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April 18, 2019

April 18, 2019

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, People on TV expect the President to be dispassionate about his vindication in Robert Mueller’s report. He was accused of being a spy and a sellout and they said he had to stay quiet as this took its course. It’s absurd to think that the president should not have a human reaction when he’s investigated for things he’s never done. He learns just like the rest of us that his campaign was spied on. Yet he’s expected to be dispassionate about all of it! The media has been alleging that Trump was secretly colluding with the Russian government for two years and the majority of today’s report is filled with misapplications of process and logic. The rogue prosecutor tried and failed. There need not have been an investigation to begin with, let alone a report that reads like a New York Times Op-Ed. In fact, part of the report admits that Mueller’s team was near the end of the investigation and tried to get an in person interview despite their knowledge that there was no conspiracy to collude or obstruct. Obstruction is the new collision. The media continues as an unfree press, representing their own interests instead of the interests of ‘We The People.’ Afterward, a look into impeachment, and what it takes to get impeached. What are high crimes and misdemeanors? For, example President Clinton who is the only the second President to ever get impeached, and that was because he took steps to actually obstruct justice when he lied under oath. Clinton was held in contempt by a court and did not fight back because he wanted to avoid an evidentiary hearing that would incriminate him. There are standards to impeachment and nothing Trump has done meets this standard. But, the media is spinning this attempting to make the case that Trump is still wrong despite no finding of criminality.


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