to have participated in the atrocities. And that’s a fact that I have been meaning to mention. Contrast the behavior of Hamas with the behavior of the Israeli Defense Forces responding to the massacre. Four weeks after the attack, the IDF urged civilians to evacuate to the south of Gaza, away from the headquarters of Hamas, which was certain to be the center of Israel’s operations. Close to a million Gazans did evacuate more, tried to do so, but were prevented by Hamas, which confiscated their car keys and gasoline and destroyed humanitarian corridors that Israel had constructed to aid evacuation. And by the way, they also killed people who were trying to leave. Hamas in direct flouting the Geneva Conventions. And by the way, the reason they’re terrorists is because they don’t care about the rules of war. Geneva Conventions, the death of citizens. Hence they’re terrorists. Has always choose civilians as human shields. And in this instance, the more than 200 hostages it took from Israel, part of that shield. Who knows where they may bit might be secreted. They said the other day, my great fear. Is that many of them have been executed. And they found a woman, 65 year old Israeli. Ms.. Weiss. Been taken hostage. They found her on the side of the street. She’d been murdered. But by far the largest component of human bargaining chips have been ordinary Gazans. Hamas, again, in violation of the Geneva Conventions, places military assets and command centers within adjacent to and underneath schools, mass hospitals and residential buildings. Not only does this ensure collateral damage to life and property, it also transforms those non-military sites and the military targets. It is further worth noting that not only does Hamas exaggerate the extent of its civilian casualties, it also has many video clips of confirmed displays, fake deaths and injuries. The corpses. They have here, quote unquote, that suddenly arise and walk. Are there gruesomely injured actor who is later seen cavorting on the street. Make for inadvertently amusing viewing. Writes the new criterion. The same perfidy is true of Hamas’s cynical exploitation, of sacrosanct symbols of protected assets. Ambulance ambulances have large Red Cross has painted on them to signal their exemption from assault, but the exemption is in force only so long as the vehicles are used for the purpose for which they were intended. The transportation of the sick and wounded. The IDF has presented video footage of Hamas operatives using ambulances essentially as taxes to get around the city with impunity. That has the effect of making all ambulances suspect and thus vulnerable and transforming ones that are identified as transporting military personnel into targets. And it goes on before leaving the phrase about military action. It’s worth noting that Khalidi Professor Khalidi, Barack Obama’s buddy and his colleagues, write that the action by Hamas has only begun, quote unquote. That implies that it’s ongoing. As we write, the Israelis have made rapid progress against Hamas. The quick inroads made by the IDF have led to loud demands from the White House to the streets of London and many other places beside for a quote unquote, a humanitarian pause, a cease fire. But no such suspension should be contemplated against an enemy that’s begun but not completed its hostile actions. It’s a surreal demand, a so-called humanitarian pause requested by an entity that just weeks ago undertook an ostentatiously anti humanitarian rampage of such murderous ferocity and savage ness. Now let us now turn to the larger context of the occupation of Palestine by Israel. The phrase used in the letter by these professors, of which Khalidi and his colleagues speak. Pace the prevailing narrative. There is no occupation of Palestine by Israel. Really to understand the political situation in that part of the world. One would have to go back to at least 1917, if not indeed, to ancient times. But in 1917, the Balfour Declaration, contemplating the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, explicitly sought to create, quote, a national home for the Jewish people, unquote. And by the way, they are the indigenous people, but they’re talking about at that time in modern times. Explicitly sought to create a national home for the Jewish people, which became an international commitment with the League of Nations formally adopted in 1922. The goal was eventually accomplished in 1948, and the state of Israel was carried in, having been strengthened by a 1947 resolution adopted by two thirds vote of the United Nations General Assembly. Can you imagine that happening today? The Succeeding histories complex. The chief features two aspects. One is the story of attack after attack