November 10th, 2023

November 10th, 2023

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, We have tens of millions of people in America who do not want this country to survive but want to either destroy or undermine it. We have a ruling class that has no limits to its power and is beating out the patriotic Americans who want our children to have a bright and prosperous future. We cannot be a country that has no borders and immigration is out of control to the point where we don’t know who’s coming in. There is no better way to rip the heart out of a country than to destroy its economy, which is exactly where Democrats and Bidenomics have done. It only takes one generation or one presidency to destroy our Republic, and if people don’t want to be free with a civil society and secure border then we aren’t going to get it. Also, for Hamas, this war with Israel is about a caliphate, not about statehood. Terrorism is boundless and that is exactly what Iran wants. Israel is used to project American power in the Middle East and provides intelligence to the U.S. about the actions of our enemies. People like Cori Bush or Emmanuel Macron do not care and condemn Israel for trying to defend itself from terror attacks. The Israeli people and their military are the front line for protecting the Western world from terrorists, and they carry the weight of the free world on their shoulders.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. I’ve spent hours, as I do every day preparing for this program. And what’s interesting is not until about. 5 minutes, maybe 10 minutes before the show to all my thoughts congeal into what I want to say at the opening of a program. I can’t explain it. It’s just the way it is. And so I’m reading all these stories. I decided to dig into some of the philosophers. I pulled some books off my shelf. I went back and looked at liberty and tyranny. We looked at some of the end notes there, went back even further and circled back to more events that are occurring today. And I got to thinking. Then I’ve written ten bullet points here. I’ve got to thinking that we have tens of millions of people in this country. Who do not want this country to survive. You know, great men. Long before I had this radio show, including people who helped found this country, people in Philadelphia at the Constitutional Convention. They embrace certain principles, certain morals, certain religious beliefs. They embrace certain philosophers. Many of them were farmers, but they embraced philosophers nonetheless. And so I got to thinking. We literally have tens of millions of people in this country, citizens and non-citizens. Who either want to destroy it or undermine it. We have a ruling class. That seems to have no limits on its power. And then there are tens of millions of us who do love this country and want to protect it. When our children and grandchildren eliminate free, prosperous nation. But we’re losing. The Constitution’s under attack. A frontal attack. It’s not being complied with. The Declaration of Independence apparently is so controversial that we as president stand, when they quote it, they leave out certain phrases in the declaration. Because it doesn’t comport with their ideology. The vast majority of people in Congress do not believe in capitalism. We even have corporatists who don’t believe in capitalism. And certainly our universities and colleges do not believe in capitalism. What is capitalism? Capitalism is an extension of individual freedom. Voluntary transactions. You can’t have a free society and have a socialist government. Our economic system and a marxist government. You can’t have a country that has no borders. Where Immigration’s out of control. You don’t know who’s coming here. That turns the whole notion of borders and immigration on their heads. Immigration is supposed to be about improving our society, improving the. The standard of living for citizens who actually live here. Our representatives are supposed to represent us, not foreigners who they don’t even know, who haven’t even stepped foot in our country yet. When you have indoctrination disguised as education. And that indoctrination is intended to brainwash children into hating their family, their faith and their country. That’s self-sabotage. No nation can survive their past. Maybe one generation. When you have a widespread belief. Pushed by the ruling class, and that includes the media. That abortion on demand that infanticide. Is an incredibly popular political issue. And this is what people want. This is what women want. Then you have a country that has no moral compass whatsoever. Surgical and chemical mutilation. With a new title, Transgenderism. Of our children. In many cases without parental notification. No country, no society has ever done that to itself, ever. When you have profligate uncontrolled spending. Borrowing, printing of money. You’re destroying the currency. You’re destroying people’s savings. You’re destroying people’s wages. You’re destroying their pensions. No better way to rip the heart out of a country. Then to destroy its economy. This is where we are today. This is where we are. When you watch CNN and MSNBC and some of these hosts. When you read The New York