February 9, 2021

February 9, 2021

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, The Senate impeachment trial was a spectacle. The Democrats showed zero proof to support the Constitutionality of impeaching a private citizen or to prove that Donald Trump caused an attack that we already know was pre-planned. The House managers Hollywood video left out critical information and it was based on emotion, not facts. The plain text of the impeachment clause is clear, and no president has ever been treated this way since the inception of the Constitution. Trump is charged with inciting an insurrection, yet it was Trump that called for 10,000 national guard troops to be at the ready to protect the Capitol. This case would have been thrown out in any court of law. Then, the Senate is destroying its credibility; its actions are incongruent with the original intent of the founders. The Senate is using their power to walk on the faces of the American people. At America’s founding, the vast majority of the original congress fought in the revolutionary war. Sadly, today’s congress is well versed in Marxism, not Americanism. David Schoen made a legitimate and effective case against this unconstitutional process in the Senate. Democrats including Joe Biden, have repeatedly called for violence and fighting and have gotten a complete pass. Afterward, the coronavirus continues, and accountability for failed state-level vaccine roll-outs and waiting lists does not.


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Well, I watched most of the spectacle in the Senate. The House managers had this fancy video that went on for 10, 15, 20 minutes. It was a propaganda film. It left out critical pieces of information. But they treated the Senate. The way they treat their constituents. They’re hoping the Senate will be moved by emotions, not facts. And at least six Republicans were moved by emotions and not facts. Five of whom you already knew about, Collins, Rakowski, Romney, Sason, Toomy. But then Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, he threw in. And I hope the people of Louisiana are paying attention because he needs to be primaried. Asked why he. He joined the Democrats and voted that the proceeding was constitutional. He said, and I quote. Trump’s team was disorganized, they did not talk about the issue at hand as an impartial jury. I’m going to vote for the side that did the good job. I’m going to vote for the side that did the good job, first of all, does he not speak? Literate English. Secondly. You’re not voting for the side that did the good job or did not do the good job in your mind. You’re voting on whether or not you think this procedure is constitutional. You take into consideration what you heard today. But you’re supposed to make a determination on whether you think the process is constitutional. Not whether you think one side did a good job and one side did not do a good job. And here we have the Senate by 56 to 44, so the Democrats never break ranks, 56 to 44. The Senate voted that it has the power to do something it doesn’t have the power to do. Isn’t that amazing? That would be like a jury voting that it has the power to do something the jury doesn’t have the power to do. Quite perverse, I would say. Very perverse. Now, there’s video that they played which went on and on and on, showing violence, foul language. It could have been produced by Hollywood. On the attack of the capital. In any of the court of law. Would have been thrown out. Now, why would it be thrown out, Mr. Producer? Exactly, because all it’s intended to do is to create emotion, it doesn’t contribute one iota to the factual record, it presents no evidence whatsoever when you’re accusing a president inciting insurrection. It’d be inadmissable. Never admitted in a court of law. There is no direct link, there’s no specific evidence of any kind. Between what was in that video. And former president Donald Trump, none. Not. Defense lawyers. They keep citing I saw at their site, some of them or somebody the defense lawyers are saying with some of their clients have actually been charged that, you know, they were encouraged to do what they did because of President Trump. Now, let me ask you a question. Anybody see a problem with that? Their defense lawyers trying to make the best argument they can for their client. That’s not evidence of anything. I’m thinking to myself. This is basic law school stuff, this is basic constitutional stuff to read the idiotic piece that Chuck Cooper wrote the other day to listen to these bizarre shows from these law schools go on and on and on. It’s just incredible to me. The plain text of the impeachment clause does not permit what’s happening in the Senate. Our traditions since the adoption and ratification of the Constitution, no president has ever been treated this way. This guy, Jeremy Raschein, I believe that’s his name, right? Mr. Producer, the Jamie Raskin, the lead prosecutor, he says. What kind of message does this send the future presidents that they can do whatever they want at the end of an administration and not be. Held accountable. And I thought to myself, do what at the end of the administration, give a speech? Disagree with the outcome of the vote. Tell the protesters to lobby Congress on a patriotic and peaceful way. A president do what? You don’t get to play a hyper emotional film. Slick production. And then conclude, as a matter of fact. That the president of the United States is responsible for what took place there, where is the evidence? Where is it? It’s nowhere. Apparently, Senator Cassidy didn’t find logic compelling, he didn’t find the lack of evidence compelling. He wanted to believe, like a liberal, he saw the video he was. Look