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Why it took Facebook so long to act against the doctored Pelosi video

It took Facebook more than a day to downgrade a doctored video making House Speaker Nancy Pelosi look like she was slurring her words — and the video itself remains on the site, with copycats proliferating. A group called Politics WatchDog posted the manipulated video of Pelosi — which was slowed down to give the…MORE

These dogs cleared explosives in Syria. Now they’re adjusting to civilian life

Don’t let their bright eyes, lolling tongues or doggy grins fool you — Rhino, Rambo and Der aren’t your average pups. The four-year-old Belgian Malinoises are retired mine detection dogs who have spent much of their lives working to clear explosives in Syria. Now they’re back in the United States, working to transition to civilian…MORE

Trump administration expected to cut jobs with Forest Service program restructure

The Trump administration is proposing to restructure its US Forest Service program that trains low-income, rural students how to respond to national emergencies. The National Federation of Federal Employees, the union that represents Forest Service employees, says the move will cut more than 1,000 jobs. The Job Corps Civilian Conservation Centers will be moved from…MORE

2020 is team oil vs. team climate change. There’s no middle.

As Americans gas up for the start of the summer driving season, they’ll pay the highest Memorial Day prices at the pump since 2014. And they’ll have trouble finding any sort of middle lane in the oil wars of American politics. Voters in 2020 can choose President Donald Trump, who brags about oil production —…MORE

How YouTube comments are the best way to understand Donald Trump

On Memorial Day — or really Memorial Night — CNN will air an hour-long special featuring comedian Colin Quinn. I reached out to Colin to talk about how he developed the special, how comedy fits into this current political moment and his views on President Donald Trump. Our conversation — conducted via email and lightly…MORE

Who’s up and who’s down in the 2020 Democratic primary? Basically no one.

First things first: The theme song of the week is the closing credits from Family Ties. Poll of the week: A new national Monmouth University poll of potential Democratic primary voters finds former vice president Joe Biden leading with 33%, Bernie Sanders at 15%, Kamala Harris at 11%, Elizabeth Warren at 10%, Pete Buttigieg at…MORE