Yes, the president is an innocent man

The Democrat-controlled (barely) House of Representatives, with support from some Republicans (including NeverTrumper, Liz Cheney, the #3 GOP House leader), are going to impeach an innocent man today, President Trump. The first impeachment was a complete ruse, as is this impeachment. Yes, the president is an innocent man. He did not commit any impeachable offenses. I will explain this in detail on my radio show this evening and when I appear on Hannity’s Fox show tonight. And this, in part, is why the House Democrats are rushing to impeach the president, without any semblance of due process, a hearing, investigation — absolutely no justice or fairness of any kind. And the fact that certain House Republicans are going along with this, and the GOP House leader, Kevin McCarthy, is not urging opposition to it, and the fact that the Senate GOP leader, Mitch McConnell, is reportedly endorsing impeachment as a way to cleanse the party of Trump supporters, is truly appalling. Again, I will explain how outrageous this entire episode is. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is planning the most radical agenda in our history during his first 100 days, which begins next week. Virtually no attention is being given to what he’s planning to do — whether the Iran deal, Communist China, immigration, the environment, etc. Finally, there have been repeated stories by the Washington Post in particular that flat out lie about what I have said, what others have said to me, and my positions and character. The Post is a vicious, partisan tabloid-like publication that you should completely ignore. Even when I point out that it is publishing unequivocally and factually wrong information about me, it persists. The affirmative lying along with Big Tech’s suppression of free speech are diabolical and dangerous.