November 10, 2020

November 10, 2020

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has become the George Soros of Big Tech and is using its users’ data for political purposes. The media, including social media, is changing the election narrative from no fraud at all to no evidence of fraud at a major scale. They went from alleging the Trump campaign not having any evidence to the Trump campaign not having enough evidence. Then, the latest lawsuit filing in Pennsylvania is over 100 pages chronicling institutionalized fraud in major Democrat cities. There will never be enough examples of fraud for the media because the media is a fraud. Interestingly several PA counties failed to comply with an emergency order from the court requiring poll watchers to have “meaningful access to serve ballot counting”. The Constitution protects a citizen’s right to equal protection under the law and it also delineates that only the legislature of a given state can dictate a state’s election laws and to do otherwise is unconstitutional. Later, Daniel Horowitz from Conservative Review calls in to re-state that nobody is saying to rush into this final election result. It’s the Biden camp that is rushing to short-circuit a count on a style of balloting that necessarily takes several weeks to verify and that he pushed for. Horowitz suggests that the legislatures must convene hearings and investigations to shadow the litigation in court and the Supreme Court must cure the ill caused by the lower state court. Afterward, USA Today misrepresents this program’s commentary and claims to have reached out to this show, but it has not. The media positions itself to prop up Biden and takedown Trump every chance they get. Finally, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell calls in to discuss censorship in the media. Bozell said media coverage on Biden and allegations of foreign corruption remain fundamentally non-existent.


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Hour 1 Segment 1

At the end of the year, we will be leaving Facebook. Not Twitter yet, Twitter hasn’t been pounding us, but we will be leaving Facebook by the end of the year. So if you want to join us and see what’s going on, you need to come over to Parler. And it’s driving the liberal media nuts. Don’t worry about them. They’re a bunch of slobs and morons. At Mark Levin Show, go to Parler at Mark Levin Show. We want to get over three million followers over there, but by the end of the year, I’m out of Facebook. You won’t be seeing anything posted on Facebook anymore. Zukerberg, in my view, is corrupt. He’s used his billion dollar enterprise as a propaganda machine like we’ve never seen in this country before. And then I’m going to discuss another article about him, which he put hundreds of millions of dollars out through washing it through organizations to get out Democrat votes in the inner cities. So he’s become sort of the George Soros of big tech. He may even have more influence than George Soros. But he is using you and abusing you, he’s using your data, he’s selling it, he’s making a fortune for himself while he’s undermining the country. Mr. Producer, why don’t you invite Mr. Zuckerberg on the program? I’m quite serious. Let’s see if he’ll show up. I turn on the TV and I hear, again, there’s not enough evidence of fraud, massive fraud to change the election results. Now look how the media narrative has changed, Mr. Producer. First, they said, where’s the evidence of fraud? Now they want to know where is the evidence of massive fraud? I heard some guy on radio today popping off about these law firms, he read in The New York Times who are undermining the president and that these people shouldn’t be speaking to the media. He couldn’t be more correct. But what he doesn’t know because it doesn’t make an effort to find out is in the field, there are hundreds and hundreds of patriotic Trump supporter lawyers who are volunteering their time, not paid one damn penny from all over the country who are litigating these cases. There may be these big law firms that are involved in overseeing and so forth, but all the dirty grunt work, all the shoe leather is not being done by them. It’s being done by hundreds and hundreds of patriots who love Trump just as much as everybody else does. It’s outrageous for somebody to go on a public airways and trash all these patriots. Yes, trash the individual law firms mentioned in The New York Times or The Washington Post. But it is dispiriting and disheartening to people who’ve put aside their lives, who’ve taken a leave of absence from their jobs and have gone to cities like Philadelphia and Atlanta and Las Vegas and Detroit. Scores of them. Contributing their time because they want the president of the United States to be successful and they want to get to the bottom of this. So let me correct that record number one. Number two, there’s a filing that was just made in Pennsylvania. That is filled. Was sworn affidavits about systemic fraud and systemic constitutional violations under the equal protection clause, as was announced in the Bush Gore case in 2000. What do you expect lawyers to do, but that you think you’re going to find an email that says, Hey, Frank, here’s 200,000 empty ballots, vote them all for Biden. Wow, look what we found. Ladies and gentlemen, kind of fantasy land is this. They have institutionalized the fraud they are