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October 18, 2016

October 18, 2016

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, Our voting system is a disaster by design of the left. Voter lists are populated with deceased voters. Republican governors and counties have tried to clean up their voter lists but are always opposed by Democrat operatives and the Obama Administration. Voter ID laws have been routinely opposed by liberals and accusations of racism have been thrown at those who seek to safeguard the franchise. The Left believes it’s in its best interests to have as much as possible that cannot be checked, to have as many voter lists as possible that are filled with errors. So the question is why? Because they cheat! That’s why! Donald Trump is right when claiming the voter system is rigged but he’s a little off target, its actually worse than what he’s saying. After that, it is going to be tough for Trump to pull a win off. He’s going against a mostly united Democrat Party with a divided Republican Party. Depending on how this election goes it could be a blow out where Hillary Clinton wins and takes the Senate and maybe the House. Finally, Brian Mast calls in to talk about his run for Congress in Florida’s 18th District.


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Image used with permission of Getty Images / Jeff Zelevansky