July 30, 2021

July 30, 2021

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, Americans have a higher risk of getting murdered in Democrat-run inner cities this weekend than they have of dying from the Delta variant. In fact, .00077% of vaccinated Americans have died from the Delta variant of the coronavirus. However, it is unknown what percentage of illegal immigrants entering through Texas, Arizona, and other southern border states have this variant, coronavirus or the vaccine. This administration has given a health pass to the rioters of last summer while law-abiding Americans were locked down, now they want to mask the healthy vaccinated people instead of dealing with the crisis at the border. Meanwhile, Democrats are bribing people to take the same vaccine they initially said was no good because Trump spearheaded it. No wonder so many Americans don’t trust the Democrats and the Biden administration. Then, President Biden and Anthony Fauci’s mixed messaging have created skepticism in the American public. The government has demonstrated that they have abused their power, now nearly half of the citizenry does not trust them in issues of public health. Americans have lost their jobs, were banned from their churches, and lost loved ones. Americans are not used to being sheep. They’re rational reasonable people that will not tolerate abuses of power or being trashed by their own president. Later, former President Trump’s civil liberties have been violated more than any other former president. Since leaving office Trump has been investigated by the Democrat New York Attorney General, the Manhattan District Attorney, also a Democrat, and now Democrats in Congress have turned the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel is trying to get their hands on his taxes just so they can leak them in the media. Afterward, Herbert Marcuse and Derek Bell are considered the founding fathers of the modern-day Marxist movement known as critical race theory. Bell argues that direct action is more effective than law and builds upon his own racist dogma while protesting against Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement. Finally, Dr, Marc Siegel calls to clarify the Delta variant and explain that schools are safe for children to return. He added that 100 million Americans having natural immunity this is an inconvenient truth that is frequently overlooked by the Administration and the media.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

You know, it’s amazing. People who’ve been vaccinated point zero zero three percent. Zero point zero zero three percent. I have been hospitalized with this Delta variant, Mr. Producer. In terms of deaths, point zero zero zero. 77 percent. In other words. This is not a grave threat, you know. I talked to really smart people. And they pretty much. Make the statement that the CDC director is making and so forth, but here’s the thing, the reason I’m a skeptic with some of this is we’ve been through this now for over a year. I hear other experts say, why are we masking up and what’s this talk about lockdowns and so forth. And then when you look at the data, when you actually look at the stats and you put aside the opinions and you just look at it. Point zero zero zero seven seven percent. Of the point, zero zero three percent who’ve been vaccinated, who get this Delta strain. Di. So you have a much better chance of being murdered in the streets of Washington, D.C., New York City, Chicago this weekend than you do of. Dying from the Delta variant. Moreover. I started the debate and you hear it now, Lindsey Graham and others, it’s important. That the southern border is wide open by design. There are people pouring over the border who are dirt poor from the Third World, who are not being tested, let alone vaccinated. They’re being let into the country, they’re not even being given court dates by the tens of thousands, hundreds and hundreds of thousands are pouring over the border. And the administration can actually do a lockdown. It can lockdown the border if it wants to lock something down, it ought to lock down the border. That doesn’t mean it’ll be perfect, but it’ll mean it’ll be pretty damn good. But they won’t. This is why people don’t believe the Biden administration and all their doctors and scientists and so forth. Why doesn’t the CDC director and why doesn’t Fauci why don’t any of them insist that we lock down the border, they want to lock something down and lock down the American people? There is no justification for this. None. Now, what percentage of the people coming across the border have the original coronavirus, we don’t know what percentage have the Delta variant? We don’t know because not most of them are being tested. Most of them are being tested. Most of them. The vast majority of them haven’t gotten the vaccine. So if you have hundreds of thousands of people coming into this country, over two million, they say, in the course of a 12 month period. And if some significant percentage of them have this virus or the variant of the virus. That’s your spreader. That’s a big deal. And then the CDC puts out a map of the most hard hit areas and where are they? They’re on the southern border for the most part, southern California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, the southeastern states, Florida. And yet. That. The logic. Is ignored. It’s ignored by the medical community. They’re busy talking about masks and you got to get vaccinated, OK, fine. What about the spread or the real spread or people coming into the country? Who have these illnesses and by the way, not just this illness, tuberculosis, so many of these illnesses are on the rise in this country now, so many of them. So if you had a president or a CDC director or an HHS secretary who actually was something more than a slip and fall trial lawyer, we’re talking sense saying, hey, look, we want you to get vaccinated if you’ve been vaccinated. No, you don’t need to wear the mask. If you haven’t been vaccinated, we think you should