facing, in many cases, liberal Democrat judges, it’s the judges who are the problem, not the lawyers who are finding these cases. Maybe the people ought to read them before they trash the lawyers who are actually in the field. Who have volunteered for Trump, who were asked by the Trump campaign to come out and help. These big mass, what exactly have they done, nothing. And one of them. Who’s breaking her back, working 20 hours a day, doing interviews and affidavits, happens to be my wife. And she’s not sabotaging anything the president of the United States adores her as she does him. So I just want to be clear about that these people are working so hard. Day and night interviewing over the weekend, because you got to separate the gossip and the falsehoods and the setups from reality, it’s not so simple. It doesn’t move so fast. But this filing in Pennsylvania, I’ll give me a taste. It’s over one hundred pages in length and it’s the first one. There’ll be others. This isn’t the one with the with the Supreme Court either. And this is why Biden makes his fascistic statement today. That’s enough. Let’s put an end to this. This is why the media pretend that fraud is not being found. Ladies and gentlemen, there’s fraud everywhere. Everywhere they’re looking, whether it’s Las Vegas or Atlanta, whether it’s Detroit or Philadelphia, they’re finding lots and lots of fraud. The extent of it becomes very difficult for 15 or 20 lawyers in a metropolitan area to determine, particularly when the Democrat machines are blocking them. And when they’re up against liberal judges. But this has to be fixed. And Lindsey Graham’s right, I’m glad he listens to my program. We’re never going to win a damn presidency and we’re going to start losing the Senate and House and we’ll never get them back. They’re trying to create in this nation what they’ve created in California. California was the most vibrant two party state that you can imagine. And they elected Republican governors. You couldn’t elect a Republican dogcatcher in California today. That’s exactly what they want to do to the United States. And I don’t care if the media don’t see it, even suppose the media frenzy. Who cares? This is the reality. So there’ll never be enough examples of fraud to convince the media because the media are frauds. They didn’t have one scintilla of evidence on the Russia hoax, but it didn’t matter. It ought to seriously be up to the cities in the states to demonstrate that their systems are fraud proof. And now when you say that while every election has fraud, in other words, they always have the answers they always defend. The criminality, the fraud. And their own conduct. But let me give you an example. Now, this is over 100 pages and I can’t read it. American citizens deserve fair elections, every legal, not illegal vote should be counted, and no government power, be it state or federal, may deny American citizens the right to observe the process by which votes are cast, processed and tabulated. We must protect our democracy with complete transparency. And they go through the history of this and the history in Pennsylvania. Then they go on Allegheny and Philadelphia counties alone received a process, 680, two thousand four hundred and seventy nine mail in and absentee ballots without review by the political parties and candidates. These are unprecedented numbers in Pennsylvania’s elections history. Rather than engaging in an open and transparent process, by the way, compelled by state law to give credibility to Pennsylvania’s brand new voting system, that processes were hidden during the receipt, review, opening and tabulation of those six hundred and eighty two thousand four hundred and seventy nine votes and direct contribution contravention of Pennsylvania’s election law. Now, let’s stop there. So the media would say, I haven’t proven fraud. You’re locked out of the damn system and then they say you haven’t proven fraud. Allegheny and Pennsylvania counties that the most populous in the state. Conducted the canvassing and tabulation and convention center rooms and placed observers far away from the action in the case of Philadelphia, even when an emergency order was issued requiring them to provide meaningful access to representatives, Philadelphia failed to comply. Now, when I post these things on Facebook, Zuckerberg and his army of liars and propagandists say I’m posting false information. This is in a pleading. This is in a filing with a court. Worse, Democratic heavy counties violated the mandates of the election code and the determination to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court advantaging voters and Democratic heavy counties as compared to those in Republican heavy counties, Democrat heavy counties engaged in pre canvass activities prior to November 3rd by reviewing received mail in ballots for deficiencies such as lacking the inner secrecy envelope or lacking a signature of the elector on the outer declaration envelope. Those offending counties then would notify those voters in order to allow them to cure their ballot deficiencies by voting provisionally on Election Day or canceling their previously mailed ballot and issuing a replacement. In other words, those heavily Democratic counties, not the Republican counties. Provided their mail in voters with the opportunity to cure mail in and absentee ballot deficiencies while Republican heavy