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Target registers back online after widespread outage

Target cash registers were back online after a two-hour systems outage on Saturday that left exasperated shoppers venting frustrations online. In a statement, the company said the failure was not the result of a data breach or security-related issue. “The temporary outage earlier today was the result of an internal technology issue that lasted for…MORE

India is hitting the United States with more tariffs

India just increased tariffs on US exports, dealing another blow to fragile global trade. The tariffs on several US products will go into effect on June 16, India’s finance ministry said in a statement Saturday. The goods targeted include American apples — which will be hit with a 70% tariff — as well as almonds,…MORE

Why Walmart wants to sell its own line of steaks

Walmart wants to attract customers to its stores by offering high-quality steaks. It also wants to keep prices low. So, for the first time, Walmart is working directly with cattle ranchers to create its own Angus beef supply chain. The company announced in April that it will work with ranchers, a beef processor and a…MORE

Volkswagen’s factory workers in the US reject union

Workers at Volkswagen’s only US factory narrowly defeated an effort by the United Auto Workers union to organize the Chattanooga, Tennessee plant. The vote announced late Friday showed only 48% of the hourly workers voting in favor of union representation, a bit closer than a similar vote five years ago but not enough to win.…MORE

How did the NYT’s Kevin Roose crack YouTube’s algorithm? By watching a YouTube video

New York Times journalist Kevin Roose’s investigation into YouTube’s artificial intelligence started because it was the platform mentioned most frequently when he asked online extremists questions about how they were radicalized. “They kept just saying YouTube, and over and over again I heard stories about people who went to YouTube to watch gaming videos or…MORE

MedMen expands its cannabis retail empire to Florida

MedMen Enterprises, one of the larger cannabis dispensary operations in the US, is zeroing in on Florida as it continues its US expansion. MedMen, which is based in Los Angeles and operates 35 medical and recreational cannabis stores in the US, opened a 7,550-square-foot medical marijuana dispensary in downtown West Palm Beach, Florida, on Friday.…MORE

Whataburger sells majority ownership stake to Chicago company

The family-owned Texas chain Whataburger has sold its majority ownership to a Chicago investment firm in a bid to expand. The Chicago-based firm, BDT Capital Partners, will advise on expansion strategy and provide long-term growth capital to Whataburger, the chain said. Whataburger headquarters will remain in San Antonio, the company said in a statement. “In…MORE

Toyota cars will now turn themselves off if you forget

Toyota cars and SUVs with push-button ignitions will now turn themselves off after being parked for a period of time, even if the driver didn’t hit the “Engine Off” button. Cars that can be left running for hours, even after the driver has left the vehicle, have been blamed for deaths. Since 2006, a total…MORE