April 5, 2021

April 5, 2021

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, President Biden’s administration is redefining language to justify his horrific policies. Marxists lie over and over again until people believe it. The word infrastructure has always meant physical structures like roads, bridges, tunnels, and airports. Yet, a big percentage of the bill has nothing to do with infrastructure. This is the biggest rip-off of the American people by redistributing the wealth of red states to blue states in order to weaken the Republican party so they can have one-party control. Democrats didn’t just stop at redefining the meaning of infrastructure but they’re redefining, racism, gender, and a plethora of others. The left defined the term trickle-down economics which does not exist, the American economy works from the bottom up because the consumers decide where and how they will spend their money, what Biden is creating is a trickle-down government economy that reaches the people last, not first. Then, why does George Soros attack America? Soros is so wealthy because he manipulates currency and is betting against America. Later, Lebron James would rather speak about systemically racist America than systemically genocidal communist China. Lebron is a typical liberal and a fraud. Major League Baseball has now entered into an agreement with a Chinese firm backed by the Communist Party of China. Texas Governor Greg Abbott rejects MLB in Texas from throwing out the first pitch to hosting an all-star game. Afterward, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis corrects the media’s fake narrative on vaccine distribution after CBS News’s 60 Minutes airs deceptively edited clip to push disinformation. DeSantis lauded the Publix supermarket chain and pharmacies as the most successful vaccine distribution option for Florida’s seniors.


