November 9, 2020

November 9, 2020

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, Not a single state has certified any electoral vote yet. President Trump has every right to call for a recounting of votes, but the media is doing everything to prevent him from doing so. The Democrats want earlier and earlier voting along with later and later counting. Not only does the President have every right to do what he’s doing, but he has an obligation to do it. Then, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany joins the program to discuss the willingness of the Democrat party to cheat the election. It’s common sense that their opposition to the recalling of votes means they have everything to hide. This is about the future of elections in this country, and if we don’t fight back we are submitting to the leftist takeover. The Trump campaign is fighting back. The Democrats want to turn the entire country into California. What this party did is corrupt and the leftist media refuses to report on it. Next, Pfizer’s Coronavirus vaccine is reportedly 90% effective. The only reason we have a vaccine ready so quickly is because of Trump and his Operation Warp Speed. Nonetheless, Joe Biden is trying to slap his name on it and take all the credit. Finally, Sean Parnell calls in to discuss his House run for Pennsylvania’s 17th congressional district.


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Not a single state has certified any electors yet, not one. We have states out there with a with a difference between the candidates is far less than 10 percent. We have one state where the difference is slightly over 10,000 votes. I believe that’s Wisconsin, another state similar to that. I believe that’s Georgia. Well, there’s canvassing going on and where the president of the United States, either automatically or by request, has a right to a recall, and it seems to me the media don’t want him to do it. They’re saying it’s over, it’s over. No canvassing, no recall votes. Now he’s got lawyers out there. Who are looking into these situations in eight states, they’re tracking down individuals who are claiming that things happen to them and it’s extremely difficult. When the Democrat machines in Philadelphia, when the Democrat machines in Detroit, when the Democrat machines in Atlanta and elsewhere don’t allow Republicans access to the county. It’s also difficult when the separating ballots from envelopes now why the media pretend this isn’t going on and now the answer is it’s not enough to make a difference. How do they know there’s not enough to make a difference? None of them are talking to any of the litigators about any of the evidence that they’re finding. And by the way, it’s only day six. It takes time to develop a lawsuit. I listen to these former federal prosecutors and the others. What are they, knuckleheads? They’ll take months to develop a case, a tax case against one person. We’re talking about half a dozen to 10 states. Whether obstructions in place making it difficult to gather information and as I’ve been posting and as I explained on my show on Fox. The Democrats have created a situation where they’ve enshrined the fraud, so it gets incredibly difficult to unravel it. What am I talking about? When the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and the secretary of state of Pennsylvania, all Democrats making these decisions at the behest of the governor. Take away the postal stamp, why are they doing that? Because they want votes that count, that don’t meet the deadline and make it impossible to track it back. Why would they say no signatures or no matching signatures? Is it to make sure the vote is an appropriate vote? No, it’s to make sure the opposite. So if you don’t have dates on envelopes and you don’t have signatures on ballots, and then these idiot reporters and I don’t see any widespread fraud here, I really don’t see any widespread fraud here. And then we’re supposed to pretend the Democrats really want you to count when they don’t. It’s appalling. Now, Judge Starr said on my program last night on Fox and by the way, was also solicitor general of the United States in addition to being an independent counsel, but he was an appellate judge. This is a very, very qualified, intelligent man. When he said some of these votes are illegal, he’s right and the media don’t want to hear it. And some of the people reporting on this were like twenty five years old, twenty eight years old, they have no idea what they’re talking about. They don’t know about certifying electors. They don’t know about canvassing and record and recounts and so forth. It is absurd. To say the president should now just be a good guy and let it go. The Democrats have spent the last 12 months and especially the last six months going into one state after another. One state after another, bringing lawsuits where there are Republican state assemblies to get judges, state judges and in some cases federal judges to change the rules, and they succeeded in several states, they’re pressuring boards of elections to do the same thing. They’re succeeding and have in