December 18, 2017

December 18, 2017

On Monday’s Mark Levin show, President Trump’s national security strategy is Ronald Reagan’s third term and his speech was outstanding. It is prudential and quite different than Barack Obama’s which focused on appeasement and capitulation. If you’re a constitutional conservative, you have to be pleased with the direction that Trump is taking this country and his first year has been highly successful despite the relentless opposition. He is advancing the causes of liberty and national security. Trump is the most conservative president since Reagan and has put our nation on the right path when it comes to national security. Obama undermined our military every step of the way and Trump is trying to build it up, and confront North Korea and Iran but the Democrats and the bureaucracy won’t let him. In addition, the pseudo conservative media and liberal media are personally vested in Trump falling. They cannot give Trump a break which is why they need to be dismissed. After that, much has been said about Neville Chamberlain. But Barack Obama was worse. The Obama administration derailed, Project Cassandra, an investigation into Iranian and Hezbollah drug operations importing cocaine into the U.S. Not a single Democrat has come out to denounce what the Obama administration did with Project Cassandra. Too add, an anonymous FBI informant calls in to confirm the details of this project. The Obama administration could have shut this down easily but did not. Also, the FBI used a 35 page hit job drawn up by Russian operatives and paid for by the DNC and Hillary Campaign, yet they are investigating Trump. These tactics used by the left and Democrats are destroying this country.


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