September 14th, 2022

September 14th, 2022

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Democrats are crooked, corrupt cheats that don’t accept the will of the people in elections, and they’ve been that way since their inception. Democrat Attorney Marc Elias carefully organizes scores of litigators to change election laws to improve the probability of Democrats winning. The current administration is spending millions of dollars in the way of hearings and investigations into Trump with the goal of influencing and interfering in the 2022 midterms so that they can mitigate their expected losses in congress. Yet it’s these same Democrats that say that Republicans are the ones that can’t accept the outcome of an election. Then, Mitch McConnell has said nothing critical of what the Department of Justice has done to Trump or his allies. This country has an extensive history of using the political process set up by the Constitution to challenge elections and affect a change in the outcome of an election.  The federal government has no authority over statewide elections even if it’s for a federal office. Later, a Durham filing reveals that Igor Danchenko was paid by the FBI to be a confidential human source for three years even though the source had ties to Russian intelligence. The FBI will not stop going after Trump despite knowing the Steele dossier was false. Afterward, Fox News Political Analyst Gianno Caldwell joins the show to discuss details of his younger brother’s, still unsolved, recent murder. Caldwell noted that the Chicago Police has a high attrition rate due to retirements following the Defund the Police movement and now the city lacks the detectives it needs to address the skyrocketing murders. 

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The Democrats pretend that they’re all for fair and open elections. That they accept the results of elections. The Democrats are crooked, they are corrupt, and they are cheats. That’s the way the Democrat Party has been since its founding. Crooked, corrupt cheats. Lyndon Johnson, John Kennedy. Just to name two. Now, let’s talk about now. Let’s talk about now. They spend millions and millions of dollars interfering in the Republican primaries. To try and nominate individuals they think they can be, I don’t think they’ll beat them, but that’s not my point. Their goal is to try to nominate the Republicans that they claim to want, right? The Democrats don’t have to fear that from the Republicans. The Democrat Party has a hit man, a slip and fall ambulance chasing lawyer, in my humble opinion, by the name of Mark, who organizes scores and scores. Of litigator’s in various localities and states to go to court to change the election laws, to improve the chances for the Democrat Party in the very careful about the kinds of cases they bring and where they bring them. And that was a problem in twenty twenty as well. The Democrats. The biggest dirty trick in electoral history. Was Russia collusion, the Russian dossier? And of course, none of that is talked about US election interference. Or anything of the kind, right? And yet that’s exactly what it was, and they had the benefit, of course, of the FBI. The intelligence agencies. And the media. The Democrats denied that they lost the race for governor in Georgia. The Democrats deny that they lost the presidential race in 2000, 2004. In 2016, the Democrats are at war with the Electoral College, the Democrats do not want. Voter. Registration enforced, that is the voting rolls. They do not want voter I.D. and they’ve come up with one cockamamie scheme after another, put it in a bill called H.R. one sometime ago. To try and forever change our election laws to ensure that they never lose an election, they want to add two more states to the Senate. So they have four new Democrats and again, can never be in the minority. And they talk about the Republicans and they talk about Magga and they talk about conservatives not accepting the election process. Not accepting the results. And the Democrats, they never stop. There’s a story in The Washington Examiner by Byron York, chief political correspondent, we’ve touched on this before, but it’s very important. The Democrat Party under Biden is now using the government and including the Department of Justice. To try and influence the outcome of the next election. Joe Biden’s secret voter plan is the title. I don’t think they can dismiss Byron York as a Yahoo! He said it was terribly big news and March seven, twenty twenty one, President Joe Biden, then less than two months in office. Signed an executive order, quote, promoting voting rights, unquote, in the words of The Washington Post, to, quote, make voting easier, unquote. In the words of The New York Times, both papers played. This story is a modest Democratic measure to push back against Republican efforts to roll back voting access, as The Washington Post put it, and to counter former President Trump’s months long assault on the