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Rough transcript of Hour 1

Hour 1 Segment 1

Well, welcome, folks, I hope you had a good Easter and I’m sure most of you did. You know, as I as I listen. To Joe Biden, the Democrat Party in the corrupt media in this country. And this is what happens in communist and fascist regimes, they’re changing the language to accommodate their. Their theories and their agendas. So now bipartisan means to Joe Biden if Moody’s agrees with him. Or if they find some phony poll that shows that some Republicans agree with the. Not whether or not he is a single Republican in the House or the Senate supporting anything he’s doing, he doesn’t have a single Republican who supports H.R. one S1. He destroyed Voting Act of America. He doesn’t have a single Republican that supported that so-called Relief Act where nine percent actually went to coronavirus and fighting it. He doesn’t have a single Republican supporting this latest 2.5 trillion dollar massive spending bill. Not one, but he keeps saying is bipartisan support. This is what Marxists and fascists do, they lie. To the American people in this case, but they lied to their own people over and over and over again till the people believe in. Now we have this word infrastructure. Infrastructure, now we all know what infrastructure means. It’s something that’s physical, it’s not broadband. It’s not the welfare state. It’s not the Marxist neo Marxist agenda, it’s roads. Highways. Tunnels. Airports. Pretty much. They keep talking about fixing the infrastructure, fixing the infrastructure, but when the overwhelming majority, the money being proposed here is to be spent on more redistribution of wealth, expanding the welfare state even beyond the first bill, because they’ve decided to implement salami tactics, Mussolini’s salami tactics, one bill for covid release, but will stick 89 percent, 90 percent, 95 percent. Other stuff in there. Now we’ve got another one infrastructure. We’ll put 70, 80 percent other stuff in there and then wave have a bill behind that called Infrastructure for families and Americans. Then we’ll put another 80 percent in there where we have trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars spent. And of course, most of it is laundered through their groups. They’re nonprofit organizations, they’re Democrat members of the House, they’re Democrat senators, they’re Democrat mayors, they’re Democrat governors. This is the biggest rip off of the American people, especially Republicans, especially people who voted for Donald Trump. They are redistributing not just wealth, they are redistributing wealth, resources, power. From one citizen to another, from one group of citizens to another. They are trying to weaken the Republican Party, so it really is irrelevant in the future. And I notice a lot of the things I’m saying here that I say on my Fox show and I said live in TV in the next 24 to 48 hours are repeated. That’s OK. I’m just pointing it out. I know that’s why you’re here. But this is exactly what’s going on. They want a one party country, they want to empower the Democrat Party party before country. All of these massive spending bills, all of them redistribute wealth from you to them. Notice also what word you don’t hear as they’re changing the nomenclature, you never hear about the individual. You never heard about liberty. You never hear about personal responsibility or hard work or accountability. You never hear about any of those things. Because those things don’t empower government, they empower individuals. So now infrastructure means the entire plethora. The entire panoply. A Democrat, left wing proposals that they’ve been trying to push through that’s now infrastructure. And they change other words to. Race and racism. Everything is racist, in other words, if you object to the radical agenda that’s taking place, you’re obviously a racist, whether it’s economic, social, cultural or, yes, racial, if you dare to raise your head. And say something, you’ll be decapitated if you dare to raise your hand. You’ll be cancelled. Because the agenda is to weaken, to weaken the culture. In other words, destroy the Republican Party as an effective political force and weaken the culture. So the Democrat Party and the Democrat base can control this is exactly what they’re doing. So the word racism doesn’t have any meaning anymore. The word gender doesn’t have any meaning anymore. 58 flavors, I don’t even know Pashto, what the hell there are, but it doesn’t seem to matter. So gender means nothing. Racism now is just another word. Infrastructure means whatever Biden and the Democrats say it does. Bipartisan means partisan. It’s incredible what’s taking place in this country. Meanwhile, as I speak, the southern border is flooded. Flooded. Yes, flood the zone, as I keep saying. Cloward and Piven, that’s exactly what’s taking place, flood the zone. That’s right, Steven, flood the zone, flood the southern border, break the system, break ice, break the Border Patrol, then blame the system. And then take control. Does Joe Biden seem concerned one whit about what’s going on in the southern border? Kamala Harris, her first duty that was handed to her, she’s AWOL. She’s nowhere to be found dealing with that southern border. The idea that the president and or vice president of the United States don’t go down there to see with their own eyes what the hell’s going on is shocking. Shocking. And we all know that if Donald Trump were president of the United States, what the Democrats would be saying and what the media would be saying, the media, I wrote a whole book on it, on freedom of the press, completely in the back pocket of the left