Some questions for LeBron James

Some questions for LeBron James:

1. What exactly is your definition of “systemic racism” and in what systems does it exist? Everywhere? The NBA? In the neighborhoods where you own multi-million dollar estates?

2. Why don’t you live in communities you claim to care about, rather than presumably systemically racist communities?

3. Why didn’t or don’t you send you children to public schools in communities you claim to care about?

4. You say there is voting oppression and suppression taking place in the country. Exactly which voting locations are you talking about, have you informed the Civil Rights Division of the federal Justice Department (these would be federal civil rights violations), and are you aware that the voting locations and related decisions about the voting process are mostly made in the counties where the precincts are located? In other words, are you accusing minority public officials of oppressing and suppressing votes in their own communities?

5. It’s well known that you are a Democrat, that the organization you’ve help fund to promote voting is intended to elect Democrats, and that many of the issues you claim to care about involve matters handled by locally elected officials who are almost all Democrats. The Democrat Party is also the party that stood for slavery, segregation, Jim Crow laws, filibustered the 1964 & 1965 Civil Rights Acts, elected a former klansman as its leader in the 1970s, etc. Why aren’t you calling for the abolition of the Democrat Party, or at least demanding a name change, and how do you justify your hypocrisy?

6. Are the fans who pay your enormous salary through very expensive tickets, cable TV monthly charges, and buy your extremely pricey sneakers, jerseys, etc., systemically racist? Are the fans who are not systemically racist nevertheless being price gauged in order to subsidize your lavish lifestyle?

7. You signed a tremendously lucrative contract with Nike; Nike does business in China, slave labor is used to manufacture products in China, and China is a genocidal communist regime that runs concentration camps and enslaves ethnic minorities. For all your talk about racism and oppression, isn’t it true that you have enriched at the hands of one of the most repressive regimes in modern history?

8. You infamously chided an NBA executive who tweeted a short sentence in defense of the oppressed people of Hong Kong, who are now suffering mightily under the iron fist of China’s Communist Party. Don’t you owe your fans, the public, and the people of Hong Kong a better explanation, especially when you hold yourself out as a civil rights icon?

9. My producer reached out to your representative and the NBA to invite you on my radio show where we can discuss these and other issues before millions of listeners. We’ve not received any response. Please consider this a continuing, open invitation to have a frank, civil conversation.