voting process. As The New York Times said, executive order one four zero one nine directed what is known as an all government initiative, meaning Biden ordered all federal agencies and departments to be involved to increase voter registration among groups that have been historically part of the Democratic coalition called black voters and other voters of color face discriminatory policies and other obstacles that disproportionately affect their communities. The order said. Now, this is odd, first and foremost. Since most minority communities are run by minorities, not all, but most. The city councils and the mayors and so forth, these voters remain more likely to face long lines at the polls and are disproportionately burdened by voter ID laws and limited opportunities to vote by mail. Now, it was standard Democratic boilerplate, mostly false. Democrats have long pushed the voter suppression story even as data showed it was a myth. A March twenty twenty one was the month in which the Georgia legislature. Controlled by Republicans was debating a new voting law and Biden and the Democrats were making hysterical, over-the-top pronouncements about Jim Crow 2.0. Maybe they believed it. Maybe they didn’t. The goal was to pass two bills that were at the top of the Democratic agenda in Washington, the so-called Freedom the Vote Act and the so-called John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. Together, the bills have passed and signed into law, would have nationalized elections and remake voting laws on terms favorable to the Democratic Party. But Democrats control the Senate could not pass such a baldly partisan bill without some Republican support, and there was none. So the executive order would have to do to send home the message of voting rights and to get press coverage, a historical civil rights setting being rolled out to order on the anniversary of Bloody Sunday in a taped message to be played at the Martin Coretta Scott King Choose Me Unity Breakfast in Selma, Alabama. But the order itself. According to the media, coverage, didn’t do much. The New York Times said the executive order is pretty limited in scope, reported CNN. Actually, the executive order is relatively limited in scope, said The New York Times. Calls upon officials at federal agencies to study and potentially expand access to voter registration materials, especially those with disabilities, incarcerated people and other historically underserved groups, it also orders a modernization, the federally run vote dot gov website to ensure that provides most up to date information about voting in elections. But the order does not directly address efforts by many Republican led state legislatures to restrict voting, including measures that would roll back the mail voting established in many states during the pandemic. Now, that is a quote from The New York Times. It all sounded like a partisan but relatively weak move. But there were still questions. Did we know the whole story? What would executive order 14 zero 19 actually do? Yes, the order was filled with platitudes, but what concrete actions would result? Republicans had reason to be suspicious, in part because the voting measure fit into a pattern. Democrats, frustrated by their inability to pass top priorities in Congress, turned to executive authority to do as much as they could without the bothersome process of legislating. Mines executive order director, the heads of all federal agencies to send the White House, quote, a strategic plan outlining the ways identified under this review that the agency can promote voter registration and voter participation, that could mean anything, especially when one considers it would be devised and enforced by Democrats. Angry that they were not able to win the passage of their voting scheme on Capitol Hill, the public needed to know what was going on. After all, there’s no public concern more important than the issue of elections and voting. On July 30, twenty twenty one little over two months ago. Actually, a little about six weeks ago, a conservative but nonpartisan think tank called the Foundation for Government Accountability sent a FOIA request to the Justice Department asking for documents showing how the department is complying with Biden’s order. The foundation was particularly interested in the specific plan the department came up with. What was the Department of Justice actually going to do to implement the president’s wishes? It said, please provide your agency strategic plan development pursuant to president by Executive Order 14 or 19, outlining ways you identified for your agency to promote voter registration and voter participation. The Justice Department’s answer was nothing. So a year passed, the Justice Department did not turn over a single document. So the foundation went to court and as a result, a federal judge ordered the Justice Department to turn over the material. The judge set a deadline of September eight, 2022. Just a few days