of the Democrat Party. It’s not even debatable anymore. It’s not even a debate. We have a once in a lifetime, a generational moment here, ladies and gentlemen, a calling, according to Biden and a handful of his cabinet members, propagandists that they’re sending across the country once in a lifetime, once in a generational opportunity to do what? To spend trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars. To push this country further and further towards the core, the fundamental Marxist belief system, never do they talk about capitalism unless they attack it, never do they talk about free enterprise unless they attack it. Never. Remember, they used to talk about trickle down economics when it came to Ronald Reagan. We have the most massive economic explosion of growth and wealth and jobs and opportunity in American history, followed by Donald Trump, who did pretty much the same thing. They called that trickle down, trickle down economics, when, in fact it was all bottom up. Well, let me introduce another term to you that I used years and years ago, but let me bring some new life into it under the circumstances. Trickle down government. All of these decisions, unlike capitalism, are all the decisions really are based bottom up, you decide what you’re going to eat, you decide what you’re going to drive. You compare prices. You decide if you’re going to buy from a retail store, Amazon. You’re the one who makes all these decisions when it comes to government. You make none of these decisions. It’s all top down. You don’t even know what the hell’s going on. They’re doing it in secret. Go bold, go big, go fast. You have no idea. No idea. But when it comes to the free economy, the open economy, you make all the decisions when you go into the store and I want chicken breasts, I want chicken thighs, I want this milk. I want that milk. A thousand things you can decide from. A thousand things you can decide from. But when it comes to government, you have nothing you can decide it’s decided for you. Iron fisted brass knuckles tyranny, and the more they take over, the less decisions you get to make for yourself and your family. Trickle down government echo chamber, you’re out there, pay attention. Trickle down government, that’s what you’re saying. And we all know. That the political forces out there, their surrogates, their friends, the bureaucracy always takes a cut of the action like the mob, they always take the cream off the top. That’s what they do. Oh, we need to hire more bureaucrats. We need more government contractors. Oh, yes. Yes, it has to go through the cities and the mayors has to go through the governors. And it just by the time it gets to the people, it’s some small percentage of the dollar that they’re redistributing. It’s all about building a power base for the Democrat Party. It’s all about building a power base because, yes, Biden does want to run again. But whether he does or not is beside the point. It’s all about strengthening their power, their party. Now, what about these massive spending bills, what do they attack, what else? You know, private property rights. When they raise taxes and they raise taxes on each and every one of you who’s listening to me, they lie through their teeth. By now, you shouldn’t be caught flat footed anymore. No more. Joe Biden tried to lie his way into the nomination, now he’s lied his way as president of the United States. I’m telling you the truth, this man is a psychotic. Serial liar. That’s what he is. When they raise taxes, first of all, what are taxes? Taxes mean that money is taken from you. Regardless of what level of government, regardless of what they call property income, user sales, whatever it is, money is being taken from you and your family. Sometimes it’s legitimate. Even Adam Smith wrote about it. And Wealth of Nations. There are legitimate things we need our roads, other words, we need common areas and things done. We need our police, we need our fire department. We understand all that. We’re not crazy, we understand. But when it comes to the Marxist program. Of taxing people just because you can of taking their money, just because you can, of building some fantasy and fiction around it, that you’re redistributing wealth because some people are so rich and some people are so poor, as if the poor people somehow are going to get that money and they won’t. That’s just confiscation. And they use the Marxist language, always class warfare, always class while the rich get better and you know, the poor this and if you’re under 400,000, always lying, always class warfare. That is Marx. That’s not Locke and Montesquieu, that’s not Burke. That’s not your constitution. Private property rights, it’s one thing to tax people. To pay for that which we all need, it’s another thing to tax people. To punish successful people and to move money from Republicans to Democrats. To move money from hard working people and in many cases to know working people. Even the people who’ve just arrived here illegally. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. They always say that’s not true. If a rich man gets richer, doesn’t mean a poor person’s getting poor again, Marxist propaganda, this false religion. And where does it get us, ladies and gentlemen, point to one Marxist regime? Well, there’s more liberty. Where there’s more private property rights, just one oh, China, right? Don’t even think about it. So they’re taking an ideology, the core elements of the ideology, they’re imposing them on this country as fast as they can with no mandate whatsoever. You know what they call that where I’m from, Mr. Producer Taraneh. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

