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August 2, 2019

August 2, 2019

On Friday’s Mark Levin show, President Trump has put China on notice yet again as he considers new tariffs on them. While it’s seldom discussed, China is a major threat to our national security. But for the Clinton Administration relaxing export controls for satellite technology, we’d still have oversight over this technology which they now use to guide their ballistic missiles. The Chinese government through corporations that they control have influenced many families in our political system; the Clinton’s, the McConnell’s, the Biden’s, and Sen. Feinstein’s family. The only threat more pressing than China is the radical progressive movement that is wreaking havoc on the Democrat party and the culture in our country, overall. Then, the Democrats have moved the center to the left yet again; this time attacking Barack Obama and his policies which weren’t left-leaning enough for the current slate of candidates. After, Devin Nunes is under fire from the Council for Accountability, a front group for Fusion GPS.


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China: Possible Missile Technology Transfers Under U.S. Satellite Export Policy — Actions and Chronology (August 13, 1998 – October 6, 2003)

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