ago, the Justice Department waited until the last day and turned over next to nothing. It sent a batch of emails and a few documents that turned out mostly to be staffers corresponding with each other over who would be president, which meeting. Most importantly, the Department of Justice refused to turn over its strategic plan, none of it. This is what the chief of the Freedom of Information branch of the Civil Rights Division told the foundation, and I quote, After review of the Civil Rights Division documents responsive to your request, the division has identified 15 pages of material representing the strategic plan for the implementation of Executive Order 14 19 promoting access to voting. I have determined these materials are to be withheld in full pursuant to exemption five of FOIA, which pertains to certain inter and intra agency records protected by civil discovery privilege. In this instance, the deliberative process and presidential communication privileges. To withhold the plan, then the Justice Department relied on what has long been called the most abused exemption exempt from five of the Freedom of Information Act. This incredibly large cut out is often called the withhold it because you want to exemption, wrote journalist and FOI advocate Nate Jones in 2014. According to statistics compiled by the Associated Press, Exemption five use is at an all time high, even though later reform reduced its use. A little exemption five is still an indispensable tool for administration seeking to hide what they are doing. So the strategic plan, the document that would give the world some information on what the administration is doing to enact Biden’s order remains a secret. But that’s not all. The Justice Department is withholding lots of other information. For example, in April one twenty twenty one email from the White House to about 30 officials discussed an interagency policy meeting that would take place on April nine. The email included apparently a list of questions and topics to be discussed. Quote, Please note that the questions below in the topics we plan to cover in this meeting relate to the provisions of the executive order applicable to all agencies, the White House wrote. And what were the topics? We don’t know because the Justice Department black them out, citing, again, deliberative process privilege. There was another section apparently listing. Some suggested reading called Redhead’s in the DOJ black that out too. There was a section titled Agenda. Well, guess what? Justice Department blacked it out. Fast forward to a May 13, 20, 21 email describing a May 21. Reading, quote below, please find the agenda for the May 21 interagency meeting it read, What was the agenda? It was all blacked out. Deliberative process, privilege. They clamp. One July nine email to Pamela Karlan, a Stanford University professor, was at the time on leave, serving as an assistant attorney general in the Civil Rights Division began. Hi, Pam. I looked at the and after that it was all blacked out. Deliberative process privilege. A later email contained ten full pages of blacked out. Remember, the main concern of the foundation for government accountability is the Biden administration is using the power of the federal government for partisan political purposes to influence elections. There are also fears the administration might be taking on a federal elections that the constitution gives to the states. The American people deserve to know what the Biden administration’s unprecedented action is, fair and nonpartisan, which is designed to help one political party over the other side turn Bragdon, head of the foundation. Well, guess what, ladies and gentlemen? The Department of Justice, the most politicized Department of Justice in American history. Is at it again. They are interfering with this election and 2024 or they wouldn’t be censoring and covering up all this data and how would they? I’ll be right back.

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You know, Mitch McConnell and his sidekick Rove have done great damage to the Republicans running for the Senate by damaging them in the Republican primaries. The Democrats have spent money to nominate certain Republicans. The Republicans and McConnell, who has most of the money, is head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, he controls that. This is how he gets his power. This is how he gets his votes to be the leader of the Republicans in the Senate. The Democrats are trying to nominate certain Republicans and McConnell is trying to stop certain Republicans. And many of these Republicans have actually won their nominations, and so millions have been spent by McConnell and his ilk to ruin them in the primaries, and now the Democrats, because they’ve been softened up, may have a better chance of defeating them. But, of course, McConnell and his surrogates have been out there going to blame it on Trump. But I want to get into this in more detail when we return.