at that video. I have to blame someone. I’m blaming Trump. Let me put it to you this way. If there was a scintilla of evidence that the president of the United States incited an insurrection. Why haven’t we heard it? Why haven’t we seen it? What are they waiting for? Liz Cheney said. In due course, with all these criminal investigations, much will come forth. Well, what’s come forth? Is more and more evidence of the president’s innocence. That this wasn’t spontaneous, it was preplanned. Now, ladies and gentlemen. The Senate sitting as a jury in a second impeachment. Is it the same Senate that took up the first impeachment, are these pretty much the same Democrats that voted to remove Donald Trump based on his call to the Ukrainian president? Is this the same House of Representatives that pushed the Russia collusion and then the Ukraine letter and now this? And we’re supposed to sit here and just buy into all this. And they great, sickening irony. That underscores all this. Is the Democrat Party despises the Constitution, the Democrat Party regularly violates and they want to violate it in a big way, whether it’s King Biden signing a law after law after law without the input of the legislature sending him a bill, whether it’s Congress led by the Democrats, by the thinnest margin in the House, 11 by no margin in the Senate. But for the vice president, who have told us already that they intend to target the judiciary and especially the Supreme Court, they intend to destroy our voting system in order to empower them. They intend to destroy the nature of the District of Columbia because they want to more Democrats and on and on and on. The very party that hates the Constitution, hates its separation of powers, hates the checks and balances, and wants an iron fisted, centralized autocracy. They are lecturing you and me and Donald Trump. About the Constitution, really. Really, are they serious? Because the press is in it. I would say to anyone who’s written an op ed who is about to write an op ed, you have an obligation to show us anywhere at the constitutional convention, Madison’s notes, is the guy anywhere, any letter, anything? That support your position on apart from your own pretzel logic? There’s nothing. And there’s one other point I want to make, and I’ve talked about this over the years myself, when the first impeachment. And we had a law professor called up yesterday and made the point as well, and it’s this. One of the things that concerned. The framers of the Constitution in Philadelphia as they debated the impeachment issue. And the professor is exactly correct. Was they didn’t want the president. To be held hostage. By the Congress. And one of the reasons there was some objection to impeachment was that one. But then they felt they crafted the language with enough protections in it. Where the president could still be independent in order to balance Congress. And still do his job. Without being threatened. Well, that’s no longer the case. Given what the Senate did today with a 56 to 44 vote, let me amend that. That’s no longer the case with a conservative Republican president, it will always be OK with a Democrat left wing president because the Republicans in the Senate. Like Murkowski and Collins and Sasse and Romney and Toomey and Cassidy, they will never, ever stand up for the Constitution. They don’t have the guts to take on a Democrat president, and they never would. Now, you know how I know that, ladies and gentlemen. Because as we sit here, Joe Biden is violating the Constitution. Day in and day out, he’s a serial violator of the Constitution with a substantive legislative executive order. And the Republicans in the Senate do absolutely nothing. Except put out a press release here in their. The Democrats now. That there are weak links, many of them in the Republican chain. They will do anything because there’s no weak links in the Democrat chain. To advance their cause. And to support their base, the Republicans are at war with their base constantly. Whether it was. Ronald Reagan. People forget the Republican establishment opposed Reagan in 1968, in 1976, even in 1980, they threw George Bush in there, among others. Reagan had to overcome the McConnell types. And the Cheney types and the Bush types, in order to become one of the greatest and most popular presidents in all of our history. And then he leaves office and what do they do? They revert back to old George H.W. Bush, kinder and gentler. They hated the Tea Party in 2010, McConnell, yet again, Boehner went to war with their base, went to war with the Tea Party. That had handled. The speakership to Boehner and a number of seats to McConnell. But McConnell wanted to control who the nominees were in the state’s. And then Trump. Trump wins and the Republicans in Washington. The establishment Republicans. They’re worried, they’re nervous, they’re fearful because of the support that this president has. And yet. That’s how so many of them conduct themselves today. Like they’re Democrats. They’re not worried. About the fundamental transformation of America, they’re not worried about the neo Marxism that has taken hold in the Biden administration, they’re not worried about what Schumer wants to do to Congress and the courts. No, no, no, no. It’s Trump. They put out videos about Trump. They trashed Trump. And then they feel proud of themselves, they’re constitutionalists now. What happened in the United States Senate today is a disgrace to the Senate. And all the senators who came before. In the six Republicans, several of them newly elected, so they’re very gutsy, SACE Collins. One retiring to me, that’s three out of six. They need to be defeated by Republicans in Republican primaries. I’ll be right back.

