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May 3, 2019

May 3, 2019

On Friday’s Mark Levin show, Most of us can’t remember when the unemployment rate was 3.6%, which is considered full employment. The media should be celebrating that capitalism works, tax cuts work, deregulation works. This is the exact opposite of what Democrats are saying works. President Trump’s economic policies are fantastic even with no Democrat support and under vicious attack by the media and Democrats pushing impeachment and investigations. Also, Trump is constantly accused of abusing his power. Did he abuse his power like Barack Obama, Lyndon Johnson or FDR? No, Trump hasn’t done anything like they have. Not even close. Trump has been one of the most transparent Presidents in history. Later, China is our enemy. The Pentagon says that the Chinese military is growing fast enough and could challenge U.S. military superiority. Under Obama they undermined our military and Trump is trying to reverse course.


Unemployment hits 49-year low as US employers step up hiring

Unemployment Rate for Women Falls to Lowest Since 1953

CNS News
Hispanic Unemployment Rate Sets New Record Low in April

Washington Examiner
Lowest unemployment in 19 years for workers without bachelor’s degrees in April

Rasmussen Reports
Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

The U.S. Stock Market Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Its Endless Rally

Surge: Trump Bounces to Best Economic Approval Yet in…CNN Poll [UPDATE: Impeachment Support Craters]

Hot Air
Support For Impeachment Craters: Now At 29/66 In New Quinnipiac Poll

Washington Post
Watergate had the Nixon tapes. Mueller had Annie Donaldson’s notes.

The College Fix
Nearly 200 universities encourage, facilitate segregation among students of color: report

Anti-Semitic attacks spike, killing most Jews in decades

ABC News
Pentagon warns about China’s increased activity in the Arctic, growing ambition to expand its presence

Air Force Times
China is laying the groundwork for war with Taiwan

Fox News
Chinese forces expanding to ‘contest US military superiority,’ Pentagon says

Pentagon: Chinese military growing fast to challenge U.S. military superiority

The Telegraph
Pentagon says China plans to build military bases around the world to protect Belt & Road project

International Business Times
US vs. China Military Strength: Comparing Defense Capabilities

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