counties follow the law and did not provide any notice or court process, disenfranchising those that themselves complied with the election code case. Legal issues. Whitemark, where is the evidence of fraud, Mr. Producer? You believe this? Now, this is a violation of the equal protection clause of the federal constitution. Because two citizens in Pennsylvania. Are treated differently, depending on their party affiliation and depending on where they live. That’s in Bush versus Gore. Quote, the right to vote is protected and more than the initial allocation of the franchise, equal protection applies as well to the manner of its exercise. Having once granted the right to vote on equal terms, the state may not, by later arbitrary and disparate treatment, value one person’s vote over that of another from Bush versus Gore. United States Supreme Court decision. As evidenced by numerous sworn statements, now these are under penalty of perjury. Defendants egregious misconduct has included ignoring legislative mandates concerning mail in ballots, which amounted to over two point six million of the approximately six point seventy five million votes in Pennsylvania, including the mandate that mail in ballots be postmarked on or before Election Day and critically preventing plaintiffs pollwatchers from observing the receipt review, opening and tabulation of mail in ballots. Those mail in ballots are evaluated on entirely parallel track to those ballots cast in person. I’ll read you a little more when we come back, but. This is only what have I read, four pages from 103 page brief. If you’re a serious reporter, host. And you’re reading this, are you not concerned about what happened in Pennsylvania, Mr. Producer? You’re going to yell, where’s the fraud, or is there enough extensive fraud to change the vote? And then you have Biden, Biden, who acts like a fascist standing up there, the president elect, it’s not the president elect. He’s still the same dummy and the same moron that he was before. But notice how not a single media outlet has read to you what I have not a single legal analyst or former federal prosecutor has gone on the air and read to you what I have. I’m on page four of one hundred and three page brief. In one state. Well, where’s your evidence, shocking. Four pages filled with evidence. Of systemic, oh, I like that word and institutionalized lawlessness. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

When the Democrats and their surrogates litigated prior to this election, even really up to Election Day, their entire purpose was to institutionalize and legalize what used to be fraud and to destroy many of the safeguards that states had in place. And so the problem is you have extensive examples of fraud and then they come back the media, as if they’re being handed talking points by the Biden campaign and the Democrats and their surrogates. But you can’t prove how much fraud you’d have to overturn elections and so forth and so on. So they’ve created they’ve created an environment where it’s extraordinarily difficult to get the information. People are trying to get the information, but they’ve set it up. So fraud is potentially legalized, quote unquote, or extremely difficult, the extent of it to determine in a in a relatively short period of time, and then they say, see that you don’t have any evidence. They don’t care about violations of equal protection, they don’t care about systemic changes in election laws that are changed for the purpose of allowing fraud. On Election Day, when the Trump campaign, the brief goes on, poll watchers were present and allowed to observe in various policy locations throughout the Commonwealth, they observed and reported numerous instances of election workers failing to follow the statutory mandates relating to two critical requirements, among other issues. One, a voter’s right to spoil their mail in ballot at their polling place on Election Day and to then vote in person. And to the ability for voters to vote provisionally on Election Day when a mail in ballot had already been received from them. But when they did not cash those mail in ballots. So excuse me, received for them, so they got a mail in ballot. But they didn’t cast it, so they came in on Election Day and the what’s the concern? Well, the concern is there’s two votes by somebody else and the person who comes in person, there’s no way to check these things. Because in Pennsylvania, the Supreme Court ruled you don’t need any postage, you don’t need any signature. That is postage stamp plaintiffs have learned that certain county election boards were mailing unsolicited mail in ballots to voters despite the fact they had not applied for them in Pennsylvania. They don’t send unsolicited mail in ballots. It’s not California, but they were being sent to individual. So you look at one pattern after another, pattern after another pattern. Somebody and some groups and some political party was doing all of this. These things don’t just all happen by accident. That’s the point. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 3