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Not just the news. Morse concedes defeat to Trump acolyte Bolduc and close to New Hampshire GOP Senate primary. President Trump didn’t endorse anybody in this primary but the general. The retired general is a Trump supporter. New Hampshire GOP Senate primary candidate Chuck Morris conceded defeat to rival and Trump supporter Don Ball, a retired general. The AP headed at 37 percent to 36 percent. The Democrat Party supported Bolduc. Mitch McConnell trashed the hell out of Bolduc with monies that they sent. Into New Hampshire and this is what I’m talking about. And you can go into a number of states where this took place. And then if the Republican loses, McConnell says that’s the fault in 2010 of the Tea Party because they didn’t pick the right candidates, or if they lose now, it’ll be the fault of Donald Trump and Magga because they didn’t pick the right candidates. And, of course, the Washington and New York media regurgitate this stuff. That’s what they do. I think Mitch McConnell is a huge problem for the Republican Party. I really do not point to him and the courts and so forth, but we need more than that. And indeed. We expect the Republican leader to fight what the left does with the courts, but we expect him to do better than this, too. And you’ll also notice that the Republican leadership in the Senate has said nothing about what the Department of Justice is doing right now. Nothing. And there’s a fairly expensive, expensive, extensive piece at CNN about what the Justice Department is doing. So let’s pull back a second. There have been many cases. In the history of this country, when elections have been challenged, they’ve been challenged in courts. They’ve been challenged in the state legislatures, they’ve been challenged on the floor of the Congress. On the fateful day where they’re counting the votes of electors are challenging, the votes of electors are challenging elections in states. This is a political process that is set up by the Constitution. There’s literally nothing that empowers the executive branch of the federal government. To conduct criminal investigations of this process. I often go to article to. Check that out, often go to the state legislatures that they have plenary power. Plenary power. When it comes to the electoral process. Under the federal constitution, but the federal constitution does not give the federal executive branch. The power. To do what it’s doing today and I want all the lawyers. None of whom have spoken to me, but I want all the lawyers to listen as I make a public statement to millions of millions of people. Even so, the Justice Department can hear this because these criminal prosecutors are careerists or leftist. They don’t understand the Constitution. They’re just like. You know, German shepherds chasing baseballs. CNN Justice Department criminal prosecutors are now examining nearly every aspect of former President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the 20 20 election, including the fraudulent elector’s plot. The fraudulent elector’s plot, CNN efforts to push baseless election fraud claims and how money flowed to support these various efforts, according to sources and copies of new subpoenas obtained by CNN. So CNN is regurgitating, regurgitating. The information it’s being given by the federal government, but let’s go on the investigation is also stretching into cogs of the sprawling Trump legal machine that boosted his efforts to challenge his electoral loss with many of the recipients of 30 plus subpoenas that were issued in recent days being asked to turn over communications with several Trump attorneys. The sweeping effort has many in trouble, concerned about the potential legal significance of being caught up in a federal investigation. Now, let’s stop there. You have a United States attorney’s office in Washington, D.C.. Conducting a nationwide investigation. Of Donald Trump’s campaign efforts. To affect the outcome of the election. To effect what state legislatures were doing. To affect the count of the Electoral College. Unless there’s evidence of bribes or mail fraud or something that they they don’t have authority. The state legislatures. Have criminal laws in some cases. Election laws in some cases are no laws in some cases that are applicable to these circumstances. There’s only state authority for this, not federal authority. That’s number one. There’s state authority, there’s not federal authority. To be investigating what took place and wherever Pennsylvania. Arizona, Wisconsin, Georgia. Like it or not, it’s like the investigation going on in Georgia now with the phony D.A., I challenge what she’s doing. But that’s not a federal investigation. And there’s no federal authority for this well, there’s Congress doesn’t matter. The framers of the Constitution parceled this out to the states, the states and only the states can determine the legitimacy of the electors. That does it mean, of course, that Congress can’t challenge them and reject them from their perspective, but they’re a little of that piece on whether they count them or not. But when it comes to the conduct. Of legislatures and people dealing with legislatures. And who sends what the Congress, the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington, D.C., doesn’t have authority just because the Capitol Building is in Washington, D.C. and Congress meets in Washington, D.C., That’s not what the Constitution says. Listen to me carefully, because nobody has said this or explained it. I am questioning. I am questioning. The authority. The authority for this investigation, if I understand what’s being investigated by these leaks to the media. I am questioning the constitutional authority. Of the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington, D.C., to