several states. And by the way, they were doing some of this well, the early voting was going on. And as I keep saying, everywhere I hear they want earlier and earlier voting and later and later counting why? Because there’s less and less safeguards, they’re not doing it because they believe in big, good government. This has been what Nancy Pelosi is trying to put in place for the whole country. They want California. They want California, why do they want earlier and earlier voting and pushing mail in voting? Ladies and gentlemen. Because the best way to make sure a ballot is cast properly. It’s to show up in person where there are human beings that open these big books to see, OK, are you who you say you are? Do you live where you say you live? Let me see some I.D.. OK, there it is. Then you get your ballot there, depending how they do it in your state, you go to the machine or you go wherever you go and you vote. There are protections, physical protections in place. You have a judge of election right there to make decisions. You’re both parties represented right there. Right there in the voting place. You have none of that with a mail in vote, none of it, and if you take away postal stamps and you take away signatures, you have nothing. Nothing, so the Democrats have been litigating in advance of the 2020 election to take the guardrails down early in earlier voting, later and later counting. Because it helps their party. Because members of their party, for reasons only they can explain, members of their party don’t like to show up in person or fewer of them as a percentage of their party will show up in person. That’s just a fact. And so they want to make it as easy as possible and as corrupt as possible. Now, what else what else these former federal prosecutors don’t talk about when you’re sending mail in ballots to tens of millions of people based on the election rolls that these states have, it’s already a disaster. I know because I’m associated as chairman of Landmark Legal Foundation, where we have a great president, Pete Hutchison. And I know the lawyers here have been looking at all the states. Under federal law, there’s supposed to be updating their roles, get rid of the dead people, look for a debt, you know, people who’ve changed their last names, maybe they moved across the street. They don’t do it. They’re not doing it. So when you send out all these millions of ballots. Of course, there’s going to be a significant number of mistakes and what the press is saying today and what these former federal prosecutors and others are saying to the Trump administration, prove it, prove it, prove it. We’ve created a situation where the Democrats have successfully imposed even on Republican states. Procedures where it makes it almost impossible. To show the evidence is certainly within six or seven days, hey, where’s the evidence? Where’s the evidence? Truthfully. It should be going the other way. What do you mean, Mark? It should be the state that has to demonstrate. The election bureaucrats that have to demonstrate the secretaries of state and the governor said have to demonstrate. That the voting system that they’ve put in place unconstitutionally around the state legislature is bulletproof, it should be on them, not the people on the outside trying to look in. Even when they bought up the windows, it should be on them. And so, no, I went all these reporters to know, all these hosta, know all these media corporations, to know that 20-20 isn’t 20, 16, it’s not 20, 12, it’s not 2008. It’s not 2004. It’s not even 2000. You leftist Democrats, you change the playing field all over the country, you’ve changed the playing field all over the country, and so now when the media say we we call Joe Biden, Joe Biden, that Joe Biden gets George. Okay, the president elect. Now, we have orders from all the CEOs and and orders from all the from all the broadcast corporations. He’s Massah, your friend. I want you to call Joe Biden the president elect. I mean, we’ve been doing that since eighteen forty eight after all. Do they have all these lawsuits in 1848 now that they have mail in voting in 1848? No. Get a show up in person, you had to bring your ass and vote. They don’t want to talk about 1848, the whole voting system was completely different. I’m not talking about civil liberties and civil rights. I’m talking about procedures. So why are they talking about 1848? Says all propaganda, it’s all crap. The president of the United States in his campaign not only has every right to do exactly what they’re doing, they must do exactly what they’re doing. We’re going to lose your franchise because when somebody votes illegally or if we can’t even determine they’ve destroyed these systems in these states, these guardrails, if you can’t even determine if people are voting properly. Well, then you lose your vote. And with Joe Biden, his campaign go around in the media, count every vote. They’re telling you you’re going to lose your vote, they don’t say we need to make sure every vote is legal, they don’t say that even when they say count of illegal vote, they don’t mean