Times and The Washington Post. When you listen to the media in this country, they’re all in. Here’s the thing. I’m a very blessed man. I have this radio platform. Well. 14 and a half million weekly listeners. Millions more on podcast. I have a TB platform. I didn’t seek it, but Fox gave it to me and then wanted another night on the weekends. Millions more people. So there’s communication like never before. And for me, obviously, I take that responsibility very, very seriously. And then, of course, I write these books. So I can do a deep dive on these subjects. There’s over 300 million people in this country. I don’t even come close to reaching all the. Despite my radio syndication, despite the TV shows. The Democrat Party Hates America, has sold an all formats over 300,000 copies. Not nearly as good as I hoped it would be. Because I think. A small step in saving this republic. Is taking that party apart. Because it is the political umbrella. It’s the political entity through all these other things are happening. But it wasn’t to be. And it’s not to be. Then I got to thinking before I came on the air. Of Athens. The collapse of Athens. The collapse of Rome. And I thought to myself and I noted here. More people live under tyranny. Then live under freedom today. More people have always lived under tyranny than under freedom. The two republics that preceded us. Didn’t last that long. The Roman Empire lasted over a thousand years. But the Roman Republic. Lasted at about 450 500 years. None of them. None of them last in perpetuity. And neither will our country. Because our generation. My age in the sixties and the generation right behind us, the thirties and forties. Are destroying the country. I’m not saying you are, obviously. But in the aggregate, our generation is destroying the country. We inherited such magnificence. There were 200 years of blood, sweat and tears. Over 200 years of wars. For our freedom and our security. Over 200 years of innovation. Of experimentation. Of failing and then succeeding. And it takes one generation. As it turns out, it takes one presidency. To destroy it all. To destroy it off. And if people don’t want to be free and if people don’t want a republic, and if people don’t want a functioning civil society where their families can happily walk the streets. With a border secure. Then we’re not going to get it. I’ve often said the real puzzle of liberty is that liberty. Provides a platform. For the creation or the advancement of tyranny. There’s really no way around it. The framers knew this. This is why they created a fairly complex and complicated governmental governing system. But those who do not embrace it, those who are tyrannical or totalitarian in mindset, whether they be Marxists or Islamists. They exist to destroy those complexities. Because they want to centralize power, impose their will. And enslave you in one form or another. And that’s what they’re doing. Do you feel powerless? Because more and more you are powerless. Everything from what kind of automobile you can drive, what kind of food you can eat. Your appliances in your home. How are you going to raise your children? Her neighborhoods are being destroyed with wanton criminals coming across the border. In the nation. It’s not protecting you. They’re not protecting you in the streets. All this going on in the major issue is abortion. I’m defining to you that a country that is dying. I can come on here with a happy face. Tap dance all over the place. I can do that. But I can’t live with myself. I’ll leave it to others to put a smiley face on this. Obviously, we keep fighting. Obviously, we push back. Obviously, we never say never. But it doesn’t help anybody, especially those of us who love this country and freedom. To fool ourselves. And this is why you see what’s going on in the streets. Where we are breeding. Human beings in our colleges and universities. To embrace genocidal atrocities. That’s pretty sick. In a media. That plays moral equivalency. You know those who rape. Brutalize, slaughter, burn and those who don’t. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
In a Jewish school in Montreal. Jewish School for Little kids in Montreal was bullet ridden. Bullet ridden. I believe it was yesterday. It’s happening all over the world now. It’s happening in our own country. Where? Jewish people have died, have been beaten. Christians. Had been beaten for defending Jewish people. Today is November 10th. In four days in Washington, D.C.. There is an effort to rally in defense of humanity. And it begins with the state of Israel. And it’s called the March for Israel in Washington, D.C. on November 14th. And Jewish organizations, Christian organizations all over the country. They’re doing their very best to get as many people as possible. To attend this peaceful rally. And I want to encourage you to do the same thing. Needs to be a mass rally. We see the protests in our cities here and there. But this would be a massive rally of people who believe in humanity. And want to be seen and want to be heard. And it is my hope that there’ll be half a million, maybe a million people there. So all of America and all of the world can see on the National Mall November 14th. I’ll be back.

