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The leftwing kooks in and out of media are making truly insane allegations

The leftwing kooks in and out of media are making truly insane allegations, which mostly parrot the rogue CIA operative’s political screed. They include: 1. The administration hid the transcript on a classified secure server. Hid it from whom? Uh, the transcript was never supposed to be made public. It wasn’t hidden it was secured. 2. The administration covered up the rogue CIA operative’s political screed by not turning it over to Congress in 14-days. Uh, the document had to be vetted by executive branch lawyers, including White House counsel and DOJ/OLC to determine whether executive privilege would be asserted. Nonetheless, the president ordered it released. Some coverup. 3. The administration broke the law by waiting a short period beyond the 14-days to provide the document. Well, nobody broke the law. The law says “shall” but the “urgent” language doesn’t even apply to a situation like this, where neither the individual mentioned in the document (the President) or the matter mentioned in the document meet the statutory definition.

Meanwhile, the rogue CIA operative is clearly a political partisan (just read his screed), his lawyer is a political partisan, he witnessed absolutely nothing, his screed was written with direction and assistance by lawyers, his screed makes over the top allegations relating to policy, and his identity is concealed (how convenient). Some “courageous” whistleblower!