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House and Senate Democrats written by Trevan Smith, I don’t know who he works for, it doesn’t much matter, but it’s kind of up here. May push ahead this week with censure resolution to bar former President Donald Trump from holding future office over his role in the U.S. Capitol riot, anticipating acquittal to the Senate impeachment trial. Several sources familiar with the matter told, oh, it’s McClatchy. Now just listen to this long run on sentence. They may push ahead with a censure resolution to bar former President Trump from holding future office. Is there a center in the Constitution, ladies and gentlemen? No. Was it done before? Yes, by another rogue Congress against President Andrew Jackson. A future Congress would repeal the censure. And where is it written that censure can bar President Trump from holding future office? There is no such language in the Constitution. I’m sure Chuck Cooper, somebody will figure out a reason to argue for it. But I want to pursue this because, you see, it never ends, so they don’t have the votes. First of all, they’re violating the Constitution as I speak. They intend to violate the constitution again. And then they’re being advised from some left wing kook law professors in Ivy League schools that if none of that works, go for the 14th Amendment. And I’ll talk about that, too. Meanwhile, Biden is cutting through our jobs and our society like a razor. I’ll be right back.

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Let me ask you another question about this Senate trial, because really the Senate’s on trial here. Don’t you think, ladies and gentlemen, at least we conservatives, we constitutional conservatives see it that way. Let me ask you another question. How many cases you’re aware of where the judge or the presiding officer votes? But the jury. Patrick Leahy sitting there mumbling through his mask. As the presiding officer of the trial. And yet he voted. With the House Democrats, with all the Democrats in the Senate and with the six Republicans in the Senate. That it was constitutional for the Senate to take this issue up. The entire thing is a farce, it’s not anything like. The framers of the Constitution had in mind nothing. Nothing. But don’t worry, because we know that the president of the United States will be acquitted. Now, how do we know that they haven’t heard the evidence yet? Mark? Because 44 senators just voted, what they’re doing is unconstitutional. The evidence doesn’t even matter. In other words, there’s no jurisdiction and keep in mind there’s no evidence. So there’s no jurisdiction and there’s no evidence. And what Jamie Raskin and his comrades were arguing. Was that we don’t care if there’s no jurisdiction, we insist there is jurisdiction. And we insist that that video is evidence, even though the video is evidence of nothing as it relates to the former president. Nothing. And so in McClatchey. House and Senate Democrats may push ahead this week with a censure resolution to bar former President Donald Trump from holding future office over his role in the U.S. Capitol riot. They haven’t shown any role. You know what’s amazing to me, folks? The treatment that Donald Trump got as a candidate, as a president elect and president is now the treatment he’s getting as a former president and a private citizen. They are so angry at you and me and him. For daring to have won an election. That they want to continue to pursue this now, this is the neo Marxist mindset that six Republicans have gone along with 10 in the House, including Liz Cheney, the number three Republican in the conference. That only fascistic and Marxist regimes pursue. The effort to draft the resolution that would invoke a provision of the 14th Amendment. Began quietly in January and gained momentum over the weekend. As Democratic Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia, Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine gauge whether the measure would attract bipartisan support. Are they still working on this? Apparently they are. Ten Republican congressmen joined House Democrats last month to impeach the president. And the impeachment trial, as you know, Tuesday began today. He’s widely expected, they say, to be acquitted because conviction we require 17 Republican senators to join all Democrats. How about there’s no evidence? As the likelihood of Trump’s acquittal has grown, so too have calls within the Democrat caucus for an alternative pair to prevent Trump from holding office again. They are not going to prevent him from holding