it. They’re not in court. Joining Republicans, joining the campaign of Donald Trump. They say, yeah, we need to find out what took place here. They’re opposing them every step of the way, even when it comes to observe observers. So don’t hand me this bullcrap. I don’t remember the press claiming in 2000 George Bush is the winner. No, no, no, wait a minute. George Bush is the president elect, no, no, no, wait a minute, and for 37 days, Gore litigated, particularly in three Democrat counties. He went up to the Supreme Court of Florida twice, almost three times. He went up to the U.S. Supreme Court twice. And now, I mean, Trump, let’s let’s just be honest, the same bastards pushing the Russia collusion hoax day after day are involved in this. And one other thing. If you ever had any doubt that the rioters in the streets, whether they’re Black Lives Matter or whomever, weren’t a paramilitary wing of the Democrat Party, you shouldn’t have any doubts today. All those windows boarded up in Beverly Hills, all those windows boarded up all over the country in Manhattan. So far, an unnecessary why. Because the Democrats claim to have won and the media have announced that Joe Biden is the president elect now, he may be president at some point, I don’t know. But isn’t it interesting? He won’t wait. They don’t want to wait. So those of us who believe in the constitutional process, those of us who comprehend the constitutional process, those of us who embrace the Constitution. We’re in the right, there is the media once again full of crap, pushing their agenda. Now, a couple of things. In addition, Jake Tapper, you’re a slob, you’re pig. You’re in the wrong business, buddy, you’re in absolutely wrong business. Now, if we’re in a fascistic regime, Jake, you’d be great, you’re a great propagandist for your party. But you’ve showed more than Ancol, you’ve dropped your pants. You’re a left wing Democrat, everything that comes out of that big, bizarre mouth of yours is partisan and you’re not alone. Your whole network has poisoned CNN. The Communist News Network over at MSNBC, they. They they they put some helium or something into this Brian Williams, who should never be on TV anymore, he was a liar, a proven liar. There he is with his big mouth. Really, really quite appalling. I go right down the line, right down the line with all the frauds, some I’m not allowed to mention, but they know who they are. And the media, when they say President elect Biden, they don’t even talk about. But keep in mind, there are challenges, legal challenges, there are cameras canvassing going on. There’s there’s a potential for recounts, these are razor thin. We’re talking about about a total of about one hundred thousand votes over six or seven states. Some of the big states. Meanwhile. Has anybody called Joe Biden Hitler? I’m not, I haven’t. Has the Trump FBI. Brought any kind of memo to Joe Biden about maybe the Chinese interfering in the election. Not that I’m aware of. Were there any spies and planted in the Joe Biden campaign by the trumpet? Not that I’m aware of. And FISA warrants that go through the FISA court to investigate through the back door the Biden camp. Not that I’m aware of. Very different, isn’t it, America? This is why these media corporations, many of which are run by leftists, this is why media personalities on TV. Columnists writing, you need to understand something. Seventy one million people voted for Donald Trump. And if they’re thinking like I am and they’re furious like I am, we’re not uniting behind anybody. You showed us the way the differences were not violent, but we’re not rolling over for you bastards either. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 2

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Hour 1 Segment 3

Kayleigh McEnany has been a fantastic press secretary to the president of the United States. How are you, Kelly? Hey, Mark. Doing great. We are hard at work here at the Trump campaign headquarters and. Well, you should be, because the constitutional system, as you know, is a Harvard Law School grad has to play out regardless of what the press and the Democrats think. I want to ask you a question. Actually, I want to do it this way. You were talking earlier today and you are cut off. What is it that you were saying and what is it that you wanted to say? I’ve got 14 million people listening and you should be cut off. Go ahead. You have an enormous audience. And I actually have exactly verbatim what I was saying here, which is that there is one party in America that opposes voter I.D. There is one party that opposes verifying signatures, verifying citizenship, verifying residency, verifying voter eligibility. That party is a Democrat party. And when you take these positions, let’s stop a second. Now, that’s factually accurate. They have brought litigation. They have attacked people who want to put in place these boundaries to ensure that people who are voting are the people who are allowed to vote. So there’s no disputing whether people like it or not. That is a fact. Go ahead. That is a fact. And you don’t take these positions