wear the mask and we’re going to secure the border. We’re going to build the wall. We’re going to prevent people coming into this country illegally so we can make sure that there isn’t a spreading situation going on there. There’s three points I think most people would say, OK, right, Mr. Minister. OK, makes sense, but that’s not what we get. You’re vaccinated, wear a mask, wear a mask inside, wear a mask outside. Why? Because you can spread the Delta virus. OK, how many people are dying from the Delta virus? Not many. Oh, OK. What’s the data? I just gave you some of the percentages of those who get it, who are vaccinated. Use that as an argument to get vaccinated if you wish. But when you’re giving illegal aliens and earlier, when you’re giving BLM an anti for riders a health pass, a health pass. When you’re actually saying when the CDC actually says. That those activities in the streets where people weren’t wearing masks and so forth and so on. That’s civil rights and equality or health issues to take them seriously can’t take them seriously. When they say landlords cannot evict tenants, the CDC for health reasons. And in federal courts, sorry, you don’t have the power to do that, your health organization and that same organization doesn’t say secure the border because people are coming across who are ill. We can’t keep track of them. How are we supposed to take them seriously? Then there was a report out a month ago or so, something I questioned, I just wondered, is a pedestrian. When you’re wearing a mask all day, every day, let’s say you’re a doctor or your nurse or even more, if you’re a little kid and you’re going to school and you’re in school seven hours a day, lunch, recess, whatever, and most of the time you’re wearing a mask and you’re inhaling your own carbon dioxide. How could that not have some kind of a negative effect? And so a report came out and said it has a big negative effect and everybody might forget it and they pooh pooh it. Why? Could it undermines the idea that you ought to wear a mask all the time? Which was an idea early on that Fauci said, yeah, I mean, wearing a mask all the time could actually be deleterious. You have Fauci whose flip flop, flip flop, flip flop, you have the CDC director who doesn’t make sense most of the time you have the the Health and Human Services run by a slip and fall radical left wing lawyer, not a health expert of any kind. You had the Biden campaign in the Harris campaign and the Democrat Party less than a year ago. Trying to tell people, don’t be vaccinated, we can’t trust Trump, we can’t trust the administration. And now they hang on to these vaccines. Hang on, they they’re begging people to take the vaccine. They said they shouldn’t trust a year ago. It’s not just messaging, that’s the problem, that’s a big problem. It’s the logic that doesn’t make sense. Often. And they’re not the only experts, the people you see on TV, there’s experts at Harvard and Stanford and Yale, there’s experts all over the country, Johns Hopkins, but raising similar questions. And I’m raising. And vice versa. So you have to look at your own life and make some decisions. Our decision was to get vaccinated. We trusted to trump vaccines. You’ll make your decision. My decision early on when fatuous saying don’t wear a mask, was to wear a mask. Now, I don’t know why I should wear a mask. I’m Vaccinator. Well, you could be a Delta spreader. Furthermore, the delta spreading when we look at the United Kingdom. As one expert pointed out the other day, more than one, they had a big spike in this Delta variant, which appears to come from India, but don’t call it the India variant, called it the delta there because Delta means nothing. Oh, OK. That doubt the very. They had a spike for about three weeks and then a big drop off. And a big drop of. But, Mark, that’s not a scientific study. Oh, really? I’m looking for all the scientific studies, they don’t really exist. But it’s as close to a scientific study as you can get. I mean, you have, what, 70 million people in Great Britain? That’s a pretty good test number. Anyway, this is where we are. My recommendation is contact your own doctor, your own physician. Who you respect. Don’t listen to TV doctors and all the rest of it, you listen to your own doctor, ask them what you should do. Your doctor knows all the specifics about your health. Whether or not you should be vaccinated. And about wearing masks and so forth, if you trust your doctor, ask your doctor. Because all the rest of this is is really a lot of static. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

You know, you hear more and more people say you don’t have an individual right not to be vaccinated because you can affect other people, you can harm other people. Mandates the federal government. The federal government has demonstrated time and again that it abuses its power. When it goes off. The constitutional limits and abuses its power. And we also see that it uses its its power. In ways that advantage certain people and certain political entities versus others. We see it every day, January six versus the entire summer of violence, rioting, looting, arson and maiming. So people don’t trust the federal government and they don’t trust the media, they don’t trust broadcast companies, they don’t trust them. If the federal government and its surrogates and mouthpieces had a record of even handedness of accuracy. Maybe we wouldn’t be in this situation. Russia collusion goes on for three years. Three years. And the other the other arguments that the that the Democrat Party, the media make. Then when you look at the conduct of government over the course of the last 12 to 18 months. Whether it’s governors, whether it’s mayors, whether it’s so-called experts like Fauci, who’s flailing around one. Say after another. People are very skeptical about these so-called experts and these demands. Many have lost their jobs, many have lost their businesses. Many were told they couldn’t go to church, a Supreme Court decision more than