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Well, of course, Romney and Collins want Bolton to testify

Well, of course, Romney and Collins want Bolton to testify. They always have. The New York Times piece is aimed at the usual 4-6 Republicans who are constantly trying to make nice with the media and some of whom face tough re-election races. But none of it had anything to do with impeachable offenses. And if they’re defeated in November, it’ll be due, in significant part, to their own political miscalculations today. I would ask them, however, to list the other witnesses they wish to hear. So far, they’ve not. We’d like to know.

Furthermore, the Democrats don’t want to hear from all witnesses. They want to pick the witnesses and none others. This is exactly what they did in the House. Is that how a “trial” works? Prosecutors get to determine all trial witnesses? Plus, they get witnesses they passed over in the House? The Democrats continue pushing the Stalinist system, and Romney, Collins, et al, are apparently all for it. They’re being played for fools.

This is all idiotic. For those former federal prosecutors who keep saying you can’t have a trial without witnesses, this isn’t a courtroom. The rules of evidence don’t apply. The jury is not selected through some objective process. There’s no preponderance of evidence or beyond a reasonable doubt standard. And THIS trial is to be based on the information gathered by the House Democrats and used to cast votes in the House. This isn’t a prospective process.

We all know what’s happening here. It’s a sham.