because you want an honest election. On the contrary, Mark, you don’t oppose an audit of the vote because you want an accurate count. You don’t oppose our efforts at transparency because you have nothing to hide. When you take these positions. You are welcoming fraud. You are welcoming illegal voting. That is a fact that is basic common sense that every American citizen can understand. And that is the posture of today’s Democrat Party, which, of course, is 100 percent correct. Why else would they be spending the last year with hundreds of lawsuits trying to change all these safeguards from signatures to signature comparisons, postal marks? I can go on and on and on, which they’ve been pushing in all these states. Why would a party be pushing those things if that party wasn’t trying to to to set conditions in place that make it possible for them to win even more than in a normal race? Exactly right. Why is it that there were six hundred eighty two thousand four hundred seventy nine votes in Philadelphia County and Allegheny County? That’s nearly 700000 votes that were counted with no observers watching. Why are you barring observers from watching the count? What could possibly be your motive? What are you hiding? Allow the observers to have their legal right to watch 700000 votes be counted. But in these two counties, it was shrouded in darkness, shrouded in secrecy. And you must ask why. I know of no case in the hundreds that were filed by the Democrat, but I know no case that’s been filed by Republicans to eliminate signatures. I know of no case that’s been filed by Republicans to eliminate witnesses on absentee ballots. I know of no case filed by Republicans that are seeking to weaken the safeguards in the electoral system. I can name over 200 cases where the Democrats did this. What is the problem or are we not allowed to speak the truth and call out the party of fraud? That’s exactly right. And look, Mark, we’ll find out what the vote total is, we hope, through this litigation. But look, this is bigger than President Trump. This is bigger than what’s going on right now. We are talking about the future of elections in America. When you have Democrat official secretaries of state like the secretary of state in Pennsylvania who is out there saying, I over will I overturn the will of the legislature, who is constitutionally the voice that speaks when it comes to the time, place and manner of elections. I will speak and instead of them and I will have a Democrat Supreme Court and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court uphold my opinion because my voice matters more than the Constitution. This is about President Trump. Yes, but it’s bigger than that. This is about the future of elections in this country. And if we don’t fight now, we are succumbing to the mob, the leftist mob who is trying to take over our elections. Then we get Kaili from from from reporters, some of whom look like they’re about 14 years old. Then we get from reporters who say, first of all, there’s there’s multiple arguments in the press. No one. There’s no evidence. No. Two, there’s not enough evidence. There’s not enough evidence to overturn votes. Now, this is amazing things since they’ve enshrined their fraud by making it incredibly difficult. We’ll take Pennsylvania as another example. No signature, no postal date necessary. No. What does that mean? Who the hell knows when these people even voted? Who the hell knows if they’re even supposed to? No signature, no postal date. Meanwhile, they’re mailing out ballots all over the country to millions of millions of people based on rolls that haven’t been cleaned up. People who’ve moved, people get look, people move several times within a two, three, four year period, perhaps. So they they get married, they change their name. And then these these ballots, they just keep showing up and showing up. The media don’t want to know Caylee. They don’t want to know and they don’t want to look. That’s exactly right, and when you had Ronna McDaniel read to a press corps that was sitting there watching an affidavit, a sworn signed affidavit from a woman named Jesse Jacobs, an employee of the city of Detroit, for decades assigned to work in the elections department, who says I directly observed in the city of Detroit election workers and employees coaching and trying to get voters to vote for Joe Biden. They did not ask for a driver’s license. They did not ask for a photo I.D. And I was instructed not to look at any signatures. I was instructed not to compare signatures, and I was improperly instructed to pre-date absentee ballots. That is read to a press corps whose follow up question is where is the evidence of fraud? We just read it. And by the way, there’s going to be much more of that because, you know, unlike these houses sit on their fat asses, excuse my French in Washington and New York, all these networks and cable shows and everything else, I am making calls to the field. They have a lot of evidence of a pattern of massive voter fraud, and that’s what you’re looking for, a pattern, you’re not going to find an email