A Democrat aligned advocacy group writes Axios is kicking off a six figure campaign backing President Biden’s mammoth infrastructure spending measure, starting with ads targeting constituents of Senators Joe Manchin and Susan Collins. These are the so-called open society groups, and it’s too bad that Soros has stolen that phrase. And Soros behind this. His groups are putting up 20 million dollars for this effort. So what is Soros want, massive government spending, massive debt. Why does Soros want that? Does anybody know? Often I get the question, why do billionaires so hate the country, you need to think about this. Why is Soros so rich? Because he manipulates currencies, he manipulates economies. He doesn’t play fair. He doesn’t play straight. Remember how he almost destroyed Great Britain and their economy because among other things, he’s a currency player. So the more debt America is in, this guy has no conscience and no morals. Even since I was a young man, I won’t get into it again. But you understand, he wants the currency to collapse. He’s betting against that.

Hour 1 Segment 3

Oh, don’t worry. I’m going to get the CBS, which did a real smear job of Governor to DeSantis. All right, I spoke to the governor yesterday, one of the reasons we ran, we ran a rerun on Easter Sunday, it was what Governor to Santos and and also CBS strongly encouraging people to boycott Georgia and to put pressure and lobby companies that are not throwing in in the boycott how to lobby those companies. Really just appalling. This is a I got to believe that William Paley, who founded the Columbia Broadcasting Service, or system, will be thoroughly disgusted by the clowns that have taken it over. And they are clowns. Now, I want you to hear we’ll get to that in a lot of other stuff. But I want you to hear Bernie Sanders on infrastructure. But for Mr. Producer for Go, what we are proposing with the president is proposing is a bipartisan task. You know, millions and millions of Republicans, independents and Democrats on the to see how they you see how they’ve now changed the language. Millions of millions of Republicans, and that’s not what’s meant by that, what’s meant by that is you’re dealing with a. And legislature dealing with Congress, and you can’t get a single Republican who represents the people to support you. And so they they just paper over this like it’s no big deal. And plow ahead with their. They’re fascistic slash Marxist agenda. Go ahead, seize that they face that we face as a nation and want to go forward. Unfortunately, you have a we’re not going forward by mass of death. We’re not going for by trickle down government. We’re not going for by building more buildings to government, hiring more bureaucrats for government, more paperwork, more redistribution of wealth, that’s not going forward. That’s going backwards. That doesn’t create wealth, it steals and destroys wealth. If, in fact, all this government spending created opportunity, wealth, jobs. We’ve been doing this now since the Great Society and before that the New Deal, we wouldn’t have poverty now, would we? Go ahead. In the Congress, we’re moving very far to the right who are not only ignoring what the American people want to see done or they are ignoring what people in their own party. So, so so you see now Bernie Sanders talks for Republicans and you. And the Republicans, you see, are moving very, very far to the right. How are they moving very, very far to the right? Susan Collins moving very, very far to the right. This is so preposterous to have a communist like this telling us about the Republican Party and what we believe, but as they say, the proof is in the pudding and the pudding is this. They’re in a rush. They want to ram things through the first 90 to 100 days. Biden wants to ram through this latest massive, massive spending bill. Which gives out all kinds of money to his friends and surrogates and party. By Memorial Day. So there is no real deliberative process, there is no real legislative process, none whatsoever. There is a propaganda campaign coming out of the mouths of demagogues supported by a corrupt media. We’ve been through this cycle many, many times, but that’s precisely what’s taking place. Go ahead. Let me tell you something. If you are a Republican mayor or in this country, you understand that you need significant help for infrastructure. We’re not talking about infrastructure. We’re not talking about roads and highways and tunnels and airports. That’s a tiny fraction of what they’re doing. But Bernie Sanders knows better than anybody, a friend of the old Soviet Union. A friend of the Castro’s, whether in person or not, a friend of the regime in Venezuela before he wasn’t. Bernie Sanders knows exactly. Exactly what he’s doing, which is lying through all seven of his teeth. Go ahead. You are a Republican in an agricultural area. You understand what climate change is doing to the your ability to. What is he saying? You’re Republican. You understand what climate change is doing. What does this have to do with infrastructure? Absolutely nothing. We’ve already mankind has already tried Bernie Sanders way. And there’s been 100 million deaths as a result, it’s called Marxism, 100 million dead people and over a billion enslaved. How many more experiments do we have to do to accommodate the likes of an old red like Bernie Sanders, who represents a very diverse state we call Vermont? I think it’s the least diverse state in the country. So this crap that he’s peddling has been peddled now since since the Communist Manifesto and slightly before, how many more people have to be impoverished? How many more people have to be enslaved? How many more people have to die as a result of this ideology? Seriously? We act like this has never been done before, you’re going to take the most prosperous, beneficent, diverse, tolerant, free society mankind has ever known since the beginning of mankind. And you’re going to swap it for another decrepit, iron fisted, top down, impoverished ideology who voted for that notice? They always live by and says, no, I beat the socialist as he moves left. Bernie Sanders for his legacy. Notice they have to change words and but weird titles on bills notice that the ram things through, notice they have to lie about their poll. They favor Jim Crow. I don’t know a damn Republican who favors Jim Crow, for God’s sakes. The Democrats know all about Jim Crow, but they pretend they don’t. Go ahead, that you that you need to shut up, you freak. That’s right, you phreak. Your left wing kook. You should be on a corner somewhere in a raincoat. Unshowered for eight days, trying to peddle used cigarettes, that’s what you would do to the rest of us, you jerk. Nobody ever challenges this guy only. It’s like Fauci, he only goes where he’s lavished praise upon. Unchallenged in any significant way, this jerk. He wouldn’t come on any of my platforms to debate me even before I call him a jerk. Because I know what he is and I know who he is. Now, all of a sudden, the word infrastructure is like the word is when Bill Clinton was testifying under oath in front of a grand jury. Depends what the word is is depends what the word infrastructure means. It just depends. They’re doing to our country, it’s unbelievable. It truly is unbelievable. Now we have this Jennifer Granholm, who used to be a hack on him as solicitor, CNN. And was a lousy governor in Michigan. But that’s OK. She’s on CNN, cut five go and we hope that Republicans can join their constituents across the South. See, this is the everyone’s handed a line. I’m telling you, they got this from Woodrow Wilson. Who got it from the book called Propaganda, they came out in the 1920s and they’re all out there saying exactly the same, we want Republicans to join their constituency. Their constituency. People say I’m jealous of the Democrats, I mean, I’ve said this in the past, they get their message down, they know how to say it. I’m not jealous of them at all. I despise them. I despise how they import into our country. These ideologies, they came out of France and Germany. How they reject the Western Enlightenment. How they reject Judeo-Christian values. And they just plow ahead as a party. Shoulder to shoulder, marching in line, pushing their agenda, never telling us the truth, never telling us their end game, never giving us a blueprint, just always stirring the pot, creating crises, destabilizing the country, dispiriting to people. This is what they do. And unity is unity on their terms, as I’ve said before, for them, unity is conformity. And conformity must be enforced. Whether you’re a college professor, a college student. Whether you’re a parent, Loudoun County. Whether you’re an officer, whether you’re a broadcaster. Unity means conformity and conformity must be enforced, that our freedom of speech, big media, big tech, big government, they’re all in it together. They don’t care about freedom of speech. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