by Arabs against Israel, beginning just hours after the nation was born. The other is the series of compromises, negotiations and concessions by Israel, whose overriding desire has been peaceful coexistence. The present instance. The relevant drama began in 2005, when Israel withdrew all of its citizens, all of their. Settlements. Military outposts from the Gaza Strip. The following year, Hamas won power in a legislative election. The last such election in Gaza expelled other Palestinian groups and has ruled the area as a theocratic war party ever since. Some pro-Palestinian commentators say the Gaza Strip is a prison state. If so, as one observer put it, Hamas. Is the warden. Hamas is the warden. And so it goes on. And I, I wanted to read this to you, not only because it’s correct, but this time we’re colliding. In his tie in with Obama Obama’s statement in recent times. Absolutely disgusting and appalling. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
You know, ladies and gentlemen, just a sidebar for a moment. We don’t invite every candidate running for office on this program. I mean, when you see all the the individuals originally who won the Republican nomination, it’s just it’s just not interesting to me. But we’ve invited many. We’ve invited Chris Christie repeatedly, have we not, Mr. Minister, Many times. Open your microphone. We’ve invited him on a lot more than half a dozen times at least. We’ve invited Nikki Haley on. We’ve given up. Is that not correct? Correct. You’re the one in charge of reaching out to them, correct? Correct. We invited Tim Scott. He came on the program. Very nice, man. As a matter of fact. Forget about the presidential races. We’ve invited Jamie Raskin on this program. I don’t know a lot of time since he came on the program. Has he or not? Is he offered? No. Liz Cheney. She came on the program? No. Bernie Sanders. Have we asked him? No, we’ve asked him, but he won’t. Come on. Mitt Romney. We’ve asked him, but he won’t. Come on. I want to again offer the invitation to every one of those people. Well, Tim is now running anymore, but all the others. I’ll be right back.

Segment 3
I would love these other people to come on, to engage, to debate. So millions and millions of you can hear their views and in many cases me challenging their views. Now, if I agree with somebody, there’s not a lot to challenge. But I think it’s important. That these people have access to you. We’re very open about this. I mean, I can go through a whole list of people that we invite here who never want to show up. Some of them don’t answer, Some of them do. Some of them blow us off. It just is what it is and we move on. The show isn’t really based on any of that anyway. Now we know the name and the occupation of the individual who killed. Who killed Paul Kessler? Who’s Paul Kessler? Well, you don’t know his name very well because the media have decided that he’s not worthy of the kind of attention other people are. Who die. Unfortunately, at the hands of killers and so forth. But Paul Kessler’s apparently not on the top of the list. But now we know in National Review, among others, a reporting. Who killed Paul Kessler. Leah. I’m Margie. Tell away our analogy. A computer science professor. I just read you a piece called Tenured Barbarians. From the new criterion. I did it for a reason. Professor at Ventura County Community College was arrested this morning, charged with involuntary manslaughter after he was involved in the deadly confrontation with pro-Israel demonstrator Paul Kessler. He died in early November of his wounds following a physical altercation with a counter-protester, quote unquote. The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement afterward. And during that alteration altercation, rather, Kesler fell backward, struck his head on the ground. The Ventura County Medical Examiner’s office determine the cause of death to be blunt force head injury and the manner of death homicide. At the time National Review. The time of the incident. An unnamed suspect since identified as Ahmadi, was detained by police as law enforcement, conducted a home search before releasing the suspect on his own accord. Ventura County Sheriff Jim Fry have told reporters. Shortly after that, Ahmad was cooperative with authorities, though police refrained from publicly disclosing his name and to a more thorough investigation was concluded. Involuntary manslaughter. I guess it doesn’t get any lower in that when it comes to murder. I don’t know how it works in California under their code. But there you have it. Have a question for the media. All the media. How do you know these are pro-Palestine or pro-Palestinian demonstrations and not pro-Hamas demonstrations? You’ve lectured