Rush Limbaugh talks about Rediscovering Americanism, July 21, 2017

TRANSCRIPT: I want to reinforce something else, too, going back to the Chris Wallace bit in which his point is, look, the reason there’s dysfunction there is because a populist wave elected Donald Trump. But there is no populist wave that elected McConnell or Ryan; they are standard, traditional establishment Republicans, and Trump’s Republicans are a different breed. That’s not what’s going on here. That is not the fight. That’s not the battle. There is no populism here. And everybody that wants to focus on that is purposely, I think, missing the boat. What is happening, the battle in this country — you can read about, if you want to get specific, you know, our old buddy Mark Levin’s latest book, Rediscovering America, it’s all about progressivism versus Americanism. That’s the battle that’s happening here. You can call it conservatism versus liberalism, but Americanism versus progressivism. It’s plain and simple! And in this battle the people voting for Americanism are voting Republican.

The idea that Republicans are segregated and the populists elected Trump and the traditional establishment Republicans elect members of the House and the Senate and therefore there isn’t any unity on the Republican side, that’s not why there isn’t any unity. The reason there isn’t any unity is because the Republican Party doesn’t accept the premise that it’s them versus progressives in a battle for the future of the country. They don’t think that battle is ongoing, and they don’t think there is a crisis. We do, and the Republicans are the only choice we have in voting to stop liberalism.