once, the court had to step in to prevent Gavin Newsom from shutting down churches. The war on the cops. The purpose of which is to undermine the civil society. People aren’t so ready to surrender their liberty, their body, their health. As we genuflect to the latest bit of information in the latest directive. The American people are not sheep. Other people around the world are used to being sheep, the American people are not sheep. You explain things to them in a rational way. Very reasonable people. Thoman, Prasit. But as you’re bouncing around making no sense. Mixed messages. The science is misstated or not stated and on and on and on. The American people are also skeptical. Power. And they also do not like individuals who track them, like Joe Biden, if you don’t listen to Joe Biden, your moron, your stupid. Coming from Joe Biden, of all people. And yet Joe Biden’s comments have been utterly contradictory. A year ago, it was Donald Trump who was up on that. Platform. And I noticed Donald Trump had medical experts with him. He knew he wasn’t a medical expert, so he sought assistance, he got assistance, and the media mocked him day in and day out. They interrupted him. He was accused of killing people. The vaccine said he pushed he and warp speed. And produced. That this administration is pushing hard. That doctors are now pushing hard. The Democrat Party, the media, Biden in particular, they created skeptic’s. They created skeptic’s. So people are not going to just bend over backwards and do exactly what they’re told and if they’re talking about a nationwide. Mandate. A nationwide mandate. But we have it for other diseases, you know, a nationwide mandate. It amazes me and I bring this up. Others want. We have Nancy Pelosi for the first time in 45 years, the Democrats in the House and the Senate are demanding that the taxpayer fund all abortions of any kind. First time in 45 years. To a significant percentage of the American people, those are babies. Those are human beings. Now, imagine how we feel when we hear about zero point zero zero zero seven seven percent of deaths of the vaccinated from the Delta variant, and yet there’s ninety nine point nine nine percent death from abortion. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

The Department of Injustice is populated at its senior level, let alone the other levels, but especially the senior level with some of the most radical individuals to ever practice law. And they were all confirmed with the assistance of Republicans, one or more Republicans. And what the Department of Justice seems to think its job is, is to defeat Republican legislatures, to stop governors from protecting their populations. To defending the violation of our nation’s immigration laws to defend the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus through the pouring of illegal immigrants into the country. And to continue its war against Donald Trump and this department is headed by a man who the Democrats so desperately wanted to be on the United States Supreme Court, Merrick Garland. He is, in fact, a radical hack. You’ll notice the Republicans don’t really hammer this guy. They would hammer Republican attorneys general. They don’t call for investigations, they don’t call for impeachment. Nothing, the Democrats were calling for impeachment of Donald Trump before he became president, the United States kind of an odd thing, but nonetheless, they had the support of the corrupt media. You never hear about impeachment when it comes to Joe Biden, who has violated our Constitution in myriad ways. And the way these people rule over us with an iron fist. So as rights group properly points out, you’ve got Biden’s hack, attorney general warns the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, to immediately rescind his new executive order. As Reuters writes, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland yesterday warned Texas Governor Greg Abbott to immediately rescind a new executive order aimed at curbing the travel into the state of undocumented immigrants who may pose a risk of transmitting Covid-19. Notice all the PC language from Reuters, the order violates federal law in numerous respects, and Texas cannot lawfully enforce the executive order against any federal official or private parties working with the United States, Garland told Abin in a letter. Now, that’s interesting. Don’t we still have sanctuary cities and sanctuary states, Mr. Producer, who defy federal immigration law and who are not challenged by this administration or this Department of Justice? You better believe we do. And these governors need to keep at it and what they need is say, we’ll see you in court, we’re going to fight you force. Carlin added that if Texas continues to implement the ground restrictions on migrants, then the Department of Justice will pursue all appropriate legal remedies. Oh, I’m scared. Garland’s letter comes just a day after Abbott signed the order, which states that no person other than a federal, state or local law enforcement official shall provide ground transportation to a group of migrants who have been detained by federal immigration officials for crossing the border. Isn’t that controversial, America? The governor says, wait a minute, we don’t want these coyotes. We don’t want these these phony charitable groups moving people. We can’t keep track of them. They’re not responsible for the well-being of the citizenry generally. And that offends the mores and values of Merrick Garland and his fellow comrades over there at the United States Department of Justice. No person other than a federal, state or local law enforcement official shall provide ground transportation to a group of migrants who’ve been detained by federal immigration officials for crossing the border. It also directs and by the way, there are a lot of great arguments a state can make. That the number one responsibility a state has is to its state citizens, their protection, their health, their welfare. It also directs the state’s Department of Public