us over and over again that there’s a distinction. Okay, let’s stipulate there’s a distinction. So why do you why do you refer to recharacterize people who are openly, loudly, vociferously with posters in red and white and black and white defending Hamas. Filled with anti-Semitism, the swastika demanding the elimination of the Jews. Why are you calling them pro-Palestinian demonstrators? Why are you calling them pro-Hamas demonstrators? I’m quite serious about this. I just watched one of these demonstrations on TV. It was obviously a pro-Hamas demonstration. It was violent. And they called it a pro-Palestinian demonstration. Why? If they’re right and if I stipulate to it just for the purpose of argument, I only. Aren’t they making the opposite point? That all Palestinians are the same. Or is the point that all Palestinians are not Hamas or all Palestinians are Hamas? You see, they’re sloppy. They’re lazy. The repetitive. They say one thing out of one side of their mouth and another thing out of the other side of their mouth. But I just saw that said, Well, wait a minute. What is this? So this California professor, obviously one of the tenured barbarians, is the new criterion rightly put it. I love that phrase because it says so much. So much. That is true. And I don’t know if you heard about this. You had the biggest rally in American history. The biggest Jewish rally and, of course, the biggest rally for Israel. In the history of that state in the United States. And again, National Review. Hundreds of pro-Israel demonstrators were left stranded on tarmac after the bus drivers coordinate an anti-Semitic strike. Really, what is this all about? Hundreds of Jewish Americans are on their way to Tuesday’s March for Israel at the National Mall. We’re left stranded on the tarmac of a local airport after their bus drivers coordinated, quote, a mass sickout, unquote, to prevent the travelers from attending the rally. Around 300 to 900 passengers had flown in. To Detroit or from Detroit. We’re left on the tarmac, the Jewish Federation of Detroit. At Dulles International Airport for nearly 11 hours, causing them to miss the entire march. So here they are spending money to go to the march to exercise their free speech rights, their freedom to assemble rights and the prevented by truck drivers. Bus drivers, I should say. Who obviously. I quite anti-Semitic when several buses failed to appear upon their 10:30 a.m. landing, many travelers had no way to leave the tarmac there on the tarmac. David Kurzman, the senior director of community affairs for the Jewish Federation of Detroit, had learned from the bus company that this was caused by a deliberate and malicious walk off that is of the drivers. He said. The bus company told the federation that a significant number of drivers called out sick when they learned what would be taking they where they’d be taking hundreds of Jewish-Americans letters to the pro-Israel rally. The Federation is not named. The bus company has refused to do so. Jonathan Kaufman had flown in from Detroit eager to attend the rally. He was one of hundreds left stranded. I thought it was nuts. I thought it was crazy that we’re blocked from getting to the rally, he told the New York Post, adding that there were frantic calls to find out what was happening as they were stranded for hours. Our right to assembly is a constitutional right, and this was straight up blocking that. Those left behind spent roughly 3 hours on the tarmac before they were loaded on several buses, only to be told that the buses were not for their group and they had to offload immediately. Now the Jewish Federation of Detroit, a chartered three private planes carrying 900 passengers in total. The transport rally goers from Detroit to Dulles outside of Washington. According to airport regulations, travelers on privately chartered planes are not allowed to leave the tarmac without pre organized vehicular transportation. There they are stuck on the planes. Some for up to 11 hours. Because the passengers didn’t pass through a TSA checkpoint before boarding, typical for privately chartered flights. They were not permitted inside the airport either. And when it came time for the whole group to fly back to Detroit after the rally, the plane’s crew had timed out. That is, union rules exceeded federally mandated or federal government rules. Federally mandated work limits. Because of the unexpected delay in the morning, the federation was not allowed to leave for Detroit until 2:30 a.m. in the morning, leaving those who had made it to the rally waiting for hours outside the airport. Some of the group hadn’t eaten all day. Kaufman. He spent hours. On the tarmac had spent hundreds of dollars to attend the march with