Now, let’s look at some of these so-called battleground states. Let’s look at Pennsylvania. Six, about six point six million people have voted in Pennsylvania. And according to the count. Let’s put out and this is by Fox. Biden’s lead by 48,000 votes. So that means if 24,000 in one votes switch from one to the other, Trump wins Pennsylvania. So this is why they’re looking at everything very carefully. When you hear people say you’re going to get hundreds and hundreds of thousands of votes in Pennsylvania, you don’t. 25, 26,000 votes flip. He’s won Pennsylvania, right, Mr. Producer? If the Supreme Court does its job, if these justices have enough guts to actually embrace and follow the Constitution, Article two, Section one, Clause two, I’ve introduced this to America. I’ve talked about it till I’m blue in the face. If they uphold that, that could be 25,000 votes there. And if those people are, quote unquote, disenfranchised, first of all, some of them are dead, so they won’t be disenfranchised. Some of them have voted twice. They have no good security system anymore. In Pennsylvania, the Democrats and the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania succeeded. That said, that’s on the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. That’s on the governor. That’s when the secretary of state, all of those who insisted on violating the Constitution by their own decrees, by their own Fiats, like some third world country in Pennsylvania that’s on them. That’s not on the Supreme Court. And if the Supreme Court rules as it should, it ought to make that point. That state courts and governors and secretaries of state don’t get to willy nilly violate and reinterpret Article two, Section one, Clause two of the Constitution of the United States, not today and not tomorrow. Otherwise, they will be reading that provision right out of the Constitution. And they will rue the day, the Supreme Court, when that happens. You know what else is interesting? The Democrats win in Georgia. And take the United States Senate, the same justices who are ruling. We’ll see that their court is forever changed. Because I have the House, they have the Senate, and then I’ll have, they think, the presidency, God forbid, if that happens and they’ve already said they’re going to change the Supreme Court, they’re going to add a bunch of seats. And what they mean by that is going to turn it into a Democrat party. Appendage, they’re going to destroy its independence and our constitutional order. So if these judges, justices on the court don’t wake the hell up and understand what’s in store for the whole country, let alone their own branch of the government. We’re going to lose them. So the first way back is for this court, which is supposed to be independent, which isn’t supposed to be reading all the political newspapers and tea leaves and listening, they should look at what’s in front of them. That provision of the Constitution is among the clearest in the whole document, the. So that’s Pennsylvania. Let’s take a look at Arizona. Arizona. Three point about three point three million people voted. And the differential is what Mr. Producer looks like, 14,000. That’s it, 14,000. I don’t know what’s going on in Arizona, if there’s litigation, but if there is, that means a switch of 7,000 people makes the difference. 25,000 Pennsylvania, 7,000 in Arizona, Georgia. Now, look at this, Georgia. Almost five million people voted. And the differential between Biden, the president, according to the Fox News, counters. Is 12,500 votes. Again. Nobody is analyzing this, like may just stick with me because I’ve done this all my life, the Constitution and so forth, so that means a switch. Now, about 6,300 votes in Georgia and the president, under these calculations, wins. Take a look at Michigan. About five point four million people voted. It’s a bigger differential. It’s one hundred and forty five thousand. So, again, split it in half. Take a look at Nevada. I never thought Trump was going to win Nevada, Nevada’s too tough, but people they’re saying, look. When you listen to Adam Laxalt, who was the attorney general. And Matt Schlapp, these are not these are serious men, these are not conspiracy theorists, you got to pay attention to what they say. Over one point two million votes. And a differential of 37,000. North Carolina, I have no idea why they’re not calling North Carolina for the president, the president of the United States and North Carolina. Is 70,000 votes ahead of Biden, according to the Fox News numbers. But then look at this. Wisconsin. Over two point two million people voted. The differential, according to the again, the Fox numbers, is 20,000. So the differential in which Wisconsin’s 20,000. The differential in Georgia is 12,500. Trump has already won North Carolina, they’re sitting on their hands, same with Alaska. And then I’ve told you about Pennsylvania at some great length. If the justices do their job. The president, the United States has a real shot at Pennsylvania. I don’t know how many. Votes were counted. Or received ballots, received mail in ballots after 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time on election night. But every damn one of them. Is an illegal vote in violation of the federal constitution because of the illegal conduct of the state Supreme Court, it’s on them and that would send a signal throughout the country for another 100 years. Don’t screw with the election process in the United States. Listen, I’ve explained this to you, it’s an uphill battle for the president. Because of the courts. Because he has to bring these suits because the Democrats have been bringing suits and winning many suits for a year in order to change