John Nolte has spoken. Well, then, I guess I’m wrong…

Ah, now I get it. A stupid attack on Cruz’s citizenship helps Cruz because now the Democrats won’t use it should Cruz become the GOP nominee. And, we are told, this is not a settled legal issue so we need a federal court to resolve it as quickly as possible – or resolve it some other way. And, if you reject all this as a stupid political attack that distracts conservatives from real issues, you obviously are on the wrong side of a cultural divide. Now, I expect this kind of incoherence from liberals, but not from young, aspiring conservative writers.

First, it is a settled constitutional and statutory matter. It was settled when Trump said it was settled in September and it was settled when Trump flip-flopped and said it was an issue a few days ago. Cruz’s mother is an American citizen, was an American citizen when she gave birth to Cruz, and is, in fact, Cruz’s mother. Seems fairly simple. Not only that, American citizens give birth to American citizens, whether here or abroad. That’s not only common sense, it is the law. And think about it for a moment — if you follow their stupid argument, babies born of American citizens serving abroad in our military would be non-naturalized citizens ineligible to run for president. That’s stupid.

Moreover, we don’t need federal judges to tell us what we can discern on our own. We can read the constitution, statutes, history, etc. Just because the Supreme Court has not ruled does not mean the issue isn’t settled. And it is highly doubtful the court would involve itself anyway under the political question doctrine. However, Trump is free to bring a lawsuit and “settle” the issue. Crazy lib Alan Grayson has already declared he will do so, even though he has no standing.

Second, the idea that debating a stupid issue like this, where now Trump is joined by Obama and McCain, who are seeking to settle scores, among others, will somehow discourage Democrats from raising it in the general election should Cruz be the nominees is also stupid – or at least naive. Why would it stop them? Nothing is settled when it comes to the Left’s tactics. This argument is, well, stupid.

Third, it is pure drivel to suggest that somehow calling this stupid birther tactic against Cruz a stupid tactic is evidence of a culture divide (or something). Stupidity knows no class or group. Nor does ignorance. I think we can all list several stupid billionaires or Ivy League grads. So, that suggest is stupid.
Now, can we, as conservatives, get back to restoring the republic, or do we continue to follow stupid arguments into defeat?