his mother, called the walkout a deliberate anti-Semitic act that would have been called a hate crime if it happened to any other ethnic group. Can you imagine that? Isn’t he right? Isn’t he 100% right? This has received almost no attention. In the corrupt corporate Democrat Party media. This is a historical moment and I would have loved to be part of it. While we’re deeply dismayed by this disgraceful action I reserve. To proudly stand in solidarity and so forth has never been greater. But there you have it. The radical left wing Marxist Islamist. They’re blocking traffic. Who are attacking the DNC. I’ll get to that later and doing all kinds of miserable things. It’s amazing. You don’t hear about them being inconvenienced in any way, do you? Now. They get on off buses, No question about it. On and off trains, on and off planes. They seem to have easy access to wherever they want to go. We have a fantastic couple of shows this weekend, by the way. Some days. Life, Liberty and Levin, 8 p.m. Eastern. We begin with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. And you know, the way I conduct my interviews, people get to speak. You’ll see what a remarkable individual he is. And he has some very profound things to say. That you haven’t heard everywhere else. And you’ll see by the nature of my questions that I don’t work for CNN on Saturday, the night before. A fantastic interview as well. We have Stephen Miller. It was called by Joy Reid, a white nationalist and a racist and all the other things. And I wanted to give him an opportunity to respond, and he will. By the way, the guest after Netanyahu is Alan Dershowitz, and he has a lot to say. Including about Obama. So it is a full weekend. Of spectacular programming, not because of me, but because of the guests and the nature of the format. Four guests only in two one hour shows. And you’ll hear things and learn things. You’ll be intrigued by things. That you may never have heard before. That’s the point of the program. Life, liberty and living in Saturday, 8 p.m. Eastern time. If you think you’re going to be watching some college game or going out to dinner, you might want to DVR the program while you’re thinking about it now. Sunday. Benjamin Netanyahu and Alan Dershowitz. If you’re not sure you’re going to watch it, maybe going to watch football or something else, then set your DVR. Don’t miss it. But even better yet, put aside an hour. Just an hour. And watch it live. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
So Joe Biden goes off script and he calls the dictator of communist China a dictator. The secretary of state is sitting in the front row and he has even more grave and dire constipated look on his face than he normally does. He cringed. And of course, it is the subject of all kinds of media reporting. And yet Donald Trump has called Hitler. Despite his. Unprecedented. Unmatched record in supporting Jews and Israel by the media is called Hitler because he used the word vermin in. So here is Xi. Who’s rounded up to two and a half million Muslims. Wiggers. They’re being butchered, tortured, raped, forced abortions. Slave labor. Re-education camps, I guess they may call them. But they cringe when he’s called a dictator. When Trump’s called Hitler. They’re excited. They’re happy. It’s really perverse. Our media. Very, very perverse. The one accurate thing that Joe Biden said. He said it. I don’t know if he said it intentionally or just slipped through his dentures, but nonetheless, he said it. And that’s sort of the least bad thing you can say about this genocidal maniac that is. She said he’s a dictator. Wow. Now, that’ll do it. Now that’s the end of all of our great relationship. And what’s the great relationship that he created with China now? Well actually be able to talk to each other. Military. To military. The last time we spoke. Military, the military, you might remember, the head of the Joint Chiefs, Milley, was warning the communist Chinese military about Donald Trump lack luck. I’ll give you a heads up. If he presses the button. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know. For going to war against you. So don’t. Don’t get nervous. What ahead of the Joint Chiefs? What a complete sleazeball he was the head of the Joint Chiefs when we were leaving Afghanistan and surrendering. He didn’t have the guts to resign. But she’s a dictator. Oh, my goodness. Don’t say things like that. Only Trump, Putin, Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler. All those things you hurt and use the word vermin. Only Hitler’s ever used the word vermin. And we know why he used it. Liz Cheney, she’ll tell you. And by the way, the Cheneys, they were never supportive of Israel either. Never. I’ll be right back.