office again. They can’t prevent him from holding office again. What do they think? This is Mao’s communist China. Now, who’s acting like Putin now? Who’s acting like Putin now? They are. They’re getting advice from law professors. And we know that’s always good advice. From some of the lowest of the low lives who are tenured in our law schools. Some of the lowest of the low lives. Michael Gerhardt, remember him, Laurence Tribe. I didn’t even know he was still with it, Bruce Ackerman, who I wrote about in Liberty and Tyranny way back, Erwin Chemerinsky, remember him, goofball? Ackerman told McClatchy that President Joe Biden would not be required to sign the Rasselas look, they’ve got it all figured out. They think they have figured out how to get around the Constitution now. I and Judge Starr and a few others have figured out how to defend it. It’s not that hard, read it. There shall be no bill of attainder. What’s a bill of attainder? We’ve talked about that before. Congress can’t, as it goes along, make up the law, change the Constitution and try and find a a penalty for a single citizen. Because the framers rejected all that parliament was doing that to them and they wanted nothing to do with it. So these law professors. Tenured law professors. Have no regard for the Constitution. None. You hear me, Ackerman Nana. Me, Chairman Linskey, if that is your name, none tribe. My God. Tribe, I don’t think tribe knows the difference between peanut butter and jelly anymore, to tell you the truth, Mr. Producer. There was one other idiot here. I don’t remember who it was. Doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter. These guys have sold their soul to the left a long time ago. It’s amazing they spend their careers twisting the Constitution into this and into that. It’s a wet noodle to them that we want to do this. We have we are progressives and we can do that. If you’re a leftist and a law professor, you’re really maybe not technically, but you are schizophrenic in many ways, you hate the Constitution and then you keep explaining it, you hate the Constitution, then you keep explaining how to get around it. You see, as I’ve said a billion times, progressivism and constitutionalism. They don’t work together. Which is why the progressives are constantly trying to destroy it and now they’re trying to remove a man who’s already out of office to try and stick a scarlet letter on him because they think they can stop him from running again for public office, even though they have no power to do so. And if they fail to do that or we got another one up our sleeves, we do well censor him and prevent him from running. Well, that’s not constitutional. That’s nowhere in the Constitution while we use the 14th Amendment, 14th Amendment. A post civil war memo. What’s that have to do with anything we can get them that way, you know? OK, well, what about the bill of attainder where we’re not going to pay attention to the bill of attainder? Even Chuck Cooper agrees with us, who gives? You know what, if Chuck Cooper agrees with you. Well, The New York Times says, oh, OK. Taraneh, right in front of your face. The party that is eviscerating the Constitution claims to be upholding it. A handful of Republicans who claim to be defending the Constitution are shredding it. Even some columnists like Mona Charen, so self-righteous Mona, poor Mona. She desperately wants to be taken seriously. She desperately wants history to remember her number one and number two, to remember her as a lone voice among voices. So pression. Actually, so pathetic. The mob is. Really in the media, the mob is in Congress. The mob has been set loose. The rioters, the violent rioters who attacked the Capitol building. Are being and should be punished. But the effort to spray the punishment onto the former president, onto his supporters. Is really disgusting. The exploitation is disgusting. You know how many people have die from Covid since Joe Biden’s been in office, Mr. Bruce? It’s hard to find how to look it up. Approximately 60,000 Americans. Why isn’t anybody talking about them anymore, where all the graphs and the charts? They’ve disappeared, Puff. They’ve disappeared. Isn’t that amazing? Tell me what new vaccines are online under the. Joe Biden, administration warp speed. Not WRP, but HAARP, where where is it, where are they? There aren’t any. Are there any? We don’t know. They don’t tell us. We don’t know. And I’m reading Joe Biden is selling out to China left and right now. He gives this idiotic speech during the Super Bowl, and I wouldn’t watch it, but he gives this idiotic