Georgia, you’re on my mind. Now, we talked about here first all the contracts over the course of the last 10 years or so that Major League Baseball has entered into with the genocidal communist regime, China. But it’s interesting, our sports. Industries, that is the leagues, the players, and in some cases the broadcasters have all sold out to the genocidal regime in communist China. They’d rather talk about racist America, systemically racist America, rather than systemically genocidal communist China, because they see this as a massive new market and LeBron James doesn’t really believe in free speech. Steph Curry doesn’t either when it comes to the communist Chinese. Steph Curry says he’s concerned about the treatment of Asians in America, so he put on a new set of sneakers. Is he concerned about the Asians being slaughtered in Asia, that part of the world by the communist Chinese? Not a word. No, no sneakers, no T-shirts, no hat, no bumper stickers, nothing because he’s a fraud, he’s your typical liberal, he’s a fraud. So Major League Baseball, as we discussed, they boycott Georgia, but now we find out they signed a no deal. Major League Baseball. Is protesting what happened in Jordan, I don’t know what the hell they’re protesting. They have no idea. Rob Manfred, Rob Manfred, your mother must be very disappointed in you, Rob. They just signed a deal with Tenison on Wednesday. One of China’s largest tech companies, it’s one of the Chinese firms that briefly dropped NBA games in 2019 after former Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Mallie, who was viciously attacked by LeBron James and ESPN, publicly voiced support for pro-democracy protesters facing a Beijing backed crackdown in Hong Kong. The New Deal grants 10 percent right to stream Major League Baseball games, and we we touched on this on Friday. But I want to underscore the point in a number of Asian countries until 2023. So we should boycott Major League Baseball because of its human and civil rights record. We’re not even talking about voting, we’re talking about living. Living. We’re not talking about Dropbox’s. We’re talking about people dropping dead. No, Major League Baseball has a horrific human rights record. As does the National Basketball Association, a horrific human rights record. Given what they’re doing and given. What they’ve done to the people of Georgia, by the way, which is so outlandish, people have made the point. That early voting in Georgia has been expanded to 17 days. New Jersey expanded it to nine days and was Saluda by Stacey Abrams. That was pointed out by Governor Christie. We’ll get to him in a minute after the top of the hour. And I want to salute him. I don’t normally salute him. But he did a hell of a job. When George Stephanopoulos and that. And that circle, Lib’s will call it Circle Libs that day, Sunday. He was the one who stood up and did an excellent job. Every Republican governor in the country should do exactly what the governor of Texas did, Governor Greg Abbott. He wrote the president of business operations and chief operating officer for the Texas Rangers near Liebman, he said thank you for the invitation to throw out the first pitch at the Texas Rangers home opening game. I was looking forward to it. And so Major League Baseball adopted what’s turned out to be a false narrative about the election law reforms in Georgia. And based on that false narrative, move the Major League Baseball All-Star Game from Atlanta. It’s shameful that America’s pastime is not only being influenced by partisan political politics, but also perpetuating false political narratives. The state of Texas was proud to help Major League Baseball host last season’s National League playoff games in the World Series in Arlington. But I will not participate in any event held by Major League Baseball and the state will not seek to host the All-Star Game or any other Major League Baseball special events. Well said, Governor. And governors of every single state who are Republicans. Should join arms and do exactly the same thing, because corporate America, I said this last week, I’m done helping corporations. I’m done supporting corporations. It’s funny how these things the echo chamber rush was right about the echo chamber. Talk radio is the point of the spear. Talk radio is the point of the spear. He used to call me the cleanup hitter. Well, here I am, the cleanup hitter. And I’m pointing out to you that Major League Baseball is at war with Republicans and the Republican Party, it has taken sides. It has now joined the Democrat Party and all the liars, frauds, fakes and phonies included in that party. The voting rights law passed in Georgia is more liberal than the voting rights law that exists in Delaware. In no respects, it’s more liberal than the voting rights law that exists in New York and a number of respects, it’s more liberal than the voting rights law that exists in New Jersey and a number of respects. But these corporatists. Whether they are actually managing these corporations and legs or sitting on their boards, these corporatists are frauds. There are leftists. It’s a whole new group of corporatists that have come in here, a whole new group of eight commissioners and so forth. Relatively freshly minted. You have no scruples. And take you for granted. Well, Major League Baseball has a horrific human rights record, as does the National Basketball Association, horrific. And they hate you Republican, they hate you, so you keep that in mind, keep that in mind when you’re watching professional sports, basketball, baseball, football, they’re all off my list. I’m always looking for my action, UFC or college activities and so forth. I’ll be right back.