Safety to stop any vehicle upon reasonable suspicion of a violation, gives the department authority to reroute such a vehicle back to its point of origin or point of entry. The governor of Texas is trying to enforce federal immigration law. We have a decision from the Supreme Court dating back to the days when Arizona was trying to enforce federal immigration law, five four decision. Written by Justice Anthony Kennedy. If memory serves. Basically saying the federal government has plenary power, so states by the. This is different. This is completely different. Because now we’re talking about a direct health situation involving the people of Texas, you can make a general health argument. This is a specific health argument. The federal government is demanding that American citizens conduct themselves in such a way as to not spread this virus. That’s the petina of their argument. No. Vaccinated people need to have masks inside and outside, unvaccinated need to be vaccinated, kids need to wear them on and on and on. With a big exception by Garlan and Biden, any other comrades, which is illegal immigrants. I don’t think that’ll fly. Abbott is trying to protect the citizens of a state. That’s what he’s trying to do. And if the federal government is not, he’s not required to go along. And they ought to look at all the arguments made by these sanctuary cities and states and so forth, which harbor illegal aliens. But just to further point out what’s going on that the Department of Justice. Here we have Georgia punches back. National Review and spirited motion to dismiss Department of Justice Election Integrity lawsuit. So you can see it’s actually Merrick Garland and his happy band of comrades who are interfering with federalism, who are interfering with the authority of the states. Isaac, sure, the state of Georgia filed a motion to dismiss the Department of Justice lawsuit aimed at its new, much maligned. The pattern here is the outrageous wrongness in illegal and illegality of the Department of Justice. Much maligned election integrity law SB 202, calling the legal action a politicized intrusion into the state of Georgia’s constitutional authority to regulate the time, place and manner of its election. So. On the one hand, we have Garlan interfering with Texas. Now we have him interfering with Georgia. And by the way, they’ve also made a threat to the states that are conducting audits of the past election where he’s making another threat. So basically, Merrick Garland is the general counsel to the Democratic National Committee. As are the happy band of comrades. At his department, Georgia’s secretary of State Brad Raffensperger concurred in a Friday interview with National Review that the left had an agenda that they were going to push regardless of what the state’s legislature did, no matter what was passed, they were going to be against it in the DOJ, just in effect, parroted what was already out there with the misinformation, the disinformation. What you saw was the Stacey that Stacey Abrams and her allies two weeks before the bill was even passed, what Jim Crow 202. And they hadn’t even finalized what the reading of the bill was. Now, Raffensperger and the motion itself alleged that the lawsuit fails to pass muster on a number of fronts. Most crucially, the plaintiffs predict the law will prevent African-Americans and other racial minorities from voting. But the law has not been around long enough for any such results to materialize. The Department of Justice has talked about what’s going to happen in the future, but Section two of the Civil Rights Act never talks about what could happen. It’s based on actual results. There are no results. Section two of the Civil Rights Act reads, No voting qualification, a prerequisite to voting or standard practice or procedure shall be imposed or applied by any state or political subdivision in a manner which results in a denial or abridgement of the right of any citizen of the United States to vote on account of race or color. What we all know, voter I.D. is intended to prevent people from voting because of their race. Meanwhile, these same people were talking about a vaccination passport. Remember that, ladies and gentlemen? Oh, yeah. How will that affect people of color? You know, these bastards are busy implementing rules left and right, regulations left and right, marched this way, walk that way, smile if I tell you to smile. And so here we have legislatures say we need voter I.D.. Oh, that’s obviously racist. Is it the federal income tax racist, I mean, if having a voter ID is is racist, if it’s aimed at the poor and least educated among us? Well, what about the Internal Revenue Code where nobody can damn well understand a thing? No, no, of course not. Now, the Supreme Court’s ruling in preknowledge case, which saw an Arizona election law upheld, bolstered Georgia’s case. Not only did even the dissenting justices in the case reject the idea, the law could be struck down based on intent to discriminate. But they also upheld even stricter measures related to out of precinct voting that are included in Georgia’s law. This is a recent decision that the excellent attorney general of Georgia of. Arizona had brought to the court. Unlike Arizona, the Peach State does allow voters to cast their ballots away from their assigned polling place after 5:00 p.m. to accommodate special circumstances. Arizona is not the only state with more restrictive voting laws on the books than Georgia. So the motion to dismiss notes that Georgia provides more opportunities to vote than do several states run by Democrats like New York, New Jersey, Delaware, making the entire DOJ argument suspect under the totality of the circumstances. And it goes on. What this what this underscores is that the Department of Justice is an utterly, completely political operation. And the media go along with it. That’s all it is. A completely political operation. And I will underscore that for that’s two cases, two points, I have a third for you. I’ll be right back.