that says, hey, Frank, where one hundred twenty five thousand ballots that we printed last night, that doesn’t happen. What you’re looking at, that’s number one. Number two, these states have to demonstrate that they had enough protections in place to ensure that the vote was proper. So it’s not just on people looking in the dark trying to find stuff because the states and the Democrat Party are blocking them. It’s it is up to a court to say to a state, all right, we want to see your statistics. We want to know if you segregated these votes, as the Supreme Court has said. But look at all the the poison and hostility because people say, let’s take a few weeks and take no, no, no, no. He’s the president elect, Biden. And Trump is really you know, he’s showing his nature. He’s not gracious and on and on on. This is so appalling. How many interviews have you done? Oh, many hundreds, probably since the like. Since Election Day. OK, has a single person interview. You contact a single litigator in the field. I doubt it. Not not to my knowledge, no, absolutely not. To my knowledge, they’re not interested in that. They’re not interested in asking the fundamental questions deserving of the American people. Well, another question. Did you call Biden Hitler? No, I’ve never. Hold on. Did you call Biden a racist? Never. Did you say Biden is mentally ill? Never. Well, all these things have been said about our president all over cable TV. For day after day, week after week, month after month. And some of these people are guest commentators, they get paid by cable TV or wherever they’re located, you got cut off for giving your opinion about the Democrat Party and what they’re up to. I’m sorry, I’m just I’m just sick and tired of the censorship that’s going on here, in my view, it’s just absolutely appalling. Let people finish what they have to say and then dispute it. Then disputed. But but people shouldn’t be treated this way. I’ve had enough of it. Anything else you’d like to say? Let me just say one thing. There are real allegations and systemic ones that that when, in fact, in Philadelphia County you are it is illegal to open a ballot before Election Day. You have to have a secrecy envelope in your ballot in order to be counted. We had people and there are multiple reports of this, contacting voters in Philadelphia, a predominantly Democrat area, saying, hey, we’ve canceled your ballot. We see you did not submit a secrecy sleeve come to your ballot. This was happening in Philadelphia. It’s not happening in Republic counties like York and Adams and Perry. This is systemic. It goes to the very heart of our election when some voters are treated one way, urged to come Prevacid to cast provisional ballots in other ballots other than Republican voters will just throw your ballot out. No effort to cure the process. Let me underscore your point. What was happening is the secretary of state was telling Democrat strongholds if the ballot mail in ballot, contact those people and have them fix their ballot in Republican strongholds, they weren’t told the same thing. Now, it’s interesting for all these experts who are hosts and so forth and reporters in Bush versus Gore in 2000, they use the equal protection clause, among other things, to end the what what Gore was up to. You violate the equal protection clause when your government in the state. Is fixing certain ballots, contact the person who voted and fix it, and then in other parts of the state, they have no idea what you’re doing that violates the equal protection clause. There’s a perfect example, and there’s so many more now whether the courts do their job as a whole. Another thing and I happen to think, Kayleigh McEnany, that part of all this media stuff and Democrat Party stuff and Biden coming up there, like he actually run something that these that that this is all intended to put pressure on judges and justices to drop the ball. They must not drop the ball. They must uphold the law. That’s my final word to you. That’s exactly right. Let me just underscore your point. Bush v. Gore quoting directly from that one sentence, having once granted the right to vote on equal terms, the state may not by later arbitrary and disparate treatment, value one person’s vote over that of another. And that is exactly what happened in the state of Pennsylvania. I’ll give you another example that another example of that would be if individuals I don’t care how many there are, could be three. But if individuals are free to vote after the election because we don’t have a postal stamp and we don’t have a signature, and yet all those people who came in person, we’re told Tuesday, 8:00 p.m. Eastern, that’s it. You’re not in line. You don’t vote to me, that violates the equal protection clause two, because if you’re allowing people to, quote unquote, send in mail in ballots without signature and without a stamp date, they have no idea when those people voted so that people who voted in person, we have every idea when they voted, we know when they voted. That to me violates the equal protection clause two. That’s exactly right. And we know