conduct this investigation, certainly the way it’s conducting this investigation, stopping all over attorney client privilege, stopping all over confidentiality in attorney work product, even putting that ethical issues, those ethical issues aside, where they hide behind the crime fraud exception. So everything’s a potential crime and a fraud by throwing out a few statutes. The federal obstruction statutes have nothing, nothing to do with this. Nothing. Can you imagine if this position was taken by past presidents, by past U.S. attorneys? We would have had previous investigations. It’s left to. The political branches of the state, the state legislature, in terms of counting and what’s accepted. On January six, it’s left the Congress. It’s not left to a U.S. attorney’s office, a partisan Biden Haak U.S. attorney’s office to second guess every decision that’s been made by scores of lawyers, scores of their clients and the former president of the United States when he was president. No, I know the legal analysts are too damn corrupt to tell the truth, and I know too darn many of them are former federal prosecutors. So they’re myopic, they’re stuck. They look in one direction. That’s it, I am telling you. That the framers of. Our Constitution would never, ever have authorized this kind of power. Not just of the federal government, but what becomes known now as these U.S. attorneys offices where they would second guess state legislators, second guessed state legislatures, second guess the decisions of lawyers working for a campaign that stopgap in all this. Is it the criminal justice system? It is Congress. The flurry of investigative activity, right, CNN is involved seizure warrants, including one served at Trump counsel Boris Epstein for his phone, according to multiple people familiar with the matter. He remains close to the former president and his political and fundraising operation. The widening pool of recipients of subpoenas also includes prominent Trump deputies, such as his former White House adviser Dan Savino, who continued to work for Trump after he left office. The subpoena, language and activity bring together the seemingly far flung parts of the Department of Justice investigation. The department previously obtained grand jury testimony, conducted searches, not extensive documents about rally organization and fundraising. Ladies and gentlemen, that is protected under the First Amendment. About efforts in and around the White House to pressure then Vice President Mike Pence to block certification of the election results. They are free to try and pressure. Mike Pence. Is there some claim of bribery? And about the fake elector’s, it’s up to Congress to determine if they’re fake elector’s, but even before that, it’s up to the state legislatures to determine if they’re fake electors, not up to the US attorney’s office in Washington, D.C.. The new round of subpoenas drills down with more specific requests about the baseless claims, right. CNN of mass election fraud that repelled the legislature’s law enforcement and others. Really? I thought that happened in twenty sixteen, but yet again. This isn’t an area for a criminal investigation and prosecution. In one of the new subpoenas view by CNN, along with demands for communications with a lengthy list of top world figures and fake electors, the investigators asked for documents related to the raising and spending of money. Prosecutors are interested in the financing around the January six rally bids to challenge the results and the Trump aligned political organization formed after the election to push fraud claims. Are you kidding me? Bids to challenge the results. Of the election. Trump aligned political organizations, money raised. What do they think this is the mob? Every one of these acts, I would argue, ladies and gentlemen, is a violation of the violation of the federal constitution, every one of them. I don’t know if there’s a judge smart enough in Washington, D.C. or courageous enough in Washington, D.C. to listen to what I’m saying, but this is shocking, absolutely shocking. I’ll be right back.

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Article two, Section one, Clause two, each state shall appoint and such manner as the legislature thereof may direct a number of electors equal to the whole number of senators and representatives to which the state may be entitled in the Congress. And it goes on in part, that’s not relevant to our discussion. There is no authority for the feds to get involved in this. Each state shall appointed such manner as the legislature, they may have to say it’s up to the state legislatures, it’s up to them to put in place laws many of them have. Twenty nine states have criminal statutes to deal with electors or to deal with anything in terms of how electors are treated or lobbied or prodded and whether electors have to be faithful. All of these things are state issues. They’re state issues with the state legislature. There’s not a single asshole on TV who’s made this point. So I’m making it. So if that process. Is affected by lobbying by a candidate or a secondary group of electors, a.k.a. fake electors or whatever the state is to deal with that. And they may have state laws that deal with that, several do. But then when he comes to Congress. When it comes to Congress, Congress has the final say if they’re going to count the electors. So the federal executive branch and the U.S. attorney’s office doesn’t intercede and make decisions about who’s fundraising, about who’s pulling together a a a protest, about what the lawyers are saying to each other about challenges that they’re making. This is an unbelievable Stalinist intervention in our constitutional process. It’s not Trump is interfering. It’s the U.S. attorney’s office under Joe by law when I return.