speech during the Super Bowl. But before the Super Bowl. Another Praetorian Guard said Norah O’Donnell. Sitting there, eyes wide open, hello, I’m interviewing Joe Biden, who I have never seen anything like Joe Biden, never before, that’s a fact. We’re not going to conduct business with China the way Trump did. No, no, because that was effective. No, no, we’re not going to do that. We’re just going to make it clear to them that there’s competition and we all have to follow the rules. Oh. That’s all it takes. So Joe’s going to tell them to follow the rules. I’m sure that’ll really deter G from his concentration camps as mass genocide against the Luger’s. His his threats against their neighbors, his threats against the United States now. Oh, yeah, that Joe Biden they’re worried about Joey said you’d better follow the rules. Meanwhile, he joins the WHCA, which is in the back pocket of communist China. That’s all right. So be it. What a disaster. What are we, two and a half weeks in? And they’re still obsessed with Trump, even the full. Never trump us are still obsessed with Trump. And they hate your guts. They hate your guts. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

Now, this Senate trial. I heard a reporter on our favorite network say yes, but, you know, this is political. Folks, to say it’s political is to say nothing is to say it’s a hamburger. There’s real. Real information about what the framers intended. It’s important to know what the framers intended. It’s still the Constitution and it’s a very, very important part of the Constitution. That affects. The presidency and the office of the presidency. Not somebody who’s left the office of the presidency, but the office of the president’s. The idiocy in the insanity that we have to go through because of the Democrat Party and their media pals. Because of the never trumpeter’s. And their friends in academia. Is unconscionable. How many more years of this crap do we have to go through, how many more years? Does half the country. Had to be spoken to with such disrespect. As we are. And we’re disrespected those of us who are Republicans by our own damn party. Are conservatives treated the way the Democrat Party treats left wing kooks in their own ranks? I. Presley, Corey. Let’s throw out all my tally. And the other reprobates and malcontents know they treat them with kid gloves, they come to their defense, they protect them. You and I were just regular Americans, we love our country. We embrace our founding documents. We look up to the founding fathers. We think the military and law enforcement are. Populated with heroes. We believe in a hard day’s work. For an earning for income we don’t want to take from anybody we don’t think anybody owes us. Who were the enemy were the ones who attacked both from within the Republican Party and outside the Republican Party. I think one of the great reforms that could be made, Mr. Producer, in America is to move the capital now out of Washington. It’s a stink hole. It’s been there too damn long. You know where I would put it, I put it in McAllen, Texas, but do you think of that? Right on the border with Mexico, I put it in McAllen, Texas. So our magnificent members of Congress could experience what it’s like. They have drug gangs and kidnappers running freely across the border under the Biden administration. So they can experience and see what it’s like. I would force all the politicians, kids to go to their neighborhood public schools. If they’re going to stay in Washington, D.C.. They should be forced to go to the same schools and all those other kids are forced to go to without any option to send in the private or parochial school. That’s what I would do if I had the power. And I don’t. That’s what I would do. I would force true equal justice in the halls of Congress. If you’re going to try and destroy a former president in the private sector for saying something or some things, and we don’t even know exactly what they’re talking about, that don’t even come close to what that Democrat leader is said. To what a score of Democrats have said in the Senate and multiple scores of Democrats have said in the House. Then they should automatically be expelled. That’s just marks world. And Tiffin Black Lives Matter will be treated exactly the same way as the criminals that rushed the Capitol building, equal justice. Isn’t that what it’s for, equal justice? Well, an equal justice. Round up all the bastards who are burning and looting and attacking and breaking. That’s just me. Instead, we have to live through a farce. A farce. I’ll be right back.