Segment 3
Over at Breitbart, Joel Pollak must produce he need to speak up has a has an excellent column there. We don’t hear much about the Palestinian cause between wars, he writes. So late. Palestinian intellectual Edward Sayid defended Yasser Arafat, who was then still a notorious terrorist, not yet a corrupt kleptocrats. By saying that his sensational violence at least kept the Palestinian cause from disappearing entirely from the world’s consciousness and kept the Palestinian in the diaspora diaspora unified even at the moral price of backing terror. He wrote that 50 years ago. But it’s almost exactly the same argument used by the Hamas leaders who spoke to The New York Times this week, telling the Western public that without their attack on Israel, with all its horrible atrocities, that the Palestinian cause would have been forgotten, left behind in the progress of the Abraham Accords and that excitement and normalization deal between Saudi Arabia and Israel. It’s worth asking whether the Palestinians could have done something else in those 50 years to advance their cause beyond killing Israeli civilians or whether violence against Israelis is the Palestinian cause and how it came to be that way. After all, you never see pro-Palestinian activists doing much to help Palestine between wars. And this time they started marching after the terror attack, not the Israeli response. And by the way, that’s been pretty much covered up by the media. The Palestinians were celebrating the atrocities. It’s easier to destroy than create, writes Pollack. Let’s rewind to the beginning. Israel is the spiritual homeland of the Jewish people and has been for many thousands of years. Jews have lived there continuously for millennia, and even during periods of exile and dispersion, they still face Jerusalem during prayer, as Jews still do today. The idea of creating a Jewish state emerged in a late 19th century as a response to persecution in Europe, and Jews began moving back a generation or so later, in the early 20th century, Arabs living in the region began to feel their own national stirrings, and the Palestinian Arabs were no different. Though initially they wanted to be part of a broader Arab empire. Another separate state. When the British took over from the Ottoman Empire after the First World War with a mandate from the League of Nations. They struggled to reconcile promises to both sides. The dilemma was difficult to solve, but dividing the land seemed the least bad option. This was acceptable to the Jewish side, which simply wanted sovereignty of any kind, especially with the growing danger to Jews in Europe. But the Arabs, who were only known as Palestinians much later self-identified by the way, clung to the idea that there could be no Jewish state at all, and not even any Jewish immigration, not even refugees from the Nazis. Now, I’ve talked about this before. The man most responsible for this intransigence was named Haj Amin al-Husseini. The British sought to appease him by appointing him Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. And he abused that position to foment riots against Jews, most notoriously, in the Hebron massacre in 1929. Which most you’ve never heard of before. 1929. Hebron. You’ve heard of the town of Hebron. Of course you have. He Brown was a Jewish town. Now there’s about 85 Jewish families there, and that’s it, because in 1929, many of them were slaughtered without provocation because they were Jews. The British tried to keep the Arabs on side in the Second World War by banning Jewish immigration. But al-Husseini sided with Hitler and the Nazis anyway. There has never really been a reckoning with the history. The Palestinian Arab leadership collaborated with Hitler and made sure through pressure on the British that Jews had nowhere to escape to. After the war, the Germans were dissatisfied through public acknowledgement of Hitler’s crimes, but they never happened to the Arab world, which still incubated Nazi anti-Semitism along with radical Islamic sentiments. They were never denied to fight. In 1947, the newly formed U.N. tried to tackle the same problem that had vexed the British and came up with the same answer. Partition into a Jewish state and an Arab state. But the Arabs decided to destroy the Jewish state rather than build their own and declared war. They lost. And the same pattern has repeated itself for decades. The Palestinians have always rejected statehood in favor of violence. Always. Up to 2000, it was possible to believe that some Palestinian grievance justified the rejection. But when then President Bill Clinton offered Arafat nearly all of Judea and Samaria. AKA the West Bank and shared sovereignty over Jerusalem’s holy sites and possible compensation for Palestinian refugees. Arafat walked away. They would have got 97% of Judea and Samaria, the so-called West Bank, and they would have had their own capital. In part of Jerusalem, among other things. And they walked away. And I say, thank God they did. For the last 23 years, Israelis have been looking for a workable alternative to solve the problem from burning a barrier along the West Bank to unilateral withdrawal from Gaza to making peace with the other Arab states in the hope that the Palestinians could eventually be persuaded to set war aside. Yet their leadership had other ideas boosted by Iran, which continued to find and arm terror groups. 2001 at the UN World Conference Against Racism, which was held in Durban, South Africa. Global anti-Israel activists seized on the idea of casting Israel as the new apartheid state. Which, like South Africa, had to be dismantled. It was an idea without merit, but the symbolism appealed to Western leftists, and you hear them use it all the time. Joel writes, I happened to be at the World Conference against Racism, which ironically saw a shocking outbreak of anti-Jewish hatred. anti-Israel activists literally broke up a meeting to discuss anti-Semitism, which had nothing to do with Israel. The same impulse persists in the efforts of anti-Israel activists to tear down posters of Israeli hostages. There can be no acknowledgment of Jewish victimhood, which is part of Israel’s reason for being. But ask these activists what they have actually done to help Palestine, so-called Palestine, and you’ll find no answers. They’ve not invested in economic development. They’ve not donated to Palestinian school schools. And few may have donated to Palestinian relief efforts. But none has given thought to building Palestinian institutions. The one question that unravels them every time is what kind of Palestinian state do you want? They have no idea. They just want, quote, free Palestine, unquote, and from the river to the sea. Quote unquote, which the president of Harvard admitted this week was an anti-Semitic slogan in a vision is the destruction of Israel and the genocide of its Jews. Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh recently urged followers to imagine a post Israel Palestine. He said he wants an Islamic state. The likely outcome Gaza, a complete wreck, a constant threat to its neighbors. The world has heard Palestinian excuses for terrorism for half a century. The difference now is that the same excuses come from Ishmael and earlier, rather than Edwards side, both from comfortable exile. The only portion of the Palestine Arab population that has moved beyond this are the Israeli Arab citizens who are deciding the face of Hamas terror, that they would rather be Israeli than Palestinian. Their free Palestine, quote unquote, is Israel. Let’s talk about what to do with a post Hamas Gaza. The White House wants it run by the Palestinian Authority, which has never worked. Charles says, My preference would be to pay Gazans to relocate to the West Bank and annex Gaza to Israel, solving the problem of Palestinian geographic continuity. I don’t agree with that either, but that’s okay. What do the Palestinians themselves want? We don’t know. They don’t either. It’s easier to destroy than to create. But No more is was not an acceptable answer. And here’s the problem. Give them, quote unquote. Parts of Judea and Samaria keep the Gaza Strip, as I was explaining last night. It’s not about a state. That’s a complete fabrication. It’s a lie. This is a caliphate. That’s what they want. Iran is not about a state. The Islamo Nazis have a state. They want Lebanon. That’s why they have Hezbollah. They want Israel destroyed. They’re destroying Yemen. And are destroying other countries and they want to destroy more. Not an interested in boundaries. Terrorism is boundless. That’s the whole point. And this is what they want, a caliphate. And. Blinken tonight, and we’ll get to this in a little while. In India. Too many Palestinian citizens. Are being killed. By whom? He never goes beyond that. Who’s killing them? We have constant reports. There’s a Hamas Nazi terrorists are slaughtering the civilians. To try and make it look like Israelis had to prevent them from leaving. I posted another one a couple of hours ago. Blinken sees this. But he’s never specific. Who’s killing whom when it comes to the civilians, who’s trying to protect them. Who’s putting them in hospitals, who’s putting them in masks and putting them in the schools to be targeted along with Hamas Nazi terrorists. It’s just incredible. So when they put out these statistics, which they can’t really back up. Obviously, people are dying. But their statistics are utterly meaningless. They’re coming from Hamas. Why don’t they break them down? Why don’t they show any interest in breaking them down? Why don’t they even provide a footnote saying, we don’t know how many were killed by Hamas, but we know many were. Unbelievable. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
I noticed Bernie Sanders and other Marxists. They spend trillions and trillions of dollars. They don’t object that Iran’s getting a billion and a half dollars because Biden won’t enforce the sanctions that Trump put in place. But they’re worried about the 3.4 or so billion dollars. That Israel receives each year. So I thought it was actually worth talking about this very briefly. Nearly all the military aid to Israel consists of credits. Not actual money in hand credits. They go directly from the Pentagon to U.S. weapons manufacturers. So Israel has an account. The money doesn’t go through the government. The Pentagon purchases weapons. American weapons manufacturers make those weapons. To the extent there are in our country, these these companies and most are American jobs are created. So it’s not just some gift to Israel or three point some odd billion dollars. And. It’s the biggest bang for the buck. The United States has with any ally. We’re in foreign policy. All. What am I talking about? Israel is used to rejected American power in the Middle East. Israel. Israel provides intelligence to the United States about the actions of. Our enemies and our adversaries. Israel is our eyes and ears in a crucially important part of the world where so much oil exists. And the Israeli people and their military. Are the front line. To protecting the Western world. From the terrorists. Terrorist Arab states. Terrorist Iranian Iranian regime. It’s an ally that gives more than it gets. We don’t get much from France or Germany. We don’t get much from our so-called Arab allies. We get nothing. Israel’s are a tiny little country with a minuscule population. Then they carry the weight of the free world on their shoulders. Just being honest about this. And in receiving that money not directly from the Pentagon to American military manufacturers. The United States believes its role is to interfere in Israel’s domestic politics. Israel’s foreign policy. Israel’s decisions, even minor decisions about how it chooses to defend itself and conduct battle. So from the perspective of a Biden and a Blinken. And a Bernie Sanders and their ilk. Israel was bought and paid for. While $70 billion pours into Iran, billions pour into the Palestinian territories and Gaza. This administration and the Democrat Party and then the media believe they now have the power. Without any other countries treated this way. No other countries treated this way by the United States. Its constantly meddling in their internal affairs. They don’t want Netanyahu. So Soros and others with dark money try and find a coup to to end a civil war against Israel. Before the October seven attacks. The left and the Democrats in our country just read Thomas Friedman. He is a poster boy for these types of people. It’s outrageous. I’ll be right back.