February 19, 2019

February 19, 2019

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, The media has finally caught up and are reporting on, what was described on this program as, a “silent coup.” In March of 2017 this program deduced from the media leaks that a rogue operation within our own government was working to prevent, and then remove, a President of the United States! The fallacious basis they laid out for the investigation is unraveling as each of them turns on each other. Rod Rosenstein is a coward and a liar, Andrew McCabe is a leaker and a liar just like James Comey and FBI attorney James Baker who is under criminal investigation. Then, 16 states are suing the president over enacting a national emergency for the border wall. They will lose in court and they will lose badly. There is no violation of the separation of powers, no violation of the Constitution, and no statutory violations either. Unlike President Obama’s executive overreach creating DACA, this act was authorized by Congress 43 years ago when they authorized the President of The United States to use it as part of his executive authority. Afterwards, capitalism is about individuals making decisions for themselves, it’s about individualism. Socialism is about the government making decisions for us, it’s about collectivism. How many have died at the hands of capitalism? How many police states were created by capitalism? Exactly. Later, the 25th Amendment is not under the purview of the FBI, it’s under the executive branch led by the President of The United States. Finally, Bernie Sanders is a racist and a sexist that lines up with anti-Semitic bigots, supporting Rep. Ilhan Omar’s hateful stance on Israel, yet he’s still running for president and the media is silent on his misgivings.


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