the election system. To enshrine their fraudulent beliefs and conduct. Which is exactly what Kelly was trying to explain last night. You can see that the president of United States is fighting a righteous battle. It’s an absolutely righteous battle. So Joe Biden is up there like a tin horn dictator. Talk to me about his cabinet, talking about the virus, what he’s going to he’s not doing anything, folks. He’s just sitting there talking. He’s trying to put together a shadow government, we don’t put together shadow governments in this country. They want Trump to concede and start a transition process. Well, that’s not what George Bush did in 2,000. That’s not what Al Gore wanted to do in 2,000. That’s absurd. Look at the close elections, the disputed elections in our history. The candidates who thought they want or presidents who are running for reelection all of a sudden turn the federal government over to the other party, of course not. Biden has to earn this, maybe he did. But because of the actions of the Democrat Party, because of the actions of the Biden campaign, because of the actions of their surrogates in one state after another. Because of the misconduct of Democrat judges and Democratic governors and Democrat secretaries of state. We have a problem on our hands. That has to be addressed. Whether we like it or not. So the media keep going around talking about President elect Biden and Biden’s going around acting like he’s a shadow president. And they’re trying to build pressure on the judges and the justices from the outside as if it’s all over. Don’t bother with these lawsuits. Throw them out. It’s a fait accompli, you don’t want to reverse the course of the election, you don’t want to disenfranchise voters, you can see what’s going on now. This is worse than the Russia hoax. This is this is an election hoax. Because they will not allow the. Process to go forward. And these judges need to rule based on the law and the Constitution. And I’m very concerned that they won’t, given the fact that so many of these courts acceded to the demands of their own party. And violated the Constitution and changed the safeguards. To ensure that Joe Biden will get elected president of the United States. The establishment. I want to tell Cindy McCain something. I want you to understand something, Mrs. McCain. The 71 million voters who voted for Donald Trump, 80, 90 percent of them voted for your husband for president and you for first lady. And you stabbed every one of them in the back. Because in a personal tiff you have with the president, and yet what you don’t admit is it was your family that started it. It was Senator McCain who sent his staffer overseas to get a copy of the dossier from Christopher Steele. It was that staffer who gave a copy to the FBI to direction of your husband. He also gave a copy to the State Department and other departments of the government. Because John McCain says that he felt he had an obligation, no, John McCain was trying to destroy Donald Trump. And that’s why Donald Trump has been so furious at John McCain. Now, somebody has finally told the truth about this, I’ve done it several times. While you. While you act like it was Donald Trump. There was the problem and now you tell us that all unite behind Joe Biden, who continues to call us names. Why would we listen to you, Mrs. McCain? Why would we listen to you, you said today that your husband would be pleased with the outcome. I don’t have any doubt that he would be. But I want you to know something else, Mrs. McCain. My father, thank God, was never a pope, so I can’t imagine what your husband went through. And I have said time and again behind this microphone that John McCain was a war hero, but I’ve also said that politically he’s been a disaster. He was a disaster. There are two different things you can respect somebody service. And reject their politics. But my father passed away two years ago. He was a veteran of World War 2. And he would be disgusted with the outcome of this election. And he’d be disgusted with what you did, Mrs. McCain, I’m just letting you know. And my grandfather, my mother’s father. Who also served in World War 2. And fought in Iwo Jima and fought in Guam. He would be disgusted by the outcome to. Disgusted. And he would be disgusted with Republicans like Kasich and Rich and Romney. And Flake. And Hogan in another list of horribles. So we’re either back or undermine. The Trump candidacy or back the Biden candidacy? Because I don’t know about your husband, you can tell us, but my family. And more than them, more than the men I mentioned, they went to war. To save this republic and the Constitution and our individual liberty. And our economic system. You back to man and Joe Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris, in a party that rejects all of it. I would say that’s your problem, you have to live with it. The problem is now we all have to live with it. Except those of us who are fighting right now, including the president of the United States and all those hard working lawyers on the ground, on the ground, not in the big. Blue ticket law firms, the ones on the ground doing the grunt work. Trying to save this republic still. And I don’t think they appreciate your declarations and pronouncements, Mrs. McCain. Are the other Republicans? So-called. I’ll be right back.

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