the secretary of state acted in bad faith, telling the Supreme Court to segregated those ballots. She changed her guidance and was rebuked by Justice Alito. So the end of the day, let’s hope our justices and our judges do what they are mandated to do. Listen to the Constitution. It’s amazing how this conversation we had is barred in so many places, isn’t it? It’s amazing. And all we’re doing is reading the text of the Constitution case law and asking questions so you can’t ask questions in today’s day and age if people who the Republican Party and president. But but but seriously, your point about the Democrat Party and it’s corrupt. It’s corrupt to its soul. Why were they litigating to eliminate these safeguards? Why were they going around state legislatures to eliminate these safeguards? Why do they call anybody who says, no, leave the safeguards, you’re suppressing the vote, you must be a racist. I mean, this is what they say. And then when you point out they’re doing this for a reason, they won earlier in earlier votes and later and later counting. They’re doing it because it helps them. They see what they got away with California. That’s the truth. That’s the truth at all, while they attempt to delegitimize the 2016 election through impeachment, through a Russia hoax, through a special counsel. You can question the legitimacy of President Donald Trump’s election. But never, never should you ever question why Democrats fight signature verification, voter I.D. and all of the various mechanisms they use to prohibit and to excuse me, rather, to enable fraud across this country. And I bet you haven’t heard a single host that you’ve talked to explain why the Democrats are doing that. No other other than New Market and a handful of others. It is very few now. But so so they’re not they’re not going to embrace. Why is the Democrat Party doing those things, do you think? It’s because they believe in good government. Do you think it’s because they want to get out everybody’s vote? Do you think it’s because they want to be fair? Of course not. You know, I’m from Philadelphia stuffing ballots. Ballot stuffing is the name of the game. Walking around with cash in hand is the name of the game. Mark, can you prove it? Just Google back the last 20 years. I don’t have to prove a damn thing. There are men and women in prison. They can prove it. All right, Kayleigh, I want to thank you very much, your excellent, excellent guests. And you were terrific and are terrific as the press secretary. Thank you very much, Mark. Appreciate it. All right. God bless. This is Radio Free America right here on the Mark Levin Show, Radio Free America. I’ll be right back.

Hour 1 Segment 4

Radio Free America, ladies and gentlemen, that’s where you are, almost like pirate radio, you know, Mr. Producer, one day I’m going to explain everything to you folks. One day I’m going to explain everything to you. I am not taking any. Trust me, timing is everything, now’s the time to to line this up. Have you ever seen so much hostility toward following the Constitution, ladies and gentlemen, following state laws, following federal statutory procedures? Let me explain how it works. Since the newsrooms don’t explain it. The left doesn’t explain it. States need to certify their electors. So there’s canvassing where there’s close races. In many states, you have a right to a recount if you’re under one percent or half a percent. Or there’s an automatic recount and then there are lawsuits, litigation, more now than ever before because of what the Democrats created over the last year. They did this. So the states have to wait. The states literally have to wait on the canvassing if there’s any kind of a recount and the resolution of any lawsuits. But the media won’t wait. Joe Biden won’t wait. Joe Biden’s out there today in one of the most repulsive. Fictional dramas I’ve ever seen. As his voice raises rises, rather, and he’s reading the teleprompter. Basically taking credit for the Pfizer vaccine. He keeps throwing out follow the science now, follow the yellow brick road, you idiot. He is an idiot. He’s always been an idiot. Give Joe a chance. Did he get a chance, did he give Clarence Thomas a. a chance to do what did they give Trump? Listen, I have a long memory, and you should, too. I’m not uniting behind recognizing the Palestinians and sending them a half a billion dollars. I’m not uniting behind the Iran deal, which he wants to put back in place because Iran wants to have more nukes to shoot at our country. Now, I don’t think so. I’m not going to unite against a a soft, passive approach to communist China, which is on the march. Sorry, I’m not uniting against so-called systematic racism where they really mean the 71 million people who voted for Donald Trump. That’s aimed at you. That’s what that’s aimed at. No, I’m not going to get behind climate change, which is the greatest power grab over our economy by the federal government in our history. I’m not uniting behind any of that B.S. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. You’re listening to Radio Free America. I’ll be right back.