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Man, oh, man, do we have a great life, Liberty and Levin on Sunday, 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, please don’t miss it. I know you’re going to love it. And are you going to love the show? Oh yes, the guests, Jim Jordan. And Professor Paul Kengor, one of the top experts on communism in the Cold War. And we’re going to talk about this Americanized form of Marxism. It’s interesting, I. I had lunch at a place today. Uh. Well, a lot of good people go to this place. Mostly blue collar people, but not exclusively. And above all, patriots. And the gentleman is one of the owners of the is a great guy. And he has a lot of people come through there and by the way, from all over the place, he said, Mark. I bought a copy of American Marxism right up there by my cash register. You have no idea the impact this book is having. You have no idea how many people are talking about it. At least half the people that have come through since I put that book there have commented on it. And had praised him. We’ve never had that reaction to anything. Had a president of one of my favorite colleges, he went to a seminar, some event. Last weekend. With a whole bunch of so-called thinkers and so forth. And he sent me an email and he said, your book was the focus of a great deal of our attention. And discussion. There you have blue collar people, there you have. Sort of. What do you call them, intellectual’s? And so I just wanted to mention this. Because of the impact you were having, the book is an inanimate object, if nobody cracks the cover, it doesn’t mean anything. There’s millions of books. But you’re having an impact. Just by reading it. Those of you who are still a little skeptical or what’s the big deal, it’s a book I want you to please go over to Amazon.com and read the comments. These are our fellow citizens. These are your colleagues. Your neighbors, co-workers and the like, thousands of them. Five stars. Why would somebody give five stars to a book? Why would they even bother? Why would they take the time to do it? Books only been out two and a half weeks. Well, you don’t have to believe me, but they say it’s the old line, the proof is in the pudding. This evening. And this weekend, many of you will be going to Wal-Mart. Costco, Barnes and Noble. You’ll be going to Sam’s Club, BJ’s Books-A-Million. And so many of these other. Wonderful retail outlets. Target, the book is in all of them. If it’s not, it’s in the back. It’s in all of them, it’s highly discounted in all of. Amazon.com has a significant inventory, they’re not covering up anything, they’re not trying to prevent you from getting its next day delivery. If you get a chance. Please take a look at it, you know, you can take a look at it in these retail stores before you get it. But if you decide to get it. Please read it, share the contents with your neighbors, your friends. I feel this movement, it is building. We can’t take the foot off the gas pedal. We can’t do what the media want, you and me, to do what the Washington establishment want us to do, which is we were all worked up there for a few weeks and now off we go. No, no, no, no, no. And Teef is not going away. Black Lives Matter is not going away. The corrupt media are not going away. The borders are still wide open. The war on your constitution proceeds. You see how corrupt the Department of Justice is and on and on and on, they never give up. At a minimum, we should inform each other and share information and discuss strategies and tactics. This is one of the most unique books you’ll ever read, certainly the most unique book I’ve ever written and the most important. So you can go to Amazon.com and order show up tomorrow, if you’re shopping tonight or tomorrow, it should be there. If it’s not somebody hiding it in the back, trust me, we’re now in over a million copies in print. That’s a lot. I have my own goal, what I think will make a huge difference in this country, the number of books I think that need to be out in circulation. This is the way I look at. Information, knowledge. Ideas, tactics and circulation. We have great leaders out there. Many of them just don’t know it yet. Many just don’t know it yet. What do you want me to do there, Mr. Producer? All right. Take a caller for me, let’s take a caller right out of the blue, who shall I speak to? The great Bobby Drake in Jacksonville, Florida. Go right ahead, quickly, please. Hey, this is Derek in Jacksonville. I just want to say I trust Dr. Seuss to not trust Dr. Flip Flop. There are some great examples like panspermia. Tantanoola has 58 million people living there and they only have twenty one deaths and they have five hundred and nine cases. And we can verify this through the world. I’m not an expert on Tanzania, although I do like tanzanite, which happens to be a gemstone. All right. We’re going to send you a copy of the book signed. Don’t Hang Up. We’ll be right back.